Ad Astra Per Aspera

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You may be looking for Ad Astra, a Beauty and the Beast zine.

Title: Ad Astra Per Aspera
Publisher: Two Sam Productions
Editor(s): Tanya Wersin
Date(s): 2001-2004
Series?: yes
Medium: print fanzine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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Ad Astra Per Aspera is a gen Stargate SG-1 anthology with five issues.

The title translates as: "a rough road to the stars."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Ad Astra Per Aspera 1 was published in May 2001 and contains 185 pages.

  • Flashback by Rowan (4)
  • Mirror to My Soul by J.R. (10)
  • A Single Candle by Lost (31)
  • Waiting by Bastet (99)
  • The Birthday Gift by MomofToad (102)
  • Artwork: Jeanne McClure, MomofToad, Bastet

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Ad Astra Per Aspera 2 was published in September 2001 and contains 209 pages.

  • What Dreams May Come by Tabitha Casell (4)
  • Only Human by Carrie (20)
  • Patience by Denise (58)
  • Last Call for Paradise by Freya (Summary: SG1 has finally found a real, Polynesian Paradise. But when they discover its single flaw, do they provide the poison or the cure? This is a full team fic in which all 4 members have key roles; however, the hurt is focused on Daniel, and the angst is centered on Jack.) (78)
  • I Wonder What the Clones are Doing Tonight by Sue Corkill (117)
  • Where No Man by Soles (129)
  • Friends in High Places by Becky Preen (136)
  • Artwork: Jeanne McClure

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Ad Astra Per Aspera 3 was published in 2002 and contains 201 pages.

  • Letter from the Editor by Editor (2)
  • Authors' Dedications by Authors (3)
  • Fractured Reflection by Denise (4)
  • Don't Try This at Home by Vivian Arney (34)
  • The One I Love by Sue Corkill (44)
  • Fini by Denise and Adi (59)
  • Loose Ends by Melissa Rivers (93)
  • The Chosen by Soles (135)
  • Dark Mirror by Marcia Brin (196)

Issue 4

Ad Astra Per Aspera 4 was published in 2003 and contains 267 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • One More Time by ShooteM (4)
  • Consequences by Seldear (46)
  • A Midwinter's Nightmare by Denise (84)
  • Convergence by Jez (92)
  • Primordium by Adi and Denise (133)
  • The Memory of You by Vicki James (165)
  • Bird in Flight by Soles (181)

Issue 5

Ad Astra Per Aspera 5 was published in 2004 and contains 222 pages.

cover of issue #5
  • Tentative Gestures by Denise (4)
  • Stuck in the Middle by Blue Topaz (29)
  • Hesperus by Lisa Yaeger (41)
  • Nautus by Denise and Adi (57)
  • The Haunting by Jez (111)