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Title: Data Base
Publisher: Data Base Publications
Editor(s): Mary Urban
Date(s): June 1992 running as late as 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG, focus on Brent Spiner
Language: English
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Data Base is a Star Trek: TNG zine with a emphasis on Brent Spiner. The zine was published by Mary Urban.

One focus of the zine were con reports by fans who had attended the relentless circuit of for-profit cons (such as Creation Con and TrekCon). These fans reported back to other fans what Spiner was like, shared photos of him, complained about the poor behavior of other fans, and transcribed the question and answer sessions with the actor.

Spiner and This Zine

In v.1 n.2, the editor mentions that Spiner was aware of this zine and "appreciated it."

However, this group walked a fine line regarding Spiner's approval, as he did not condone fan clubs that had a focus of himself.

Each issue of this zine emphasized that it was NOT published by a fan club. From the second issue:

DATA BASE is in no way affiliated with nor is a subsidiary of any other group, publication, or network. While DATA BASE is a proponent of fan networking, we are not a fan club. Neither do we condone fan club activities directed towards Mr. Brent Spiner contrary to Mr. Spiner's expressed desire. Any individuals mis-identifying themselves as representatives of DATA BASE and engaging in such behaviours do so at their own risk.

Some Subtitles

The subtitle/description of this zine morphed three times before settling on "A Literary Fanzine by and for Dataphiles."

  • "The Newsletter by and for Dataphiles" (v.1 n.1)
  • "A Fanzine by and for Dataphiles" (v.1 n.2)
  • "A Literary Fanzine by and for Dataphiles" (v.1 n.3 - onwards)


Data Base was published in June 1992 and contains 24 pages.

cover of v.1.0 June 1992
  • editorial by Mary Urban (1)
  • Letters from Fans (4)
  • Top Ten Things Brent Spiner Hopes He Never Hears by Mary Urban (5)
  • Contest! Android Ale: In Search of .... A Label
  • A Fan is Born by Amy Knutson (6)
  • Outcast, fiction by Donna Lori (7)
  • The Pinocchio Principle, essay by C.J. Marshall
  • Top Ten Ways to Tell If You're Too Obsessed... by Mary Urban (8)
  • Visit to the Set of Star Trek: The Next Generation by Monica Hayflich (11)
  • The Convention That Wasn't, con report by Sharon J. Palmer (12)
  • various con reports for "Star Trek: The Next Generation, 5th Anniversary Convention, March 27–29, Los Angeles, CA" by Gary Mussel (14)
  • Composure 101 by M.J. Ligouri (18)
  • Ten TNG Episodes I'd Like to See by Amy Knutson (18)
  • 9th Annual TV Festival Report by Monica Hayflich (19)
  • Name That Quote by Michelle Cooper (20)
  • The Museum of Television and Radio, The 9th Annual Television Festival, con report (21)
  • Crossword Puzzle by Mary Urban (22)
  • What Do You Admire About Brent Spiner? (back page)

v.1 n.1

Database v.1 n.1 was published in September 1992 and contains 32 pages. The art is by Mary Urban, Fran Wong, Jared Urban (age 8), Melody Rondeau. "Spinerman" is by Karen Hughes & Amy Knutson.

cover of v.1 n.1, Mary Urban
  • Hailing Frequencies Open, letters (3)
  • Top Ten: Secrets About Data Which No One Knows (4)
  • Did You Hear the One About... Oh, You Did?: Data Base Poll "Everything we want to know about Brent, but are afraid to ask" by Mary Urban (an essay about the dullness, inanity, and non-creative nature of almost all questions asked of Brent Spiner by fans at cons. Some questions are so dull and expected, that Spiner turns to the audience and they chant the answer. The article suggests 20 unique questions to spice things up. Note: they are just as dumb: "How do you eat an Oreo cookie?," "Do you have any strange habits?", "What is your middle name?", and "Are you currently happy with your long distance service?") (5)
  • Any Con Brent Can Do, I Can Do Better by Mary Urban (5)
  • Review: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour by Monica Hayflich (7)
  • Review: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour by by Nancy Jacobs (9)
  • Alternate Timelines: Assessment, fiction (10)
  • Top Ten: Lessons Data Has Learned (11)
  • Alternate Timelines: Outcast, fiction (13)
  • Away Team Reports: 3 con reports for Marlborough, NH, July 11, 1992 (15)
  • Thank You, Brent by Jane Went (17)
  • Top Ten: Problems Data Would Encounter in New York City (18)
  • Science Officers of the Enterprise, article by Beverly Marzioli (18)
  • Word Search by Ann Redman (18)
  • Ferengi Trading Post (19)
  • Name That Quote (19)
  • Away Team Reports: con report for Atlanta, GA, date not specified (20)
  • Dataphile by Robin Chase (25)
  • Star Trek Brent Spiner Appearances (three Creation Cons in November, OktoberTrek October 9–11, StarCon in Denver, September 25–27) (29)
  • Dataline (31)
  • Forum: What do you find appealing about Data? (his innocence, the fact you think "he'd be there for you") (back page)

v.1 n.2

Data Base v.1 n.2 was published in December 1992 and contains 40 pages.

front cover of v.1 n.2, Mary Urban
  • Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back—The Flip Side—Data Base Polls, What would you like to hear on Brent Spiner's new album & NOT! by Mary Urban (5)
  • Make It So, Santa by Amy Knutson (6)
  • Games: Android Axioms, Name that Quote, Wordsearch (7)
  • As the Axis Turns, fiction by C.J. Marshall (8)
  • Oh God, You're a Trekkie?!, essay by Cathering Mori (12)
  • Top Ten: 24th Century Inventions That We Need Today (13)
  • Brent Control by Amy Knutson (16)
  • Top Ten: TNG Spin-Offs We'll Never See (17)
  • Top Ten: Things Brent Spiner Will Never Hear from the TNG Production Staff (17)
  • A Lecture from the Convention Lady, by Catherine Mori (18)
  • How To Survive a Convention by Ann Redman (20)
  • con report for New York City, NY, August 29–30, 1992 (20)
  • con reports for Denver, CO, Starcon, September 25–27, 1992 (22)
  • con report and some of the questions and answers from Baltimore, MD, Oktober Trek, October 9–11, 1992 (27)
  • con report and some of the questions and answers from Los Angeles, CA, November 7, 1992 (28)
  • Dataline (39)
  • Forum: What Would You Like to See on Future Episodes of The Next Generation?

v.1 n.3

Data Base v.1 n.3 was published in March 1992 and contains 40 pages. It has art by Mary Urban, Fran Wong, Jonathan Hughes, Julia Palumbo, Karen Hughes and Amy Knutson.

front cover of issue v.1 n.3, Mary Urban
  • Hailing Frequencies Open (3)
  • Starring Brent Spiner as... Data Base Poll: Roles We'd Love to See Brent Play & Oh No!! Not That!! by Catherine Mori (5)
  • All the World's a Stage, essay-thing by Beverly Marzioli (6)
  • As the Axis Turns: The Saga, fiction by C.J. Marshall (8)
  • The Worst of Both Worlds, fiction by Cindy Bell (10)
  • Alternative Timelines, The Assessment, fiction(13)
  • Lessons in Humility at the Poker Table, article by Beverly Marzioli (15)
  • Trivia Quiz (15)
  • Name That Quote (16)
  • Star Trek: The Exam (17)
  • Away Team Briefing: Con Report for Houston, December 5–6, 1992, Trekon (19)
  • Away Team Briefing: Con Report for Nashville, January 23, 1992, Trekon (21)
  • Away Team Briefing: Con Report for Memphis, January 24, 1992, Trekon (23)
  • Forum: If You Had a Holodeck for Three Hours, What Scenario Would You Enact?
  • Dataline (35)

v.2 n.0

Data Base 2.0 was published in Summer 1993 and contains 37 pages. The art is by Debbie Neher, Mary Urban, Karen Hughes, Amy Knutson, Ginny Chan, and C.J. Marshall.

cover of v.2.0 Summer 1993, Debbi Neher
  • Hailing Frequencies Open, letters (3)
  • Survey Says! Results of Our Spring 1993 Reader Survey, by Mary Urban (4)
  • Never Judge a Book By Its Cover, the Data Base Poll, 4th ed (5)
  • Quotable Quotes from Brent Spiner (things he has said at conventions) (6)
  • First Contact: The SMA, fiction by Amy Knutson (8)
  • Data and the Bicentennial Man, article by Mary Urban (10)
  • Data: A Long Day's Journey into Humanity by Susan Whitney (12)
  • Data Timeline by Beverly Marzioli and Karen Hughes
  • Loredata by Lori Fry (filk to the tune of "Gee, Officer Krupke" from West Side Story) (17)
  • Top Ten Lessons (We Hope) Data Has Learned (17)
  • Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Brent Spiner (But Were Afraid to Ask) by Mary Urban (where you find out, among other things, that Spiner drives a 1986 Toyota Corolla) (18)
  • The Church of Data (20)
  • Data/Lore Fanzine Review by Ginny M. Chan (23)
  • Reawakening, poem by Mary Urban (24)
  • Top Ten Data's Life Lessons (25)
  • "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour," play reviews by Beverly Marzioli and Nancy Jacobs (26)
  • Haiku by Geordi LaForge, by C.J. Marshal (34)
  • Data Base Forum: What Should Brent Spiner Do to Pass the Time After "The Next Generation"?
  • Name That Quote, game (34)
  • Dataline (35)

v.2 n.1

Data Base v.2.1 was published fall 1993 and contains 42 pages.

The art is by Mary Urban, Debbi Neher, Jonathan Hughes, Karen Hughes, and Amy Knutson.

cover of v.2.1 Fall 1993, Mary Urban
  • Hailing Frequencies Open, letters (3)
  • A Rose By Any Other Name, the Data Base Poll by Mary Urban (4)
  • con report (August 14, 1993, Kansas City, Adam's Mark Hotel) (6)
  • Soon & Sons, by C.J. Marshal (8)
  • Star Trek "Book of the Month" Reviews, by Susan Whitney (10)
  • Name That Quote (13)
  • First Lore, fiction by Kate Orman (14)
  • How Well Do You Know Your TNG? (15)
  • More of Data's Life Lessons (16)
  • Brent Spiner on Stage, Brent Spiner Theater Timeline, by Mary Urban (18)
  • If the Enterprise Had Its Own TV Channel (24)
  • Brent Spiner Convention Quiz (24)
  • con reports (August 15, 1993, St. Louis, Holiday Inn Westport) (29)
  • Data Line (how to get photographs, some autographed) (39)
  • letter by Mary Urban (editor) regarding the possible TNG movie, further seasons of the show
  • How Would You Like to See Data Grow in the 7th Season? (back page)

v.2 n.2

Data Base v.2.2 was published in Winter 1994 and contains 44 pages.

cover of v.2.2 Winter 1994, Debbi Neher

The art and cartoons are by Debbi Neher, Mary Urban, Julia Palumbo, and Amy Knutson.

[From the editor]:

It's hard to believe that Data Base is nearing its two year anniversary—it only goes to prove the maxim that "time flies when you're having fun." It's even harder to believe that Star Trek: The Next Generation is nearing the end of its seven year run. We all knew that the inevitable would happen some day, that all good things must eventually come to an end. if you feel as I do—and I suspect that you do—I'm sure that you share my sadness and regret over the series' demise. We will, of course, still have the reruns and the upcoming TNG movie in lieu of first-run episodes. But somehow, it just won't be the same.

The forum topic for the next issue is: "What are your thoughts about the end of TNG?" This is a topic that 1 wish we weren't having to face, but I wanted to provide a forum for those of you who wish to express your thoughts about the matter—and I'm sure that all of you have definite opinions and strong feelings on the subject. I don't think that I need to elaborate or explain the topic any further; it speaks for itself.

On a lighter note, the new poll topic is a sequel to a previous poll topic: "What questions would you like to ask Brent at a convention but never would?" The same poll appeared in the second issue (vol. 1.1), but at that time only those who were on Prodigy took part. It was such a fun topic that I wanted to try it again and include the whole readership this time out. Questions should be completely silly and trivial. Past questions included "What is currently in your refrigerator at home?" "Are you satisfied with your long distance service?" and "Do you prefer paper or plastic?" Let your imagination run wild, and have fun with this topic.

I'd also like to present a few concerns which I have regarding the future focus of Data Base. We want to keep the primary focus on Brent and Data for as long as we can. Brent has stated publicly that he will continue to do conventions after the series is over—which should take him to the end of this year—and we will certainly continue to cover those conventions as thoroughly as possible in order to provide you with updated information concerning Brent's post-Star Trek career. What is unclear, though, is how frequently Brent will appear or how long he will continue to appear at conventions beyond the end of the year once Star Trek leaves the airwaves and the TNG movie promotions end.

If Brent discontinues the con circuit, then it might become necessary to expand Data Base's mission and to open up the pages to a somewhat broader TNC theme. Again, the primary focus will be kept on Brent, but we may consider covering conventions of other TNC actors who remain on the convention circuit.

  • Hailing Frequencies Open, letters (3)
  • Did Ya Ever Wonder?, the 6th Data Base Poll, by Mary Urban (5)
  • con reports for Creation Cons in Pittsburgh, PA (September 25) and New York, NY (November 27–28) (7)
  • Name That Quote, game (6)
  • Photo Captioning Challenge (12)
  • Ascent, fiction by Christina Teresa (based on "Descent, Part II" by Rene Echevarria) (14)
  • Drabbles, text by Kate Orman, drawings by Debbi Neher (18)
  • Church of Data: Privy Matters by C.J. Marshall and Leanne Motsenbocker (24)
  • If the Producers Had Only Listened..., concept by Mary Urban, illos by Karen Hughes (28)
  • If You Could Play Any Role on Star Trek: The Next Generation, What Would It Be? (back page)

v.2 n.3

Data Base v.2.3 was published in Spring 1994 and contains 42 pages. The art is by Mary Urban, Debi Neher, Karen Hughes, and Amy Knutson.

cover of v.2.3 Spring 1994, Mary Urban: Data as Jayden in "Thine Ownself"

The editor thanks Vincent Mennella, head of Star Productions, for suppling the audio tape of Brent's San Antonio convention.

  • Hailing Frequencies Open, Letters (3)
  • Enquiring Minds Want to Know: What Questions Would You Ask Brent Spiner? (part 2) by Mary Urban (5)
  • con reports for Sacramento, CA (January 8–9, 1994) (7)
  • con reports for San Antonio, TX (February 6, 1994) (10)
  • Soong Family Values, fiction by Christina Teresa (12)
  • 15 Reasons Brent is Glad ST:TNG is Coming to an End (15)
  • Everybody's a Critic: Data Base Book Reviews by C.J. Marshall and Susan Whitney (16)
  • Brent on Prodigy (and Marina, too) by Mary Urban (Spiner "made an appearance" on April 25, Sirtis "made an appearance" May 12—in the next issue, a fan says that "his notes were pulled from the boards in a matter of days") (18)
  • Old Wounds: A Data Base Drabble by Sue Hardiman (20)
  • Trekkie Words, game (21)
  • A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words: Readers Captioning Contest, compiled by Leanne Motsenbocker (22)
  • con reports for Pasadena, CA (March 20, 1994) (26)
  • Name That Quote (34)
  • Data Line (35)
  • Forum: How Do You Feel About TNG Coming to an End? (back page)

v.3 n.0

Data Base v.3.0 was published in November 1994 and contains 42 pages. The art is by Mary Urban, Debbi Neher, Karen Hughes, Amy Knutson, and Julie Evans.

cover of v.3.0, Mary Urban, Data talking to Dr. Soong on the Holodeck in the episode "Inheritance"
  • Hailing Frequencies Open, letters (3)
  • Tea for Two and Two for Tea: Reader's Poll by Mary Urban (4)
  • con reports (Vancouver, BC, July 23–24, 1994, Creation Con) (6)
  • con reports (Tampa, FL, August 7, 1994, TrekCon) (8)
  • A Tribute to the Bridge Crew by Nan Tucker (12)
  • Positronic Logic, fiction by Dawn Schloesser (14)
  • Santa Spiner, Or, The Healing Power of Data. A Report on Brent Spiner's Appearance at the Assistance Fund's Circus (Houston AIDS charity) by Nicole Redo (18)
  • TNG's First Season Winners! Data Base Awards (for episodes) by Angela G. Jones (21)
  • At What Price Fame?, article by Milda Wyckoff (23)
  • Out of the Mouths of Babes by Mary Urban (25)
  • Vanity, fan-created license plates for the TNG characters by Tracy Thurman and Milda Wyckoff (28)
  • con reports (Dearborn, MI, August 13–14, Creation Con) (31)
  • con reports (Virginia Beach, VA, August 20, TrekCon) (21)
  • Data Line (stuff to buy) (39)
  • Forum: What Would You Like to Say to Brent Spiner Now That TNG is Over? (back page)