The Amadeus Effect

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Title: The Amadeus Effect
Author(s): Neena Varscona
Cover Artist(s): KAM
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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The Amadeus Effect is a slash Stargate SG-1 novel by Neena Varscona. It has a cover by KAM.

Summary from a distributor, Agent With Style: "When SG-1 stumbles across a secret stash of Goa'uld treasure, Daniel's enthusiasm puts him in more danger than he could have ever imagined. Now, infected with alien organisms that go dormant in the presense of Jack O'Neill, and cause Daniel agonizing pain when he and Jack are apart, the unlikely and impossible couple must face their fears and their inhibitions to save Daniel's life. Can Jack put aside a lifetime of military conditioning to do what needs to be done to save his friend, even at the expense of his career? And will Daniel be able to come to terms with his painful past in order to survive? On a journey to become a man respected by others, will the Amadeus Effect make or break Dr. Daniel Jackson?"