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Name: Phyl's Star Trek Page
Owner/Maintainer: Phyl
Dates: ?-May 2012
Type: information, pictures
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, movies
URL: Phyl's Star Trek Page (offline, not archived at the Wayback machine); the page devoted to Star Trek Aliens is still online here
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Phyl's Star Trek Page was a large Star Trek fansite covering all flavours of Trek maintained by Phyl. With around a thousand individual pages in total, the site contained episode summaries and detailed character bios for all major characters and many minor characters, all illustrated with multiple framegrabs. The site also held lists of birthdays for the Trek actors.

Phyl stated that the aim of the site was to collect, for every Trek episode, images of each character from the episode and a short biography of most characters with speaking parts.[1]

It was hosted at FortuneCity and went offline in May 2012 when FortuneCity stopped providing free hosting.

Screencap Gallery

With over a 1000 pages on Phyl's Star Trek page, only a few main pages were able to be screencapped. Click twice for the largest image.


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