List of Stargate SG-1 Fanzines

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This is a list of fanzines that have Stargate SG-1 content.

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Zine Title Details Cover Publisher Year of Publication
Ad Astra Per Aspera Gen, anthology SG AdAstra1.jpgAda2.jpgSG AdAstra3.jpg Two Sam Productions 2001-2004
Against the Wind Gen, anthology AgainstthewindSG.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
All the Roses Falling Gen, anthology Alltheroses.jpg AllGen Press ?
Ancient's Gate (Stargate SG-1 zine series) Gen/Slash, anthology, Jack & Daniel, Jack/Daniel Ag1.jpgAg2.jpgAg3.jpgAg4.jpgAg5.jpgAg6.jpgAg7.jpgAg8.jpgAg9.jpgAg10.jpgAg11.jpgAg12.jpgAg13.jpgAg14.jpgAg15.jpgAgainstthewindSG.jpgBetterdays17.jpgAg18.jpgAg19.jpg Ancient's Gate 2004-present
Author's Choice Gen/Slash, anthology, Jack & Daniel, Jack/Daniel Authorschoice1gen.jpgAuthorschoice1slash.jpgAuthorschoiceslash2cover.jpgAuthorschoiceslash3cover.jpg Ancient's Gate 2005(?)
Author's Choice (DawnC) Gen, anthology, Stargate SG-1 and The Sentinel Dawnc.jpg AllGen Press 2002
Bearing Witness Gen, novel, Little Daniel, crossover with House/Sentinel/CSI: Las Vegas Bearingwitness.jpg Requiem Publications 2010
Brenda Gen, anthology Brenda.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Briefing Room, The Gen, anthology Briefingroom.jpg GDC Publishing 2000
Brotherly Love Gen, novel ? ? 2010
Chaapa'ai Gen, anthology Chaapa ai 2.JPGChaapa'ai 2.jpg ? 2004-2005
Circ Kakona Gen, anthology Chic.jpg Pitchfork Press ?
Curses Gen, novel, crossover with The Real Ghostbusters Curses.jpg Criterion Press, Straight Up Press 2001
Devra: Little Daniel Gen, anthology, Little Daniel Sg1 devLDcov th.jpg Ancient's Gate 2010
Door to Heaven Gen, anthology Doortoheaven.jpg Pyramids Press 2002-2003
Doppelganger Gen, anthology, print/CD Coverdoppelganger.jpgDiscdoppelganger.jpg Yadda Press ?
ELG Gen Gen, anthology Sg1 ELGgencover th.jpg Ancient's Gate 2008
Emissaries Gen, novel, crossover with The Real Ghostbusters ? ? ?
Fate's Reflection Gen, novel SG FatesReflection.jpg Pyramids Press 2000 (2005 as e-zine)
Fission of Silence, The Gen, novel Fission.jpg Ashton Press 2004
Food of the Gods, The Gen, novel, crossover with The Real Ghostbusters ? ? 2003
Forge of Fire, The Gen, novel Forgeoffire.jpg Damen Med Pusekatten Press 2004
Foundations #1-7 Gen, anthology Foundations1.jpgFoundations2.jpgFoundations3cover.jpgFoundations4cover.jpgFoundations5cover.jpgFoundations6cover.jpgFoundations7cover.jpg Pyramids Press 2001-2006
Fragments Gen, anthology, missing scenes Fragments.jpg Pyramids Press 2005
Gateway to Eternity Gen, anthology GatewaySG!.jpg Ashton Press 2002
Gateways #1-5 Gen, anthology Gateways1.jpgGateways2.jpgGateways3.jpgGateways4.jpgGateways5.jpg Wizard Works 1999-2001(?)
Goa'ulds Must Be Crazy, The Gen, novel ? ? 2006
Grasping at Straws in a Hurricane Gen/Het, anthology, Sam/Daniel, Sam & Daniel Sg1 Grasping at Straws small.jpg Kaitalugi Press ?
Heart of Darkness Gen, novel Heart.jpg Pyramids Press 2001
Homeland Security Daycare Gen, novel, Little Daniel Homelanddaycare.jpg Oddbalz & Mayhem Press 2001 or later
I'll Be Home Gen, anthology ? ? 2007
I'm Just Sayin'... Gen, anthology Imjustsayin1.jpgImjustsayin1version.jpgImjustsayin2.jpg Vendredi Press 2002-2003
In Times Like These Gen, anthology Intimeslikethese.jpg Ancient's Gate 2007
Intersections Gen, novel, crossover with The Sentinel Intersections.jpg ? ?
Into the Labyrinth Gen, novel Labyrinthcover.jpg Ancient's Gate 2008
Iris Code Gen, anthology SG Iris Code1.jpgSG Iris Code2.jpgIriscode3.jpgIriscode.jpg ? ?
Jack's Son #1-6 Gen, novel, Little Daniel Jacks1.jpgJacks2.jpgJeb.jpgJacks5.jpgJacks6.jpgJacks7.jpgJacksson9.png Oddbalz & Mayhem Press ?
Jmas Gen, anthology, issue #7 is Stargate SG-1 and The Sentinel Jmas1.jpgJmas2.jpgJmas3.jpgJmas4.jpgJmas5.jpgJmas6.jpgJmas7.jpg Ancient's Gate 2005(?)-present
Kawoosh! Gen, anthology ? ? 2002
Keymaster Gen, novel, crossover with The Real Ghostbusters Keymaster.jpg Criterion Press 2001
Lady Grey (Stargate SG-1 gen zine) Gen, anthology Sg1 LGgencover copyth.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Limits of Trust, The Gen, novel, crossover with The Sentinel Trustlimits.jpg Agent With Style 1999
Little Daniel (Stargate SG-1 zine by Lyn) Gen, anthology, Little Daniel Littledaniel.jpg ? 2010
Little Daniel (Stargate SG-1 zine by multiple authors) Gen, anthology, Little Daniel Littledaniel1.jpgLittledaniel2.jpgLittle Daniel.jpgSg1 ld4cover th.jpg Ancient's Gate 2006-present
Little Stargate Gen, anthology, Little Daniel Littlestargate1.jpgLittlestargate2.jpg ? ?
Lords of Kobol, The Gen, novel, crossover with Battlestar Galactica (1978) ? ? ?
Lost Stories, The Gen, anthology Coverloststories.jpg Yadda Press 2003
Mercy in Action Gen, anthology Sg1 scribe1a copy.jpgMercyinaction2.jpg Ancient's Gate 2005-2006
Mercy Season Gen, novel, sequel to Heart of Darkness ? Pyramids Press 2002
Merging Universes Gen, novel, crossover with The Sentinel Mu.jpg Nut Hatch 2004
Moral Compass Gen, novel Moralcompass.jpg Ancient's Gate 2008
More Things Change..., The Gen, novel Morethings.jpg Golden Lily Press 2003
New Worlds & False Gods #1-6 Gen, anthology Newworldsone.jpgNewworlds2.jpgNewworlds3.jpgSG NewWorlds5.jpgSG NewWorlds6.jpg Neon Rainbow Press, Gate Hopper's Press 1999-2003
No One Gets Left Behind Gen, anthology Noonegetsleftbehind.jpg Ancient's Gate 2008
Nor Iron Bars a Cage Gen, novel, crossover with The Sentinel, sequel to The Limits of Trust Norironbarsacage.jpg ? 2001
Now Departing on Gate 1 Gen, anthology Nowdeparting1.jpg Gateway Travellines 1999
Off World Activation Gen, anthology Offworld.jpg Sheryl Rieling 2001
Osiris Legacy, The Gen (or Het?), novel ? ? ?
Our Stargate Fanzine Gen, anthology Ourstargate.jpg ? 2003
Perchance to Dream Gen, novel Perchancestargate.jpg Criterion Press, Straight Up Press 2003
Points in Time Gen, anthology Points1.jpgPointsintime2.jpg Pyramids Press 2002-2003
Price to Pay Gen, novel ? Waveney Press 2002
Quality of Mercy, The Gen, novel Qualityofmercy1.jpgQualityofmercy2.jpg Ancient's Gate 2008
Reader's Choice Gen/Slash, anthology Readerschoice1.jpgReaderschoice2.jpgReaderschoice2slash.jpg Ancient's Gate 2006-2009
Reap the Whirlwind Gen, novel, crossover with Blake's 7 Sg1 reap the whirlwindd by Whitby27.jpg Criterion Press 2001
Redemption #1-9 Gen, anthology Ashton press redemption.jpgAshton press redemption2.jpgAshton press redemption3.jpgAshton press redemption4.jpgAshton press redemption5.jpgAshton press redemption6.jpgAshton press redemption7.jpgAshton press redemption8 digest.jpgRedemption9.jpg Ashton Press 2002-present
Remote Control Goes to War #2 Gen, anthology, multimedia Remotewar2.jpg Criterion Press 2001
Return of Robert Makepeace, The Gen, novel Robertmakepeace.jpg Criterion Press, Straight Up Press 2002
Revelation Gen/Het, anthology Revel1.jpgRevel2.jpgRevelationcover3.jpgRevel4.jpgRevel5.jpg SJHW & Friends, Apocalyptic Press 2003-2008
Ripples & Separation Anxiety Gen, anthology Ripplesandsep.jpg Ancient's Gate 2008
Salvage Operation
Scorpion's Sting Gen, novel Scorpionstingstargate.jpg ? 2003
Scribe's Shower Series Gen, anthology Showerseries.jpg Ancient's Gate 2008
SD Drabble Zine Gen/Het, anthology, Sam/Daniel, Sam & Daniel Drabblezine.jpg The Sam-Daniel Rebellion mailing list 2002?
Seasons (Stargate SG-1 gen anthology) Gen, anthology, holidayfic SeasonsSG.jpg Ancient's Gate 2007
Seventh Chevron, The Gen, anthology 7th1.jpgChevron2.jpgChevron3.jpg7th4.jpg7thchev.jpgChev6.jpg7th7th.jpg Criterion Press 2000-2003
SG1HC Zine Gen, anthology ezine SG1HC1.jpg SG1HC mailing list 2002
Splinters Gen, anthology, AUs and canon alternate realities Splinters.jpg Ashton Press 2003
Stargate: Explorer (Stargate SG-1 gen zine) Gen, anthology Sg1 gen explorercoverth.jpg Ancient's Gate 2009
Stargate SG-1 Special Gen Collection, The Gen, anthology Stargateneon.jpg Neon Rainbow Press 1999-2008
Startoons Gen, cartoons Startoons.jpg Ashton Press ?
Strong Enough Gen, anthology, multimedia charity zine with focus on female characters Strongenough.jpg Pony Ex-Press 2003
Suicidium Gen, novel Suicidum.jpg AllGen Press 2003
Survival of the Fittest Gen, novel ? ? 2010
Tarantella Gen, novel ? ? 2009
Those Left Behind Gen, novel ? ? ?
Through the Liquid Eye Gen, anthology Liquid.jpg AllGen Press 2003
Tok'ra Times Letterzine ?
Tribute Gen, anthology TributeSG.jpgTributeSG1.jpg Ancient's Gate 2007
Truth and Consequences Gen, novel, sequel to Price to Pay Truthand.jpg Waveney Press ?
Unexpected Song Gen, novel, crossover with The Real Ghostbusters ? ? ?
Visions Gen, novel ? ? ?
What Dreams May Come Gen, novel Whatdreamsfull2.jpg Ashton Press 2007
Where a Man Once Stood Gen, novel Whereamanoncestood.jpg ? 2005
Wine of Dionysus Gen, novel ? Ancient's Gate 2008
Wings of a Butterfly, The Gen, novel Wingsofabutterfly.jpg Criterion Press, Straight Up Press 2003
Against Regulations Het, anthology, Sam/Jack, Daniel/Janet ? Two Sam Productions 2001
Destinations Het, anthology, pairings that aren't Sam/Jack Destinations1.jpgDestinations2.jpg Ashton Press ?-present
Hundred Days More, A Het, novel Hundreddays.jpg ? 2005
Key to Infinity, The Het, novel, Daniel/Vala Keytoinfinity.jpg Ashton Press 2011
Lady Grey (Stargate SG-1 het zine) Het, anthology, anti-S/J, Sam/Teal'c, Sam/Daniel, Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala Sg1 lady grey.jpg Ancient's Gate 2009
Turnabout Het, novel, explicit Turnaboutsg.jpg Pitchfork Press 2001
Amadeus Effect, The Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel ? ? ?
Another Way Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel SG AnotherWay.jpg ? 2004
Babs Slash, anthology Sg1 babs1slcoverth.jpgSg1 babs2coverth.jpgBabs3.jpg Ancient's Gate 2009-2010
Benedictus Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel AU Benedictus cover.jpg Ashton Press 2007
Biblio Phile Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Bibliophilecover.jpgBibliophilecd.gif Yadda Press 2005
Brenda & ELG Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Sg1 bren elg cover th.jpg Ancient's Gate 2007
Burning Bridges Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel AU Burningbridges.jpg Ashton Press ?
Calling, The Slash, novel, crossover with The Sentinel Calling.jpg Agent With Style 2006
Chevron One Encoded Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Chevrononeencoded.jpg Infinity Press 2000
Debriefings Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Debriefings.jpg Your Press or Mine 2001
Devra Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Devra1.jpgSg1 dev2coverth.jpgDevra3.jpg Ancient's Gate 2009-2010
Devra & JoaG Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Sg1 devJocoverth.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
DHD Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Dhd1.jpgDhd2.jpgDhd3.gifSG DHD4.jpgDhd5.jpgDhd55.jpgDhd6.jpgDhd65.jpg Light and Shadows Press 2002-present
Different Kind of Pain, A Slash, novel Differentkindofpain.jpg Ancient's Gate 2006
Discipline Slash, anthology, crossover with X:WP, Jack/Daniel + Ares Discipline1.jpgSG Discipline2.jpg ? 2001, 2004
Discoveries Slash, novel Discoveries.jpg ? 2001
Dragon's Gate Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel, crossover with Pern ? Ancient's Gate 2008
ELG Slash Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Sg1 elgslashcoverth.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Entertainment Value Slash/Het, novel, Jack/Daniel, Jack/Sam, Daniel/Sam and Jack/Daniel/Sam Entertainmentv.jpg Greycloud Services 2003
Event Horizon Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Sg1 event horizon 1.JPG Dog-House Press 2000
Fallen Slash, anthology SG Fallen.jpg DE Press 2006
First Prime Slash, novel, Daniel/Teal'c AU Firstprime2.jpg Ashton Press 2006
For the Love of Daniel Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel, Little Daniel Sg loveofdaniel.jpg Requiem Publications 2010
Garden Series, The Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Gardenseries.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Gatecrashers Slash, anthology Gatecrashers2.jpg ? 2001
Gemini & AWOL Slash, anthology Geminiawol.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Genesis Slash, anthology Genesisone.jpgGenesistwo.jpg Slash net Publications 2002
Gift, The Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel AU Stargategift.jpg Ancient's Gate 2004
Goodbye to Dreams Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Goodbyetodreams.jpg Ancient's Gate 2006
Guardians Slash, novel, Daniel/Teal'c, sequel to First Prime and crossover with Supernatural Guardiansfinal.jpg ? 2010
Hapshut Slash, anthology Sg1 hapshutcoverth.jpg Ancient's Gate 2008
Heart of Mercy Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel, rewritten compilation of two Jmas gen novels (Heart of Darkness and Mercy Season) Heartofmercy.jpg Ashton Press 2003
Heart of Time Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel SG HeartTime.jpg Griffin & Associates Press 2005
Images: A Jack and Daniel Celebration Slash, manips, Jack/Daniel Imagescelebration.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
In Our Hearts Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel, one Daniel/Janet (het) Inourhearts.jpg Yadda Press 2006
JackDaniel Six Pack Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Sixpack.jpgSixpack2.jpgSixpackreprise.jpg Yadda Press 2002
Jack's Viking Sky Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel JacksVikingSky1th.jpgJacksVikingSky2th.jpgJacksVikingSky3th.jpgJacksVikingSky4.jpgJacksVikingSky5.jpgJacksVikingSky6.jpgJacksVikingSky7.jpgJacksVikingSky8.jpg Ancient's Gate 2005
JayEm Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel JayEm1.jpgJayEm2.jpgWallsfalldown.jpgJayem4.jpg Ancient's Gate 2005-2009
JD Divas Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Jddivas.jpgJddivasdisc.jpg Yadda Press ?
JoaG Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Joag1.jpgJoag2.jpgJoag3.jpg Ancient's Gate 2009-present
Lady Grey (Stargate SG-1 slash zine) Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Ladygrey1.jpgLadygrey2.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Lifetime, A Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Alifetime.jpg DE Press 2006
Live in Love's Flame Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel SG Live in Loves Flame (2002).jpg ? 2002
Love Changes Everything Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Lovechanges.jpg ? 2000
Make It Write Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel, 3 gen stories Makeitwrite.jpgDiscmakeitwrite.jpg Yadda Press ?
Memories Made Into Ghosts Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel e-zine ? ? 2009
Molotov Nightmares Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel ? ? 2010
More Than Words... When Worlds Collide Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel ? ? 2003
Never Ever Shall Be Slash, novel, crossover with The Sentinel. Pairings are Teal'c/Daniel, Teal'c/Jack, Teal'c/Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair, Blair/m and Bra'tac/Sam Neverever.jpg Greycloud Services ?
New Year's Resolution, A Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel/Teal'c Newyears.jpg AngelWings Press 2002
Off the Record #1-3 Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Offtherecord.jpgOfftherecord2.jpgOfftherecord3.jpg Ashton Press 2004-2007
Other Side, The Slash, anthology Othersidestargate.jpgSG OtherSide.jpg The Pub/BC Press 2002
Out of this World Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Outofthis.jpg Devious Developments Press 2004
Pearls of Wisdom Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Pearls.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Points of Departure Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Pointsofdeparture.jpgDiscpointsofdeparture.jpg Yadda Press 2005
Protective Imperative Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel crossover with The Sentinel SGSent ProtectiveImperative.jpg Greycloud Services ?
Pretense‎ #1-10 Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Pretense1.jpgPretense2.jpgPretense3.jpgPretense4.jpgPretense5.jpgPretense6.jpgPretense7.jpgPretense8.jpgPretense9.jpgPretense10.jpg Ashton Press 2002-present
Rainbow Warrior Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Rainbowwarrior.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Retrospectives Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Retro1.jpgRetro2.jpg Yadda Press ?
Reunited Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Coverreunited.jpgDiscreunited.jpg Yadda Press 2004
Seasons (Stargate SG-1 slash anthology) Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel, holidayfic SeasonsSG.jpg Ancient's Gate 2007
See It In Your Eyes Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel AU fix-it Seeitinyoureyes.jpg ? ?
Servi 1XY-13 Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel SG Servi.jpg DE Press ?
Six Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Sixby.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Sodality Slash, anthology Sodality.jpg Mkashef Enterprises 2005
Stargate: Explorer (Stargate SG-1 slash zine) Slash, novel, Daniel/OMC Stargateexplorer.jpg Ancient's Gate 2009
Strange Interlude Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Strangecover1.jpgStrangeinterlude.jpg Ashton Press 2003
Thanks for the Memories Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel, Little Daniel Thanksforthememories.jpg Ancient's Gate 2007
This Changes Everything Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Thischanges.jpg Slash net Publications 2002
Through Love's Door... One More Time Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Throughlovesdoor.jpg ? 2002
Unrequited Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel Unrequited.jpg ? 2000
Valley of Shadows Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel AU ? Yadda Press 2000
What You Get Is... Slash/Het, anthology, crossover with The Sentinel, Jim/Blair, Jack/Teal'c, Daniel/Sam Whatyougetis.jpg Nuthatch 2005
World Enough and Time Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel AU Worldenough.jpgWorldenoughdisc.gif Yadda Press ?
Wraith Killers Slash, novel, Jack/Daniel crossover with Stargate Atlantis ? ? 2007
Ya Think? Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Yathink.jpg Agent With Style 2001
You'll Be Alright Slash, anthology, Jack/Daniel Youllbealright.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
You Don't Bring Me Friskys Slash, multimedia, anthology Youdon't.jpg Almost Foolproof Press 1996
Alyjude Sentinel Cookbook, The Recipes used in Alyjude's The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1 fanfiction Alyjudecookbook.jpg Ancient's Gate ?
Our Stargate Valentine's Day Fic Challenge Mixed (gen, het, slash), anthology Sg1 valentine fic cover.jpeg ? 2004
Stargate SG-1: Field Notes Reference resource Fieldnotes2.jpgFieldnotes3.jpg Northern Storms Press 2004
Stargate SG-1: Personnel Files Reference resource ? Northern Storms Press ?