Off World Activation

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Title: Off World Activation
Publisher: Sheryl Rieling
Editor(s): Sheryl Rieling
Date(s): May 2001
Medium: print
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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cover by Nancy Campbell and Jeanne McClure

Off World Activation is a 235-page gen Stargate SG-1 anthology.

It features the artwork of Nancy Campbell and Jeanne McClure.


  • Day of the Prim'ta by Leigh Williams ("Teal'c remembers the day he accepts his symbiote.") (angst)
  • Solitude's End by Sheila Paulson - ("While off world, SG-1 has to make a terrible decision. Who will die?") (hurt/comfort, action/adventure)
  • Body Count by Jari L. James AKA Rowan ("Sometimes things look different when you put them on a chart. Especially for Daniel.") (humor)
  • Burdens of Promise by Kathy Smith ("Jack must fulfill a the expense of his life?") (hurt/comfort, action/adventure)
  • Beyond the Grave by Patricia O'Cain AKA PHO ("Someone is trying to reach Jack. Will he hear him in time?") (hurt/comfort, action/adventure)
  • A Price Worth Paying by Teal'cster ("What is the value of an individual. Teal'c and SG-1 must find out.") (angst)
  • To Justify the Cost by Gatecrasher ("After a Price Worth paying, can SG-1 live with the price they paid?") (angst)
  • The Lure of Fishing by Lin ("A young Daniel learns to trust again.") (hurt/comfort)
  • Future Shock by Trish Williams ("SG-1 examine their lives since meeting the Aschen.") (angst)
  • Aspects by Bruni ("A unique examination of Sam Carter and the lessons she's learned from her mother.") (contemplative)
  • Glae Dubh by Jari L James AKA Rowan ("SG-1 encounters a substance that Daniel has encountered before.") (humor, hurt/comfort, Action/Adventure)
  • The Enemy of My Enemy by Marcia Brin ("Can a Goa'uld be trusted? Jack must find out.") (hurt/comfort, action/adventure)
  • A Ghost of a Chance by Andrew Stead ("Sara O'Neill is dead, the victim of a heinous act of violence. Why is she haunting Jack?") (action/adventure)
  • Among Strangers..., poems by Anne Sullivan ("A look at earth through the eyes of a stranger.") (8 parts)