The Cousins of the Knight (Lisa Harvey's faction site)

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Name: The Cousins of the Knight
Owner/Maintainer: Lisa Harvey
Dates: 1999 to present
Type: faction site
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: The Cousins of the Knight

CotK faction banner, created by Kyer en Ysh.
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The Cousins of the Knight is the eponymous faction website for the Cousins of the Knight, a group of Forever Knight fans who affiliate themselves with the concept of a familial, non-sexual relationship between the characters Lucien LaCroix and Nick Knight.

The faction has had two completely different websites. The first site, created by Angie Lotto, was active until 1998; it disappeared from the web a year or so later. This article is about the current site, created by Lisa Harvey in 1999.

Site Contents

The index page of The Cousins of the Knight, the faction website, as it appeared on FortuneCity.

The site includes the following:

  • a fan fiction archive
  • images of Father's Day cards that Nick might send LaCroix (from 2000)
  • screen capture archive of pictures of Nick and LaCroix
  • sound capture archive
  • CotK pages for Wars 10 and 11, including archived War posts
  • floor plans for the Comfy Cottage, the faction's virtual home.

The fan fiction archive includes stories, poems, and filk from Kyer en Ysh, Diane Harris, Gwenn Musicante, L. L. Wright, Morgaine, JL Kerr, and Lisa Harvey.

Site History

The Cousins of the Knight faction site was originally located at, but was taken offline in 2012 when FortuneCity ended its free webhosting service. It was then moved to the Forever Knight Website Archive in 2013, and can now be found at .