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Name: Abby A
Alias(es): tv_elf
Type: vidder, fan fiction writer
Fandoms: Forever Knight, X-Files, Stargate SG1, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
URL: Website (Archived Aug 4, 2012), at Apocalypse West
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From her Livejournal profile page: "She vids. She fics. She does many other things that also sound dirtier than they really are. Ask about package deals when you call to order. Not available in MI, AK, or FL."

Abby was a fan, a vidder, and a lover of shirtless men, particularly Teal'c from Stargate SG1. A complete list of her vids is below, but perhaps her most memorable vid was the "Penguin Vid" set to Johnny Cash's "I Walk The Line" that was shown at Vividcon 2006. According to one attendee, the vid caused debate "over what was fannish source, what makes a vid a vid, etc. I never saw her get upset or angry over the debate, but neither did she let it diminish her own satisfaction in a vid that still defies you to watch it and not be happy." (astolat, Abby Memory Post, Dec 1, 2008.)

Or as another attendees put it more succinctly: "SHE GAVE US PENGUINS TO JOHNNY CASH!"[1]

Abby enjoyed a wide-ranging playground. She was a member of the Forever Knight mailing list ForKNI-L; and did most of her FK writing in the context of the Forever Knight Wars, where her affiliations were with the Mercenary Guild and the FoDs. She frequented several X-Files mailing lists in the mid-1990s; and was also a member of the Apocalypse West vidding group, a member of the "Sunnydale Slayers" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom, and a member of the "Horsechicks of the Apocalypse" in Highlander fandom.

Abby regularly attended a wide variety of conventions: Bridging the Knight, Escapade, MediaWest, WorldCon, and VividCon.

She died in 2008. Her memory post can be found here. A 2005 article about her written by herself and her mom for the Muscular Dystrophy Association can be found archived here.

Her Vids

Abby’s Vids. More information about her vids and Apocalypse West can be found here.






"I'm thankful that I was able to spend some time with you during your sojourn with us. You are a happy, intelligent, lovely and vivacious person who carries no thought of harm for anyone in your soul - and there are few enough of us who could ever reach that high praise.
You kept quotes for us - things that were said and written - and maintained that informal history. Like the scent of hot apple cider or the sounds of a familiar song, words can take us back to a place and time that was shared in body or in the virtual world in which so many of us initially met and began friendships. You honored the words and kept our history and I'm grateful for that.
You are part of the magic of our shared dreams and shall always be so. As long as you are in our hearts, you shall never leave us.
In life, you acknowledged so few limitations. Now that are are free of even those, enjoy the absolute freedom that you have achieved and know that one day we shall all join you in a place where all stories reside.
Au revoir." from 'Dear Abby' at susanmgarrett, Nov 30, 2008.
"She was funny and subversive and twisted. She lived her life determined not to miss anything because she was feeling sorry for herself. She ran me over once in an airport (that was mostly my fault. 90 percent. Okay, 95). She was generous and kind, and could always make me laugh. She used to tell a story about The Time I Met David Duchovny, and how she'd gotten through the crowd of female admirers surrounding him when one of said groupies noticed her beyond the fringes and told everyone else to "Let the little girl in the wheelchair through." (She always said the bit about "the little girl in the wheelchair" with enormous glee.) At MediaWest one year, the Horsechicks wore bright yellow buttons saying "Abby's Handmaidens: All of the Work Fun, None of the Jedi." Abby's just said, "I'm Abby." from (neonhummingbird, Abby Memory Post, Dec 1, 2008.)

Abby Albrecht Memory Post (with several more comments remembering her); WebCite if the memorial page is offline.