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Name: MediaWest*Con 2008
Dates: May 23-26, 2008
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
URL: 2008 Convention Page[1]
2008 Convention theme
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Some Facts About the 2008 Convention

first page of the first progress report
  • The theme that year was: "WANTED: Reformed desperados, card sharps & hired guns, charming schoolmarms & saloon gals with hearts of gold, time displaced inventors and space travelers stuck in alien recreations of the OK Corral. By popular demand, this year we are putting the West in MediaWest*Con 28, exploring the western panhandle of the SF/Media territories. So whether you are headed for the wide open spaces or the last roundup, practicing your quickdraw with Old Redeye, looking for the Next Big Thing or just the shiny side of the Final Frontier, we say..."Go MediaWest*Con, Young Fan!"
  • A draft panel list is archived here.
  • There were 59 dealers
  • The second progress report lists 59 dealers (of which 6 are room dealers).
  • The blood drive collected about 30 pints.
  • Fandoms represented in MW*C 28 programming included: 24, 4400, Alias Smith & Jones, Jane Austen, Battlestar Galactica, Bones, Boston Legal, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Chuck, Arthur C Clarke, comics, CSI, Dead Zone, Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sara Jane Adventures, Eureka, Farscape, Firefly/Serenity, Forever Knight, Christine Freehan, Laurell K Hamilton, Harry Potter, Highlander, Indiana Jones, Jericho, Journeyman, LOTR, S Kenyon, Knight Rider, Life, LiveJournal, Magnificent 7, Medium, Miss Marple, MMORPG, Moonlight, Muppets, NASA/space, NCIS, New Amsterdam, Andre Norton, Pirates of the Caribbean, Professionals, Psych, JD Robb, Sentinel, Smallville, Maria Van Schneider, Star Trek Enterprise, Stargate Atlantis, Starsky & Hutch, Star Wars, Supernatural, Terminator, Traveler, UNCLE, Wikis, X-Files, and Xena
  • The first progress report once again apologized for difficulties with the room lottery: "Again, our apologies for delays in processing memberships which, in turn, delayed processing reservation requests. HIS has been sending room confirmations and waiting list notices to those who participated in the early reservation request process. It is VITAL that we have complete and accurate contact info; please make sure it is updated whenever there are changes. HIS says they are still getting back undeliverable reservation/waiting list notices due to incorrect addresses. Please make written info LEGIBLE and speak clearly, loudly, and slowly on answering machine messages. The best way to contact us is via e-mail, but be sure to include all relevant info -- unsigned messages or signed with only a first name are not helpful. For hotel status inquiries (either to us or HIS), please include the name of the person listed as main contact on the form, and the ticket number used. It is helpful to include all the names on the form. We have copies of the forms as does HIS, in order by ticket number (those added after the early reservation request process are in order of date received). Obviously, the more info you provide, the faster the status can be found, as someone has to go through the stack of forms for each inquiry."

Photos and Videos

Photo and Video Links

Fan Q Awards

For specifics, see 2008 Fan Q Awards.

A fan wrote: "Participation was abysmal and, from writers I got to speak to, a good reason why many fics never see a printer's shop any more. Sad enough some feel neglected because of lack of feedback, but FanQ (which could have come across for them as feedback even as a nomination) has widdle down to barely a few dozen. I remember when I first attended FanQ (7 years ago only), it was standing room only. Now? :( Can fanzines be registered as an endangered species? LOL" [2]


One play was submitted: MediaWest*Con in 15 Minutes, from Julie Barner and Ashley Harp.

Fan Fund

The 2008 Fan Fund recipient was Barbara Drake.

Party Suite and Other Gatherings

the 2008 party suite programming, from the progress report


  • MW*C Video Enthusiasts, Vid Producers


  • Shabbat Service & Vege/Dairy Potluck Oneg (Reconstructionist Jewish (Peter Cooper)
  • Midwest Jedi Slash Fen (private) (Chat Noir)
  • Hobbit Tea Party (Mrs. Underhill)
  • Partygate (Our Stargate/SDJ)
  • Sentinel Party (Candy Apple)
  • The Magnificent Seven 10th Anniversary Party (Fans of the Magnificent Seven)
  • Magnificent Seven: The Decennial Bash (Mattie Tavis)


  • Amazing Race MW*W Edition (Scott Clark, REW Clark, Christina Tetrost)
  • Sing Along With Buffy (Rachel, Mary, Kay and Lorraine)
  • The Bad Element Bears Tea Party (LaraMee/Mag7 LB Enthusiasts)
  • Vidcon Party


There was a Hobbit Tea Party and a "Sing Along with Buffy" (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) party.

Masquerade Awards

A complete list of winners, with photos can be seen here.[3]

  • Judges: Seth Bonder, Sophia Kelly Shultz, Mark Cogan
  • Photos by Bill Dyer
  • Best Young Fan: Torchwood Who? by Samantha Powell, Kelly Lowrey, Victoria Gold, Nola Thompson
  • Best In Show For Detail: Gwynnyd by Carole Lynn
  • Renaissance Babe Award: Lodie by Nicole
  • Deja Vu All Over Again: Indiana Jones by Kelly Dwyer, Karl, Paula, Lance
  • Best Characterization of Someone I Don't Want to Meet in a Dark Alley: Section 6 Dispatch by Davis Cross
  • Not Ready for Youtube Players Award: Hogwarts Past & Present by Julie Garner, Ashley Harp
  • Most Stoned Performance: Dancing With The Stars by Mike Arquila, Christine Krebs
  • Most In Need of a GPS/Best Unintentional Sight Gag/Audience Choice Award: Randolph the Red by Peter Cooper
  • Audience Choice Audience Winner: David Ari Sandler

Door Decoration Awards

A complete list of winners, with photos can be seen here.[4] A few sample doors are included below.


There are many, many door decoration photos here.

Art Show Awards

The art show winners are selected by popular vote.

  • Best In Show: Van Wolfsing -- The Teddy Lady
  • Best SF: The 10 -- Cat's Meow
  • Best Fantasy: Cardinals -- Heather Bruton
  • Best 3-D: Shadow Riders -- 3-DBudd
  • Best Critter: Van Wolfsing -- The Teddy Lady
  • Best Needlework: Revenge of the Fandom Quilt -- Seth Cutts & Gail Felipe
  • Best Glass: Torchwood -- Laura Wootan
  • Best Cartoon: House Call -- Leah Rosenthal
  • Best Portrait: Dirty -- Karen River
  • Best Jewelry: Fallen Comrade -- Siouxie Sherman
  • Best Investigator: Dr. Mallard, I Presume -- Kate Nuernberg
  • Best Horror: Mick at Night -- Kate Nuernberg
  • 2 Cute 2 Live: Yin-Yang -- Karen River
  • Sickest Cartoon: And They Call It Puppy Love -- Leah Rosenthal
  • Nominated in Most Categories: Van Wolfsing -- The Teddy Lady
  • Fandoms represented in Revenge of the Fandom Quilt: Tin Man, Firefly, Eureka, Dirty Jobs, Golden Compass, Kill Bill, Pushing Daisies, Rat Patrol, Torchwood
  • Winners in identifying fandoms in Revenge of the Fandom Quilt:
    • 1st: Elspeth Tracy Johnson
    • 2nd: Harimad
    • 3rd: Dawn Hazelwood

Source: 2008 Art Show Winners.[5]

Vid Show

2008 Winners & Playlist

Winners are highlighted in bold. GEN VIDS IN COMPETITION


  • credits (logo shots for all the shows to be seen in the videos)
  • Happy Jack – Pirates of the Caribbean – SI-S
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy – Chuck – SI-S
  • Magic Carpet Ride – Dresden Files – SI-S
  • It’s the End of the World – Stargate Atlantis – SI-S


  • I Can’t Drive 55 – Top Gear – SI-S
  • Fear – Doctor Who – SI-S (Winner: Third Place: Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom)
  • Shoe Box of Lies – Psych – SI-S
  • They Can’t Take That Away From Me – multi – SI-M
  • Best Video Box
  • Best Video Flyer


  • Credits -- [credits] (Winner Best Credits)
  • Once Before You Go -- multi-fandom -- SI-M (annual tribute video) (Winner: Third Place: Song Interpretation -- Multi-Fandom)
  • End Credits – [credits]


  • Opening Credits -- [credits]
  • Someday, Some Way – Psych – SI-S
  • Amazing Grace – the film Amazing Grace – SI-S
  • The World Could Use a Cowboy – multi – SI-M (Winner: Song Interpretation -- Multi-Fandom)
  • You Can Do Magic – Dresden Files – SI-S
  • Biker Chick – multi – SI-M (Winner: Second Place: Song Interpretation -- Multi-Fandom)
  • I Will Be Here For You – Moonlight – SI-S
  • I Try to Think About Elvis – multi – SI-M
  • Look Through My Eyes – Doctor Who – SI-S
  • Born to Hand Jive – Boston Legal -- H (Winner: Second Place Tie: Best Humor)


  • Opening Credits (No Cell Phones) -- [credits] (Honorable Mention - Best Credits)
  • Renegade – Magnificent 7 – SI-S (Winner: Second Place: Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom)
  • Working for a Living – Magnificent 7 – SI-S
  • Romeo – Magnificent 7 – SI-S (Winner: Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom)

Ginger, of Stampede Productions, also had a “No Cell Phones, Please” new video on the 2007 Winning Videos recap disc, which should be considered to be eligible as a “new” video for this year


  • Credits -- [credits]
  • We Are Detective – Torchwood – H
  • Fight Club Manifesto – Stargate SG-1 – H (Winner: Best Humor)
  • Flowers Never Bend – Torchwood – SI-S
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper – Torchwood vidlet – H Second Place Tie: Best Humor)



  • Standing Outside the Fire – Professionals – SI-S


  • Insatiable – Sentinel – SI-S (Winner: Third Place: Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom)


  • I Won’t Be the One to Disappoint You – Professions – SI-S
  • Believe – Professionals – SI-S


  • Because of You – Supernatural – SI-S


  • Do You Believe in Magic – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Willow/Tara) – SI-S (Second Place: Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom)
  • Everything – Starsky and Hutch – SI-S (Winner: Song Interpretation -- Single Fandom)

Source: 2008 Vid Show page

Vid Show Reports

A review of the vid show:
"I wandered down to the video room around ten o’clock, figuring the gen vids would be running, when I was surprised to learn that the slash vids would be starting! Usually they are shown at midnight, but this year there were fewer new gen/het/slash vids, and not as many from the past. There were actually times when the vid room wasn’t showing anything, the first time that’s ever happened.

The slash vids were very well done. They featured The Professionals, Tara and Willow from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (the song was The Lovin’ Spoonful’s“Do You Believe In Magic?”), Supernatural, Starsky & Hutch, and The Sentinel.

I liked getting to see the ending of Supernatural, and always love seeing Starsky & Hutch. For a popular fandom, I haven’t seen many videos of the guys over the years at the con. It was extremely well-done, and how could you not figure these guys were gay with all the touching and love?  ;)

A word about The Sentinel: it was outstanding, as manipped images of the boys making love were interspersed with scenes from the show. Definitely needed to keep the door closed for this one!  ;)" [6]
"We all saw a repeat of the slash vids (new to them), and earlier in the day I had seen a cool Lois & Clark vid set to a song about Superman (‘One billion children wish you well, Superman’). Usually slash vids premiere on Friday night around midnight, but this year were earlier due to less vids. Repeats generally take place on Saturday and Sunday nights at nine o’clock."[7]




  • 60s Television: Alive again, thanks to DVD releases!
  • Alias Smith and Jones: General appreciation and discussion of this Western series.
  • Amazing Race: Season 12.
  • Amelia Peabody: Are there any successors to this series?
  • America's Next Top Model: Fierce, fun and fabulous general discussion
  • Angel the Series and Moonlight: Who does angst better? Angel or Mick?
  • Animal Planet: General discussion
  • Bad Casting Choices: Have they doomed shows with potential? (i.e., Hawaii with Michael Biehn)
  • Battlestar Galactica: Season 4 to the Con, and Speculation on What Lies Ahead.
  • Bionic Woman: Dissect this dead series - was it better than the original?
  • Bones: General discussion
  • Boston Legal: Alan & Denny. How did the Flamingos fair this season? Adult discussion.
  • Boston Legal: Are TPTB Trying to Make the Show More Het? (slash)
  • Boston Legal: The Life and Loves of Shirley Schmidt
  • Bridezilla: General discussion
  • British Cop Shows. From The Sweeney to Life on Mars, come and see what we love about our "lads".
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series: Discussion of possible futures for the characters. Where are they now?
  • Burn Notice: MacGyver with an edge?
  • Canadian TV Shows: Are any Canadian shows {Regensis, Cold Squad, etc.) gathering a fandom?
  • Cancelled Too Soon?: New shows - are they given time to develop an audience?
  • Chuck: Chuck/Sara/Morgan/Casey/Bryce: Just how many pairings are there? (slash)
  • Chuck: General discussion of this NBC series.
  • CSI Miami: Horatio's kid - big waste of time or not?
  • CSI Vegas: Gen Discussion of the series and how the writers strike may of affected viewership.
  • CSI Vegas: How did Sara's Leaving change the team dynamics? Will the character be missed?
  • Dead Zone and The 4400: Bidding a fond farewell to two cancelled USA Network series
  • Dirty Jobs: My fandom is dirty and I'm proud of it.
  • Dirty Sexy Money: What's next for the two families?
  • Doctor Who/Torchwood/SJA: "The Moral High Ground is Mine." Morality in the Whoniverse
  • Doctor Who/Torchwood/SJA: Let's Hear it for the Girls! Strong women in the DW franchise
  • Doctor Who: "New Who" General discussion
  • Doctor Who: "Theories on the Time War" - What did happen between old and new Who to make the Doctor the last of his kind?
  • Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Adventures. Big Finish, Time Crash, and the continuation of classic Doctor Who
  • Doctor Who: Companionapalooza, fromAstridtoZoe. Discussion andsquee about the Doctor's companions.
  • Doctor Who: General Discussion focused mainly on doctor #10
  • Doctor Who: Hanky-panky in the Tardis — yes, no, or that depends...?
  • Doctor Who: Is anyone still interest in the earlier Doctors 1-7 (WiUiamHartnell thru Sylvester McCoy)
  • Eureka: General discussion of this SciFi channel series.
  • Farscape: General Discussion
  • Firefly/Serenity: General discussion
  • Flash Gordon: General discussion
  • Gargoyles (Disney animated cartoon): General Discussion
  • General Hospital: Did the TMK storyline hurt or help the show?
  • Ghost Hunters: TAPS and GHI, general discussion
  • Gossip Girl: Love this show? Let's talk - we promise, we'll never tell!
  • Grey's Anatomy: General discussion.
  • Heroes: 10 episodes wasn't much, but let's discuss 'em anyway!
  • Heroes: Discussion of the 'good' heroes (Peter, Hiro) vs. the 'conflicted' ones (Nathan, Jessica).
  • Heroes: Where did season 2 go wrong?
  • Highlander and New Amsterdam: Comparing the immortal characters.
  • Hogan's Heroes: After Lights Out - Slash at Stalag 13. (slash)
  • House: General discussion
  • Jane Austen: The feast has recently concluded on PBS. Let's talk about it
  • Jericho: Did the second season pay off after the fans saved it from cancellation?>
  • Jericho: Has it jumped the shark?
  • Jericho: Is civilization coming back too quickly?
  • Journeyman: General discussion of this time travel series
  • Jumping the Shark: can a show jump back again?
  • Jumping the Shark: Can only ONE character on a show jump the shark without taking the rest of the show with him?
  • Just how many people in a core cast is TOO many?
  • Killing Beloved Characters: Does it help maintain suspense or destroy the audience's trust?
  • Knight Rider: How did you like the transition from old to new?
  • Knight Rider: What story threads and potential relationships could develop from the TV pilot movie?
  • Kyle XY: General discussion
  • Law & Order: General overview on all the series
  • Law and Order(s): General discussion of the shows.
  • Life: Come talk about this quirky new series
  • Lost: Are the 'flash-forwards' more intriguing than the 'flashbacks'?
  • Lost: Did the show lose its momentum due to the writer's strike?
  • Lost: Have they lost their audience?
  • Lost: How are the characters' redemption arcs playing out?
  • Lost: Season Roundup
  • Lost: The island and time disturbance—what does it mean?
  • Magnificent 7: Canon vs. Fanon... when should canon be ignored?
  • Magnificent 7: Demonizing or Sanctifying—why do we go to extremes in character depiction
  • Magnificent 7: Fan fiction - Stuck on the story you're writing? Need some advice?
  • Magnificent 7: Favorite Stories in M7 fandom— come and share lists and sites
  • Magnificent 7: General Discussion
  • Magnificent 7: If the series continued, how would you have had the characters grow?
  • Magnificent 7: Is Maude Standish the devil incarnate or just a bad mother
  • Magnificent 7: M7 Rabbit Shack - pet store or plot bunnies looking for a home?
  • Magnificent 7: Old fandom still going strong and what keeps people coming into it.
  • Magnificent 7: Seven Characters— Is there room for extra characters?
  • Magnificent 7: Slash Discussion (slash)
  • Magnificent 7: What is the attraction of seven dusty, often scruffy men on horseback {Do we envy the horses?)
  • Magnificent 7: What would the Seven be doing on their 10th anniversary?
  • Magnificent 7: Why are Aus so easy for this show and do we love them more? (slash)
  • Man from UNCLE: The DVD's are out! Is there anew series or movie on the horizon? General discussion of the series, and speculation.
  • Medium: The changing direction tells us the old retooling game is back. But was it necessary?
  • Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: How did the Civil War play a part in Wild Wild West '60s TV show?
  • Monk: General discussion of the comedy detective show.
  • Moonlight: For romantics of the vampire persuasion. Is the romance moving too fast? Are the barriers to happily-ever-after too contrived'
  • Moonlight: General discussion of the series
  • Moonlight: Imitation Angel? Or does Mick have his own merits?
  • Moonlight: Is Moonlight the next Beauty and the Beast and if so, how long will this one last?
  • Muppets: A general celebration of Jim Henson's creatures, and networking of fans
  • Mythbusters: How much longer can they go on?
  • NCIS: General discussion
  • NCIS: Shipping in NCIS - should we and with who?
  • NCIS: What would you like to see happen to the characters?
  • New Amsterdam, Moonlight, Forever Knight: What makes these supernatural detective dramas so appealing?
  • New Amsterdam: General discussion of this Fox series about an immortal cop
  • Ninja Warrior! Learn about the Japanese Extreme Obstacle show that makes American Gladiator look like a walk in the park.
  • Nip/Tuck: Freaks & Geeks in Hollywood: Did the humor and camp of season five work for you?
  • Nip/Tuck: General discussion of the series.
  • Nip/Tuck: Has it ever gone too far for you? When? (adult)
  • Nip/Tuck: The Sean& Christian Relationship over seasons 1-5: what's changed; what's stayed the same, and what were the slashiest moments? (slash)
  • Numb3rs: General discussion
  • Numb3rs: The brother dynamic.
  • aranormal State: General discussion
  • Professionals, The: Keeping up with the times! Discuss this vibrant fandom and large amount of new Fan Fiction, art and songvids that have been posted on the net recently, (slash)
  • Project Runway: General discussion
  • Psych: General discussion of this USA Network private detective comedy.
  • Psych: Having fun at TV's expense!
  • Pushing Daisies: General Discussion
  • Pushing Daisies: The women of Pushing Daisies
  • Reality Shows: How real do you think they are?
  • Reaper: General discussion of this series.
  • Red Green: Is a woman a traitor to her sex if she loves this show?
  • Ripped from the Headlines: Are these stories explorative or exploitative?
  • Sarah Jane Adventures, The: "Sonic Lipstick and Mr. Smith: the SJA" General discussion
  • Sarah Jane Adventures, The: what did you think of the series? General discussion
  • Sentinel: General Discussion
  • Sentinel: General Discussion (slash)
  • Sentinel: Human Crime Lab: Would today's CSI craze make Jim's abilities a bigger hit factor, and how would that affect the storylines?
  • Sentinel: What is your favorite starting time for the Jim/Blair romance? (slash)
  • Sentinel: Who would be the bigger romantic: Jim or Blair? (slash)
  • Sick of reality shows masquerading as entertainment? What's your substitute?
  • Smallville: General discussion
  • Smallville: Has the series run it course?
  • Standoff: General discussion
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: All those hot boyz on one little ship? (slash)
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: Yes, Virginia, there IS an Enterprise fandom
  • Stargate Atlantis: Carson Beckett - dead but now alive. Did they handle it properly?
  • Stargate Atlantis: Dissection of season 4, the pros and cons.
  • Stargate Atlantis: General discussion of John and Rodney's relationship on the show.
  • Stargate Atlantis: General discussion of team dynamics (John, Rodney, Teyla and Ronon).
  • Stargate Atlantis: John Sheppard - talk about his past and why we like him so much.
  • Stargate Atlantis: Season 5 spoiler discussion and what do we want to see happen in Season 5?
  • Stargate Atlantis: Talk about season 4 and impact for McKay/Sheppard (slash)
  • Stargate Atlantis: The Last Man - Talk about the total McShep love letter of the season finale and the impact on John and Rodney (slash)
  • Stargate Atlantis: The loss of Dr. Weir and the return of Dr. Beckett.
  • Stargate Atlantis: Use of humor and angst in the series.
  • Stargate Atlantis: When 'don't do this, it's insane' means T love you' (slash)
  • Stargate Atlantis: Why do we like whumping Sheppard so much?
  • Stargate Atlantis: Why is the net so popular for stories vs. zines (and where to find them)
  • Stargate SG-1: Jack and Daniel vs. Daniel and Vala. Rivals? Bookends? Threesome?
  • Starsky & Hutch, The Man From UNCLE., Numb3rs, The Sentinel, Wild Wild West. Law & Order, NCIS, CSI: What draws fandom to police/crime fighting related shows?
  • Starsky & Hutch: If Starsky & Hutch were on the air today, how would it he different?
  • Starsky & Hutch: Sex and the Single Cop: How would the guys have covered their tracks as lovers and how would it affect their long-term relationship? (slash)
  • Starsky & Hutch: Who would he the bigger romantic: Starsky or Hutch? (slash)
  • Supernatural: Bobby Singer
  • Supernatural: Dean Winchester general discussion/character study.
  • Supernatural: Dear Sam/Jared, Will you have my baby? The concept of mpreg in Fan Fiction, (slash)
  • Supernatural: Growing up Winchester
  • Supernatural: Is Brother versus Brother in the Cards?
  • Supernatural: John Winchester: Good Father or Bad?
  • Supernatural: Life on the Road
  • Supernatural: Rubela—Should the Show Take an Antibiotic?
  • Supernatural: Sam - a character study
  • Supernatural: Season 3 Retrospective.
  • Supernatural: The College Years
  • Supernatural: The Fine Moral Line They Walk
  • Supernatural: The Roadhouse -Good Idea or Bad?
  • Supernatural: We Have Met the Enemy and They are Us—Hell in the Supernatural Universe.
  • Supernatural: What Happened to Two Brothers Shooting Monsters in the Face with Rock Salt? Should the Mytharc be Dumped?
  • Supernatural: What would we like in Season 4?
  • Supernatural: Wincest? RPS? What is it about this show and its actors that makes it so easy to break through taboos? (slash).
  • Terminator Revisited. No Terminator, new Sarah. Does the new series live up to old classic film?
  • Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles: General discussion.
  • Year-Round TV Season, The: Will it help fans or lose them?
  • Time Travel Shows: Has this theme passed its expiration date?
  • Top Chef: Food!!! General discussion
  • Torchwood: S2 - Better or Worse? Comparison of the two seasons
  • Torchwood: Better than ever. A look at the 2nd season
  • Torchwood: General Discussion.
  • Torchwood: Is it slash if... Canon relationships vs. slash goggles (slash)
  • Torchwood: More than just the Tea Boy - the complex personality of lanto Jones
  • Torchwood: No Captain Jack? Toned-down sex? Nasty rumors from the Beeb.
  • Torchwood: Our Slash is Canon. The flexible sexuality of the Torchwood Team.
  • Torchwood: Who Is Jack's True Love? Rose, The Doctor, lanto,or... Jack? (slash)
  • Traveler: Three hunky guys, multiple potential pairings. Do you have a favorite? (slash)
  • Traveler: Why are these three best friends pointing guns at and beating up on each other?
  • TV Shows with Serial Stories: Does the audience have the attention span to follow htem?
  • What sacred show will next be "Remade" badly or turned into a bad movie?
  • What Were They Thinking?: When TPTB 'reinvent' shows to 'improve' them?
  • What's happened to those blockbuster TV series we couldn't stop talking about? Will we ever see another?
  • When Bad Ideas Happen to Good Shows: General discussion
  • When will TPTB notice the women in the audience?
  • Where history meets mystery, that's Oyle's War. Any clues to what's in store for the coming season?
  • Wild Wild West: After retiring from the Secret Service, what does the future hold for Jim and Arte? (slash)
  • Wildfire: A Girl, a Horse, and a Stableful of Boyfriends: Bidding farewell to a teen soap opera.
  • Without a Trace: General discussion
  • Without a Trace: Your favorite slash couples (slash)
  • Women's Shows: Lipstick Jungle, Cashmere Mafia, Women's Murder Club - exploration or exploitation?
  • Writers Guild Strike: How were your favorite shows affected?
  • Writers Strike: The WGA strike and its effect on the upcoming 2007-08 season
  • Xena: Since the movie is not happening {dead for now), let's do a general discussion of the show and where else it might take us.

Feature Films

  • Can a popular film EVER win a major Oscar?
  • Cloverfield: Return of the old-fashioned city-destroying monster?
  • Elizabeth, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Tudors and even the Queen: Historical accuracy or just entertaining?
  • Fantastic Four: Silver Surf: General discussion.
  • Golden Compass: Comparing the book and the movie, and was the church's feedback justified?
  • Golden Compass: Was the film's ending the only thing that was disappointing?
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Character emphasis in adaptation. Will the OTHER title character get some screen time in this
  • Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix: discuss your reactions to the film, what worked for you and what didn't. Highlander-The Source: * The immortal saga continues, but is the future depicted in the TV/DVD movie too dark? Historical Movies: Movies that completely distort history, yet win awards (Elizabeth, etc.)
  • Hobbit, The. What we know. Who would we like to see? Do we think we'll ever actually see it?
  • Hobbit, The Movies: Will they? Won't they? Speculation, rumors, ideas, casting, etc.
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (#4): Is the magic back? Indiana Jones: How have both the character and Harrison Ford "weathered" over time?
  • Indiana Jones: Then and now: Is the new movie as good as or better than the older ones?
  • Live Free and Die Hard: Redefining John McClaine. Can he be slashed? (slash)
  • Lord of the Rings: Book Fellowship vs. Movie Fellowship—How do they differ?
  • Lord of the Rings: Has LOTR fandom been thrown into the fire whence it came?
  • Monsters of the 50's Movies: Fun or stupid?
  • Narnia: General discussion
  • National Treasure 2: General discussion
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: General discussion.
  • RomComs: They can't all be as inspid as the previews make them seem. What are your recent favorites?
  • Spiderman 3: Was it a mistake to mess with Spidey's origin?
  • Star Wars: Was Obi-Wan short-changed in the prequels? Was a cruel creative disservice done to this most pivotal and fascinating of archetypal characters in George Lucas' mythology?
  • Stargate - Continuum: Spoiler discussion on the upcoming second SGI movie.
  • Stargate -Ark of Truth: General discussion of this straight-to-DVD movie.
  • Too Much of a Good Thing: - Does Hollywood's derivative repetition insure failure for movies with similar themes?
  • -Files: with the movie coming, where are we? What are our expectations?


  • Actors Who Become the Character.
  • Always an Aussie: our favorite actors from Down Under, including Jackman, Crowe, Wenham, etc.
  • Eric Close: Many Faces of Eric Close: From McKenna to Now and Again to M7 and WAT.
  • Harrison Ford: From Indiana Jones to Jimmy Kimmel vids - where should he take his career next?
  • Heath Ledger: Remembering the man and his movies.
  • In Memorium: Tribute to those actors we've lost since last year's convention
  • Jensen Ackles: It's All About the Ackting. And the Frackles.
  • John Barrowman: Anything Goes! Is there anything this man doesn't do?
  • John Barrowman: The Beeb Ain't Scared of Gay Leading Men (slash)
  • Lord of the Rings: What have the actors been up to?
  • LOST: The fabulous men of this series, both in the series and other projects - general appreciation session.
  • Matt Damon: Did he make the Bourne movies or did they make him?
  • Men in Kilts: Our favorite Scotsmen, including Butler, Tennant, McAvoy, McGregor, etc.
  • Michael Shanks: General discussion of his work/career, and appreciation session.
  • Remembering Maila Nurmi (Vampira, 12/21/1922 -1/10/2008)
  • Scott Bakula: Talented Nice Guys CAN Have a Fandom!
  • Stargate SG-1: What is the cast up to nowadays?
  • Typecasting: Breaking from it.
  • Why do some actors make it to the big time (Brad Pitt, George Clooney, etc.) while other just as talented actors can't make the breakthrough?


  • Andre Norton: Audiobooks and general discussion
  • Austen, in Text and Film: Favorite novels, decades of adaptations and thoughts on Masterpiece Theatre's season. Avengers (Marvel * Comics): Discuss favorite pairings and teams through the years (slash)
  • Capes 'N' Tights: Slash in DC/Marvel fandom: Who are your faves? (slash)
  • Christine Feehan: General discussion of her Carpathian series.
  • DC/Marvel Comics: What's caught your fancy lately or years ago?
  • Fandom and Professional Novels. As a fan, what do we expect when we purchase pro novels based on our favorite shows. This is not a bashing of pro-novels, but a look at what we like and dislike and why.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - If you could make a change (add, delete or change) to the book what would that be?
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: What we predicted and what we didn't see coming
  • Harry Potter series comes to an end. Are we satisfied? Where does the fandom go from here?
  • Harry Potter -The Theme Park: Excited? Scared? Haven't heard about it? Discuss it all here.
  • Harry Potter: Discussion on those we lost in the final book.
  • Harry Potter: The Scottish Book, what would you like to see included in the encyclopedia?
  • Horse Fiction: General discussion
  • Is Poetry a lost art? If you don't agree, come to our Poetry Slam for the New Era.
  • It Did the Book Justice: Discussion of books made into films
  • Jason Bourne Trilogy: Did the movies do justice to the books?
  • JK Rowling: Can she write books without Harry Potter?
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley: General discussion. (Yes there are new books being written.)
  • Memorable, Matchess Miss Marple, A character interpreted by many stars. Let's compare favorites.
  • No mystery about why we love a mystery. Share your latest finds and your favorite series.
  • Pern and Darkover comparsion discussion.
  • Pern series: New book and another coming out general discussion.
  • Poppy Z. Brite's Liquor-Verse General Discussion (slash)
  • Queen's Darkness: Gen Discussion of Laurell K. Hamilton's "A Lick of Frost" and Doyle's upcoming role in the series.
  • S. Kenyon: Dark Hunter Series discussion
  • Schulz and Peanuts-A Biography: General discussion of this controversial biography
  • The "Bones" books vs. the "Bones" TV series: Similarities and differences
  • What Book Do You FEAR Hollywood Will Turn into a Movie?
  • A Tribute to Arthur C. Clarke

Fandom/Fan Fiction

  • After the DVDs: The future of Man from UNCLE fandom. Alternate Universes for Alternative Characters.
  • Anime and Manga Exchange-Bring Anime and Manga to talk and trade. Last year's meet was a fun success!
  • AU Writing: Does anything go with plot and characterization or can it cross the lines of believability, license, and logic? What really motivates a writer to alter a given Universe or characters?
  • Bad Boys and Why We Love Them, Good Boys and Why We Corrupt Them
  • Bandom: From The Beatles to Fall Out Boy, what's new and what still going strong.
  • Best Show You Never Saw: Pimp Your fandom
  • Bleach: Gen discussion of the Anime and Manga - where the series is going, where would you like to see it go?
  • Bring Out Your Dead: A discussion and examination of why fan fiction writers resurrect popular characters who were originally killed by their creators — with particular emphasis on, but not limited to, Boromir, from Lord of the Rings.
  • Buddies and Teams: What makes the chemistry work?
  • Canon vs. Fanon... when should canon be ignored?
  • Comic Fandoms: Favorite comic fandoms from Peanuts to Funky Winkerbean and everything in between.
  • Conventions: Share your experiences from the big events like ComicCon, DragonCon, and WorldCon, compared to the smaller cons like MediaWest*Con, RevelCon, etc.
  • Cranky Doctors: Stereotype or True to Type and Are All Scotsmen engineers?
  • Creative Writing or Alien Takeover: How do you feel when your favorite character is no longer recognizable in that story?
  • Crime Fighting Heroes: Do they always have to come from dysfunctional families?
  • Crossovers We'd Like to See
  • Crossovers, is there one that REALLY works? NCIS and TS, Starsky and Hutch with Bodie and Doyle?
  • Do divided fandoms hurt a show?
  • Do you like the character but dislike the actor?
  • Documenting fannish history: Different projects under development and the importance of preserving our history.
  • The Editor is your friend. Maybe.
  • Fan Fiction: Is it silly to give your favorite character a special ability that has nothing to do with the televised show?
  • Fan Fiction: Masterpiece Theatre vs. My Little Pony - How does an editor deal with separating intelligent, well-structured, dramatic creations from immature, superficial, self-gratification writing, and help a new writer improve their craft and find the right Muse.
  • Fan Fiction: When does it cross the line?
  • Fandom: Can we still assume fans of a source share a common core experience when the source exists in multiple parallel media (episodes webisodes, mobisodes, comics, ARGs, etc.)?
  • Fans in Therapy: Can a mundane shrinkwrap her mind around fandom? Share experiences and discuss decisions about whether or not to disclose.
  • Femslash: Why so scarce? Where is the girl love? Where is the fic? (slash)
  • From the 70s: Compared to the series from the last decade - plusses and minuses? Grammar and punctuation: Do or Do Not; There Is No Try.
  • Guilty Pleasures! What do you watch that you hesitate to own up to for fear of the pointing and laughing?
  • How did the TV Writer's Strike change your viewing habits?
  • How much information is too much when dealing with TPTB?
  • How Much Reality Do We Really Want in our Fantasy?
  • Hurt/Comfort in Stargate Atlantis Fan Fiction. No character is spared!
  • Hypnosis: General Discussion, (run by Nancy Hillman)
  • I want to believe but how? A discussion on credibility lost and found again
  • Live Journal: Fan fiction on LJ
  • LiveJournal: LJ policy wank aside, have your fannish experiences been positive or negative?
  • LiveJournal: Meet and greet folks on mwcontripdiary community and give suggestions for the site
  • Magnificent 7: Which recurring characters have become fanfic favorites?
  • Magnificent 7: Writing dialect- how much diacritical spelling is necessary to get the point across? Can one word do it?
  • Medical Accuracy in Fan Fiction: How necessary is it? Discuss this plus your sources.
  • Multi Fandoms: Abandoned stories. If stories are left on the web unfinished for years, should others be allowed to complete them? Do rules need to be posted?
  • NASA: The future of NASA's space exploration programs.
  • New Characters on Established. Shows: Why do we embrace some and want to kill others? Does the show jump the shark by doing this?
  • Older Fandoms: Why do some last so long?
  • On Being Conservative and Also a Fan: Do you speak up or keep silent with all the liberal views expressed online and at cons?
  • On the campaign trail: How has TV helped you decide who gets, or loses, your vote?
  • Organization for Transformative Works: Ready or Not, Here It Comes, and It Could Affect Your Fandom
  • Our favorite characters: What is it that makes us love our characters so much? How do they get under our skin so easily? A gen meta discussion.
  • Over 40 and still in fandom. Is it time to get a life?
  • Police, The: A fandom reborn after twenty years.
  • Private/Commercial space programs: Tourism and other.
  • Punctuation is NOT Optional, but Can Be Learned
  • Recurring Characters Who Become Fanon Favorites
  • Re-kindle the flame: How to light the fire and write again when your love for your fandom hasn't waned, just your passion to write in it.
  • Shows/movies we don't really like hut love to write/read fiction for (slash)
  • Space Programs: Programs of countries other than the USA.
  • Stargate Atlantis Fan Fiction: Characters turned into kids and critters. Love it or hate it? (Penguin John & Rodney is one of my favorites!).
  • Stargate SG-1: With the series gone, what is the fandom's direction?
  • Story and Archive Recommendations by Fandom: Bring your favorites and share with newbies.
  • Storyteller or Writer? Is There a Difference?
  • Torchwood Slash Fan Fiction: Do gay characters help or ruin slash fanfic? (slash)
  • Torture in Fiction: How realistic (medically and morally) do we want it?
  • Were the Good Old Days Really Good - or just new at the time?
  • What is the appeal of gender bending in fanon?
  • When Canon Contradicts Itself
  • Why are AU's so popular
  • Why do TPTB get it wrong so often?
  • Wrestling Slash: Giving new meaning to the term body slam (slash)
  • Writer's Block: Help! I'm stuck and I can't finish my story - tips and tools on overcoming writer's block.
  • Writing Dialect: Do we HAVE to have weird accents to HEAR the characters, OrwillONEwordof dialect set the tone?
  • Zombies were having fun... -
  • Zombie Fandom: Lore, Gore, and More.
  • Fandom: Love the show, but can't stand the fandom? What do do? Roundtable discussion.

The Web

  • Blogging 101: How to setup and maintain a blog
  • Blogging: Keeping it in perspective.
  • LiveJournal: Love it, hate it, how is it changing fandom?
  • LiveJournal: What's the advantage/draw of a LiveJournal over a personal webpage?
  • Running a Fannish Wiki: Using the software, establishing guidelines, and how to build and promote for success.
  • Zines on Ebay: Is it 'okay' in the fandom world to resell your zine collection online?
  • LiveJournal Tips and Tricks: HTML Effects and Customizing Your LJ

Creative Pursuits, Hobbies, Vidding

  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Spend an hour sniffing Beth's gorgeous perfume oils. Bring your own, too!
  • Collectible Figures and More: Have you dressed Barbie like Buffy: TVS? How about a Teddy Bear as a Hobbit? Own a coveted Asian Ball Jointed Doll? Bring them for a show-off and tell! All Welcome!
  • DVDs: Is it worth it to convert all those taped episodes to DVD, or will the current format become obsolete in a couple of years?
  • Fannish Crafts: What do you make? Bring patterns, items, ideas, questions, etc! Any craft goes.
  • Getting emotion into your music videos
  • Handiwork and Fandom: come work and talk
  • Is it worth it to convert all those taped episodes to DVD, or will the current format become obsolete in a couple of years?
  • MMORPGs {Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games): Everquest, World of Warcraft, etc. - there really IS a whole new world inside your computer, several of them, actually...
  • Needlework, knitting etc and conversation (aka stitch and bitch)
  • Sims 2: Creating your virtual playground with original characters and fandom favorites.
  • Stitch & Bitch. Bring your cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, sewing or whatever the project and spend a couple of hours with other fans, sharing tales and tips. (Virginia Foster)
  • Vidding: Discussion/dissection of last night's Vid Premieres (Saturday a.m.)
  • Vidding: Keeping traditions alive when so many new fans are entering vid production
  • Vidding: Song Choice - picking the right song for your fandom
  • Vidding: The Live Vidding Challenge - Watch a complete short vid be assembled in two hours and pester the vidder(s) with questions during the process, (requires multiple electrical outlets)
  • Vidding: Vidding History - A look back fromt eh early years through modern online distribution
  • What's in your Netflix Queue? How have you used it to your fannish advantage?

Workshops, Games

  • Advanced Writer's Seminar: Sunday afternoon (Cindy Walker)
  • Beadwork: Beginning and Beyond. Learn the rudiments of jewelry-making, learn an advanced stitch, or work on your own project with help from the experts. (Jan Kraft & Jeanne DeVore)
  • Holy Mother Grammatica: The Return—She's baaaack. Grammar, usage, writing tips, and, naturally, bloopers. Learn, Teach, Ask Questions. Have Fun (Susan Williams) (1 hour)
  • How to Make LiveJournal Icons (1 hour) (LuthienPotter, SiDic)
  • How To Tell a Better Story (Beginning writers): Saturday afternoon (Cindy Walker)
  • Moving into the Digital TV Age. Will include Set up of HDTVs and Converter Boxes for Analog TVs (James Bishop) (VIDEO ROOM)
  • Video Editing Workshop: Hands-on demo with some of MW*C's vidder community (Terry O'Brien/Scott Clark) (Sat/Sun a.m.) (VIDEO )M)
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway: The annual 2-hour improve audience participant event (Scott Clark) (before Art Auction)
  • Art Demo (Lucy Zarina)


From the first progress report:

  • Co-Chairs ~ Lori Chapek-Carleton & Gordon Carleton
  • Membership /Registration (records, data entry, onsite), Transportation — Lori Chapek- Carleton
  • Communications (e-mail, publications, website), Data Output (membership badges, lists), Graphics (logo, T'shirt design) — Gordon Carleton
  • Art Show ~ Art Show Director: Gordon Carleton; Karen Klinck & staff will be running the Art Show under his supervision at the convention itself and Jesse McClain will be heading up the Auction, with a great deal of staff assistance.
  • Plays ~ c/o Gordon Carleton
  • GoFers ~ Jeanne Sullivan, GoFer Captain
  • Con Suite ~ Jeanne Sullivan
  • Programming ~ Elyse Dickenson & Dawn McLevy
  • Flyers ~ Elyse Dickenson & Dawn McLevy
  • Party Suite — Elyse Dickenson & Dawn McLevy
  • Fan Quality Awards — Jan Keeler
  • Fanzine Reading Room - Jan Gosnell
  • SF/Media Fan Fund ~ c/o MediaWest*Con. To donate auction items, please contact Jan Gosnell
  • Dealers — Debra & Anna Barber
  • Orphan 'Zine Table ~ Margaret Basta, Janice St. Clair, and Laura Basta-Sandler
  • Main Video Room ~ Robyn Deike
  • Fannish Video Room — Sheryl Adsit
  • Masquerade — Andre Lieven
  • Security — Seth Cutts
  • Blood Drive — Kim Dyer
  • Lansing Liaison — Carl Tiekling
  • Door Decorations: Alem

Convention Reports

Photo Albums


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