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Name: Possibilities
Date(s): ? - 28 July 2000 (last update)
Archivist: Becker Wein and ^JPK^
Type: fanfiction archive
Fandom: multifandom
URL: http://members.fortunecity.com/possibilites/home (defunct)
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Possibilities was a multifandom fanfiction archive run by Becker Wein and ^JPK^ and hosted on FortuneCity. It was last updated in July 2000 and went offline with FortuneCity's closure in 2012.

The archive contained 65 stories by 16 different authors in 11 fandom categories (including crossovers, original fiction and poetry). It only accepted stories up to an R rating.[1] Though the site is now offline, many of the stories it archived can still be found elsewhere (as linked below).

Screencap of the Possibilities home page.



The Animorphs category contained six stories, which included:

The titles and authors of the other three stories are unknown.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer category contained three stories:

  • Mental Health Hotline, How Can We Help You? by Starway Man - Someone in Hell is in big trouble with the boss, over his assignments in Sunnydale. Rated [PG]
  • The Restoration by Starway Man - Xander is having prophetic dreams, and after he is kidnapped the gang must rescue him, as well as prevent the opening of the Gateway and the Restoration. Rated [R]
  • Eternal Duty by Steve - After Buffy's death, no slayer appeared for three generations. Now, in 2092, the watchers are becoming desperate for a slayer as the world is about to be taken over by demons. Then a slayer is found, Buffy Summers...but 92 years after her death ?


The crossovers category contained fourteen stories. Six were by Starway Man:

  • Forgetful Joxer - Joxer, suffering from amnesia, becomes Aphrodite’s priest when she finds him on the road. Eventually reunited with Gabrielle and Xena, he finds himself tangling with an invading warlord who is under the orders of Ares. Hercules, Iolaus, Autolycus and Jett are in this one too. Rated [PG-13] (Hercules / Xena)
  • The Joxer Prophecy - Joxer is magically given an ancient tattoo from a five hundred- year-old man, and has to deal with the consequences in a war between Dahok and the Olympian gods. Rated [R] (Hercules / Xena)
  • Joxer the Watcher - Saved from certain death, Joxer is magically taken away from Xena and Gabrielle by one of the Guardians, and trained to be a Watcher. Rated [PG-13] (Hercules / Xena)
  • A Sacrifice for a Cause - One of the Slayerettes is infected with the blood of a Mohra demon, and the chase is on by Angel, the FBI and others. Rated [R] (BTVS / X-Files)
  • Xander Makes a Wish - Xander unwittingly makes a Wish, and creates an alternate universe. Along the way, he discovers that he is an Immortal. Rated [R] (BTVS / Highlander)
  • Destiny of Vengence - In the future, Xander and Cordelia are murdered in LA. One year later, the Crow brings Xander back for revenge. Rated [R] (BTVS / The Crow)

The other eight stories were part of Star Otaku's Anime Survivor: File Island Digimon / Pokémon series:

  • Anime Survivor: Introduction - An intro to my first crossover of Digimon and Pokemon. Who will win the title for "Best Anime Character"? Rated [PG]
  • Anime Survivor: Episode 1 - The first three days of our group's survival on the new File Island. Who will get voted off first? Rated [PG]
  • Anime Survivor: Episode 2 - Sorry that this episode is short. I missed most of the second one. Rated [PG]
  • Anime Survivor: Episode 3 - Finally, episode 3! Tracey haters, your day has come! And how is the Digimon tribe doing? Rated [PG]
  • Anime Survivor: Episode 4 - A very interesting SOS competition, and a good friend of mine makes a little cameo! Rated [PG]
  • Anime Survivor: Episode 5 - Who's our mystery couple? And will the Digi-tribe win the challenges this time? Rated [PG]
  • Anime Survivor: Episode 6 - Please read my author's notes at the beginning and end. I have revised Episodes 4 and 5, so that means TK is back, but Kari is gone. Rated [PG]
  • Anime Survivor: Episode 7 - The tribes are going through negotiations and have now merged. Who will be the next alliance victim? Rated [PG]

Dragon Ball Z

The Dragon Ball Z category contained sixteen stories, all by Star Otaku:

  • Strange Disease - A fanfic about DBZ’s famous love triangle in a short musical form. Rated [PG]
  • Girl's Night Out - Our DBZ wives decide to take the day off... Rated [PG]
  • Sucks To Be You - The subplot to "Girls' Night Night" and sequel to "Strange Disease". Rated [PG]
  • Sold Out - A silly fanfic about the amount of DBZ merchandise around. Rated [PG]
  • The Saiyan Rant - A parody of that wonderful ‘I Am Canadian’ beer commercial. Rated [G]
  • The Namek Rant - Sequel to ‘The Saiyan Rant’. Rated [G]
  • Little Dojo of Horrors: Act One - A parody of the musical: "Little Shop of Horrors". Starring our favourite couple! Rated [PG]
  • Little Dojo of Horrors: Act Two - Did I choose to do the happy or sad ending? Read on! And more musical outbreaks! Just kidding. Rated [PG]
  • Don't I Know You? Part 1 - Chi-Chi loses her memory after an accident. How will she remember her family? Rated [PG]
  • Don't I Know You? Part 2 - Everyone gathers to help Chi-Chi reminisce. Everyone, except Goku. Rated [PG]
  • Don't I Know You? Part 3 - Does Chi-Chi finally regain her memory? Read on to find out! Rated [PG]
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You - Goku and Chi-Chi shppers beware… Will our favourite couple call it quits? Rated [PG]
  • One Of Us - Chi-Chi and Goku ponder during their time apart. Rated [PG]
  • Waterloo - Goku and Chi-Chi get back together! Yay! But in the most peculiar way... Rated [PG]
  • Motherly Love - My take on Gohan's birth. Rated [G]
  • A Night on Fire Mountain - The DBZ gang have a HFIL of a time on Halloween night... Rated [G]
  • Blister - A Mirai Trunks songfic. Hope you all like it. Rated [PG]
  • Change of Appearance - This was inspired by Dendeshe's "Change of Heart". In this version, Chi-Chi learns to accept Piccolo- the hard way. Rated [PG]
  • Face the Music - Bulma decides to help Goku and Chi-Chi's marriage... Rated [G]
  • Morning Hour - The sequel to "Face the Music". Trunks and Goten face bitter feelings towards their fathers... Rated [PG-13]

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter category contained four stories and four filks:

  • Anthem of Slytherin House by Meagan - A filk of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’. Rated [G]
  • Anthem of Ravenclaw House by Meagan - A filk of Eiffel 65’s ‘Blue’. Rated [G]
  • Anthem of Hufflepuff House by Meagan - A filk of Aqua’s ‘Doctor Jones’. Rated [G]
  • Anthem of Gryffindor House by Meagan - A filk of Santana’s ‘Smooth’. Rated [G]
  • Those Whom the Gods Disfavour: Prologue by Princess Kate - The story will eventually feature Harry, but it must start right here... Rated [PG]
  • Those Whom the Gods Disfavour by Princess Kate - The summer after Harry graduates from Hogwarts, he must once and for all face his greatest adversary. Rated [PG-13]
  • An Earlier Time by Sparkle - The story of James Potter and his friends at Hogwarts. Rated [PG]
  • Maddie's Story by WestEd - Maddie discovers that she isn’t quite as ordinary as she thought… Rated [G] (WIP, part of the ‘Kezika School of Magic’ Series)

Miscellaneous Movies

The "Miscellaneous Movies" category contained one story:

  • The Kiss by Ellie Dee - My view on what happened when Jordan and Mitch first kissed. Rated [PG-13] (Real Genius)

Miscellaneous Novels

The "Miscellaneous Novels" category contained one story:


The original fiction category contained four stories, all by Becker Wein:

  • Galaxy Clashing - A young slave discovers she is more than she appears. Rated [PG]
  • Android Revolution: Part 1 - An ongoing series about, well, what the title says. Rated [PG-13]
  • Android Revolution: Part 2 - Julie falls in love, but you’ll never guess with who! Rated [PG-13]
  • The Accident - A somewhat exaggerated story about an ATV accident that really happened. Exaggerated because no one died in real life. Rated [PG-13]


The poetry category contained two poems, both by Becker Wein:


The Pokémon category contained three stories. The story titles and authors are unknown.

Star Wars

The Star Wars category contained seven stories:

  • Date With Wes Janson by Asyr Sei’lar - This is just a short story about what it would be like to date pilots from Rogue Squadron. A silly story, but the ending's kinda funny. Rated [PG]
  • The Princess Leia by Becker Wein - A very silly crossover between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Princess Bride’. Rated [PG]
  • Endor by Becker Wein - Some stuff that happens before and after the Battle of Endor. Rated [G]
  • Leaving by Becker Wein - A look at an alternate way Wedge could of told Tycho about starting Wraith Squadron. Rated [G]
  • Feild Trip by Becker Wein & Star Otaku - A scouting mission of the Outer Rim takes the Wraiths to a very familiar planet. Rated [PG]
  • Celebrity Deathmatch by Darth_Reeve-13 - Palpatine vs Bane! Anakins vs each other! Leia vs Oola! Jar-Jar vs...himself? Wanna see 'em? Click the blue writing above and see! Rated [PG-13]
  • A Star Wars Cliche by ^JPK^ - What happens when a slightly insane fanfic writer gets sucked into her computer? Read on to find out!


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