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Name: Apocalypse West
Date(s): 2000-present
Focus: Vidding, Vid collections
External Links: Apocalypse West Website
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Apocalypse West is a vidding collective that has been active since 1999. The three founding members were originally based in Southern California but as the group grew, they scattered across the US. So far they have produced eight vid reels (songtape collections) in many fandoms.

The members of the group are: Death (diannelamerc, the waterbuffalo), Plague (lizbetann, the gnat), Doom (Celli, the firefly), Chaos (Kiki, the butterfly), StratWar (perri, the hummingbird), Madness (val, the banshee), Havoc (havocthecat, the cat), and The StableGirl (Abby A).

Abby passed in 2008; however the group continues to make vids. In 2008 Jetpack Monkey joined the group.

Their "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" vid (by Death) won the Most Humorous Award at MediaWest 2001.

Three of the members (Abby A, Perri and Kiki participated in a witty discussion on analog vidding which is archived here.

About Their Origins

Question: Why Apocalypse West?

Answer: Because, although the impulse to vid did not start with three HorseChicks sharing an apartment in L.A., the impetus to get a tape together for MediaWest*20 did. Since said apartment is called Apocalypse West, the name stuck, and mutated onto other HorseChicks (namely, Apocalypse MidWest, Apocalypse Old West, and Apocalypse-by-the-Bay).

Question: OK, fine, Apocalypse West. I get it. Why HorseChicks of the Apocalypse?

Answer: It’s a very long story. Suffice to say that it includes Highlander’s fifth season episodes about the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and way too much silliness. In short order, we had our very own Death, StratWar, TactWar, Chaos and Plague, and we scared lots of people at SyndiCon East ’97. Within a couple of years, we had added Doom and our very own StableGirl (trust me, she’s not that stable). Plus, now we have Madness running around. (Madness runs in my family. She practically gallops.) And we have Havoc wreaking herself all over the darned place (and who cleans up after her I ask you? I’m asking you because it’s a mess in here…)

Vid Collections


One of my favourite group of vidders is Apocalypse West (many of whom I've met in person at either MediaWest or VividCon, a vidding convention annually held in Chicago, IL.)" Vidding with Ceridwyn2, accessed March 24, 2011.