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Recommendation Website
Name: FanFic By Teens
Reccer(s): Jadecow14 and writerdiane
Dates: 2000s
Fandom: Buffy, X-Files, Due South, Star Trek Voyager, Sailor Moon, The Adventures of Sinbad
URL: (offline)

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FanFic By Teens is a multi-fandom fanfic recommendation website.

From the FAQ: "So, you wanna be listed among some of the best fanfic writers on the 'net? No problem, just fill out the following and e-mail it to me at either: [email protected] or [email protected] you don't get a response right away, I'm sorry. I'm heading off to college, and I'm not sure exactly how much time I can spend online, working on this site...

  1. What's your name?
  2. What do you wanna be listed under? (Some people like this to be different)
  3. What fandoms do you usually write? (just so I have an idea of what I'm adding)"

The website went offline in 2012, with the shut-down of FortuneCity. The listings have been recreated below -if a link is 'dead' or not working, try plugging the URL into the Wayback machine.



Fatherhood Due South All the girl could see of the world around her was the line of dogs stretching out in front of her sled.

Loner Buffy the Vampire Slayer " So, where should we sit today?" asked Buffy, turning to her friends. Xander, Willow, Cordelia and Oz all looked out at the crowded school cafeteria in front of them and shrugged almost in unison.


Are You Being Served? Due South "So that's two cheeseburgers, two diet cokes and one large fry," the waitress said at the counter.

Backfire Mortal Kombat "NO!" Sonya screamed. "Johnny!"

Chance Encounter, A The Adventures Of Sinbad Firouz walked around the marketplace, observing all of the stalls, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

screencap of the 80 X-Files stories recommended on the website. Click twice for larger version

Dark Night Star Trek Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway smiled. "Sweet dreams," she said with a smile, as she turned away from the alcove.

D-Day Sailor Moon "Serena! Transform!" cried Luna.

Deja Vu Sailor Moon Serena ran around the corner of the sidewalk, panting. "Omigod, I'm late! I'm late!" she cried, speeding up.

Delta Quadrant Werewolf In Paris, A Star Trek Voyager Lt. Tom Paris sauntered down to the pilot station, oblivious to the fact that he was over fifteen minutes late for duty.

Enterprise Comes Thundering In, The Sailor Moon/Star Trek: The Next Generation Commander Riker walked through the hallway, cheerfully whistling a tune. He was on the way to Ten-Forward, and looking forward to meeting Counselor Deanna Troi when someone bumped into him, causing him to stagger backwards.

Falling Apples Due South Benton Fraser walked out of the cabin into the fresh winter air. He breathed deeply, letting the cold seep into his lungs like a slap to the face. The air of the Yukon was very good at waking you up; especially a February morning like today.

Firouz's Day Out The Adventures Of Sinbad "So then I said...Excuse me, but are you listening?" Elise put down her fork. Her date looked up from his reflection in the wine glass.

The Guardian Chronicles: A Rocky Beginning Mortal Kombat The small boy picked idly at the dirt, scratching lines and designs into the thin layer of topsoil.

The Guardian Chronicles: World Between Worlds Mortal Kombat Yellow was alone. He picked idly at his dinner, his appetite not up to his normal standards.

Indigestion Star Trek Voyager The air smelled wonderful to Chakotay.

Johnny's Day Out Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage sepped out into the curb, regretting not having an umbrella.

Just Another Day Star Trek (The Original Series) Kirk sat at on the bridge, sipping his coffee, and admiring the view of the stars in front of him, as well as the view of Yeoman Rand, who was also in front of him.

Last Hope Star Trek Voyager Ja'an A'lh'a'zar decided to drown her sorrows in a glass of Talaxian ale.

Moral Konflict Mortal Kombat Rayden looked around the Omniversal Temple, breathing in a deep sigh of contentment.

Pirate's Life For Me!, A Star Trek The Next Generation "We are receiving a priority hail from Starfleet," Lt. Commander Data suddenly announced.

Present Surprise, A Star Trek Voyager Seven of Nine walked down Voyager's halls, somewhat preoccupied by her work, which was on a PADD in her hand. She therefore didn't notice Ensign Kim as he bumped into her.

Reflections (Sinbad's Transposed Tales) The Adventures Of Sinbad Maeve studied the book intensely. She flipped the page carefully, making sure she had absorbed all the information on the previous page.

Rejuvenation Sailor Moon Trinitite banged her fist on the table. "Damn him! If it wasn't for that cursed Moonlight Knight, I'd have the Imperium Silver Crystal by now!"

Sailor Moon Says: Ho Ho Ho! Sailor Moon "You shouldn't have!" Serena Tsukino yelled excitedly. She ripped the wrapping paper off in a flurry of activity, screaming the entire time.

Sailor Wars Sailor Moon/Star Wars "The smooth, streamlined cruiser tried desperately to throw the bulky Nega-ship off its tail, but it couldn't."

Ship of Angels Angel/Star Trek: Voyager "I don't know, Captain," Neelix said, puzzled. "I've never seen this planet before."

Starship Blues Sailor Moon/Star Trek:Voyager "Course laid in, Captain." Announced Lt. Tom Paris."

Three Short Stories About Neelix Star Trek Voyager Neelix glared. "I know you're bluffing."/Neelix sighed heavily, and checked his apron pocket./Neelix tasted the soup carefully.

Vicious Circle, A Star Trek Voyager A choice can be a simple thing to make

Waiting For Doubar The Adventures Of Sinbad Sinbad sauntered into the tavern. He had a lot of time to kill before his crew showed up, so he decided to booze away the time. He looked around the small establishment, then laughed.

What Little Girls Are Made Of (Sinbad's Transposed Tales) The Adventures Of Sinbad Sinbad felt the familiar sensation of the magic of the Locket Of Translocation, and then felt the world focus around him, and ground grow solid under his feet.

Brant, Jocelyn

Baitin The X-Files Scully has to deal with the aftermath of working with the "Conspiracy", and save Mulder before it's too late.(UNFINISHED)

Cradle Me The X-Files Mulder and Scully decide the best way to keep the emotional demons at bay.

Life's little 'once-in-a-lifetime-chances' The X-Files Scully periodically gives Mulder 'once-in-a-lifetime-chances'

Whenever You Call The X-Files Mulder and Scully have got together then they *recently* have broken up.They can't seem to handel the ackward situation that presents itself at work. name="c"C

Canyon 315

Anubis' Destiny Ronin Warriors Anubis had finally been able to repent from his evil ways.

Poke Past Pokemon Narrator: (or what's been going on beforehand) Ash and Co. are taken a break from the Orange League and going home to Pallet for a break and to give Professor Oak the GS Ball. Our heroes are riding Lapras back to the mainland.


Cuzzo, Jennifer

Dancing In A Dream The X-Files She got home and turned on the light, remembering parts of the movie she just saw.


Doty, Diane A.

Andrew I The X-Files A case where people are found dead, their doors and windows locked, turns nearly fatal for our two favorite agents.

Andrew II The X-Files Andrew gets his revenge.

Beginnings Poltergeist: The Legacy PRE PILOT EPISODE after Julia gets Nick to open up a little, she is kidnapped....

Can I Do It Again I The X-Files Scully's dead and Mulder is assigned a new partner. CAn he go throw it all again? (Note:This was my very first story)

Can I Do It Again II The X-Files Mulder disapears and his new partner gets help from a surprising source.

Dark Angel The X-Files A man lays dieing in the street, above him floats an angel of death.

Gift, The Farscape Crichton wanders off while on a planet and finds his way into a lot of trouble!

I Wanna Speak With The Writer The X-Files CC's computer is talking to him, or he's spending too much time working. (Note: My only hummor story.)

No Title Poltergeist: The Legacy Something's after Kat...

No Title The X-Files A split second dessision means the difrence between which one of our fav. duo members gets shot. Told in 1st person by Mulder.

No Title The X-Files On their way to another seminar, our fav. duo get kidnapped. They have to make a choice between which one dies and which one lives.

Pendrell's Problem I The X-Files Pendrell gets a chance for Scully's love, but can he actually do what was asked?

Pendrell's Problem II The X-Files Same story as Pendrell's Problem I, except this time it's told through Mulder's eyes.

Precept's Watch, A Poltergeist: The Legacy Post The Beast Within. The Legacy members have once again defeated evil, at a high cost, but are they really out of danger?

Red Rum I The X-Files Mulder and Scully are assigned to investigate a series of murders in Maine. The killer decides to make them play a game of life and death.

Red Rum II The X-Files Both Agents thought Luke Jenkins was dead, but is he?

Train, The I The X-Files Mulder and Scully are split, and only at the last second, does Mulder tell Scully his true feelings for her. (Note: Inspired by the 'ER' episode where Susan leaves.)

Train, The II The X-Files Mulder's on a train, about to see Scully for the first time since his confession.

Vampires The X-Files Lots of Mulder torture (mental and physical)when he's abducted by a vampire he's persuing for several murders, helped to escape by another vampire, taken again Scully also this time, helps Scully escape, then again saved by the other vampire, then taken from his hospital room by a man wanting revenge for his daughter, has some fun with fire, and finally gets through everything with a nasty headache and several bruises. This took me 9 months to write, and was edited by The Emu.

What She's Doing Now The X-Files Based on the Garth Brooks song by the same title, Mulder is thinking of Scully.

Wishes The X-Files A young girl bumps into a teenage Mulder at a wishing well. name="e"E



Finding Cinder The Adventures Of Sinbad "I'm telling you, we're lost!"

Finding Maeve The Adventures Of Sinbad The Nomad had just docked in the harbour. Sinbad was overseeing the Unloading of the ship's cargo with Doubar, Firouz and Rongar looking on.

Lost Kingdoms, The (Sequel to Finding Cinder) The Adventures Of Sinbad After several weeks of following Cinder’s instructions, with a few corrections by Dermott, the lookout on watch spotted land.


Love is Blind Buffy the Vampire Slayer "I. . .can't. . . no, no, no," came Xander Harris's feverish moans from deep within his chest. "I can't. . . don't make me. . . let me die"

Soul Mates Buffy the Vampire Slayer Usually SCC, or Sunnydale Community College, was quiet at the wee hours of the morn; students sleeping or studying, teacher's home for the night; vampires not even out to play yet.

When the Tide Changes Buffy the Vampire Slayer Why does he have to always have to be like this? Why can't he say, 'hey guys, I'm gonna be gone a few days, DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME! Don't worry yourselves sick, really, I'll be JUST fine.' Buffy thought bitterly to herself as she walked aimlessly down the street.

Will This Day Ever End? Buffy the Vampire Slayer Faith walked into the semi-lighted Bronze and surveyed the moderate crowd.



Campfire Stories: Introduction Sailor Moon The narrow mountain path was covered with waist-deep snow over a treacherous layer of ice.

Campfire Stories: Mina Sailor Moon "It happened when I was thirteen," Mina began.

Campfire Stories: Lita Sailor Moon Raye stood and stretched slowly. "It's getting kind of late," she said. "Maybe we'd better try to get some sleep." She walked into the back room of the cabin, then re-emerged a moment later. "Bad news, guys. There's only two beds."

Campfire Stories: Raye Sailor Moon Lita stood up to put another log on the fire. "So, Raye," she said, "what kind of story are you going to tell?"

Campfire Stories: Amy Sailor Moon "I don't know," Amy said. "I've never really done anything--I mean, I've lived in the same place all my life--"

Campfire Stories: Serena Sailor Moon "Well, Serena?" Lita prompted. "You're the only one left."

Campfire Stories: Epilogue Sailor Moon Amy yawned and rubbed her eyes. A faint glow was seeping into the room through the boarded-up windows. "It's morning," she realized.

Chicago Suite: A Mystery in Six Parts Due South Audrey MacKay tipped the taxi driver and lifted the bulky viola case out of the back seat.

Etosha on the Half Shell Star Trek The Next Generation "The outpost is in visual range now, Captain," Data reported.

Exceptions Star Trek The Next Generation Picard's communicator beeped, pulling him out of a sound sleep.

Fallen, The Star Trek (The Original Series) Lieutenant Sulu was awakened from a sound sleep by the unmistakable sound of a Red Alert klaxon. "Not again," he groaned, sitting upright and pulling on his boots.

First Do No Harm Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury stared in horror at the single red rose floating on the surface of the water. Beside her, she heard Sailor Moon gasp as the other girl realized what must have happened.

For Queen and Country Sailor Moon Jena stepped off the teleport platform, her younger sister Ani clinging to her hand.

From The Ashes Star Trek The Next Generation The streets of the city of Arelak were crowded, bustling with grey-skinned men and women on their own errands.

Ice and Fire Sailor Moon Raye left the arcade and started down the street, watching for Serena.

Immortal The Adventures Of Sinbad The Nomad floated on a calm, placid ocean. Her sails hung listlessly; no breath of wind stirred them. All was silence.

Interlude The Adventures Of Sinbad Doubar emerged slowly from the hold. "Doubar!" Sinbad called, seeing him. "All right, give me the bad news. How's the ship?"

Moriturite Salutant Mortal Kombat Ailé climbed the stairs slowly, her legs aching, the burden she carried on her back growing heavier with each step.

The Reason The Adventures Of Sinbad "I'm telling you, little brother, it'll be good to get our feet on solid ground for a few days," Doubar said, looking out at the island that was swiftly approaching.

Silver Lining Sailor Moon Sailor Moon peered cautiously around the corner. "Nothing there," she whispered. "I think it's safe." She headed into the dark alley, Mercury and Jupiter following.

Storm Warnings Mortal Kombat Rayden flashed into existence in a bolt of lightning in the middle of a crowded bar.

Time and Tide Sailor Moon "We're going to be so late!" Serena wailed.

Top Story Star Trek Voyager The violet-haired reporter smiled benignly at the camera.

Twisted Paths The Adventures Of Sinbad "Do you see them yet?" the woman asked.

Upon a Midnight Clear Sailor Moon Snow was falling over Tokyo, blanketing the city in white. Under the grey clouds the sun was setting, and it was starting to get dark.

We'll Always Have Paris Star Trek Voyager Captain Janeway emerged from the turbolift.


Kiley, Sarah

All the Little Pieces She Left The X-Files Scully's death leaves questions unanswered and Mulder must come to terms with her demise as he tries to understand why.

And the Band Played "Send in the Clowns" The X-Files Fifteen ways TTFTM could have ended.

Building Conspiracies The X-Files A Filk of Building A Mystery by Sarah McLachlan

Chris Carter's Nightmare The X-Files Chris Carter is going to regret leaving the show after the fifth season . . .

Commencement The X-Files Mulder left Scully years ago, but now he's returned and he wants her to come with him.

Complications Trilogy, The: Complications The X-Files Fate catches up with Mulder and Scully, and their mysterious conterparts . . .

Complications Trilogy, The: Second Chances The X-Files Mulder learns true love exists, while Scully toils over her decision to marry Tyler. All characters meet some old friends and make some new ones.

Complications Trilogy, The: Last Dance The X-Files Sometimes you must come full circle to find the truth.

Complications Trilogy, The: Epilogue: 12/31/99 The X-Files It's the last day of the century- could the right timing be everything Mulder and Scully have been missing?

Conquering the Demons The X-Files Scully helps Mulder face the monsters that plague him after "Grotesque".

Dog's Life, A The X-Files An ode to Queequeg.

Easy AXess The X-Files A post-Jose Chung story. Nothing is what it seems.

End of Her Pirate Days The X-Files Scully lets her fear get the better of her and it destroys her. Tissue Warning- Character Dies.

Forgiveness The X-Files A Rift story explaining what happened to M&S between Apocrypha and Pusher to promote such a huge change.

Guilty By Love The X-Files Margaret brings her daughter and Fox Mulder on the Ricki Lake Show, with surprising results . . .

Halves The X-Files Mulder realizes he's one half, not one third.

If 'Come the Night' Was Done By X-Files Characters (NON FICTION) The X-Files Me and my best friend Amaris's list of who would play who if our favorite romance novel, Come the Night by Christina Skye was done by X-Files characters. Humorous.

I Hate Fanfic (1/1) NC-17 The X-Files After three years of neglect, Mulder takes matters into his own hands.

Jubilee 1: I Can Tell By The Way You're Walking The X-Files

Jubilee 2: The Past Isn't Letting You Go The X-Files

Jubilee 3: Their Doubts and Their Fears The X-Files

Jubilee 4: Interlude The X-Files

Jubilee 5: Frail Boats on the Sea The X-Files

Jubilee 6: Home is Right Here The X-Files

Missing Word Series, The: ****, the Missing Word 1 The X-Files WW 3 breaks out, pushing M&S farther away. . . or closer together?

Missing Word Series, The: L***, the Missing Word 2 The X-Files Mulder has a spooky encounteras he tries to figure out what now stands between him and Dana.

Missing Word Series, The: LO**, the Missing Word 3 The X-Files Mulder and Scully rendouzvous in Italy.

Missing Word Series, The: LOV*, the Missing Word 4 The X-Files Scully learns her friend is pregnant while Mulder infiltrates a Japanese camp on Miyake-Jima. Skinner has a showdown with Cancerman.

Missing Word Series, The: LOVE, the Missing Word 5 The X-Files Mulder is taken prisoner, and only Scully through use of their mysterious new link, can save him.

Missing Word Series, The: The Found Word: 07/04/00 The X-Files The War is over, but for Mulder and Scully, life is just beginning . . .

MiSTing of Demons (NON FICTION...kinda) The X-Files What if Mike, Tom & Crow were forced to watch 'Demons'? XF/MST3K crossover.

Mother's Right, A The X-Files Margaret Scully will do anything for love.

One Hour Left The X-Files On his deathbed, Pendrell reflects on how the past nine days have changed his life. Pendrell/Penny story.

Scally's Situation The X-Files What would Scully think of the X-Files Phenomenon?

Skinner Is Not Bigfoot The X-Files Written with Amaris E Squared. M&S search for bigfoot, and find themselves in a lot of trouble (inspired by our real-life camping trip to the Adirondacks!)

Songs of the X 01: Star Kitten The X-Files

Songs of the X 02: Thanks A Lot The X-Files

Songs of the X 03: On the Outside, or On the In? The X-Files

Songs of the X 04: Mulder and Scully Say Good-Bye The X-Files

Songs of the X 05: Man of Aluminum, Woman of Steel The X-Files

Songs of the X 06: My Illuminated Life The X-Files

Stay With Me The X-Files A post-spoilers, pre-episode TFWID story. Mulder thought the answers were in his past. Maybe he went back too far . . .

Time to Face the Music The X-Files Skinner reflects on Mulder and Scully's relationship. Post-Terma.

Top Ten Things I Thought About While Watching 'Never Again' (NON FICTION) The X-Files Pretty self-explanatory, I think. Humorous.

Why Cancerman And Mulder Aren't So Different (NON FICTION) The X-Files An essay written just after 'Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man' aired.



Four Seasons of Loneliness The X-Files Scully contemplates her life without Mulder as four seasons pass. Inspired by the Boyz II Men song.

Limpid The X-Files Author: Fontaine L Characters from the show reveal their inner thoughts through a series of short vignettes, told in the first person. No real plot.

Love Is In The Air The X-Files Some weird things are a-happening in Vancouver during the annual Luvfest gathering of the XF-Romantics.

Where Do We Go From Here? The X-Files Scully's diary entry.

Wrinkles of Faith Early Edition/ER/X-Files/Quantum Leap Scully visits Chicago and events ensue that requires her to keep her faith.

Laquinte, Joe

If Fate Allows Illusion of Gaia Life had always been a struggle for Will.



Once In A Blue Moon Sailor Moon The wind is blowing the golden strands of a young girl who is looking out to the fading sun and the rising moon.

Tell Me Sailor Moon "Serena! It's late! You should go home now." Luna, Sailor Moon's talking guardian cat scolded. "You're parents are going to know something's up!" [1]

Screen capture of crossover page



Angel Love The X-Files Guardian Angels Rina and Krissy decide that Mulder and Scully need to be together, and it's up to them to help.

As Time Goes By Buffy the Vampire Slayer Xander comes home after several years on the road, but he's not alone. How will Willow and the others feel about this new comer?

Coming Home Buffy the Vampire Slayer A sequel to Walking Away: Cordelia comes back to Sunnydale for the gang's ten year reunion. What changes are waiting for her?

In My Life The X-Files When Mulder is killed in a plane crash, Scully must pull her life together and live without him. (series)

Leaving The X-Files Scully is being reassigned to a different state. How can Mulder say goodbye?

Love in Sunnydale: Werewolf and Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer Nothing is safe when Guardian Angels Rina and Krissy come to town. Can Buffy and Oz really be perfect for each other? (AH #3)

Mystery and Madness The X-Files Mulder and Scully are sent to Capeside, MA to investigate a murder, and meet up with Scully's friend Rita Lorenzo. (part one)

Walking Away Buffy the Vampire Slayer A conversation with a surprising person.

When Angels Cry Buffy the Vampire Slayer Willow, now 25 and married to Xander, is diagnosed with cancer. How will Xander and their daughter cope?

Rose, Christa

Bridge, The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Written in the throes of a seasonal depression. It's 20 years in the future, and Angel is back in Sunnydale with the intent of suicide. An old "friend" talks him out of it.

Children at Play Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel saves the lives of two children, and somehow ends up playing Barbies.

Judas Buffy the Vampire Slayer A twisted romance between two characters with more in common than they're comfortable admitting.

Lost Ending of Band Candy, The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Remember that cursed candy that made the adults act like children? ANGEL gets a bite in this story! I don't think this is my best work, but it was fun to write, and I've gotten the most feedback about it! :)

Memoirs of a Slayer's Mother Buffy the Vampire Slayer Joyce's thoughts on Buffy's slaying duties. Takes place circa season 2.

Not Just a Game Angel Overheard conversation between Angel, Doyle, Cordelia, Wesley, Giles, and Spike while watching the England/Ireland World Cup Game.

She's Got a Ticket To Ride Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel Admit it; you've wondered how Cordelia got to L.A.

Teaching Sunnydale Elementary Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel 8 Year old Willow, Alex, and Jessie try to save the position (and life) of their favorite teacher, thus proving that Christa has seen "Dead Poet's Society" one time to many.

Time's Wing'd Chariot Buffy the Vampire Slayer After her near death experience, Buffy reflects on her feelings for Angel.

Xander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel challenge fic from Jane McCourt. Must include: Faith/Spike pairing, SAT vocab (there's a couple words...), Xander running into Giles' car and trashing it, a 300 pound wino named Jimmy, combination of the Buffy/Angel cast with Doyle alive, Xander working at Dairy Queen, a copy of Wuthering Heights, the line, "Red and yellow slurpeeeee...", and the exclaimation, "Nonononononononononono!"

Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel. Willow. Road Trip. 'Nuff said. name="s"S



As Long as Needed The X-Files Explanation of the ring on Mulder's finger in Travelers.

Cancerman's Bitch The X-Files Diana Fowley's Reasons for being Evil.

Selling My Soul The X-Files Cancerman is the Devil.

Stubborn The X-Files Companion piece to The Very Last Time.

Very Last Time, The The X-Files Scully gets fed up.



No title Pokemon As we encounter our heroes once more, they are again…lost in the forest.