Mercy in Action

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Title: Mercy in Action
Publisher: Ancient’s Gate
Date(s): 2005-2006
Medium: print
Fandom: Stargate SG-1 & multimedia
Language: English
External Links: Ancient's Gate
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Mercy in Action is a gen anthology. It is a charity zine. All proceeds above costs go to Mercy in Action, a UK based charity which helps alleviate poverty and improve conditions in the Philippines.

Issue 1

cover issue #1

Mercy in Action 1 was published in 2005 and contains 290 pages. It also features a special piece of art by Cindee done for the story Memories. Most stories include a minimum of 3 pieces of art created for the story.

  • All in a Day's Work by Scribe--Novella. An old friend of SG1 makes a shocking discovery in the course of a normal(?) day at the 'office'.
  • Lady in Waiting by Corby--Daniel spends an evening with his best girl (on Earth)
  • Body Image by Jb--The presence of a friend helps, as Daniel struggles to navigate through one of the rougher neighbourhoods in Danny's World.
  • Memories by Scribe--It's the anniversary of Sha're's death and Jack seeks to help his friend cope.
  • From Sunrise to Sunset by Nefret--A day in the life of Daniel Jackson, stranded explorer.
  • A Dead False God (poem) by Reader Jane
  • Salt of the Earth by ELG--Novella. SG-1 attempt to aid a starving people and find there is much more to the situation than initially meets the eye.

Issue 2


Mercy in Action 2 is a 296-page multi-fandom gen compilation contains stories by Scribe, Brenda A., Ankh ELG, Jb, Rynogeny, and Lex. It was published in 2006. Most stories include a minimum of 2 pieces of art created specifically to illustrate the stories.

  • City of Angels by Brenda A.--A crossover story featuring the worlds of Angel (The TV show) and Good Omens (the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) (35 pages)
  • Coming home by Ankh--Daniel is back on Earth, but is he home? Missing scene for the SG1 episode Children of the Gods
  • Culture Clash (or Duck on a Mission) by Jb--When SG1's Daniel ends up in deep water, help comes from an unexpected source.
  • E is for Eomer by Rynogeny--Following on from an adventure in Middle Earth that almost cost him his life, Eomer, King of Rohan has recently married. Not every one is finding it easy to adapt to the new court of Rohan. (LotR) (19 pages)
  • Letting Go by Scribe--Jack returns to pick up Daniel for a leisurely weekend of fishing, chess and beer. When SG-1 steps through the Stargate, though, he begins to have second thoughts about entrusting the team to Mitchell.
  • Truth or Consequences by Lex--Stephen Rayner is out of hospital and looking for answers. Not only that, but Jack's history is about to catch up with him. Spoilers for the SG-1 episode "The Curse".
  • Cold Case by ELG--A missing woman leads to a mass of trouble for Jack Malone and his team, and especially for Martin and Danny. (Without a Trace) (130 pages)