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Title: Make It Write
Publisher: Yadda Press
Date(s): November 1994
Medium: print, CD
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
External Links: Yadda Press Preview Page Biblio Phile Zine: flyer, Archived version
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CD cover

Make It Write is a slash anthology with three gen stories. It is also known as "The Alpha Gate Make It Write." It was offered in bith print and CD form. The CD version contained 82 modified screencaps from the TV show.

Interior Art

Some of the 82 pieces of Make It Write Zine Artwork, Archived version


Summary from the Yadda Press flyer:
Yadda Press is proud to present a uniquely different zine experience :) JD Divas authors PhoenixE, Biblio, babs and Marcia live a double-life: we're also List Moms to the Alpha Gate Yahoo! Group, the best, the most active and the most creative Stargate community online, and not only in our humble opinion :) The Alpha Gate was formed in response to the loss of Daniel Jackson from our beloved SG-1 team, the aim of the community to celebrate the original and best team: Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c. The Alpha Gate basks in the warm waters of DeNile, which ain't just a river in Egypt ;) In those lovely warm waters, we broke out the cocktails and tribbers experienced and virgins, to join with us in producing a zine which would help to support the Alpha Gate's fanfiction archive and secure its long-term future. The theme of the zine is DeNile - literally! We asked contributors to write stories which Make It Write where the episodes went wrong. The result is a dazzling array of slash and gen stories fixing episodes from throughout the seasons. Someone said of fanfiction that it was imagination calling to imagination; in Make It Write, we proudly offer proof of the truth in that. The zine is a celebration of the talent, creativity and friendships in our Alpha Gate community. [1]
Summary from a distributor, Agent With Style:
When Daniel ascended in 'Meridian,' a huge outcry went up in Stargate fandom. How could they essentially kill off one of the most popular characters on the show? Well, what if it never happened? What if a lot of canon things never happened? What if a group of fans decided to write a collection of 'fix-it' stories in which Daniel doesn't ascend, Janet doesn't die, Sam gets a second chance to make a first impression, Jack resolves some issues surrrounding his son Charlie's death, and more? That zine is here! Don't miss these mostly slash stories (3 of the 23 tales are gen) -- you'll be amazed at the fannish ingenuity of these authors. Was it all a virtual reality game? Is Daniel really back or is it just a dream?


  • O'Neill Ascendant by PhoenixE ("Notes: If Jack and Daniel had been allowed to express their true characters within the Abyss scenario, were their actions and reactions to each other not forced to conform to the character distorting requirements of episodic television, then there was only one possible ending for Abyss. And it WASN'T the one filmed. Daniel has come back for Jack, and he's NOT taking 'NO!' for an answer…")
  • A New Beginning by Babs ("Everyone deserves to make a good first impression. This time it's Sam's turn.")
  • Two for the Price of One by Devra ("What if there were residual effects from the virtual reality game?)
  • Past, Present, Future by Lunar ("Meeting Ke'ra makes Jack and Daniel realize what they mean to each other.")
  • Keeping Vigil by JoaG ("Daniel's back, but the team continues to need reassurance that he's really there.")
  • The Shortest-Lived Profession by Mellendramatic ("Daniel is in nine kinds of pain for which there is only one remedy.)* Doubts by Darcy ("Daniel tries to help Jack overcome his guilt over Janet's death.")
  • Cataclysm by Debi C. ("Jack witnesses the destruction of Abydos and is caught in its violence.")
  • Drabbles by Findo ("Jack/Daniel drabbles for S3 "Foothold' and S8 "Lockdown" with an intriguing solo Jack drabble by Findo and a slash drabble for S3 'Shades of Grey" by Tilley.")
  • 'I Lied' Drabble by Tilley
  • Midnight Snack by Cypher ("A midnight snack leads to an unexpected change in Daniel's life.")
  • Take My Breath Away by Snowdrop ("What really happened during and after Scorched Earth.")
  • Little Earthquakes by Beckymonster ("Filling in what wasn't said but should have been.")
  • Their Lonely Betters by Biblio ("When Jack is finally certain of Daniel's love, he reaches for more than friendship.")
  • Painful Necessities by Zoodenizen ("Jack and Daniel try to deal with the consequences of Jack's actions.")
  • A Question of Priorities by Jaelith Tregarth ("Jack is having a hard time dealing with his feelings after the events of 'Menace', and gets advice from an unexpected source.")
  • Laying Ghosts to Rest by Ankhmutes ("Jack and Sara resolve some issues surrounding Charlie's death, the not-Jack who visited her and other loose ends from the episode.")
  • Getting to All Right by Sunrise ("It's after midnight. So where's Daniel?")
  • Home by Kiva ("Remember that locker room scene in 'Fallen'? Ever thought it lacked just a bit?")
  • Never Alone by Imagine ("Jack and Daniel are trapped in an ice cavern when the Stargate malfunctions. It is up to Daniel to find a way home for himself and a badly injured Jack.")
  • The Way It Should Be by Sistine ("What would have happened if Daniel's appendix hadn't burst?")
  • R-Evolutionary by Riantiata ("Care for your archaeologist, he's an endangered species.")
  • Three's Company by Biblio ("In every reality where Robert Rothman dies, Jack O'Neill will never get to know what he - and schnapps - can do to Daniel Jackson.")
  • Artwork by Biblio and PhoenixE


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