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Name: Time-Warped
Dates: 1986
Frequency: once
Location: Sydney, Australia
Type: for-profit
Focus: science fiction and media
Organization: Educational Film Services
Founder: Bob Johnson
Founding Date: 1986
URL: none
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1986 flyer
In 1988 [sic, actually 1986], entrepreneur Bob Johnson mounted a professional convention, Time-Warped, with Star Trek actor, Walter Koenig as Guest of Honour. It was staffed by non-paid Star Trek fans, but did not make enough money for Mr Johnson to consider financing another one. [1]

The opening ceremony of Time-Warped featured a Harpic Productions' skit with Doug and Tony, of television's The Time Tunnel. They arrive in 1986 Sydney, Australia, just in time for a science fiction media convention. Colleague Ann twiddles some knobs on her console but is unable to assist them.

Fan Guest of Honor was Rachel Shave.

Bob Johnson also ran monthly Star Trek Marathons in Sydney and Melbourne. In 1986, as a fundraiser for "Time-Warped" Convention, a "Great Stream Train Adventure", with science fiction media fans in cosplay, travelled from Central Station, Sydney, to the Thirlmere Train Museum. [2]


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