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Name: MediaWest*Con 2015
Dates: May 22–25, 2015
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
URL: 2015 Con Page
program book
post con report
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Some Facts About the 2015 Convention

2015 program book covers
  • MediaWest*Con 35 – May 22-25, 2015
  • There were 31 dealers.
  • The number of premiering zines was 12 (4 were original slash by Requiem Publications).
  • "Come explore times long, long ago in enchanted lands ruled by evil queens and wicked witches, where giants and ogres roamed, where the poorest farmboys, handsomest princes, and fairest maidens can all be heroes with the assistance of friendly elves, fairies, wizards, and small forest creatures. But be careful not to prick your finger on a poisoned needle, eat any poisoned apples, or wake any sleeping dragons -- and watch out for Rodents of Unusual Size. MediaWest*Con 35 celebrates a time when tales are spun like straw into gold, and everyone can..."
  • from the first progress report: "This year we have both CareLinc Medical Equipment and AirWay Oxygen assisting us with our mobility needs. Both have said that they are willing to give our members the best service possible. Below you will find the phone numbers for each... All wheelchairs, scooters, and other equipment will be available and delivered UNLESS YOU TELL ME OTHERWISE at or around Thursday night before convention starts at about 4 to 5 PM, our time here. All equipment should be back downstairs in the holding area so that it can be picked up by the proper operators/delivery drivers for return after the Con on Tuesday. Contact Lansing Liaison -- Carl Tielking..."
  • from the post con report: "Unfortunately, the binder with the records of memberships sold at the con has been misplaced. This is the only record we had, so we need your help! If you purchased a MW*C 36 membership at MW*C 35, please send us a copy of your receipt. If you can’t find your receipt, let us know your MW*C 36 membership number, method of payment (cash, check, PayPal, etc.) and other info. If you don’t know your membership number it may need to be reassigned."


cover of the 2015 program book
map of attendees' home locales

Fan Q Awards

For specifics, see 2015 Fan Q Awards.

"In addition to the presentation of the Fan Q’s, the Sunday panel will also have a discussion on whether or not the Fan Q’s should be expanded. If you know of anyone interested in this discussion, please let them know so they can also attend." [1]


Gordon performed his play "Once Upon A Con" Saturday night. Photos are embedded here.

photos from the skit

Fan Fund

There was no Fan Fund attendee this year.

Party Suite and Other Gatherings


  • Shabbat and Pre-Shavuot Informal Service and Oneg, Peter Cooper


  • Professionals Party, PRZed and FJ Bryan
  • Pinkie Peter Pony Party (Real Ghostbusters/My Little Pony), Party Posse


  • Brunch with the Strachy-Callahans (Donald Strachey Mysteries), Story Fan, Candy A., Vivian
  • Shavuat Ice-Cream Party, by invite, Peter Cooper and Jon Quirk

Masquerade Awards

Judges: Sophia Kelly Schulz, Mark Cogan, Chrisso Bonder

  • Howling Good Time Award (Tinker Bell — Judy A. Keller, Janice Tuckett)
  • Who Needs A Third Angel Award (Ladies In Red — Kaitlyn Colhouer, Gabby Burke)
  • The Shot In The Dark Award (The Wandering Minstrel on Behalf of Gun Control –Bob Dawe)
  • How Many Fandoms Can You Pack Into One Costume Award (Steampunk Repairist (Ms. Fixit) — Becky Wurm Clark)
  • The Something Fishy Is Going On Here Award (Creatures Of ‘The What’ Lagoon — Peter Cooper)
  • Disco Dog Award (Fox On The Run — Danny Dingo, Babsie Wolf (As Lili Fox)
  • The Heart Of Gold Award (Zaphod Beeblebrox: Because Two Heads Are Better Than One (Lesley Wilmoth)
  • The It Had A-Peel Award (Our Entry into the Door Decoration Contest (Amanda Morgan, Ericka Kahler, Aron Sandler, Holly Hofer)
  • The I’m Not A Doctor But I Play One On TV Award (Emergency Medical Hologram Vs. Reality ?? — Weasel)
  • Best Fight Scene That Never Happened -- Spenser said we had to do it… So we did it (Spenser Coates, Nikki Wegrzyn, Carla Rodriguez)
  • Best In Show, Doggie’s Choice Award (The Hound of the Baskervilles — Stormy Hall, Sandy Hall)

Door Decoration Awards

See photos of the winners here here.

  • Best 'Stache Equality: Room 236 (Love)
  • Best Interactive: Room 264 (Where's Neal?)
  • Most Romantic: Room 272 (Spring)
  • Best Use of Con Theme: Room 346 (Once Upon a Time...)
  • Most Iconic: Room 354 (Marvel)
  • Best Comic to Movie Crossover: Room 395 (Guardians)

Art Show Awards

By popular vote, from the post-con report:

  • Best In Show: Pressure Point by Karen River
  • Best In Con Theme: Silver Gold by Sandra Santara
  • Best In SF: Spock by Mike Cole
  • Best In Fantasy: Embrace by Sandra Santara
  • Best In Humor/Cartoon: He's Undead, Jim by Leah Rosenthal
  • Best Portrait: Benedict by Karen River
  • Best In 3-D/Jewelry/Glass/Ceramic: Andor by Karen River
  • Best In Fabric/Needlework: Time & Space by Suzanne Rosema
  • Best Critter: Spirit Guide: Hedgehog by Karen River
  • Best In Cop/Investigator/Spy: Gibbs by Mike Cole
  • Best In Horror: Zombecka by Ricochet
  • Best In Animated: Peter & Lili by Babs Magera
  • 2 Cute 2 Live: Lullabye by Karen River
  • Best Other: Betty's Beach Bauble by Brenda Gashal

Personal Favorite (TIE):

  • Aramis by Karen River
  • Benedict by Karen River
  • Farewell by Karen River
  • Squee by Karen River
  • Spirit Guide: Tiger by Karen River

Vid Show

There were no awards as there were too few entries submitted.


The index is here. The Index (note: there are some changes between the index and the final panel schedule. See the program book scans in Program Book Gallery for what was the final line-up.



  • Benedict Cumberbatch: He's everywhere! Fri, 8:00pm, Regency D, C001
  • In Memorium: Going over those actors we lost in the past year. Sat, 3:00pm, Delta Central, C010
  • Live Long and Prosper!: Celebrating Leonard Nimoy, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, and others recently passed. Sat, 4:00pm, Delta East, C004


  • Avengers-Age of Ultron: Share what you know about this much-anticipated movie, released May 1st Fri, 4:00pm, Regency D, B002
  • Captain America-The Winter Soldier: Steve Rogers vs. the Winter Soldier – who did you root for? Sun, 11:00am, Regency D, B004
  • Disney: the movies, the TV shows, the theme parks. Come and share your thoughts. Sat, 11:00am, Regency D, B005
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: General Discussion of this blockbuster science-fiction movie. Sat, 4:00pm, Capital, B008
  • Hidden Gems. A look at lesser known films that are still very good. Some are independent, some are foreign and many are not SciFi. Bring your favorite Hidden Gems. Sun, 10:00am, Regency C, B010
  • Jurassic World, Fri, 9:00pm, Delta West, B013
  • Lego Movie: Did this toy-themed movie entertain? Mon, 12:00pm, Capital, B014
  • Look to the skies!: Discuss the evolution of alien invasion films, from the 50's cold war flying saucers to the destroy-the-planet ilk of Independence Day and others. Sat, 5:00pm, Capital, B015
  • Star Trek movies: Discussion of the latest film with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Fri, 6:00pm, Capital, B023
  • Star Wars-The Force Awakens - in theaters December 18th? Discuss any spoilers you may have! Mon, 10:00am, Delta West, B024
  • The Man from UNCLE feature film reboot with Henry Cavill and Arnie Hammer: what to expect. Sun, 11:00am, Delta Central, B025
  • X-Men - Days of Future Past: How is this science-fiction franchise faring? Fri, 3:00pm, Regency D, B027


  • "If I Can't Take It With Me Then I'm Not Going!" How do we plan for our collections as we age, and eventually prepare for our "Final Frontier". Sat, 11:00am, Regency C, E001
  • 50 Years of MUNCLE fandom. Fri, 1:00pm, Delta Central, E003
  • Are fanzines doomed? Has fiction on the net filled the niche for fans? Mon, 10:00am, Delta East, F001
  • Cabin Pressure: Are you happy with the way Zurich turned out? Sun, 3:00pm, Regency D, F004
  • Fandom: Are you a fandom of one, two or three, tops? How do you get the word out about your tiny fandom? All teensy fandoms welcome, all genres encouraged. Fri, 4:00pm, Delta East, E005
  • Fandom: The Next Generation: Media fandom is evolving. See how the younger fen do fandom, what things we like, and the resources we have at our disposal (Tumblr, various online fiction sites, Twitter, etc.) Sun, 3:00pm, Capital, E006
  • Fractured Fandoms: With TV shows on every conceivable platform, how do you keep up the fandom if you can't even get the channel? Mon, 11:00am, Delta West, E007
  • Friday Night Videos: going over what we saw last night in the vid show. Sat, 10:00am, Regency C, E032
  • Grammar Police: What editors really do. Sun, 6:00pm, Delta Central, E040
  • How do you keep your fannish spark burning bright? Mon, 11:00am, Delta Central, E008
  • Hurt/Comfort: Just what is the appeal? Sun, 10:00am, Regency D, E009
  • Kidfic in Magnificent 7: What’s the appeal? Story recommendations. Sat, 5:00pm, Delta East, E031
  • Magnificent 7 – slash/het: Favorite pairings, least favorite and why Sat, 12:00pm, Regency C, E039
  • Magnificent 7: Share your favorite new fiction; bring recommendations. Sat, 1:00pm, Delta East, E010
  • Medical Research: Whether you're whumping your hero, or creating a pandemic -- what are your favorite sources and just how realistic must you be in your writing? Sat, 3:00pm, Capital, E011
  • My Fanzine Collection: How do I keep my fanzines from being thrown out when I move or downsize? Sat, 4:00pm, Regency D, E035
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Introduction to the Brony fandom Fri, 2:00pm, Regency C, E012
  • On Beyond Fanfic: Not everyone’s a writer! This panel will serve to discuss other forms of fandom participation such as cosplay, filk, art, crafts, and vidding. Will cover various resources and sites for the nonfic crowd such as Youtube and Deviantart. Sun, 10:00am, Delta Central, E013
  • Professionals - Maim, Spindle, Mutilate, or, How Many Ways Can we hurt the lads we love. The physical injuries are numerous, as well as the psychological ... why is this such a strong component in the fic works and the show canon? which poses the biggest threat to blissful times between the sheets? Sat, 11:00am, Capital, E014
  • Professionals fandom from the artists' perspective. Fri, 1:00pm, Capital, E022
  • Professionals: The Games They Play - how many word, board and card games they play in the show are translated into imagined games-playing in their private (and sexual) lives. Do the games they play as partners carry over to the bedroom? (/) Mon, 11:00am, Delta East, E021
  • Professionals: Would Bodie and Doyle really talk about their feelings to each other if they were lovers? Would they do this in the dark of the night or rather eat a (proverbial "bullet" than say "I love you"). (/) Sun, 4:00pm, Capital, E015
  • Publishing, self or traditional or hybrid. Sun, 3:00pm, Delta East, E042
  • Say it with character! Everyone has that one character (or characters) that they cherish. This panel encourages everyone to discuss their favorite characters, how they found them, why they mean so much, and how they express that adoration (i.e., fan works) Sun, 5:00pm, Delta Central, E017
  • Slash Fandom: What impact are changing attitudes and laws regarding same sex marriage having on slash fandom? (/) Fri, 1:00pm, Regency C, E018
  • Spies and Slashers: From UNCLE to Wild, Wild West to The Professionals, spies and secret agents have inspired slashers everywhere. Come discuss why the espionage genre has such an appeal for fans of slash. (/) Fri, 4:00pm, Capital, E019
  • Stargate Atlantis crossovers: which work for you and which are ‘oh hell no.’ Sun, 12:00pm, Regency C, E038
  • Stargate Atlantis -- gen/slash/het: Favorite stories and authors, recommendations for others. (/) Fri, 6:00pm, Delta East, E037
  • Starsky & Hutch: Discussion of the recent Present Tense Big Bang and all the interesting stories that brought the boys into current day life. Sun, 5:00pm, Delta West, E033
  • The Bromance: Curse or blessing for slash fans? (/) Mon, 10:00am, Delta Central, E020
  • Tooning with Peter Venkman: Peter Venkman & his Real Ghostbusters pals are an anomaly in media fandom, since he's not a live action star...he's a cartoon character. Sun, 1:00pm, Capital, E023
  • TV as Therapist: Seeking refuge during difficult times. Sat, 3:00pm, Regency D, E036
  • Welcome to Furry: The Fandom of the Anthropo-morphic Animal Kingdom Fri, 8:00pm, Delta East, E024
  • What is "Soullessness" as portrayed in popular media and why are fans so attracted to it? An in-depth discussion of 'soulless' characters, from angels to demons to vampires to the Winchester brothers, and everyone in between. Offer up your favorites and let's get down and serious on this one. Fri, 4:00pm, Delta Central, E025


  • E-book cover design and creation: How to design a cover for an e-book. Sat, 2:00pm, Delta Central, H002
  • E-book publication: how to transform a text file into an e-book for submitting to online publishers. Sun, 5:00pm, Regency D, H004
  • Hypnosis myths and realities: what is fiction and what is fact, and separating the two. Fri, 6:00pm, Delta West, H006
  • Podcasts! Fanfiction isn’t for print anymore: Where to find fanfic podcasts, as well as other favorite podcasts on the web. Sun, 2:00pm, Capital, H007
  • Audio fan goodies: Podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale, BBC Radio 4 shows like Cabin Pressure and Good Omens. Fandom has wide variety of audio goodies to choose from; have you? Would you like to hear more? Fri, 7:00pm, Regency C, H008
  • The ‘Honor Harrington’ books by David Web: Come discuss this science fiction series. Sun, 1:00pm, Delta Central, D015


  • Gaming schedule to be announced at convention each day
  • Gaming 101: What would you recommend for someone just breaking into gaming? Fri, 3:00pm, Delta Central, G001
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? Our annual audience participation game; join the fun! (2 hours) Sun, 4:00-6:00pm, Regency C, G002


  • American Modern Cozy Mysteries: A popular sub-genre of mysteries that has recently exploded in popularity. Sat, 10:00am, Capital, D017
  • Horse Fiction: What universe did you like? Black Beauty, Black Stallion, etc. Sun, 5:00pm, Delta East, D003 Horse Non-fiction: Is there a book or more that you like and recommend to others? Fri, 5:00pm, Regency D, D006
  • JD Robb: Discussion of her latest books Fri, 7:00pm, Regency D, D020
  • Outlander: Books versus the series: what scenes did you enjoy seeing come to life? Fri, 4:00pm, Delta West, D008
  • Pern: A general discussion of this universe. Sat, 3:00pm, Delta East, D009
  • The ‘1635’ books by Eric Flynt: Multiple books and various offshoots of this fascinating historical series. Sat, 3:00pm, Delta West, D016


  • Audio: War of the Worlds CD by Jeff Wayne. An event you can come listen to. Bring munchies, knitting, whatever, as you listen to a really cool rendition of this classic science fiction radio play. (2 hours) Sat, 7:00- 9:00pm, Delta West, AUDIO
  • From 1:00-5:00 p.m. The Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society Hop to Mason (Kean’s and Yards of Fabric) and Hold (Everylasting Stitches) for quilt fabric shopping, followed off with stop at Biggbys. Meet at security station at 12:50 p.m Sat, 12:00pm


  • 12 Monkeys: Does the TV series do justice to the film? Mon, 11:00am, Capital, A001
  • Agent Carter: Is it science fiction enough for you? Sat, 10:00am, Regency D, A003
  • Agents of SHIELD: Are we seeing improvement in Season 2? And does this show, and Agent Carter, depend upon interaction with the greater Marvel universe, or can they stand alone? Fri, 9:00pm, Capital, A004
  • Amazing Race: Discuss the last season! Sat, 1:00pm, Regency C, A108
  • Arrow & The Flash: Discussion of each series and possible future crossovers. Also discussion of other characters introduced in either series (Atom, Gorilla, etc.) Fri, 2:00pm, Delta East, A005
  • Arrow Quiver and Flash Slash (/) Fri, 7:00pm, Capital, A007
  • Big Bang Theory: Still Getting It Right - General discussion of the show through the current airings! Sun, 10:00am, Capital, A011
  • Blacklist: Discussion of the latest season of the serial killer as anti-hero. Fri, 3:00pm, Delta East, A102
  • Bones: General discussion of latest season. Fri, 7:00pm, Delta West, A113
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine: the infinite charm of Andre Braugher (and the rest of the crew). Sat, 10:00am, Delta East, A014
  • Castle: Will Kate stay with the department for the rest of her working life? Sun, 4:00pm, Delta Central, A015
  • Comparing Constantine and Supernatural. Sun, 3:00pm, Delta Central, A016
  • CSI: The original series is finally coming to an end. What do you want to see in its final episode? Sat, 12:00pm, Regency D, A112
  • Defiance: General discussion of this SyFy series. Mon, 12:00pm, Delta West, A114
  • Doctor Who: Let's discuss the pros and cons of Peter Capaldi's interpretation of our favorite time traveler. Fri, 2:00pm, Regency D, A020
  • Doctor Who: Is the world ready for a female DOCTOR? Now that the door has been opened for a gender-bending Time Lord, will the Doctor be next? Let's have a lively discussion on this one. Sat, 10:00am, Delta West, A021
  • Donald Strachey Mysteries: Hearts and Flowers -- what is your favorite romantic moment from all the movies or the books? Fri, 3:00pm, Regency C, A024
  • Donald Strachey Mysteries: Keeping the fandom alive now and in the future Sun, 2:00pm, Delta Central, A025
  • Donald Strachey Mysteries: Which movie, and which book, are your favorites and why? Sat, 10:00am, Delta Central, A026
  • Elementary: General discussion of the third season. Fri, 5:00pm, Capital, A029
  • End of the world: Helix, The Strain, the Last Ship - viruses are in vogue, but can viewers burn out on the apocalypse?
  • What are your favorite shows, and which should just get cancelled? Fri, 8:00pm, Delta West, A031
  • Forever: How can Henry live undetected in the modern world? What kind of help is he going to need in the future? Sun, 1:00pm, Regency D, A033
  • Forever: Is Forever just a retread of New Amsterdam, or its own dynamic entity? Why has the first found a fan-base audience where the latter did not, even with a charismatic and handsome leading man? Fri, 1:00pm, Regency D, A034
  • Forever: General discussion of a series with the most charming cast. Sat, 1:00pm, Delta Central, A035
  • Game of Thrones: Who enjoys the show the most: those who read the books or those who didn’t? Fri, 8:00pm, Delta Central, A036
  • Gotham: Creating New Canon? Sat, 2:00pm, Regency C, A038
  • Gotham: How do you like this Batman prequel? Sun, 4:00pm, Delta West, A039
  • Grantchester: An odd but enticing vicar-cop buddy crime series based after WWII - discuss! Sun, 5:00pm, Capital, A040
  • Grimm: Discuss the changes of the past season. Fri, 1:00pm, Delta East, A041
  • Hawaii Five-0: Can you picture Steve and Danny as “friends with benefits” within the canon framework, or exclusive life partners once the line is crossed? (/) Sat, 5:00pm, Delta West, A043
  • Hawaii Five-0: Does the new ensemble cast approach work? Why or why not? Sun, 4:00pm, Delta East, A044 Hawaii Five-0: * Season Five - the good, the bad, and the ugly for McDanno fans. (/) Sat, 1:00pm, Delta West, A045
  • Hawaii Five-0: What has been the slashiest season so far, and why? (/) Fri, 8:00pm, Capital, A046
  • He’s dead?? What does killing off a popular character do to the dynamics of a show or your continuing to follow it religiously? (Samples include The Walking Dead, Person of Interest, Torchwood, etc.) Sat, 11:00am, Delta West, A047
  • Historical Mystery Series: Miss Fisher Mysteries, Grantchester, Foyle’s War and others – what works and what doesn’t Sun, 3:00pm, Delta West, A106
  • How to Get Away with Murder: General discussion of plot and cast of this ABC drama. Sat, 6:00pm, Capital, A050
  • Legend of Korra: General discussion of animated series Sun, 2:00pm, Delta West, A100
  • Magnificent 7: AUs that have grabbed your imagination. Sun, 1:00pm, Delta West, A105
  • Marvel’s Agent Carter: General discussion Sun, 2:00pm, Delta East, A052
  • NCIS: Discuss the past season of this drama. Fri, 2:00pm, Delta West, A055
  • NCIS: New Orleans: Discuss the latest spin-off starring Scott Bakula. Sat, 11:00am, Delta East, A056
  • Perfect Chemistry: How do you find a pair of characters (for a buddy show, an ensemble show, etc.) who balance each other and create an intriguing mix? Which ones have worked best and why? Sun, 11:00am, Regency C, A059
  • Person of Interest: Season 4 is going further into science fiction territory. Discuss the current season (spoilers!). Fri, 3:00pm, Capital, A060
  • Person of Interest: Partners or more? Rinch, Shoot – what’s your favorite slash scene? (/) Sat, 11:00am, Delta Central, A102
  • Person of Interest: Samaritan has forced our heroes underground. How are they faring in this past season? Sat, 4:00pm, Delta West, A061
  • Scorpion: Geeks are cool. Sun, 11:00am, Capital, A062
  • Sherlock -- The fandom that waits: What can you do while you wait two years between seasons? Sun, 4:00pm, Regency D, A110
  • Sherlock (BBC): John Watson is my hero; Doctor, Soldier, interpreter of Holmes. Sat, 3:00pm, Regency C, A104
  • Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch). Discuss the latest season, plus any rumors/news for the next season. Fri, 2:00pm, Capital, A063
  • Sherlock Holmes: Which Sherlock Holmes to you prefer? Sun, 2:00pm, Regency D, A064
  • Sleepy Hollow: Discuss the second season and ideas for the third season Sun, 12:00pm, Regency D, A066
  • Stargate SG-1: Was there a story thread you would have liked to have seen explored Mon, 10:00am, Capital, A111
  • Starsky & Hutch: The dirty old broads' anything goes slash discussion. (/) Fri, 5:00pm, Delta Central, A070
  • Starsky & Hutch: What shows would you like to see S&H crossed with (either past or current)? Sat, 1:00pm, Regency D, A071
  • The Librarians: Nerds as heroes rising to meet challenges... and Christian Kane is hot all the time! Fri, 5:00pm, Delta West, A107
  • The Sentinel - A reboot?: If it happened, what would it look like? Would we still have Richard and Garret or some new guys? Sun, 1:00pm, Regency C, A076
  • The Sentinel by Blair Sandberg-Revisited: What are our views now, 16 years later? Sat, 2:00pm, Regency D, A077
  • The Sentinel/Guide trope is fandom made, but now it’s part of other fandoms. How do you feel about that? Fri, 1:00pm, Delta West, A078
  • The Sentinel: An open subject anything-goes slash panel. (/) Fri, 6:00pm, Delta Central, A079
  • TV Commercials: What are your favorites? Sun, 1:00pm, Delta East, A081
  • TV Ratings: Good, Bad - what were they thinking? Fri, 2:00pm, Delta Central, A082
  • TV themes on the big screen, 50’s through 90’s. Name That Tune! (90 min) Sat, 4:00pm, Delta Central, A083 TV themes on the big screen: Children/Family series 50’s through 90’s - Name That Tune! (90 min) Sun, 10:00am, Delta West, A084
  • TV: Why do we sometimes love the sidekick (or one particular partner in a buddy show) more than the main character, or how fans mess with the intended dynamic of the show? Illya, anyone? Spock? John Watson? Sat, 2:00pm, Delta East, A085
  • White Collar: what did you think of the series finale? Fri, 5:00pm, Delta East, A086


  • Advanced Writer's Seminar (2 hours) Sun, 2:00-4:00pm, Regency C, J002
  • Fursuit Performance: Building Character: This workshop will take a look at the basics of performing fursuits/mascot characters as well as some techniques on how to maintain your character's appearance while in costume. (2 hours) Sun, 10:00am-noon, Delta East, J005
  • Hauntings & Paranormal Investigations: MI Shadowchasers discusses this topic. (2 hours) Fri, 8:00-10:00pm, Regency C, J003
  • How to Tell a Better Story (for beginning writers) (2 hours) Sat, 1:00-3:00pm, Capital, J001

Program Book Gallery


From the program book: "Co-Chairs (& your hosts) Lori Chapek-Carleton & Gordon Carleton would like to thank the following staffers and their assistants for all their hard work: Carol Lynn (Hotel Liaison), Elyse Dickenson & Dawn McLevy (Programming/Party Suite/Flyers), Jeanne Sullivan (GoFers/Con Suite), Keith Grunenwald & Seth Cutts (Security), Karen Klinck & Jesse McClain & Art Show/Auction Staff & Auctioneers, Jan Keeler (Fan Q), Andre Lieven (Masquerade), Sheryl Adsit (Fannish Video), Kim Dyer (Blood Drive), Laura Keeler-Britt (‘Zine Reading Room/Fan Fund), Ginna Wilcoxen (Game Room), Carl Tielking (Lansing Liaison), and all the GoFers and volunteers without whom there could be no convention. Thanks to Babs and Erich Renhardt for their interior illustrations. MW*C 35 Logo by Gordon Carleton."

Convention Reports

I still find it hard to wrap my mind around the MediaWest*Con 34 Art auction. The single bid of $500.00, for my silk Marvin Martian shirt took my breath away and buckled my kneess! I believe this convention has some of the most generous and compassionate members of any Con. I was astounded minutes after the bid by the passed hat that held more money than the shirt bid! I’m still questioning the amount I was given as payment for art sold! I must thank you, Lori and Gordon for keeping MW*C going over 3 decades. (I know because I’ve never missed one yet.) Thank you to Paula for keeping the bidding succinct, Jesse for the really cool “hat trick” and Karen for reminding me why I had to take math over in summer school. Hugs And Kisses to Jim, my art runner partner and my husband /partner (They both kept me standing late Sunday). To all of you in the art audience, auctioneers, runners, and those of you who stopped me in dealers or halls on your way out Monday with more folded green stuff.

I offer to you all what I do best: A thank you to MediaWest*Con 34 2014.

There are Angels around me
That actually make me blink
as I stand upon the brink
Back tears of total astonishment
Of subtle darkness turned to light
That I might not have known
If not for Angels loose among
The Con I call my own. - Brenda & Jim Gasahl [2]


  1. by Jan Keeler at MediaWest*Con's blog, May 5, 2015
  2. MediaWest*Con Post Con Report, Archived version