Dragon's Gate

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Title: Dragon's Gate
Publisher: Ancient's Gate
Author(s): Mitch
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2008
Medium: print, ezine
Fandom: Stargate SG1/Pern
External Links: Dragon's Gate Second Edition

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Dragon's Gate is a slash Stargate SG1/Pern crossover fanzine novel written by Mitch. It was published in 2008 and contains 188 pages. Art and cover by JayEm and Mitch.

Publisher's summary:

"Lost to the world of the SGC, their family and friends, Daniel and Sam are cast into a realm of mythical beasts and compellingly brave people. Both members of SG-1 bring their own viewpoints and motivations to Pern, this new world of thrills and ever-present danger.
Daniel arrives severely injured and unconscious, leaving Sam alone and without his linguistic skills. Typical of Sam, she faces this new and incredible society boldly. Sam finds herself eagerly embraced by a people who match her in spirit and nerve. She breaks free of past limits and willingly takes to her new path. Pern finds in Sam a strength and spirit that matches its own. A man steps into Sam's life, coming toe-to-toe with the lively woman, a man she finds is simply her equal in character and mind. She's never had a truly equal relationship before. Is this the man for her?
Recovery for Daniel comes with a tremendous and heart-felt surprise. To thrive in this new society, Daniel draws from deep within his reserve of strength and also from the warrior's spirit his lover, Jack has instilled in him. Amid shards of pain from the loss of his lover, Daniel finds a new path in life, a path that has little to do with an archaeologist's or linguist's skills, but nonetheless, challenges and thrills him. Through it all, Daniel never loses his sense of self, his drive to find a way to brighten the lives of those around him. When Daniel has reached the cusp of belonging to this new world, these new people, his past falls from the skies of Pern to bring him a second breath, a second chance at what the universe has been set on denying him.
How great is a love that can bring a man—on blind faith—across time and space to find the mate of his soul? Fans of SG-1 who are unfamiliar with the Pern universe will find introductions to the world and explanations of the happenings so they, unlike Sam and Daniel, will not be lost in the beginning of the story."

The "author's cut" second edition has approximately 2000 words added to it, and several pieces of true art. This is a 116,500 word romance story, rated NC-17, Jack/Daniel as a committed couple. PDF format.