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Name: Lore
Occupation: Evil Twin
Relationships: Brother of Data and the B-4
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Other: Memory Alpha article
Lore and Disorder cover by JulEvo
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You may be looking for the Australian fanzine Lore.

Lore is a recurring character in Star Trek: The Next Generation, played by Brent Spiner. He is a prototype android brother of Starfleet's Lieutenant Commander Data (who serves as second officer cum science officer aboard the USS Enterprise).

In Canon

Lore was created by Mad Scientist, Dr. Noonien Soong. Lore's emotional programming was very advanced. However, he began displaying signs of emotional instability and malevolence, leading Lore to see himself as superior to the human colonists. He frightened the other colonists, who demanded that Soong deactivate him. Lore later claimed that they saw him as "too perfect", and were envious.

Found in Soong's lab in pieces, Data and Geordi LaForge reconstruct Lore and reawaken him. After an attempt to dupe Data's colleagues, Lore was transported into space and drifted alone for months, until recovered the Pakleds. Lore stole an emotion chip intended for Data and eventually subverted a small collective of Borg. He was again defeated by the Enterprise crew and deactivated by Data.

In the movie Star Trek: Nemesis, another Soong-type android prototype is discovered, known as B-4.

Doctor Altan Soong, in the streamed series Star Trek: Picard was a male human scientist who lived in the 24th century. Another self-described "mad scientist", he was the son of Noonian Soong, and visually identical to Lore, Data and the B-4. Many fans speculated that Altan, or the gold-skinned female "synth", Sutra, would turn out to be a resurrected and disguised Lore. But this was not to be.

In Fanworks


Fanzines focusing on the character include:

The members of Astrex, a Star Trek club in Australia, were amused when a major character in the then-new Star Trek: The Next Generation was coincidentally named for their long-running newsletter Data. A few years later, members voted to title their new club fiction fanzine... Lore.

A regular feature in Data Entries is Dear Lore, a parody "agony aunt" column, in which Lore answers readers' questions.

A parody Lore Fan Club is featured in issues of Electronic Male.

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In Nonfiction

The first TNG zine, Data Entries, was a newsletter about Data, Lore and Brent Spiner, who played them. It was launched in 1987 and ran to 45 issues; later issues also included fanfiction.

Other similar newsletters include Electronic Male, with 10 issues.

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