The Fission of Silence

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Title: The Fission of Silence
Publisher: Ashton Press
Author(s): Jennifer Wilson-Gross (aka Pough)
Cover Artist(s): Sazz
Illustrator(s): Sazz
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
External Links: Text file (archived here), On Fanfiction.Net
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The Fission of Silence is a gen 125-page novel written by Jennifer Wilson-Gross (aka Pough) and focuses on the character of Daniel Jackson and the friendship between Daniel and all of SG-1. Approximately 100,000 words with color covers and b/w interior artwork. Cover art and interior artwork by Sazz.

front cover
back cover


This is a full-length hurt/comfort novel, focusing heavily on the character of Daniel Jackson and the friendship between Daniel and all of SG-1. Daniel is captured and spirited away, leaving his teammates to hunt for him frantically. But when they find him, is it the same Daniel they'd last seen eight months ago? When a mind and body are split, what exactly can be expected to return? Warning: Although there are no truly graphic specifics, this novel is, nonetheless, intense. And although nothing is graphically portrayed, there are mentions of sexual and physical abuse and rape. [1]

Editorial and Author's Notes

Truth in advertising time: this story has previously appeared on the internet and can still be found at: That said, I'd like to take a moment to thank Jenni (Pough) for allowing me to publish this wonderful, angsty, realistic, hurt/comfort novel about Daniel. It's one of my favorite stories and Pough is one of my all-time favorite Stargate authors. I'd also like to thank Sazz for providing the brilliant cov ers and interior pieces.

CONTENT WARNING: This is brutal and nasty. Although there are no truly graphic specifics, it is, nonetheless, intense. And although nothing is graphically portrayed, there are mentions of sexual and physical abuse and rape.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I feel I must give a reason for having written this: I kept reading Danny whumpers where Daniel was basically drawn and quartered, but always in the end he was back to the SGC. Something in me went, "Uh, I don't think so..." Then there was the great discussion on the H/C list about what is too violent. I thought it might be interesting to write a story without giving any specifics (well, not many) but with all the innuendos in place. I don't know. We'll see if it works .

Thank you to Shanilka who looked over the med-speak with a fine-tooth comb, gritting her teeth the entire time. Thank you to Arren for your medical expertise and for calling me lovely, genteel names when I went way, WAY over the edge. Thank you to Cathy for the incredible PTSD information. Thank you to everyone who wrote me, commenting on this story, questioning me, correcting me. It was most appreciated. Thank you most importantly to my friend Sazz. Right here, Angela. Strange what makes two people reach beyond the fiction in life to find a simple truth. And that truth is friendship. Of course, it wouldn't be a story unless I made mention of Sarah in Ly-chester-shire-sher. How was that?


Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

OH, MY GOD! I read the warnings about how intense this story but nothing could prepare me for how much this story grabbed a hold of my emotions!

I guess I have this quirky ability to "feel" a story. People have said that when they read something, it's like a mini TV program. Or that they "hear" the characters. For me, I can hear the characters talk and feel what they are feeling.

Then there is that rare story that takes me on such a roller coaster ride that it takes me HOURS to calm down. That is what The Fission of Silence has done to me. I made the mistake of reading this at work - oh my goodness. I was blessing the fact that the ladies room has a smaller room with a couch. That's where I sat reading this zine. I'm also blessing the fact that right now, my department is the only one who occupies the floor and there are only 6 women. I could cry and sniffle in relative privacy! When my emotions are so engaged, I have a tendency to stutter for a while. And so I did.

It was like I could feel Daniel's pain and fear. When he was having flashbacks, it was like I was there, feeling everything. Then when the POV switched to the rest of SG-1 I could feel their pain too. I could feel Hammond's anger with Kinsey. The shock Davis felt when he read the file and then saw Daniel.

Very few writers can pull a reaction like this from me. Pough has succeeded very well. It is odd to say that I "loved" this story - how can any one love a story so filled with anguish? I will say this story is extremely well done. And oh, it's just crying for a sequel. I need to know that Daniel will be whole again. When Daniel asked Jack what was he worth now after finding out how much he was sold for and when he was back at the hospital, I just wanted to cry he is worth everything! He survived hell and came back.

I hope my few feeble words have conveyed how much this story affected me. Maybe it's stupid to be so affected by a story but I can't help it. I've always been affected by a great story. A great story engages the emotions, causes people to think, to react. That is what Pough has here. A really great story - that needs a really great sequel! [2]


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