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Title: Data
Publisher: Astrex, an Australian club
Editor(s): Julie Townsend, Susan Smith-Clarke, Rachel Shave, The Consortium, The Triumvirate, Maria and George Papadeas
Type: club newsletter
Date(s): August 1976 to mid 1990s
Frequency: monthly, later bimonthly
Medium: print
Size: Quarto, then A4
Fandom: Star Trek but also covered other fandoms
Language: English
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Data is a Star Trek newsletter, a club zine for the Australian fan club, Astrex.

Some Background

"In 1972 Jenny Stevenson (now Kentwell) and Susan Clarke (nee Smith) published the first issue of what was to become Australia's longest running Star Trek fanzine, Beyond Antares (also held by the National Library).

In 1973 STAC (Star Trek Action Committee), a new Star Trek club comprising a number of old D.U.S.K. members as well as newer fans, was founded by Susan Clarke. Later that year, it was combined with a club run in Sydney by Julie Townsend and Edwina Harvey and the name changed to Astrex. The new name was derived from the asterix-like device on the command insignia worn in the television series. The first formal meeting was held in April 1976 and the first issue of the club's newsletter, Data, was published in August 1976. For a while, until Susan resigned as president in the early 80s, Beyond Antares was the club's fanzine." [1]

Issue 52

Data 52 was published in March 1983.

Issue 64

Data 64

Issue 73

Data 73 was published in July 1986 and contains 70 pages.

cover of issue #73, Karen Irving
questionnaire from issue #73
  • What's On (1)
  • Conventions (2)
  • Who to Contact (3)
  • Trek News (4)
  • Star Trek Publishing News by Ian McLean (7)
  • Nostalgia Special: Spock... and That (8)
  • Star Trek IV (Sealed Section) (9)
  • Media News (18)
  • Space News (22)
  • NASA News (25)
  • Parkes, Voyager 2, and a Planet Called Uranus by Wilson da Silva (26)
  • D.C. Comics Review, part 5 by Ian McLean (28)
  • Article: Robotech by Bob Miller (30)
  • Review: The Great Steam Train Adventure by Roslyn Paterson (33)
  • The Page(s) (34)
  • Nostalgia Special: William Shatner's Moment of Terror (36)
  • Reviews: The Great Denebiatt Bash, one by Ann Taylor and Krys Lichy, and the other by Roslyn Paterson (40)
  • Editorial by Linda Whiley (41)
  • S.F. Questionnaire by John Tipper (42)
  • Have Phaser, Will Travel, The Perils of Batgirl by Ian McLean and Karen Irving, reporting on the Time-Warped steam train fundraiser (43)
  • Review: Vogon Poets Rule O.K. by Edwina Harvey (46)
  • Word Trek by Karen Irving (47)
  • Nostalgia Special: Leonard Nimoy -- Can I Act? (48)
  • Nostalgia Special: Sue Clarke Saves Star Trek (52)
  • 9 LoCs (54)
  • Pen Pals (57)
  • Film Review by Neil Hayden (58)
  • Word Trek Solution (58)
  • Administration by Linda Whiley and Karen Irving (59)
  • Eccentricon Update (60)

Issue 77

Data 77 was published in May 1987.

Issue 78

Data 78 was published in July 1987.

A sketch (from Bjo Trimble's memory) of the new Starfleet uniform in the then-upcoming "Star Trek: The Next Generation" TV series, during an interview for issue #78

Issue 79

Data 79 was published in September 1987.

Issue 82

Data 82 was published in March 1988.

Issue 84

Data 84 was published in July/August 1988.

Issue 109

Data 109 was published in September/October 1992.



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