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Creator: unknown
Date(s): 2000s
Medium: online
Fandom: LOTR
External Links: mstme.fortunecity.com (offline)
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LOTR MST is a series of parodies (or MSTs) written by fans unknown. In the parodies the LOTR characters comment on a variety of badfic.

From the standard intro/disclaimer:

What follows here is an unabashedly rude, crude, and sometimes just plain mean MST. Pretty par for the course with MSTs! I followed in the footsteps of the timeless MSTs at The Nancing Pony (www.nancingpony.com) and Elijah Wood is Very, Very Gay (www.veryverygay.com). I hereby present my humble offering in homage.

It helps if you have seen the extended editions of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, listened to the commentary on said extended editions, and have a passing familiarity of the LotR books. If you’ve read the Very Secret Diaries then you’ll recognize a couple of the character traits portrayed here. And, with each of my MSTs it grows progressively more useful to have read the previous ones.

NOW-STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I wrote this with a lot of love—love for all the characters herein (and I really do love them) and for the author... I have no idea who [you are] but kudos to you, girl (or boy). Never, ever stop writing. I mean that seriously."

The majority of the parodies disappeared when FortuneCity went offline in 2012, but one copy survived (see link below).

  • Deliverance by Me,Jen - a LotR/Van Helsing crossover MST
  • Full Moon Rising by Xantissa - Van Helsing/LotR Crossover
  • Family Portrait 7: Double Trouble by sandyg - Legolas is pregnant. And hungry
  • Sarah's Tale by orangehobbit- the story of a young girl sitting on the library steps waiting for something to happen. And by gum, something does.
  • A Lonely Heart by LijLover - a girl falls down in a city park and find herself in Middle Earth. Legolas smells like pine trees. And is not pregnant.
  • Nightmares - Van Helsing/LotR Crossover
  • To Cure A Flu by Gabriel’s Angel & Black Rose Fate by Wiccan_Vamp_Violet