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Name: The Official Melissketeer Homepage
Owner/Maintainer: Em
Dates: August 1995 - ?
Fandom: The X-Files
The Official Melissketeer Home Page.png
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The Official Melissketeer Homepage is a website for fans of Melinda McGraw and Melissa Scully. In the download library section is a page for fanfiction about Melissa Scully, including The Spirit of Friendship.

The page was hosted at FortuneCity. And GeoCities (it is unclear which preceded the other one).

About the Archivist

"I'm a disgruntled, lazy student who would much rather waste time on IRC than work towards a bright future and a good career. My interests include procrastination, Mozart, and weekly prayer group at the OBSSE chapel." [1]

About the Site

Mel · iss · ke · teer /noun/
1. a fan of Melinda McGraw and the characters she's portrayed, specifically her role as Melissa Scully
2. a Mouseketeer with poor spelling skills

The Melissketeers are an America Online based group of X-Philes who are fans of the character Melissa Scully and the actress who portrays her, Melinda McGraw. We were founded in August of 1995, a small but loyal group (Billy, Em, Magpie, Meeshy, Nita, Paul, Tale, Tridee, and Vel) who spent most of their time defending Melissa on the AOL X-Files Forum message boards. As the group began to grow and expand, we gained our own folder in the message boards, a weekly Melissa chat in the Forum chat room, several private chats, and a newsletter, as well as many new members. Currently, there are over one hundred Melissketeers across the Internet- quite an expansion from the original nine.

As our size has expanded, so have our interests. Although we are still primarily a Melissa Scully fan group, many of us are or have become fans of Melinda McGraw and other roles she's portrayed. Die-hard X-Philes and admirers of Melinda alike are welcome among the Melissketeers.

What makes both the Fanfiction Archive and the Melissketeers special is that the entire focus is on a character who has made a total of two appearances in 97 episodes, yet there are people who liked her so much that they're willing to write fanfiction, make sound clips, dig up pictures, come to Melissa-related chats, etc etc etc.

I find that pretty amazing. [2]


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