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Name: The IRC-Channel #MacGyver
Date(s): 1997
Founder: Jezu and Jermar
Type: IRC Chat channel
Fandom: MacGyver
URL: Channel History (offline)
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The IRC-Channel #MacGyver was created for MacGyver-fans in the spring 1997 in Finland by Jezu and Jermar. That was few weeks before one of our TV-Companies started to re-run MacGyver on television. Later McRuis (Balk), Kirk and Kamebol came aboard.

Lap stands for the international part of #MacGyver. Nobody seems to remember when lap came. (And yes. It's lap not Lap. He says in February 1998 :).

Victo has been on #MacGyver first from he's friends house but later he bought he's own Internet connection in spring -98 and was OPed by McRuis. That was the time when MacGyver's first re-run ended here with two Seasons still to be runned (Shall those bas***** be dam*** until MacGyver's on again).

Dalton came little later with some other nick though (don't ask what it was) and was promoted to OP in this fall.

Team Phoenix Foundation (TPF) named the operator's group were Dalton, lap, McRuis and Victo were the members.

#MacGyver's (maybe) first "meeting" was 15th of May in 1999 in Helsinki where Dalton and Victo meet. Both of them were pretty nervous about the Ice Hockey World Champion- ship final where Leijonat (=The Lions) also known as Team Finland played of course(!) Of course MacGyver was a topic in meeting too. :)

<Dalton> Many of the original OPs have lost their SAK, duct tape, or Murdoc has got them but the channel exists. :)"

Members: Dalton, Victo, Cloxan, Danco-Kil, Hekkuli, Rikard, and Zsuzsi