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Name: MediaWest*Con 2010
Dates: May 28-31, 2010
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
URL: 2010 Convention Page[1]
2010 Convention theme
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covers of the 2010 program book

Some Facts About the 2010 Convention

  • The theme that was "MediaLOST*Con":"Feeling Lost? Tired of being manipulated by unseen forces? Then you may be a candidate! Follow your destiny to MediaWest*Con 30, a mysterious island of fannish delights, & join the others who have taken the initiative... but watch out for polar bears!"
  • There were 72 dealer tables, and 4 hall dealers.
  • The Orphan Zine Table, from the program book: "Where you can find fan fic unplugged! Where it is cheaper to buy a 'zine that to use your own printer to print out an unedited Internet version. Where all the fan fic sites on the web cannot compete with the joy of owning your very own hot and steamy 'zine with a Sue Lovett or Jean Kluge cover! Kate & Richard! Anna & her Visitors! Napoleon & Illyia, Bodie & Doyle! Jack & Daniel. K/S! Laura & Remington! etc etc. etc. Where you can sell your premiering and new 'zincs for FREE! Or sell your used 'zincs, in order to make space for all the new stuff that you just have to have from MWC'30! A place to feed your obsessions even though you know that drugs would be the cheaper hobby, especially after the mover gives you a quote for moving you and your zine collection across country! The Orphan "Zine Table - where you can find intriguing new "zines, great old 'zines, memorably bad Mary Sue 'zines, the really, really, really cheap 'zines, & lots of other interesting items of fannish interest including DVDs, CD, T Shirts, books, movie stuff, & art work. We also are home to the Fannish Garage Sale, where you can dump, er, donate fannish items in need of a good home to be sold for the benefit of the Fan Fund! New items appearing daily!"
  • It was the 30th anniversary of MediaWest*Con.

Fan Q Awards

For specifics, see 2010 Fan Q Awards.


There appears to have been no skits.

Fan Fund

This year the nominees were Susan Graham and Sue Zahn. The recipient of the 2010 Fan Fund was Susan Graham.

Party Suite and Other Gatherings


  • Bob's Yer U.N.C.L.E, LiveJournal UNCLE Fans


  • Shabbat and Pre-Shavout Service/Pot-luck (Dairy/Vege), Peter Cooper
  • Fanfic Writers Luncheaon, private, M7
  • The Professionals, P.R. Zex and F.J. Bryan
  • Vidcon Party Stonehill SF Association
  • Mag 7 Party, Mag7 Fandom
  • Random Fandom Party, various fandoms, M7SPNFF Yahoo Group


  • Meet Donald Strachey Party, Canon M/M Fandom Movie Screening, Candy A


"Are you on the path of the Light? Or does the Darkness whisper to you. Come explore path that calls to you, Forces of the Empire want you! FoE is an role playing club. We do Live Action at MediaWest*Con, and online the rest of the year.You can find Forces of the Empire in the Imperial Suite near the Dealers Room. Friday night is our music night of dance and Roleplaying. Come join the fun even if for just the weekend."

Masquerade Awards

  • Best In Show, Best Workmanship: Kaylee From Firefly (Shindig -- The Pink Fluffy Dress) -- Nikki Wegrzyn
  • Best Presentation, Audience Choice Award: Team Question Mark -- Devin Burke, Victoria Gold, Samantha Powell, Nikki Wegrzyn, Kelly Lowrey
  • Best Fantasy: The Fairy Thief -- Brenda Gasahl
  • Best Use of Red/Blue Since Wonder Woman: Moon Red Riding Hood (& Iron Man 3) -- Peter Cooper
  • Best Use of Leather & Chains: Ghost Rider -- Ann Popplestone
  • Short & Sweet Award: Doc Idea & Brief Stop -- Thomas Cason
  • Best Recreation: Queen -- Jody Gerbrich
  • Best Recreation, Rerun: Lost Again (& Again...) -- Wolf
  • I Am Woman, Hear Me Regenerate: 13th Regeneration, The One Women Have Really Been Waiting For -- Ann Morris
  • Weird Science Award: Grim Physics -- Kelly Lowrey

Audience Drawing Winner: Elaine Landman

A complete list of winners, with photos can be seen 2010 here.[2]

Door Decoration Awards

A complete list of winners, with photos can be seen 2010 here.[3] And here.

A few sample doors are included below.

Door Decoration Gallery

Art Show

From the program book, some standard rules: "NO PETS in the Art Show please. DO NOT TOUCH the art. Don't handle it, take it down or pick it up. Be extra careful with costumes or props; costumes can swirl and knock over art & fragile items. You break it, you buy it. Also be careful just backing up; you can back into someone, or lose your balance and fall on art."

From the program book: "Parents/Guardians: We do not censor adult themes in the Art Show & Auction. Members with children may wish to preview the Art Show to determine if they wish to restrict their charges' entry to the Art Show or Auction."

Art Show Awards

The art show winners are selected by popular vote

  • Best In Show: Who Wouldn't Want That? by Kate Nuernberg & 3Dbudd
  • Best Science Fiction: Relative Dimensions by Laura Quiles
  • Best Fantasy: Protector by John Kaufmann
  • Best Detective: Heat Is On by Karen River
  • Best Secret Agent: Semper Fi by Karen River
  • Best Animation: Taken for a Ride by Leah Rosenthal
  • Best Humor: Who's Next by Leah Rosenthal
  • Best 3-D: Relative Dimensions by Laura Quiles
  • Best Fabric: Do You Remember? by Seth Cutts
  • Best Western: Buck as Buck by Kate Nuernberg
  • Best Horror: Come & Knock on Our Door by Suzanne Lovett
  • Best Portrait: Holmes by Lorraine Brevig
  • Best Critter: Spirit Guide: Wolf by Karen River
  • Personal Favorite (tie): Who Wouldn't Want That? by Kate Nuernberg & 3Dbudd and No Encores by Kate Nuernberg
  • Too Cute to Live: Lazy Afternoon by Karen River

Source: 2010 Art Show Winners.[4]

Vid Show

There were not enough vids submitted to the vid show for there to be awards that year.

Gen vidders who submitted: moonprincessnat, Infinite Fandom Productions, Spaced Ponies ("Who Says You Can't Go Home" - Star Trek), Chewing Gum for the Eyes (including some of the folks from the former Vid Weasals group), and SiDiC Music Videos. Slash vids from five production groups -- Cosmic Stallion (associated with Space Ponies), Chewing Gum for the Eyes, Kat-Byrd, PR Zed and Male Drzewo (from Poland!).

Slash vid show: Fandoms featured were The Professionals, Starsky & Hutch (Starsky's Song by kat-byrd, to the tune of Annie's Song by John Denver), Donald Strachey Mysteries, Stargate: Atlantis, and Master And Commander. Mixed vids included Due South, Farscape, The Phantom Menace, and even a clip of Johnny and Roy from Emergency.[5]

2010 Vids Submitted

2010 MediaWest*Con 30 Vid Premiere List[6]



  • Machine Head – Prison Break
  • Any Other World – Supernatural
  • Let's Go Crazy – Galaxy Quest
  • The Sun Always Shines on TV – Supernatural
  • Happy Hour – Mad Men
  • The Little Things – Supernatural
  • Dead Man Walking – Prison Break


  • Working For a Living – White Collar
  • Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Stargate Atlantis
  • Saint Jimmy – Star Trek 2009
  • Hip to Be Square – Chuck


  • A Taste of Nero Wolfe – Nero Wolfe – (unknown song)
  • The Gentlemen – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (unknown song)


  • Credits -- [credits]
  • What a Difference a Day Made / In My Life -- multi-fandom
  • (annual tribute video)
  • End Credits – [credits]


  • Opening Credits -- [credits]
  • The Monster Squad Rap – Supernatural
  • All Soul's Night – Merlin
  • Anytime You Need a Friend – multi
  • Who Says You Can't Go Home – Star Trek Classic/Star Trek 2009



  • Still the One – multi
  • Dry Land – Master and Commander (i.e. Aubrey/Maturin)
  • I Never Promised You a Rose Garden – multi
  • This is How a Heart Breaks – Stargate SG-1


  • credits – [credits]
  • Honey, Honey – Torchwood
  • Swing – multi


  • When I'm Up – Professionals
  • Breathe – Professionals
  • Starsky's Song – Starsky & Hutch
  • Sword and Shield – Starsky & Hutch


  • Halo – Sherlock Holmes 2009


  • At the Beginning – Donald Strachey Mysteries
  • Superman (I'll Always Be Your Man) – Donald Strachey Mysteries
  • May I – Donald Strachey Mysteries

Vid Show Review

Production quality, across the board, was uniformly high this year. Only a few vids had that pixelation problem that is common to digital vids done with low-quality software. There weren't any truly "bad" vids at all this year, and there were actually some that were quite impressive, both Gen and Slash. I'm not a Slash fan at all, and am still quite satisfied that the Gen and Slash are in separate showings at this convention. However, as a video artist, I still watch the Slash vids to appreciate their technical artistry. My favorites, on first viewing tonight, were Infinite Fandom Productions' Star Trek 2009 movie vid that had no onscreen credits (and which featured a loud alt rock song I didn't recognize) and "Hip to Be Square" (focusing on the Nerd Herd from Chuck); "All Soul's Night" (a Merlin vid) and "The Monster Squad Rap" (Supernatural) from Spaced Ponies; "The Little Things" (Supernatural) from Chewing Gum for the Eyes; and my own tribute vid, set to two songs...Jamie Cullem singing "What a Difference a Day Makes" and Johnny Cash singing "In My Life". On the Slash front, all four of Chewing Gum for the Eyes' vids were impressive. I'm relieved to see the output climb almost 200% over last year's limited vid contributions (32 combined Gen and Slash this year in comparison to a combined total of 11 last year). I still miss some of the vidding stalwarts, many of whom may never come back to MWC -- California Crew, Yellow Brick Road, Steele Inc. Atlanta, Con Dog, Barbara's Living Room Productions, Apocalypse West, RC Productions, Chevron & Jon, Vid Weasels, etc. However, it was nice to see some really good vids from new producers. [7]


Unless noted, all panels were gen.

A copy of the final panel grid can be found here.



  • Eddie Izzard: Such talent, such fashion sense. Talk about this actor/ comedian.
  • John Barrowman: Zaza and the Housewives - See what the multi-talented John has been up to since last year.
  • Mark Sheppard: Mr. Everywhere! A discussion of the man with his own full employment act of 2009/10.

Fandom, Fan Fiction

  • 1960s War Series: A small but loyal gathering remains. Are you old enough to remember Garrison's Gorillas and Rat Patrol? Come share those memories with us!,
  • 30 years of MediaWest*Con: Come and share the stories of when you too could do a con on 2 hours sleep a night!;)
  • Actor-Fan Inter-action on Twitter & Elsewhere: A blessing, or a curse?
  • Advanced Writer's Seminar (2 hrs)
  • Advanced Writer's Seminar (continued from 1:00PM)
  • A-Team: Slashing the team. Face/Murdock vs. Hannibal/Face...and why doesn't B.A. get any love? (/)
  • Beyond Kindle: EReaders and Fandom - Bring your EReader and/or your questions. Choosing the EReader that's right for you.
  • Can we be feminists and still watch various series without contradiction of our values?
  • Conventions-What is their future? Are small fan-only cons becoming endangered? Pros and cons of these cons, or the huge actor cons.
  • Dark Fanfic: What is the fascination with torturing our favorite characters?
  • Disappearing Fanfic: GeoCities is gone, authors leave fandom and their sites/stories disappear and the Wayback Machine doesn't always work. Is it time to start saving stories as soon as you read them if you ever want to read them again?
  • Donald Strachey Mysteries (Here!TV): If more movies are made, which books do you want to see on screen, or what other plots would you like to see for Donald and Timothy? (/)
  • Fandom and Age: How we 'fanosaures' feel about all the young whippersnappers sniffing around our stash.
  • Feminists in fandom and how we discern sexism and be an active fan for shows such as NCIS, etc.
  • First Prime Universe by Lady Ra, slash, What should happen next? Who could be Tok'ra spies? Who is their biggest enemy? Romance in the wings for anyone else? (/)
  • Further Aging of Fandom: Making out wills-are there fan repositories where we can will our treasured fanzines and artwork?
  • Future of Fanzines: is there still a place for paper fanfic in today's digital world?
  • Glee: What are your favorite slash pairs? Come discuss and gleek out. (/)
  • Hogan's Heroes: In the tunnels after dark with Hogan and the boys (/)
  • How to Tell a Better Story (2 hrs)
  • How to Tell a Better Story (2 hrs)
  • Illusion: Has the Internet and the Illusion of Intimacy with Celebrities Become a Problem?
  • I'm a little Bit Torrent: Do you download shows? With all the legal streaming sites out there, when does downloading become a gray area?
  • Kink in Fanfic. More More More! Share your kinks! (adult)
  • Magnificent Seven Fanfic- What's the appeal?: Share favorite stories, offer plot bunnies.
  • Magnificent Seven Fanfic- Multiple AUs: Which AUs do the characters translate to well?
  • Magnificent Seven Hurt/Comfort: Why does it attract you? What universe do you enjoy it in most? Is there ever enough?
  • Magnificent Seven-Canon led to fanon?" Or where did they get THAT idea?
  • Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin: Opposites Attract (/)
  • Multi-fandom: Can your favorite TV show become an impromptu therapist? Can make-believe tragedy by cathartic?
  • Multi-fandom: Real men do cry! What attracts us to characters who aren't afraid to show their emotions?
  • My Fandom Makes Me Want to Hit It With a Big Stick: Love the show but the fandom drives you nuts? Come vent.
  • NCIS: Season 6, best season yet for Tony and Gibbs? (/)
  • Nip/Tuck: Were you satisfied with the way the series ended? (/)
  • Over 40 but the shows aren't?: How do you, as an older fan, feel about more and more shows skewing toward the teenage set?
  • Pairs: Let's discuss you're favorite "/" pairs from NCIS, Stargate, and others. (/)
  • Pimp Your Slash Fandom: Give a brief pitch for up to two of your slash fandoms, and why other slash fans should give them a try! (/)
  • Play It Where It lies: Keeping Your Characters True to Canon (or "No, Odo would NOT sing to Kira at their wedding!!").
  • Price of Love: The trials, tribulations and cost of collecting your fandom.
  • Professionals Slash: Multiple AUs: Which AUs do the characters translate to well? (/)
  • Professionals: A classic fandom with a strong following. Let's discuss where to find all the fiction, vids and art being offered almost daily on the net.
  • Professionals-Fast Cars and Faster Men: If speed gets your motor running, you could do worse than The Professionals. A look at the action side of Bodie and Doyle.
  • Professionals - Hurts So Good: An exploration of hurt/comfort fanfic for this show. (/)
  • Real Person Slash: It's no longer fandom's dirty little secret, but it's still scandalous to some. Where do you stand on the issue? (/)
  • Sentinel Blair As Cop Blair As Not-Cop, etc: The dichotomy of fanfic after TS By BS.
  • Sentinel: What is it about Jim's and Blair's relationship that keeps us coming back for more? (/)
  • Slash: Are there any taboos left?
  • Small Fandoms: What to do when yon are your fandom?
  • Social Networking: Do you avoid general online message boards, sticking to LJ and other networking sites?
  • Star Trek fanzines: Back in the days of printed fiction, what are your favorite stories and/or zincs (gen and slash)
  • Stargate Atlantis Fan fie: Share your favorite stories! Whump, gen, AUs. Brings your lists and your laptops.
  • Stargate Atlantis: Let's talk about the wonder that is John/Rodney. (/)
  • Stargate Atlantis-SG-1 - They Did What With Who: Rare Pairings slash panel. Had enough McShep? What other pairings intrigue you as a writer and reader? Bring a URL to share so others can sample the rare-pairing love. (/) 12:00
  • Starsky & Hutch: Canon led to fanon? Where did they get THAT idea?
  • Supernatural: Dean and Castiel. Let's discuss what happened. What can their future hold on the show or in fanfiction? (/)
  • Supernatural: Sam/Castiel, the Boy with the Demon blood, and the Rebel Angel. Come discuss their friendship and slash stories. Slay Sassy! (/)
  • Teeny Tiny fandoms: How to keep a fandom going single-handedly (and is it worth it?)
  • That Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does: Misued, abused and other words that bring confusion and laughter to the reader.
  • The Professionals: Bodie and Doyle in the bedroom. Would there be hearts and flowers or just whisky and shagging? (/)
  • Trauma and Medicine in Fanfic: Knowledgeable panelists will take your questions on how lo properly mangle your favorite character.
  • Vampires of old vs. vampires of new...
  • When Writer's Block Strikes: Mow do you cope when the well runs dry? Authors, share your lips, tricks and frustrations.
  • White Collar: Peter, Neal and El Ring My Bell! (/, MMF).
  • White Collar: Slashy new show or the shiniest new show? (/)
  • Why do so many fandoms drift into shipper fie, rather than writing the characters the way we learned to love them. Why feel compelled to match everyone up romantically?
  • Why Fanservice is a had idea. How "Swap Meat" became the worst episode of Supernatural evah!
  • Yes, But Would You Date Them?: You love your screen heroes or anti-heroes and you fantasize about them but would you date guys like that in real life?
  • You've Been in Fandom HOW Long??: Share your stories of fandom, and why you still enjoy it after all these years.


  • 2012: Why do love to see the planet destroyed?
  • Alice in Wonderland: Which version did you prefer - SyFy's, Tim Burton's or the original old B&W version?
  • Animated Movies & TV: G-Force, Bolt, Ice Age, Mow to Train Your Dragon & more. Why adults watch these kid's flicks.
  • Avatar. Is 3-D ruining movies?
  • Avatar: Is this the best movie this year, or just a fancier remake of something we're seen before? What is its appeal?
  • Equine Films: From Black Beauty to My Friend Flicka, discuss your favorite horse films.
  • Green Lantern: What are your thoughts on this forthcoming flick (2011)?
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Anticipating redemptions large and small and why the film- makers shouldn't omit Dudley's "thank you."
  • Harry Potter: What's new in this fandom? Discussion of the movies, books and the opening of the Universal Theme Park.
  • Hobbit Movies: What's happening? Confirmations, hints and rumors.
  • Iron Man 2: Does the sequel live up to the first movie?
  • "Old" SciFi Movies. A discussion of recent movies that look like they were made in the 50s., Le. "The Lost Skelton of Cadvra", "Alien Trespass", and "Monarch of the Moon". Fun stuff.
  • Public Enemies Slash: Let's discuss sexy men in fedoras! (/)
  • Public Enemies: Let's talk cops & robbers!
  • Robin Hood: The new Russell Crowe movie? Preferable to earlier versions?
  • Sherlock Holmes: How does the recent remake compare with the Holmeses of the past?
  • Should They Remake Forbidden Planet?" A Look at a SF classic.
  • Special Effects: From Star Wars through Avatar, an evolution of SPX.
  • Star Trek: And they're making a second one. What do YOU want to see?
  • Twilight/New Moon: Team Edward or Team Jacob - which team are you on?
  • Wolf Man (1941 & 2010), New Moon, Revenge of the Lycans, et al: Comparing Wolfie Lore & Favorites.


  • Andre Norton: Her fiction now coming out on audiobooks. Have you tried them out?
  • Anime: An introduction to Japanese animation.
  • Beyond Lord of the Rings: Favorite Fantasy Fiction Not Written By Tolkien.
  • Christine Feehan: Dark Series, Ghostwalkers and more!
  • Comics: "Mine can beat up yours" - Favorite Superheroes.
  • Comics: "Worst DC superhero ideas ever!" - Stone boy, Infectious Lass, Dial H for Hera, DC seems to have more than its share of losers in its stable. Discuss the heroes you love to hate.
  • Comics: Religions of the superheroes-Some superheroes have openly mentioned their religions, while others have never discussed the topic.
  • Dragonriders of Pern: Discuss the series of books as well as the new book coming out from Anne McCaffrey.
  • Favorite Childhood Books: What's out of print, what's been reissued, what should we all track down?
  • Hero or Villain Team-ups in Comics (JLA, JSA, LSH, Avengers, etc.): Why they work, why they're interesting?
  • Horse Fiction: From juvenile fiction to adult.
  • Is Jim Butcher's Changes the last Harry Dresden Novel?
  • Karen Moning's Paranormal Fantasy Fever series.
  • Madeleine L'Engle: Did her books influence you as you grew up?
  • Romance Novels: They're everywhere. What are your recommendations?
  • Sharon Lee & Steve Miller's 'Liaden Universe novel Fledgling & Saltation.
  • Tamora Pierce: General discussion of her books.


  • Space: What's New?
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? The annual 2-hour live improv event with audience participation.
  • Disaster Preparedness for Pet Owners.


  • Amazing Race: General discussion on seasons 15 and 16 of this perennial Emmy-award winning series.
  • Animal Cops: Your favorite locations and cops.
  • A-Team: Finally, we have an A-Team movie. Are you anticipating it, or dreading it? What will the impact be on the fandom?
  • BDH: What makes a "big damn hero"?
  • Being Human (BBC America): General discussion of this British series.
  • Big Bang Theory: Okay, not quite a fandom but it's a fantastic show. What do you like about Sheldon and the guys?
  • Big Bang Theory: The socialization of Dr. Sheldon Cooper and why Penny is the one to accomplish it.
  • Bones: Have they taken the show too far into relationships between the characters?
  • Burn Notice: Discuss the latest season.
  • Cartoon Classics: What are your favorites?
  • Castle: Castle and Becket have the one thing the other needs; would getting them together really mean the end of the show?
  • Castle: Let's discuss Season 2 of this Nathan Fillion series.
  • Chuck: General discussion of this NBC series.
  • Commercials: The ones that are fantastic, the ones that suck.
  • Criminal Minds: Dr. Spencer Reid. The character's development over 5 seasons.
  • Criminal Minds: Why don't the characters on this show just get depressed from all the horrors?
  • CSI Miami: Have this season's cast changes helped or hindered the series?
  • CSI: So, how was the last season of the original series? Are you still watching?
  • Deadliest Catch: general discussion.
  • Defying Gravity: A great import from Canada that got lost on ABC's Summer schedule. General discussion.
  • Demons (BBC America): General discussion of this paranormal series.
  • Dexter (Showtime): What's the appeal of this serial killer?
  • Dirty Jobs (Discovery): Discuss your favorite dirty jobs.
  • Do You Remember?: You saw it and loved it but does anyone else remember it? Was there really a show like what you remember?
  • Doctor Who: The Goal David Tennant Movies: discussion of the latest movies. Did you cry when he changed?
  • Doctor Who - Everything Old Is Who Again: Steven Moffat is rumoured to want to bring Doctor Who more in tune to its "classic" roots. Is this a good thing?
  • Doctor Who-Matt Smith: Good choice, or harbinger of series disaster?
  • Doctor Who-Multi-Doctor Stones: Do we want them? Is is good storytelling, or just fan-pandering? And when are the actors "too old" to reprise their role?
  • Dollhouse: What was right, what was wrong, where could it have gone?
  • Eureka: Season 3 discussion.
  • Favorites from the 60s and 70s.
  • Flash Forward: Character development vs. story progression. Is the show moving too slowly?
  • Flashpoint (CTV/CBS): Discuss the latest season of this cop drama (may be spoilers in latter half of panel for episodes aired only in Canada).
  • Food Channel: What's your guilty pleasure on this delectable channel?
  • Fringe: An X-Files for the 21st century or something else? General discussion of this series, now renewed for a 3rd season.
  • Ghosthunters: Hokey but fun. Discuss your favorite episodes of this and the international series.
  • Glee: Is it the music or the story that makes it so much fun?
  • Heroes: Did the season finale work for you?
  • History Channel-A World Without Humans: Have you seen this interesting series of life on planet Earth-without humans?
  • Hoarders (A&E): A fascinating show about compulsive behavior.
  • House: Have They Succeeded in Wrecking All of the Characters?
  • Human Target: Exciting adventure or Guilty Pleasure?
  • Human Target: General discussion of this action-adventure series.
  • In Plain Sight: General discussion of this show about the witness protection program.
  • Law & Order: Discussion of Criminal Intent, Special Victims Unit and L&O.
  • Leverage: Sterling - good guy or bad?,
  • Leverage: What are you feelings on season 2 and what did you think about Jerry Ryan joining the cast.
  • Lost: Did the final season answer all your questions?
  • Lost: Discussion of the entire series, from beginning to end.
  • Lost: It was a wild, intelligent and challenging ride-so was there a point to all of it?
  • Magnificent Seven: Are there ever enough Aus for this show?
  • Man fit)in U.N.C.L.E.: A discussion of the series and why it retains its appeal over 40 years later.
  • Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Are they really the good guys?
  • Man from UNCLE: Could it be updated for a new movie/series, and how?
  • Medium: Splendid husband, quirky family, solid work- place relations, an ethical yet humorous hereafter make this the best of the "I see dead people" shows.
  • Mentalist: The changes in Patrick Jane in season two - darker, more manipulative and deceitful. Did it make for interesting viewing or put you off?
  • Mercy: Worthy successor to ER?
  • Merlin: Where do they go from here?
  • Monk: You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone-A Look at the Finale.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: Which movies would you like to see get the MST3000 treatment?
  • Mythbusters (Discovery): What was your favorite busted myth? What would you like to see?
  • NCIS LA Slash: Sam/G. Is G just too broken? (/).
  • NCIS: Daddy DiNozzo - how did Robert Wagner do as Tony's dad, as well as other aspects.
  • NCIS: Who is your favorite character?
  • NCIS: Why are more and more viewers tuning in?
  • Nip/Tuck: Post mortem on the end of the series (adult all-inclusive discussion, slash and gen welcome).
  • Numbers: The show's over. Did you like how it concluded or do you want more?
  • Olympics: Evan Lysacek, or what other athletes out there tickle your fancy?
  • One Life to Uve-Kish: Discussion of Kyle & Oliver's love story in this soap opera.
  • Project Runway (Bravo): Would you be caught dead in any of those fashions?
  • Real Ghostbusters: Is there a future for our ghostbusters?
  • Remakes galore. Knight Rider, A-Team and more. Which were the best, which were dreadful, and what would you like remade?
  • Remember WENN: General discussion.
  • Sentinel: Jim Ellison-The man, the myth, the legend-what do you love/not love the most about our Sentinel?,
  • Sentinel: Would the existence of Sentinels have changed the development of forensic technology? How?
  • Spartacus (Starz): Sex, violence, nudity. So, what did you like or not like about this drama? Or is just the eye candy you like...
  • Star Trek: Discuss your favorite shows & characters from all the Trek shows/ movies.
  • Stargate Atlantis: Hurt/comfort Fics - who do you like to hurt and why?
  • Stargate Atlantis: The show's over, the movie's in limbo. What is its future? What would you like to see?
  • Stargate Fandom: Out of the three series, who is your favorite character, and why?
  • Stargate Universe: Why isn't it working? What happened to the fun?
  • Stargate: Is the franchise dying? SGI and SGA movies in limbo, SOU a radical departure. Discuss pros and cons of its continuation.
  • Starsky & Hutch: After the Lovin'-Once they're a couple, what do they do next (career-wise and personally)?
  • Starsky & Hutch: If the series were remade today, which episodes do you think would most lend themselves to a present-day setting?
  • Steampunk TV: Wild Wild West and Brisco County are two. What other steampunk shows exist out there?
  • Stephen J. Cannell: It's been ten years since Stephen J. Cannell Productions had a TV show in production. What's he been up to, and should you see the new A-Team movie or not?
  • Supernatural: Dean Winchester - a look at the character and how he relates to others.
  • Supernatural: Michael vs. Lucifer mytharc: Was it worth the hype or not?
  • Supernatural: Sam Winchester, how much has he changed, what does the future hold?
  • Supernatural: Speculation for Season 6.
  • SyFy Channel Movies: They're cheesy, they're awful, so why do we watch them?
  • The New Fall Season: Come and discuss the new fall season, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Top Gear (BBC America): General discussion.
  • Torchwood: Can the show come back after the loss of another favorite character?
  • TV Shows You Love That No One Else Remembers: Did it last for only one season (or less?) Is it from another country? Was it out years ago and hasn't yet made it to DVD? Share it here!
  • TV Wrestling: WWE TNA ECW WCW NXT: The talented men and women behind the initials and the storylines surrounding them.
  • V: Did the remake live up to the miniseries and/or the old series, or is it even better?
  • White Collar: Is it the writing, the characters or both?
  • White Collar: The latest in buddy cop shows. What's the fascination?
  • Wishful thinking for The Doctor: Themes and ideas we would like to see played out in Dr. Who.
  • You Can't Stop the Signal - Why does a show that had one season and a movie still have a hold on our hearts? Come chat about the shiniest show in the verse.

Web/Video/Role Playing

  • EBooks: Discuss how to transfer fan fic to a format that's readable on your Kindle, etc.
  • Genealogy: Tips, tricks and favorite stories you've learned.
  • Making Live Journal Icons for Beginners; It's fun and easy (sort of!). Bring your laptop loaded with your fav pictures and we'll play. It is suggested that you have Photobucket and/or Fotoflexer available on your Windows computer.
  • Stitch and Hitch: Bring your knitting, crocheting, needlework, etc. and compare notes with fellow crafters.
  • VHS to DVD or Better: Share your experience with converting your bulky VI IS tapes to a more compact storage medium.
  • Vidding: Critique of the Friday Night Videos (to be slotted into an hour early on Saturday morning).


Beadwork - Basics and Beyond: Presented by J. Kraft and J. DeVorc (2 hrs) Holy Mother Granimatica's Pet Peeves and... What drives you crazy in the written word: fiction, fan or pro; non-fiction; scripts, et cetera? Tips and Tricks for Better Fanfic: Suggestions on how the little things can make your fiction better. (1 hr)


"Co-Chairs (& your hosts) Lori Chapek-Carleton and Gordon Carleton would like to thank the following staffers and assistants for their hard work: Elyse Dickenson & Dawn McLevy (Programming/Party Suite/Flyers), Jeanne Sullivan (GoFers/Con Suite), Keith Gmnenwald & Seth Cutts (Security), Jan Gosnell ("Zine Reading Room/Fan Fund), Karen Klinck, Jesse McClain, & Vivian Sheffield (Art Show/Auction), Jan Keeler (Fan Q), Andre Lieven (Masquerade), Debra & Anna Barber (Dealers), Sheryl Adsit (Fannish Video), Kim Dyer (Blood Drive), Margareet Basta (Orphan 'Zines), Carl Tielking (Local Lansing Liaison), the Art Show auctioneers, runners, & auction volunteers, and all the GoFers without whom there could be no convention. Thank you all for your time and effort, especially those who work hard throughout the year! Thanks also to Alem for running the Door Decorating Competition. Thanks again to Jeff Walker for the movie trailers and studio promotion freebies."

Convention Reports

A new male attendee's observations about MediaWest*Con:
"MediaWestCon: not enough sleep, too much eating, a lot of laughter (the right amount), & too few men. So much estrogen is a little scary......There were very few people under 40 at the convention. Like many other conventions, the MediaWestCon organizers are having problems attracting new, young members. To attract young people and men, there need to be role-playing games, computer games, anime and an emphasis on costuming. There need to be activities other than just sitting in panel rooms talking. Conventions such as MediaWestCon need to come into the 21st century if they want to thrive. While I had a nice time at MediaWestCon, I would not go again unless the same circumstances presented themselves."[8]
Another attendee writes:
"Although it felt good to reminisce, I also thought of the darker side; teens today will never have the same experience I did at fan-cons, because they are dying out....Why are these conventions all failing, but the big pro-run shows are doing well? There was a panel at MediaWest Con (another one dying) on this topic, and most fans seem to think this is because there is no new blood coming in, and what does come in is only interested in Cosplay, very little of which you see at the fan cons. The young ones see little value to paying an admission fee and sit around and talk with other fans when they can do this for free on the internet. As someone who spent a good part of his youth at cons (Star Trek and Creation when I was a teen, Regional Cons and the WorldCon in college (Road-Trip, anyone???), International Cons in Grad School (the first time), San Diego Comic-Con, DragonCon, EMC Con, and most recently, MediaWest Con, I really do not understand this attitude. I wonder, too, if there is still a place for fan-run cons? Can one survive in this economic and social climate? I certainly hope so…"[9]
From another fan:

Wrap-Up Thoughts On The Con

The con once again was downsized due to the aging of the fandom that makes up its members, and the economy. It’s been that way for the last three years. We’ll see if the old energy comes back, but if it doesn’t, I’ve decided I wouldn’t want a reinvention. I don’t care about attracting younger and newer fen. I don’t give two hoots about gaming or any of their other interests, and have been to actor cons before. They’re fine, but it’s really nice to go to a con that doesn’t have to cater to actors’ egos. Also, mega-cons are fun in their way, but I like the more intimate setting here. So if it dies out, so what? It had a good run.

I do remember the old energy and miss it, but at least I had the good fortune to attend for several years when Media West was a destination for Fandom Central. My first con was pre-Net, and the second was when the Internet began to be available to everyone, but not all of us had access or even knowledge of how to use it. For years MW managed to co-exist with the Internet, the zines still plentiful in the Dealers’ Room and hall dealers’ rooms, and the vids were numerous and the Art Show bursting with creativity, taking the Art Auction four hours or more to get through all the pieces for bid (now it takes only two), but you still get the chance to talk to people in panels and informally. If that isn’t flashy enough for newer fen, then so be it. Nothing will ever replace my memory of attending my first Media West and feeling, Yes! This is the place where I belong! These are my people! ;)

See you all next year! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel! ;) [See more at the original post][10]


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