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Name: MediaWest*Con 1989
Dates: May 26-29, 1989
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
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Some Facts About the 1989 Convention

  • The theme that year was "The Ninth Generation" -- a word play on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the fact that this was the convention's ninth year.
front cover of the program book
back cover of the program book
  • there was at least one wedding celebrated at this con: "Following a formal church wedding in the morning, a second fannish ceremony" was held and called "The Wedding At The End Of The Universe"
  • Deborah J. Laymon was "Head Gofer and All Purpose Glutton For Punishment"
  • Gordon Carleton planned to do a "major slideshow in keeping with the con theme, and will be looking for people to do the voices."
  • there were collections of money for several fans due to poor health and unhappy situations; this one was from the second progress report: "[Tim B] is taking up a collection to buy fan [Eunice R] a small color TV and a VCR; her TV died in the middle of a prime-time broadcast of a ST episode, and she hasn't seen an episode in 20 years! She hasn't been able to replace it in two decades, lives off the beaten track, so hasn't been able to see episodes on someone else's TV, but has kept up her interest in ST by reading everything she can on the show, and has only now started to become a more active fan."
  • On Sunday, there was a presentation: "Terry Erdmann Presents (in absentia) Nifty Stuff on Upcoming Hollywood Production, Brian Thomas Talks of His Experiences Behind the Scenes on STAR TREK V, Mike Jittlove's 95-minute version of THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME is Viewed, and We Present The Planetary Society's Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus Voyager Mission Video Show! (If there's time, we also have the Planetary Society's Grand Tour Slide Show. If not, it will be shown Monday a.m.)
map of the con space

Fan Q Awards

For specifics, see 1989 Fan Q Awards.

It's embarrassing to have to admit it, but we don't seem to have a complete list of the past Fan Quality Award winners, and newer fans have been writing Cindy Fairbanks and asking her for a list. She has some, but not all; and states she needs the winners list from MediaWest*Con's 4, 5, 6, and 7. Despite the fact that no one was able to help us out last year when we made the identical request, we are asking again. If you have past winner listings, please send them to Cindy Fairbanks. It's also frustrating to have the Fan Q Awards tied in so closely with the Progress Reports in that nominations were set to be accepted between January 1 and April 1 of this year for 1988 works. We've discussed means to alleviate this problem for next year; please accept our apologies addressed to those of you who forgot about the deadlines. Cindy has sent the forms out to letterzines, all fans who wrote in, and we stated in last year's post-MediaWest*Con 8 Progress Report/MediaWest*Con 9 Progress Report 0 (which ALL members who are now reading this should have received!) what the deadlines for nominations were. But we realize it's hard to keep track unless you are reminded closer to the actual dates. Cindy has said, however, that participation this year has been higher than in the past.


The skits were Dark Side Story and "Back to the Next Generation."

Fan Fund

Con Suite Parties, Room Parties, and Other Gatherings

Parties proposed/held: "A BEAUTY & THE BEAST party will be held Friday night from 7 p.m. until ?; place to be announced. Bring your own potables, but munchies will be provided. Come as a tunnel dweller or helper; candles supplied, but please bring any tapes, scrapbooks, pictures, artwork, etc. to show to everyone else. It is hoped and anticipated that a TV will be available for viewing the season finale, which is tentatively scheduled to run that night," and "Phantom Notes presents: PHANTOM OF THE OPERA—CHAMPAGNE MASQUERADE. Aficionados of Phantom of the Opera come and meet with other friends of the Opera Ghost at a party to celebrate 6 months of Elysian peace. Appropriate music, champagne and fine munchables provided. Saturday evening, location to be announced. NOTE: costumes not necessary — Masks required." Other special gatherings that were proposed: an Alliance breakfast (Star Wars), a Wiseguy get-together, a Diplomatic Reception, a Midwest Costumer's Guild and Klingon Diplomatic Service party, a MacGyver party ("no killer trivia," just food, fun, and chitchat -- Warning: The TV will be ON for ALL Stanley Cup Playoff games"), a crossbow get-together, the 4th Annual Stephen J. Cannell Appreciation Party, a Robin of Sherwood party, a Real Ghostbusters party and a Empiricon party

Masquerade Awards

We are looking for any info or photos of the Masquerade contest and winners.

Door Decoration Awards

A perennial MediaWest*Con attendee recalls:
Some doors were personalized in 1988. However, 1989 was the first year any doors were elaborately decorated at MediaWest*Con. Building on our Doctor Who theme of the previous year, we turned our door into a pink TARDIS ('The Happiness Patrol'). The door was partly blue, with a blue stained paintbrush dangling from the knob, showing repainting had begun. A note read: 'Ace: get this fixed NOW -- The Doctor'.

Above the door was a flashing 'cherry' light, similar to the light on the top of the TARDIS when it's in motion.

However, that light refused to stay put.

My roommate told me: 'I've fixed it. It's not coming down NOW.'

The light was mounted with half a pound of duct tape.

I was worried. 'Lori is going to throw us out of this con - permanently - the second she see that tape. Because duct tape doesn't let go without a fight.'

However, our pink TARDIS was photographed by a large percentage of the con population, and the following year, 1990, the Door Decoration Awards were born. [1]

Art Show Awards

Art show winners were selected by popular vote.

We are looking for any info about the Art Show contest.

Vid Show

We are looking for any info on the pre-1998 vid show winners.

From the First and Second/Third Progress Reports

Now, That's Patience and Dedication

first page of the first progress report
DEDICATED, HELPFUL, BUT CONFUSED FAN SEEKS ANSWERS: Help! Sometime, at MediaWest*Con in the past 3 years, someone asked Sally Smith [address redacted] if she could tape something for her, and she did. Unfortunately, about halfway through taping, while eliminating a "Cal and His Dog Spot" ad, she realized she had NO idea who she was taping this for. So ... if you are the person who asked her to tape the POLICE STORY episode "Line of Fire" (with Jan-Michael Vincent and Alex Cord), please let her know. She's assuming it was an AIRWOLF fan with a VHS machine, but that doesn't narrow it down much in this crowd.

From the Program Book: An Admonishment and Some Requests

E.T., Phone Home! Due to the recent announcement by CBS of the intended cancellation of The Equalizer and Beauty & the Beast, and the rather vocal activities of organized fandoms for both shows, print and televised media have expressed an interest in MediaWest*Con, having gotten wind of "strategy sessions" to be held at the conventions. Not that we'd expect otherwise from our attendees, but should you be called upon to articulate your views for the papers or TV, please be mature and responsible! We really didn't appreciate getting phones calls in the last few hectic days before the convention due to a mention in USA TODAY! As you all know, MediaWest*Con attending membership limits generally get reached well before the convention. We don't need thundering hordes clamoring at the door to get in. Sigh.


Rumor Had It: We'd also like to make a gentle request for next year: if you hear any rumors about MediaWest*Con that concern you (such as the ever-popular one about the convention being cancelled or that membership limits have been reached), please check directly with us before spreading them further. We don't know who persists in spreading malicious or ignorant rumors, but wish people would ascertain the facts first. Sigh.


Feedback: As always, please let us know what we're doing right, and what we should change. We're determined to keep MediaWest*Con the mid-sized friendly convention it has become known for, and your input is always welcomed and implemented, whenever possible. MediaWest*Con is put on by fans, for fans, and we intend to keep it that way!

The Critter-Con

The Critter-Con Strikes Back! C-C 2 will be held for all Apocryphals on Sunday morning from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Memberships are $1.50 for attending Apocryphals, who will receive a membership packet and con program book and badge, and the banquet (a feast of critter treats!). Supporting Apocryphals will receive the membership packet. This year's G.O.H. is Gizmo the Fannish Samoyed (that's "fannish," not "Finnish"---we know, they're both "Spitz" breeds!) Human companions are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by their Apocryphals. However, they must, supply their own munchies. Artists are asked to please donate small (no bigger than 4" x 5") pieces of artwork, matted if suitable for matting, under an Apocryphal-type name, for a silent bid auction ending at 12:30 p.m. All proceeds from Critter-Con and its art show win go to the Michigan Humane Society.

A Badge Book Proposal

BADGES? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING BADGES! But Devra Langsam and Mary Otten do, because they are making a collection of art nametags, which they hope to publish as a book eventually. They are asking fans to bring their personalized or commissioned or just pretty nametags to MediaWest*Con so that Mary can photograph them. Not every tag collected will make it into the final selection, but all the slides will be donated to a library or museum, as an archive of this unique art form. Come to the Poison Pen Press table and let them snap your chest. Of course, you might find it more comfortable to take the tag off so they don't have to kneel on your knees ...

Apologies and Rumors

Lori apologizes for the extreme lateness in getting this Progress Report out and notes ruefully that this will teach her to not be over-optimistic in setting Progress Report deadlines tor next year. It may not seem like it, but we have been working, on-and-off, on this Progress Report since last December. As seems to be an annual problem, it was difficult prying vital information out of some people (you know who you are!), but this year our plans were complicated by the Hilton's remodeling schedule and (still) uncertain timetable. In fact, we're still doing some juggling with the dealers' rooms, Art Show, and video rooms layouts, but simply cannot delay this any further. Additionally, Lori has been taking work-mandated evening classes since Fall Term and this had other mundane activities greatly cut down into her former "leisure" time. As she composes this Progress Reports directly from her head onto the computer before Gordon can review and revise it, this ran create quite a bottleneck at times... [snipped] She thanks those of you who were patient (or trusting} enough to wait for this Progress Report without panicking, and apologies to those of you who had to call or write because you were concerned. Please remember that the annual MediaWest*Con rumors are only rumors; we don't know who starts them, and we don't know why, but if you really want to find out if the convention's been cancelled, or if Attending membership limits really have been reached, we are the only authoritative source. 'Nuff said? For those who wonder why we don't usually advertise in LOCI'S or STARLOG or other professional multi-media/SF magazines, it's because membership is usually full by the time their listings are published. In a way, we're sorry we ever started this Progress Report business, but suppose it's gratifying to know you, contrary to popular belief, actually read these things.

The Ten-Forward Masquerade/Dance

Tentatively, it is hoped the Masquerade competition would start around 8:30 or 9 p.m. on Saturday, with the dance starting about 10:30 p.m., with winners announced before and during. Address all questions to Seth Bonder [address and phone number redacted]. Hall costumes will be judged separately (in the halls, naturally) Saturday and Sunday. We hope to have an informal parade of hall costumes across the stage. Masquerade divisions are Novice (no previous masquerade entries), Journeyman (previous entries, but no previous wins), and Expert (at least one major convention prize won), Prize categories, subject to approval, participation, and the the judges' desire to award special prizes, win be: Best Original Creation, Best Non-Trek Media (Re-Creation), Best Trek (Theme), Best Humorous, Best Cheap, Best of Show/Judges' Choice. Award certificates and prizes will be awarded. It is preferred that all sound should be on cassette tape, or the emcee will read it off cards that have been typed or clearly printed in advance. Presentations are limited to 60 seconds. Judging is likely to be in two areas—presentation, and general costume quality. If possible, make your entry in advance by mail to Seth, to allow for correlation of data and scheduling needs. Hall costumes should be comfortable everyday-wear on other worlds and will be judged as such. Hall costume awards will consist solely of uncategcrized "merit awards." We will provide bright lights for costume photography. The masquerade will occur before the dance begins.

The Food!

Saturday's dinner buffet will consist of top round of beef with choice of au jus or barbeque sauce, baked & herbed chicken parts, Seafood Newburg, a baked potato bar (baked potatoes with do-it-yourself butter, sour cream, chives grated cheddar cheese), wild rice blend, fresh-cut green beans with bacon, broiled tomatoes, tossed greens (with do-it-yourself dressings, bacon bits, grated cheddar cheese, croutons, cherry tomatoes, scallions and chopped egg), fresh fruit compote, rolls & butter, coffee, tea or milk, and the Conrad Hilton Dessert Table. BACK TO THE NEXT GENERATION will be performed after the banquet.

Sunday's luncheon buffet will consist of a taco/fajita bar: chicken breast meat, shredded beef, Spanish rice, refried beans, onion soup, cole slaw, cottage cheese, tossed salad, fresh fruit mirror, relish tray, potato salad, chips and salsa and jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole, beverages, and (individually served) fried ice cream.

Monday's breakfast buffet will consist of scrambled eggs with cheese and chives, golden French toast, pancakes with syrup and fruit sauces, bacon, orange, grapefruit and tomato juices, hash browns, muffins, doughnuts, coffee, tea, and milk, and fresh fruit.

The Fanzine Reading Room

Jan Gosnell once again heads the Fanzine Reading Room. The Fanzine Reading Room Rules will be posted in the roan, or anyone can request en advance copy by writing Jan. Do NOT send a s.a.s.e. unless you can include Canadian stamps or 50 cents Canadian or American moneyI As always, Jan is seeking loaned 'zines for the Fanzine Reading Room. Please contact her immediately if you plan to loan 'zines. If you or a friend can't transport them, mail them to Lori and Gordon, marked "Attention: Fanzine Reading Room." if the 'line is to be returned to you, include a s.a.s.e. with sufficient postage. If you'd like to donate the 'zine to the Fan Fund, please notify Deb Layman as well.

'Zines submitted to the Fanzine Reading Room fall into three categories. 1) REGULAR LOAN (for the duration of the convention). 2) FAN FUND LOAN (the 'zine is displayed and used in the Reading Room and then auctioned off for the Fan Fund). 3) PERMANENT LOAN (the 'zine is still the owner's property, but remains in the care of MediaWest*Con's Fanzine Reading Room until such time as the Reading Room is discontinued, after which it is returned to the owner or auctioned for the Fan Fund, at the owner's choice). For each 'zine loaned, Jan needs the following info: title, year of publication, rating (G, PC, PG-13, R, X, etc.), which fandom(s), "slash" contents or not, if it's a Fan Q nominee, the category, a general idea of contents (story titles, well-known contributors, etc.). Readers select which 'zines to request from the information contained on file cards. If you are bringing "repeater" 'zines, please mention this, as most of the file cards from previous years have been kept and can be reused. Please do not send Jan lists of 'zines you have available for loan and ask her to choose--you choose. The Reading Room accepts any and all 'zines: classic, current, letter, filk, fringe fandoms, multi-media, etc..

It helps Jan considerably if she receives all information on loaner 'zines as far in advance of the convention as possible. The best times to reach Jan by phone are between 7 p.m. end 10:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.


  • Co-Chairs: Lori Chapek-Carleton & Gordon Carleton
  • Fan Fund: Deborah Laymon
  • Fan Quality Awards: Cindy Fairbanks
  • Art Show and Auction: Gordon Carleton, Keven Lewis, Susan Perry-Lewis
  • Programming: Lori Chapek-Carleton
  • Masquerade/Dance: Seth Bonder
  • Dealers: Lori Chapek-Carleton
  • Fanzine Reading Room: Jan Gosnell
  • Videos: David and Carole Grono
  • Fannish Videos: Sheryl Adsit
  • Photographer: Bill Dyer
  • Security: David and Cindy Manship, Bill Dyer, Seth Cutts
  • Gofers: Deborah Laymon and Jeanne Sullivan
  • Blood Drive: Kim Dyer
  • Computerist: Bill Hupe and Marie Williams
  • Apocryphals: Gizmo



  • Fan Quality Awards
  • Blood Drive (Blue Blaze Irregulars -- Great Lakes Division, 3rd Annual Drive at MediaWest*Con)
  • Con Skit


  • What's So Bad About Feeling Good -- Miami Vice's Dark Side and Why It Works
  • Paganism in Robin of Sherwood: Do They or Don't They
  • Simon & Simon: Is There Life After Cancellation?
  • Star Trek: TNG: How's it Doin'?
  • Parties: a Beauty and the Beast party, a Forces of the Empire party, a Robin of Sherwood party, a Celtic Ceremony, a Wiseguy party, a VICE Viewers party, a Miami Vice slideshow/100th episode party/Don Johnson's Powerboating, a wedding between Pat Grant and Kevin Gruenwald, Phantom of the Opera Champagne Masquerade, MacGyver Party, Diplomatic Reception
  • Zine Editing: Does Anyone Edit or Proofread Nowadays?
  • Star Wars: Types of Jedi and Their Roles
  • Star Wars: Who Was Luke and Leia's Mother and How Did She Get Herself in That Mess?
  • Dark Shadows: In Appreciation
  • The Professionals: Individual Moral Outlooks of the Three Main Characters
  • Intro to Filksinging


  • Beauty and the Beast: Catherine, a Positive or Negative Effect in Vincent's Life?
  • Paradise: A Western for the 80's?
  • The Equalizer: A Show Worth Fighting For
  • Crystal Power and Other New Age Concepts
  • Witchcraft and the Paranormal
  • Simon & Simon: How the Evolution of the Series' Characters Has Influenced Trends in Fanfic
  • Robin of Sherwood: Marion's Role -- Bitch or Victim?
  • Star Trek: TNG: Are We Having Fun Ye?
  • War of the Worlds: Words About
  • International Society for Endangered Cats Slide Show
  • Medicinal Writing
  • Miami Vice: Writing Miami Vice Fiction
  • Things the Media Gets Wrong in SF/Adventure Shows
  • Jean Lorrah's Tantilizing Hints on Her Forthcoming "Giant" ST:TNG Pro Novel
  • The Sandbaggers: Introduction and Appreciation
  • Starman Matters
  • Meet the Apocryphals: Bring and Introduce Your Apocryphals Pals!
  • No Names Please: For Editors Only -- A discussion of anonymous "no names mentioned" complaints from editors about the general state of affairs in editing zines
  • No Names Please: -- For Writers Only -- A discussion of anonymous "no names mentioned" complaints from writers about the general state of affairs in editing zines


  • The Nature of the Emphatic Bond -- Does It Replace Physical Love? (BatB, Pern, ST, etc.)
  • Getting Media Support for Save-Our-Show Campaigns
  • Phantom of the Opera & Other Romantic Fantasies
  • Beauty and the Beast: Vincent as Martyr, Does He Really Want to Be Happy?
  • Beauty and the Beast: Dream Sequences in the Show
  • Stephen J. Cannell's Shows: An Appreciation and an Overview
  • Hypnosis
  • Stellar Operations Command Meeting
  • Hoofstrikes: Meeting
  • Letterzines: A Dying Breed?
  • How to Play Role-Playing Games
  • Masquerade Review Season
  • Cindy Walker on How to Tell a Better Story
  • Blake's 7: Overview
  • Blaster Battle Meeting
  • Forces of the Empire Awards Ceremony/Meeting
  • Crittercon
  • Fan Q Review Session


  • Fandom's Just a .... Hobby: Let's Have Fun Again!
  • How to Advertise Your Zine
  • How I Got Published and You Can, Too! -- Jean Lorrah, Roberta Rogow, Laurie Haldeman, Winston Howlett, and Tim O'Brien
  • Zine Piracy
  • MediaWest*Con 9 Review and Recommendations for Next Year (Dead Dog Party)

Panel Suggestions

These were suggested on. Not all topics and panels made the final cut. Some did, but with slightly different titles.

  • Beauty and the Beast: Literary References & Classical Allusions & Other Sly Stuff
  • Doctor Who: Who is the Seventh Doctor, and How Does His Character Draw on His Previous Incarnations?
  • Star Trek: Klingons as an Eastern Culture
  • The Nature Of An Empathic Bond—And Does It Make Physical Expressions Of Love Less Urgent?" (BEAUTY & THE BEAST, DARKOVER, PERN, ST,etc.)
  • The Dream Sequences in BEAUTY & THE BEAST -- Their Meaning And Implications
  • artist demos, dealing with materials and methods
  • Star Wars panels (The Stranger -- who was Luke and Leia's mother and how did she get herself into this mess?, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker -- types of Jedi and their roles in galactic society, He's Dead, Jim... uh, Luke -- is the Emperor dead as a doornail, or waiting around an inter-dimensional corner, It Ain't Over Till It's Over -- final victory or long haul to a new Republic?, From Ice Princess to Hero and Beyond -- Leia and reflecting women's roles/perceptions in SF, If the Groundhog Sees His Shadow -- is it safe to play an adult in the SW universe, and should we and do we want to 5 years after the '81 brouhaha
  • panels on Doctor Who, Elfquest, Excalibur, Saturday morning cartoons, Robin of Sherwood, Simon & Simone, Airwolf, Adderly
  • writing and illustrating science fiction
  • how to keep 'zine prices down
  • Phantom of the Opera and other Romantic Fantasies
  • Star Trek: TNG: The Show We Love to Hate -- or, Why I Recycled My Video Tapes
  • A Stellar Operation Command meeting and a Hoofstrikes meeting
  • a panel on crystal power and/or other New Age concepts
  • Marion's in the 3rd Season of Robin of Sherwood: Bitch or Victim?
  • Concerning Brit Media Fans: Fandom's Involvement with "Stars" -- What Should Happen and What Usually Ends Up (Unfortunately) Happening
  • Fandom is Just a Goddamn Hobby, So Let's Stop Playing Power Games and Have Fun Again
  • Letterzines: An Endangered Species?
  • Slash Fanfic -- Sex Versus Characterization
  • an update on the U.S. Soviet space programs
  • Zine Publishing -- The Death of Editing and Proofreading, Have They Already Slipped Into a Coma?
  • Art Auction Etiquette -- A Contradiction in Terms?
  • Sado-Machochistic Themes in Slash Fiction -- Do You Always Hurt the One You Love?
  • Guilty Pleasures -- 1988-89, The Shows You Hate to Love
  • Star Trek: TNG: Are We Having Fun Yet?
  • Simon & Simon: Going Out in a Blaze of Glory
  • a slide show on Miami Vice's 100th Episode Party
  • a massage panel
  • panel on War of the Worlds
  • Video Production Techniques
  • How to Tell a Better Story: Aid, Comfort, and Simple Practical Sense Advice for the Beginning Writer
  • Vincent as a Martyr Figure: Does He WANT to Be Happy?
  • Medicine in Writing
  • Zine Production Topics
    • The Lighter Side of Binding
    • Just the Facts, Ma'am
    • Keeping Records
    • No Names Please: For Editors Only, For Writers Only, For Artists Only
    • Sell, Sell, Sell
    • To Pay or Not to Pay
  • Wiseguy panel
  • Stephen J. Cannell Production general panel
  • panels on hypnosis, witchcraft, the paranormal
  • a fashion show of Tunnel fashions (Beauty and the Beast)
  • The Question, or Search, for Humanity -- The Special Appeal of Spock, Data, Vincent, etc.
  • Yes, But Would You Date Them? (fascinating as some of our heroes are, would you really like to meet them?)
  • Things the Media Gets Wrong in SF/Adventure Shows
  • The Selling of the Strategic Defense Initiative -- The Regan Administration's Exploitation of the Star Wars Myth
  • Beauty and the Beast -- Why are there so many conflicting opinions about the second season?
  • Beauty and the Beast -- Is there life after sex?
  • The Humor and Wit of Beauty and the Beast
  • Airwolf panel
  • Medicine as depicted in Fannish Universes
  • a panel featuring writers who have developed successful ancillary fan-fic characters (what makes a likeable/workable figure)
  • Sandbaggers panel
  • War of the Worlds -- how the series differs from the movie and why
  • Doctor Who -- make yourself known as a fan of the Doctor
  • who to deal with people who answer fan mail
  • is there any room in fandom for non-slash adult fanzines?
  • zine piracy and ethics in zine reproduction
  • an Equalizer panel
  • ethics in writing
  • How I Got Published (and maybe you can, too)
  • Beauty and the Beast -- is Catherine a positive or negative force in Vincent's life?
  • Paradise -- a Western for the '80s?
  • The Individual Moral Outlooks of The Professionals
  • Beauty and the Beast -- does all this empathy preclude plot?
  • Rebellious Feds and Republican Rebels -- The Search for Spock and Star Wars Alliance
  • Life after Marriage/Bonding/Shacking Up -- Han and Leia's Post-Jedi Adventures
  • Gaming manuals as added source materials for writers and artists
  • how to play role-playing games

Convention Reports

A fan writes a long letter in Southern Enclave about the FanQ awards that year:
The presentation of the FanQ's at MediaWest was changed, as well. Traditionally, the awards are handed out after the Saturday night banquet and before the costume contest. This year, they were announced on Sunday night, prior to the art auction. I would like hear from the people who were there. Did this rescheduling improve the awards? Could someone who attended write up a short report for the benefit of those fans who could not make it? [2]


  1. This perennial MediaWest*Con attendee would prefer to remain anonymous. Because, the convention is returning to that hotel in 2013, and the gouges to get the duct tape off are probably still above that infamous door.
  2. A fan's convention report in Southern Enclave #22 (1989)