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Name: MediaWest*Con 1981
Dates: May 22-25, 1981
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
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a flyer printed in the zine Warped Space #44 (1980) for the 1981 con

Some Facts About the 1981 Convention

front cover of 1981 program, art used again on the 2005 program book
back cover of 1981 program
  • The theme was "The MidWest Strikes Back" (a play on The Empire Strikes Back).
  • The concom appears to have been Paula Smith, Lori Chapek-Carleton, and Gordon Carleton, as per a statement about who not to hassle regarding the loss of personal belongings at the con, and the three people who headed the Dead Dog Panel.
  • The program noted: '"For those who asked, the Hilton's TVs are also equipped with radio, and will pick up WKAR, the NPR station running the Star Wars radio program. It will be on Saturday at 8 p.m."
  • It had a Video Room that ran until 2:00 a.m.
  • Fan Qs were awarded for the first time at this con under this name.
  • There was showing of Supraman, the slide show by Gordon Carleton.
  • Nearly 300 pieces of art went up for bid at the art auction.
  • Concerning videotapes: "All videotapes shown during MediaWest*Con I are available through courtesy of their respective owners and constitute private screenings. A room will be provided by the convention for videotape viewing as a convenience to convention members. Since the space and time available for video viewing is limited, it is anticipated that only those tapes of greatest interest to the convention members at large will be shown in the convention area. Tapes of less general interest are likely to be shown in individuals' rooms at the discretion of their inhabitants." [1]
  • "Please note that if you find some of our programming not to your interest and can think up something better on your own, we have provided ample opportunity for you to schedule you own programming each day in rooms set aside for that very purpose. If you like, you can (once you have something scheduled on the sign-up sheets) make up an annoumcent for one of the concom to read between panels and in each of the other rooms prior to your event." [2]
  • The program book was 24 pages long. It contains programming, hotel maps, notices, and ads. Some of the ads: Shoreleave, Babel Conference (Grand Rapids, MI, was to have a Carl Sagan Sound-Alike Contest), Aussiecon, the zines One Way Mirror and Crossed Sabres, Pegasus, publisher Poison Pen Press and BaReMi Press, and the slideshow Supraman.

Fan Q Awards

From the program book:

The Fan Quality Awards were originated by Sharon Ferraro (Short) and Paula Smith in conjunction with SeKWester*Con, Too in 1977. The categories in that year were Best Author/Writer and Best Artist. Leslie Fish won Tor Best Author/Writer (primarily for "The Weight" series), and Connie Faddis won for Best Artist.

The categories remained the same in 1978 at T'Con, and Leslye Lilker won for Best Author/Writer (primarily for the Sanj series), and Alice Jones won for Best Artist.

With the same categories remaining In 1979 for 2'Con, Maggie Nowakowska won for Best Author/Writer (primarily for her ThousandWorlds series—the first time a non-STAR TREK nominated item won in the brief history of the Fan Q's), and Martynn won for Best Artist.

When Joyce Vasner and Devra Langsam chaired Mos'Eastly in 1980, with Linda Deneroff as Fan Q Co-ordinator, the categories were changed to Best Author/Writer (Judy Lee Cascio and Lois Welling for "Executive Privilege" In RIGEL 4, 5, 6 ...), Best Artist (Hans Dietrich), and Best Editor (Lori Chapek-Carleton).

As a result of majority decision by all interested fans participating at Mos'Eastly the 1981 categories at MedlaWest*Con I are Favorite Fanzine, Favorite Long Story, Favorite Short Story, Favorite Poem, and Favorite Single Piece of Artwork. The winners this year will be announced rollowing the Saturday banquet.

Those people attending first the KWest*Cons, then the Lansing cons, and Mos'Eastly last year, have reflected fandom's changing trends. The Fan Q's are essentially a popularity contest, with (one hopes) emphasis on the quality inherent In the most popular fandoms our attendees are involved in. Congratulations to the past winners, and to this year's winners and nominees. It's not too late to start thinking of the 1982 nominations, for items published in Ihe 1981 calendar year.

For specifics, see 1981 FanQ Awards.


The con plays were "Gumby Strikes Back" and "Gumby Trek" by Paula Block and "The Empire Strikes Back: The Musical" by Paula Smith. Another play was "A Romulan's Tale" (creator unknown).

Masquerade Awards

We are looking for any info or photos of the Masquerade contest and winners.

Art Show Awards

Art show winners were selected by popular vote.

We are looking for any info about the Art Show contest.

Vid Show

When were the first fan vids shown at MediaWest*Con and when was the first Video Show was held? Anyone?

A 1981 MediaWest*Con Filk


Saturday Panels

  • BATTLESTAR-STRUCK: Joy Harrison, Randy Kaempen, Susan Perry-Lewis
  • DR. WHO?: Jean Airey, Paulie Gilmore, Laurie Haldeman
  • FEMINISM ON ICE (fannish fems): Judith Gran, Pat Nolan, Jean Stevenson, Lois Welling, Anne Elizabeth Zeek
  • LEGAL ASPECTS OF FANLIT: Judith Gran, Carol Mularski, Karen Osman, Melissa Snodgrass
  • CYCLES IN TREKLIT: Johanna Canto, Kathy Esselman, Debbie Goldstein
  • STAR WARS AS LITERATURE: Beckey Aulenbach, Pat Gonzales, Pat Nissan, Jackie Paciello
  • BRITISH SF SHOWS: Robbie Brown, Daphne Hamilton, Jill McCaul, Ken Bussanmas
  • FAN WARS or THE ST-SW "FEUD": Mary Lee Cascio, Barbara Gordon, Judi Hendricks, Winston Howlett, Debra Langsam, Susan Matthews, referee was Paula Smith
  • Presentation of the F Q Awards
  • Skits: "A Romulan's Tale" and "The Empire Strikes Back: A Musical" (the second play was by Paula Smith)
  • Masquerade (formal presentation, judging, then mingling and dancing

Saturday Workshops

  • Martial Arts: Susan Crites, Joyce Yasner
  • Backrub: Susan Crites, Jan Lindner, Lori Chapek-Carleton (Lori was the "practice body")
  • WRITERS/EDITORS: Paula Block, Karen B, Connie Faddis, Laurie Huff
  • ARTISTS: Gordon Carleton
  • SOFT SCULPTURE: Mary Otten, Desi Bell, Sharon Ferraro Short
  • COSTUMING & MAKE-UP: Mark Hyde, Susan Perry-Lewis

Sunday Panels

  • CAN YOU READ MY MIND? (psi research): Judi Hendricks, Linda Stoops, Charlie Terry
  • CREATING BELIEVABLE CHARACTERS: Paula Block, A.M. Hall, Jani Hicks, Pam Jensen
  • skit: Gumby Trek by Paula Block
  • HUMOR IN SF (what works and what doesn't): Gordon Carleton, Jan Linder, Martynn, Pat Massie, Barbara Wenk
  • REAL GAYS IN REAL FANDOM (discussion gay literature in fandom): Desi Bell, Leslie Fish, Debra Laymon, Charlie Terry
  • THOSE NIGGLING QUESTIONS ABOUT ST:TMP and PLAUSIBLE ANSWERS: Jackie Bielowicz, KathE Donnelly, Joan Verba, Bev Zuk
  • THOSE NIGGLING QUESTIONS ABOUT TESB and PLAUSIBLE ANSWERS: Christine Jeffords, April Pentland, Cathy Strand, and Dianne Wickes
  • Art Auction

Sunday Workshops

  • skit: "The Gumby Strikes Back" by Paula Block
  • Supraman -- The Slide Show by Gordon Carleton
  • THE WELCOMMITTEE HOUR (club-originating advice, STW's activities and purposes, etc.): Shirley Maiewski
  • UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES: (Canadian and Overseas fandom): Evelyn Baker, Andre Lieven, Jill McCaul
  • WHAT MAKES A FANDOM INTERESTING?: Connie Faddis, Cynthia Levine, Heather Nachman, Joyce Yasner
  • DEAD DOG (including FanQ/Fan Fund comments -- if you can't attend, write down your comments and leave them in the Suggestion Box): Lori Chapek Carleton, Gordon Carleton, Paula Smith
  • STAR WARS PRESS CONFERENCE: "In which Luke and Darth answer questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything. Fans in the persona of the STAR WARS characters, organized by Mark Walton

Convention Reports

From Boldly Writing:
The fanzine convention of the year was MediaWest Con I, held on May 22-25 at the Lansing Hilton. The convention committee consisted of Paula Smith, Lori Chapek-Carleton, and Gordon Carleton. The convention was truly a 'media' convention, now. Only three panels were wholly about Star Trek. One panel, 'Fan Wars or the ST-SW Feud], was partially about Star Trek. (To the best of my memory, the panel featured a lot of grumbling, but no real resolution. Time took care of most of this sort of friction.) The remaining panels were of other fandoms (mostly Star Wars) or generic topics such as author/editor relationships. In order to better inform fans about the nominees for the Fan Q, the committee put together a booklet with excerpts from the nominees, called The Fifth Annual Fan Q Awards 1981 Nominations Booklet. Winners were Bev Clark as favorite editor for Skywalker 4 (Star Wars), Barbara Wenk as favorite short story author, for 'Imperial Soliloquy,' in Warped Space (Star Wars), Paula Block as favorite poet for 'Stargame' (Star Wars), Joni Wagner as favorite artist for Facets 4 (Star Wars), and Barbara Wenk for favorite long story author for One Way Mirror. The voters also persuaded the Fan Q committee to divide the next year's awards into interest categories. This convention was the first time I encountered the 'all Star Trek fanzines nowadays are K/S' attitude (though it was certainly not the last). The theory was not true at that time, or at any time afterwards. The myth, however, persisted among many fans, especially former Star Trek fanzine fans, to this day. For example, in the July/August 1981 issue of Universal Translator, of the all-Star Trek fanzines, I counted over 90 non-K/S fanzines, as opposed to only 3 K/S. Although the K/S fanzines became more numerous, proportionately, with time, K/S fanzines generally made up less than half of all-Star Trek fanzines.
A fan, Barbara P. G, wrote:
I don't presume to give a MediaWest*Con report, but I would like to give a few very personal impressions. If it were legally possible, this con would doubtless be call "StarWarsCon". Unless you live within a short drive, and have various fannish business to conduct, as I do, or bring other ST fan friends with you, this con is definitely not worth attending. There was very little in the artshow to interest the ST fan, and I heard several complaints from dealers in ST merchandising of lack of interest—not surprising, since most of the ST fans who have attended the "Michigan" cons regularly every year, have stopped going. There were no films shown, and the video room was tiny, frigid, and uncomfortable on eye, ear, and rear. What I managed to sit through was often badly recorded, and unbelievably, stultifyingly boring. The panels I attended seemed more than usually stale, and fraught with semantic ineptitude. I walked out of the Writer's/ Editor's panel, when the panel members, at a loss for anything else to say, discussed anmong themselves minutiae of the Star Wars movies. And then, there were more than the usual anti-Trek statements, made both casually, and pointedly. The sad thing is that so much of it comes from long-time fans and BNFs. Any attempt to discuss any "fan hostility" question is made impossibly difficult by the obvious con bias. Of all the con, the "Fan Wars" panel made the most indelible impression upon me. I had volunteered in a spirit of helpfulness, and was assured that I would not be made a "sacrifice". As far as I know, I was the only exclusively-Trek fan on the panel, which certainly doesn't mean I don't watch and enjoy other programs, by the way. The BNF panel member to my right made constant derogatory comments about the appropriateness of my statements every time I opened my mouth, and I was interrupted persistently by another angry, irrational BNF in the audience, and never did the moderator interfere. That is rather unusual, since I said very little actually; I almost fell asleep. And there was the usual, unspeakably idiotic statement made, that a ST fan had to love all "media", not just ST, or she would be guilty of not practicing IDIC. I did get applause from the audience, who were primarily SW fans, when I mentioned the inappropriateness of ST, SW, etc., on the same Fan Awards ballot—which was cut short by the moderator, who claimed they couldn't change it. I still don't see why, but obviously any attempt to discuss it will be aborted. [3]
Paula Smith addresses Barbara P. G's comments:
Well, I have to admit it: we've been caught in our own spiderwebs of deceit, [Lori Chapek-C] and I. We could pull the wool over the eyes of 500 suckers last May, but we couldn't fool [Barbara G] (I#45)- She saw through our biased programming, the stultifyingly dull tapes the membership brought, and the shrewd conspiracy to freeze-frame everyone in the video room. S/iC couldn't be misled by such a transparent hoax as to claim that [Devra L], [Winston H], and [Mary Lee C] were Trekfen. What incredible chutzpha we've had, to think we could direct our own conventions the way we thought best I God knows we never listen to any suggestions from you proles. It takes a keen mind and a wild imagination to see through our petty schemes, and [Barbara G] has the latter. Yes, yes, I confess! Envious of the woman's widespread repute, I tricked Barbara Gordon onto that panel. It wasn't easy. Anyone named after Batwoman's secret identity is bound to be on the ball. That BNF who made "constant derogatory remarks" while [Barbara G] tried to speak? I paid hereto do it! (I held her cousin hostage in the basement of an abandoned space station to force that BNF to smart off.) Jealous of the wild and tumultuous applause accorded the least comment saintly [Barbara G] was able to interject, I deliberately shoved a sack over her head and screamed at the audience to shut up. Everyone saw that. I don't know how I thought I could get away with it this long. [Barbara G] reports that, although frustrated and justifiably angered by these kangaroo court proceedings, she most perplexingly "almost fell asleep". well, I'm caught out again! I put the chloral hydrate in her water glass. Yes indeed. With the last dregs of my debased honor, let me urge you people—don't be fooled! Even the con's title—MediaWest—is a cunning ploy to rook you Trek, SWars, and other fans into thinking we have something to offer you, but beware: next year we're devoting the whole shebang to HILL STREET BLUES, har har! Our warped and evil minds, our tiny souls didn't publish examples of nominees' work in the Nominations Booklet last year, and next year we aren't considering expanding the Fan Q's over separate fandoms (check out the first P.R. if you don't believe me). We are completely depraved. So be warned...don't come next year...if you do, we'll steal your money, torture your cultural sensitivities, and pollute your precious bodily fluids— what's that? You're already signed up? All 350 of you? You guys just never learn, do you. [4]
A fan, Jane W, disagrees with Barbara P. G's report:
MediaWest fulfilled my every expectation and much, much more. The greatest thing was being able to finally match faces to a lot of the names I had heard of or read about in the past year, and to meet some of those fascinating people. I was really surprised to see such a huge group of interesting, intelligent, aware, creative people! The air crackled with excitement the whole time. I was never bored, and got little sleep. You must forgive me for using nothing but superlatives, but I did not find one thing to complain about. The company was great, the plays were hilarious, the art room full of well-crafted items, the dealer's room loaded with mostly high-quality zines. Oh yes, here is my only complaint: that room was so full of zines there wasn't much room in the aisles between the tables! (Not really a complaint at all.) The costume contest, complete with skits and sound effects, kept us laughing almost nonstop. I was really impressed with the amount of creativity shown there. I know I'm giving radically different impressions than [Barbara G] did in INTERSTAT #44 and I'm at a loss to explain it, because for me the con was a true delight to the senses. Star Trek was the only reason I went, too, not being a Star Wars fan or involved in any of the other fandoms represented there. Star Trek was there wherever I looked! Sure, there was a lot of Star Wars stuff too, but it certainly didn't crowd out Trek, in my and many others' opinions- To me, the panels were anything but stale. I attended a lot of them and learned from each. (Of course, those being the first panels I had seen most likely made them more exciting for me than they would be for an "older" fan who had heard the same stuff hashed over before.) The panels on feminism in Treklit and writing strong women characters were useful. I was particularly impressed with the panel on gay writing in fandom; I had never seen anything quite like it, and admired the courage of the lesbian fans on the panel being so open with us listeners. Though the fur certainly flew at the "Fan Wars" panel, it was not the only one. Sure, many people loudly engaged their mouths before their brains, as will always happen at such an event. Maybe it's my voyeur's spirit speaking here, but it didn't bother me that much. Under the noise a lot of other voices got through, healthy criticism that needed to be heard and responded to. It was my impression that the room was mostly peopled with tolerant (if less expressive) fans who liked both major fandoms. Sure, no one wants to see their fandom overshadowed, but there appears to be enough ST fans still alive and kicking to keep that from happening. One way to keep a lot of ST fans happy (including me) will be to keep many zines ST-only, while others go part or all SW and other fandoms. Another major step many wanted was some separate ST awards, and INTERSTAT is now filling that gap. I've got to differ with [Barbara G] on one more thing: the statement she said that was made to the effect that ST fans had to love all media or they would not be practicing IDIC. I may be wrong, but I remember that statement as something like, we should tolerate the other media becoming associated with ST fandom, thereby expressing the spirit of IDIC. I would have remembered if it were "love", because that would have made me angry. As I remember it, someone on the panel then said, "That's not my idea of IDIC" and a voice near me said, "Then what is?" I agree. Tolerating the varieties of fandom you're not a part of while building up your own is certainly an expression of that gentle philosophy. And it's far from "unspeakably idiotic". Let's have more cons like Media-West! Thank you, Lori Chapek-Carleton, Gordon Carleton, and Paula Smith. [5]
A fan, Susan R. M, also wrote of her experience on a panel:
While at MediaWest*Con I had the opportunity to sit on a panel concerning itself with antagonism between Star Trek and Star Wars or other media fans. I admit I wasn't really well prepared to discuss the subject, but there were some interesting ideas that came up in the panel and out of the discussion that I'd like to re-state for discussion. First, while we started out all mutually deploring the existence of any hostility or antagonism between Star Trek fans and other media fans. Star Wars specifically, the entire discussion turned antagonistic in an awful hurry, to my mind. I'm not saying that anyone stood up and said, "My fandom is better than your fandom!" But just listening to people who were much more interested in Star Trek than any other media fandom I realized how easy it was for antagonism to build—1^ was getting all antagonized and hostile, and I like to think of myself as a reasonable person. On the one hand, I was reacting to some statements as if saying "I like my fandom best, it's this and that and the other thing" was equivalent to saying "And the rest of you are turkeys, too." And on the other hand I felt that some of the people in the discussion (audience/panel) were really presenting that message, whether they meant to or not, in their statements of belief. (Credo in unam fandom, unam zinedom...) It could really have been seen as very humorous, how easily we were antagonizing each other, when the whole point of the panel was to see how we could avoid such things. Someone brought up the point of the Star Trek fan's resentment of other media zines on the market, as if zines with other media material were pushing out pure Trek-zines or something along those lines; and someone else brought up the idea that a Trek-fan may sometimes feel as if s/he is being pushed out of his or her own convention by other media randoms. And the reason that the media randoms had grown so big and so influential was simply because the network already existed. (My apologies if I'm mis-remembering ideas, this is what I interpreted.) I think it's important for all of us to remember that—as T believe—all of the major media fandoms in the US today exist in a context of Star Trek fandom. Star Wars fans have got organization and outlets and zines and all.. .because the framework was already there, in Star Trek fandom. There are fandoms that exist independently of ST entirely—in other countries, mostly—Dr. Who and Blake's 7 spring to mind. For the rest, the fandoms would have existed without Star Trek fandom to build on, as witness some of the "closet" media fandoms as Strange Paradise and (to a lesser extent) Dark Shadows. Lots of these other media fandoms do run their own conventions , as witness recent Dr. Who and Starsky & Hutch cons. I think it's fair to say, though, that organized media fandoms, with all the goodies we've grown to expect by way of artwork and zines and conventions, still exist within the framework of Star Trek fandom. I think this may be fair indication of the continued vitality of Star Trek fandom. [6]
A fan complained:
Now, how could I possibly have known that MediaWestCon was going to be a hopeless bore before I attended? I am not precognitive. It was not a "media" con, but rather a SWarsCon, and as such was misrepresented. I loved August Party, a true media con, which included written SF. It was one of the best cons I have ever attended; even though I do tend to prefer Trek only cons, I can say that. [7]
These Purdue University students had a fine time:
And so it came to pass that once again, the hardy group of Voyagerites was to make a sojourn, this time to East Lansing, MI, to the site of the first MEDIAWEST*CON. And this city, being a goodly distance from West Lafayette, forced them to leave at 11:00 pm from their homes, to travel down to Indianapolis, thence to swell their numbers with the addition of [Barbara S], Voyager Emeritus, and then, on to the con.

Yes, folks, it was the last of the great con trips sponsored by Voyager. Neveragain, (we hope), will [Michael R], [Rena W] [Jason W], Jason's Lego's, and the authors travel to a con together in Michael's van...

It was 8:00 am when we trucked into the Hilton. Luckily, our room was at the back of the hotel, (and on the first floor), so we were able to sneak in all the luggage, the VCR, Jason's Legos, and the zines without being seen. (After all, anyway, who in their right mind would be up at that hour?)

Over an hour later, signs of life appeared at the con. We immediately got registered, (braving the not too-trustworthy elevators). The dealer's room was starting to set up, so we occupied ourselves for the morning helping Barb ,Rena, and Michael set up the BaReMi table (next to the Thorn Christopher Fan Club's, of whom we never saw a member to come by in the entire course of the con!) Vague announcements and screams of terror was all we heard from the Art Show until past noon, when we were finally able to get our artwork registered and hung! After noon, the pace began to pick up, a bit. We spotted several fen out roaming the halls, and set off for the dealer's room. Talk about a crowd! Circumnavigating an entirely packed room, (not pausing, of course, to buy a thing! we reached the BaReMi table, and crawled under it, to set up shop. Besides Menage a Trois, BaReMi's X-rated STrek zine, there were hand painted nametags, flyers galore, and various assorted, sundry other things...

When the Art Show opened to the con members, we pounced. Since MEDIAWEST*CON was a purely fannish con, there weren't as many attractions or guests as at other cons, but the Art Show more than made up for that! If you hadn't encountered the high level of talent in Media fandom, this would've floored you. Linda was drooling all over Barbara Fister-Liltz's portraits, and Janice made a general fool of herself over anything SWars. There were some non-Media pieces in the show, but the vast majority was SWars or STrek. Panels were a big part of the advertising for the con, but, as usual, we missed most. Janice got through most of the Writer's/Editor's panel with Barb and Rena, Linda got a little. But, as we tall were screaming for food and sleep, we hadn't done too badly. We had braved the dealer's room again, to make some purchases. Mostly zines, with rich Linda picking... everything she saw, while Janice wiped out her money on just two or three. Zine prices were high, but, the cost of production has soared in the last years, so, we weren't complaining, too much. But, shelling out $10 for a zine is a little painful.

Our navigator's sleepiness was evident as we missed Ponderosa three times before getting our first bit of food since a 5:00 am stop at a Fort Wayne greasy spoon on the way up. Saturday night was the masquerade, but we declined to go on the grounds that the ground was no longer-supporting us. We needed sleep! Barb was discovered in the morning draped across the foot of Rena's bed, we having crashed out on the other double. Aaahhhh!

Sunday morning we faced refreshed and ready to go. Linda had a good time amusing herself and Jason with Lego constructs. Janice just read (typical). We had no breakfast to fortify us as we once again ventured out. If we had thought the con was crowded on Saturday, boy were we wrong! It was really packed on Sunday. Pickings were getting slimmer in the dealer's room as the 500+ con-goers cleaned everyone out. We got suckered into manning the dealer's table and spent most of the day there. Michael did go out for pizza, back home, we began to suspect, from the length of time it took before he returned. Janice got to attend a meeting of Mark Hamill fen, greasy pizza in hand, the highlight of the con for her. While this was going on, Linda remained at the table, contracting a terminal case of boredom. Next to our table was a woman (who should remain nameless - Janice) who was composing, and singing, a filkish ode to Kirk/Spock, Han/Luke, Starbuck/Apollo, etc./etc. relationships to the tune of 'For A' That'. (Sigh!- Linda)

Sunday night, we felt belatedly guilty for missing the masquerade and thus decided to dress up, (I should have remembered to consult my boots on that one. Linda, as Dracula, Janice as a dragonrider-cum-Corellian-cum-shut up, you Han fan, character, braved stares to crash a Lost Weyr meeting for the absent Rena. Then, we proceeded on to the art auction. Tremendous! After about four hours, it was all over, thank the Powers! We saw some fantastic pieces from Connie Faddis, that were to illustrate Anne Zeek's "Sow the Wind" in Warped Space 46. Barb got one of these, but the prices for some of the others reached $300.00!!!!! Having front row seats was a wonderful experience, and we all acquired some good art. Linda got a McCoy pen-and-ink, a Batman by Barbara Fister-Liltz, who won the artist's awards, too, Janice got a Xenobia print, a Superman badge, and a Leia pen-and-ink, also making her first sale ever at an auction!

We made it back to the room, (despite the drunken mundanes in the lobby).... and crashed out 'til morning. We awoke and broke our fast - courtesy of McDonald's, and then went to pick up our art. The most amusing piece was art that Barb, and Rena bought, the traditional strange and unbelievable bid sheet, this time hanging on the display tiers for a nice automobile, with bids of everything from 'one slightly used Princess - Han Solo' to 'one very dead smuggler - Princess Leia' and 'Gordon Carleton - Lori Chapek-Carleton'. (Aah, marital blitz, er, bliss!- Janice) The dealer's room was nearly closed out, and we did out part to add to the confusion. We made it out of the con by about 1:00 pm, for the long drive back. (I got to hold all the fragile artwork all the way back, sigh!- Janice) MEDIAWEST CON was a great blast, even if we didn't get much sleep, programming, or food out of it, but - what the hey?!? - that's normal. Though the memberships are all sold out for the next year's con, we recommend you try for '83 by hook or by crook! [8]


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