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Video Game Fandom
Name: originally known as Rockman (Japanese: ロックマン), localized as Mega Man outside of Japan
Abbreviation(s): Dependent on the game series (E.g.: Mega Man fandom = MM, Mega Man X = MMX, Mega Man Battle Network = MMBN, etc.)
Developer: Capcom, Keiji Inafune
Release date: 1987 - Present
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Mega Man as whole is a series of video games produced by Capcom. The first game was made in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but the series have branched out into the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Mega Man X), Playstation (Mega Man Legends), GameBoy Advance (Mega Man Zero, Mega Man: Battle Network), and even to modern systems such as the Nintendo DS (Mega Man ZX, Mega Man Star Force), and as digital downloads (Mega Man 9, 10). Although the games can be typically summarized as jump-and-shoot platformer games, each of the unique series that have spawned from the original boasts its own take on a fast paced formula.


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Old Fandom (Pre-2007)

Even as far back as 1995, Mega Man X3's inclusion of Zero as a playable character was said to be as a response from fans (who followed series creator Keiji Inafune's opinions) who liked Zero better than the main character X. [citation needed] The old fandom as it existed in the years before 2007 consisted mostly of small webcircles ran by individual fans. With the advent of business-owned web services such as DeviantArt, LiveJournal, OCRemix there were more options available for fans to upload their content and socialize with each other directly, as opposed to relying on time-consuming HTML galleries.

Modern Fandom (Post-2007)

Music Remixes
Video Parodies
Fan Films
Official Productions

The positive reception towards Archie Comic's Mega Man Comic has led to hope that the series will be handled well after Inafune's departure.

Death of a Series

Notable Fanworks

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The Future of the Fandom

Pictured: Keiji Inafune, a game industry legend who is aware of his fans.

While many fans have lamented at series of Capcom's corporate mishandling that is widely considered to have to the series' apparent death (an infamous example being the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 in mid-development), Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has held a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign to create a new game series, called Mighty No. 9. Unrestricted by upper management, Inafune's new game promises to reward faithful fans of the series.


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  • Dr. Neko's Lab A Mega Man scanlating website, where many fancomics produced in Japan have been translated into English. This website provides a view into the extensive side content that has been produced outside the main series' game.
  • The Mega Man Network One of the first ever Mega Man fan websites, The Mega Man Network remains one of the best places for information and news regarding the Mega Man series.
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