ELG (Stargate SG-1 gen zine)

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Title: ELG -Gen
Publisher: Ancient's Gate
Series?: 2008
Medium: print, ezine
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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ELG is a gen Stargate SG-1 anthology fanzine with stories written by ELG. It was published 2008 and contains 213 pages. The compilation contains the smaller ELG gen stories, each story includes a minimum of 2 pieces of art created specifically to illustrate each story. It is number 4 in the Ancient's Gate Showcase Series.

Stories included:

  • True Value - When Daniel is captured by slavers, Jack has to keep his temper while negotiating to buy him back.
  • Under My Skin - A tag to Broca Divide
  • Ghosts - After Sha're's death, Jack cannot bring himself to believe in the message Daniel says she sent him through the hand device, but is it Daniel's grief which is making him suicidal or is something on the planet affecting him?
  • Reflection - Jack is forced to re-examine his relationship with Daniel after the two of them travel to an Alternative Universe where a very different Jack O'Neill is in charge of SG-1.
  • You Can Go Home Again - Jack and Daniel bond after the events of "Double Jeopardy"
  • Salt of the Earth - Deeply affected by the events of ‘2001’ and ‘Between Two Fires’, Sam begins to question everything, including her own judgment. When SG-1 find a breakaway community of the Tollan who have apparently sabotaged the crops of the indigenous population Sam is ready to believe the worst. But are her suspicions justified?
  • Bad Dreams - "O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams".