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Name: Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Site
Owner/Maintainer: Frédéric Ferland
Dates: 29 March 1996 to present
Type: resource site
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Site

Screen capture of the index page of Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Site when it was on Fortune City.
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Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Site is one of the earliest Forever Knight fan websites still extant. The site was created by Frédéric Ferland when he was a student.[1] A counter on the site indicates that it was in existence by 29 March 1996. The last updates were made 21 October 1999.[2]

Contents of the Website

Mr. Happy's is designed as a one-stop shop for Forever Knight fans, with multiple sections offering various types of information.

"Question of the Week"

From 19/25 April 1996 to 04/11 February 1998 (inclusive), Mr. Happy's asked fans a "Question of the Week" about the series. The responses were posted, with regular updates. The website archives 69 weeks' worth of answers.

"Forever Knight Episode Guide"

This covers most (but not all) episodes across all three season. For each, the information includes:

  • air date, writer, director, guest actors
  • German title
  • detailed plot summary
  • comments on the episode, including the factions to which it might appeal
  • quotations
  • availability of a transcript
  • rating (out of five possible stars)

"Actor Bios and Filmographies"

For Geraint Wyn Davies, Nigel Bennett, Deborah Duchêne, and John Kapelos.

"Forever Knight Soundtrack"

This includes:

  • a detailed description of the two CDs of music from the show, including pictures of the covers.
  • .wav files of the tracks from the first CD, and the lyrics of songs (downloadable)
  • a few promotional photographs

"Forever Pix!"

A small collection, primarily of screen captures and promotional photographs, which are divided by faction. The following factions are included:

  • "Natpackers": 4 pictures of Natalie Lambert
  • "Nick&Natpackers": 3 pictures of Natalie Lambert and Nick Knight
  • "Knighties": 10 pictures of Nick Knight
  • "Dark Knighties": 7 pictures of Nick "vamped out" and/or biting someone
  • "Cousins": 7 pictures of LaCroix
  • "Ravenettes": 3 pictures of Janette
  • "Immortal Beloveds": 3 pictures of Janette and Nick
  • "Perkulators": 4 pictures of Tracy Vetter
  • "Vaqueros": 1 picture of Javier Vachon
  • "Unnamed Faction": 2 pictures of LaCroix and Nick
  • "Valentines": 1 picture of LaCroix and Natalie.

In addition, there are:

  • 3 cast photos
  • 2 collages made by Frédéric Ferland
  • 2 photos of Toronto
  • 4 additional pictures (one is a promo pic, the others screen captures)

"Forever Knight on the Net"

Provides information about organized Forever Knight fandom, including a directory to Forever Knight mailing lists, usenet groups, and Internet relay chat. In addition, the "Links" section provides a list of fan websites.

"Forever Knight Events"

Presumably when the site was active, this was updated. The current page provides (what was then) advance information about Lights, Camera, Auction!, a charity event run by Nigel Bennett (actor), John Kapelos (actor), and Jon Cassar (director), all of whom had been associated with Forever Knight. The event was held in Toronto, Canada, on 17-18 October 1998. There were items from Forever Knight in the auction.

"FAQ Central"

Various FAQ pages. Some of these are simply links to pages elsewhere. (Not all links still work.) However, the following FAQs are on the Mr. Happy website:

  • "Affiliations FAQ" by Meredith E. P. (dated 15 May 1996)
    Provides a very long list of the various affiliations (aka factions), including proposed names.
  • "The Janette FAQ" by Amy R. (dated 14 May 1997)
  • "Kickstart the Knight FAQ" by Bobbie W.
    about the 1997 fan campaign to bring Forever Knight back from cancellation.
  • "The Light Cousin FAQ" (dated 20 March 1998)
    about the Light Cousins faction
  • "The Forever Knight List of Myths" by William R. T. (dated 15 March 1997)
    compendium of general information about the characters, setting, and premise of the show.

"Stuff from the Stars"

Includes transcribed interviews done by people associated with the series (Geraint Wyn Davies, Fred Mollin, John Kapelos), the lyrics to songs on the CDs, and a transcribed newspaper article.

"Forever Games"

Quizzes (downloadable as zip files), and a copy of "Forever Knight Family Feud" (a parody of the television game, Family Feud, created by Heather Joan W.).

"Computer Stuff"

Wallpapers, icons, Forever Knight font, video clips.

"Forever Knight Scrapbook!"

A Forever Knight fan directory, offering fans a way to contact each other

History of the Website

Mr. Happy's was originally located at A counter on the site indicates that it was in existence by 29 March 1996, making it one of the earliest Forever Knight websites. At that time, much of the material was accessed directly from the index page. By the time Mr. Happy's was first recorded on the Wayback Machine,[3] on 2 December 1998, the site had already been revised into subsections.

By 10 February 1999, Frédéric had posted a urgent notice on the main page of the site that he would shortly be it moving to a new web address.[4] By 17 April, he replaced this with a notice of the actual move.[5] On 18 May 1999, Mr. Happy's was first recorded by the Wayback Machine at its new Fortune City address,

The site remained at this URL until all Fortune City sites were taken down in 2012. By that time, although the main site remained intact, much of the material that had been stored in zip files was dead-linking after the disappearance of the AOL and GeoCities sites on which the files had been stored.

Fortunately, copies of Mr. Happy's had been saved by Desiree in 2000 and Greer Watson in 2010. The former had been able to include the lost zip files. As a result, it was possible to restore the site to its original state.

Mr. Happy's was uploaded to the Forever Knight Website Archive on 31 May 2013, and is now located at