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Name: MediaWest*Con 2017
Dates: May 2016
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
URL: 2017 Con Page
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MediaWest*Con 37 was held May 26-29, 2017.

cover of the 2017 program book

"A long time ago, from a galaxy far, far away, came a film that changed fandom as we know it forever. MediaWest*Con 37 celebrates the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, so grab your lightsabre, pack up the droids, hop in the landspeeder and May The Fen Be With You!"

From the Program Book

  • "No pyrotechnics."
  • "The SF/Media Fan Fund helps send a fan to a convention he/she would otherwise be unable to attend. As there were no nominations received this year there is no ballot."
  • "Programming at MediaWest*Con is conducted under the philosophy of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations); differences of opinion are to be expected, but personal attacks will not be tolerated. Programming is determined by member input and participation, and is intended for an adult audience. Adult guardians of minor children are responsible for their actions. We do not censor adult content in panel topics or in the Art Show. Panels are Gen unless labeled otherwise."
  • "Pets are not allowed in the Art Show, Dealers' Room (except those belonging to Dealers), and the hotel restaurant. Limited temporary pet-sitting space may be available. GoFers/Security posted at doors to function rooms will not hold pets for members entering no-pet areas. Pets left in hotel rooms should be secured in crates, carriers, or other appropriate containers, both for their own safety and to facilitate housekeeping. Pets should be on leashes or under similar restraint in convention areas. Pets who become upset or unmanageable should be removed. Please keep pets toward the back, right-hand side of audience seating at all panels, etc. See the map on the back of the Program Book for designated dog-walk areas. Please pick up after your dog with the tools provided in these areas. Emergency clean-up materials will be available at MediaWest*Con registration, in case of accidents; also, hotel personnel will clean up accidents if you notify the front desk."
  • "Anyone wishing to record MediaWest*Con panels or activities should indicate this intent at convention registration. There will be no photography allowed in the Art Show or Auction."
  • "Subject matter of flyers must be of general fannish interest ('zines, party announcements, cons, etc.), not of a personal nature, and be presented in a reasonably tasteful manner and free of profanity -- please remember that the general public can easily read flyers in public areas of the hotel. Please remove outdated flyers and signs promptly. Flyers not in keeping with these guidelines will be removed and disposed of. MediaWest*Con is not responsible for the specific content or accuracy of any flyers."


  • "Co-Chairs (& your hosts) Lori Chapek-Carleton & Gordon Carleton would like to thank the following staffers and their assistants for all their hard work: Carol Lynn (Hotel Liaison), Elyse Dickenson & Dawn McLevy (Programming/Party Suite/Flyers), Jeanne Sullivan (GoFers/Con Suite), Keith Grunenwald & Seth Cutts (Security), Karen Klinck & Jesse McClain & Art Show/Auction Staff & Auctioneers, Jan Keeler (Fan Q), Andre Lieven (Masquerade), Sheryl Adsit (Fannish Video), Kim Dyer (Blood Drive), Laura Keeler-Britt (‘Zine Reading Room/Fan Fund), Ginna Wilcoxen (Game Room), Carl Tielking (Lansing Liaison), and all the GoFers and volunteers without whom there could be no convention. Thanks to Erich Renhardt for illustrations in the Progress Reports and Program Book. MW*C 37 Logo and cover by Gordon Carleton."

The Fanzine Reading Room

  • "In 1982 the 'Zine Room began as simply the place to peruse fanzines in comfort and quiet -- well mostly quiet. Over the years, the Room found itself first becoming the caretaker of what became the MW*C Permanent Loan Collection which is the con's collection of fanzines (covering vintage and more current 'zines from almost 30 fandoms), then a display area for 'zines, new and otherwise that were being sold at the con was added. Next came the site for the Fan Q ballot box (with many of the nominated 'zines on display) and, finally, for about the last 14 years, the 'Zine Room has been the site of the SF/Media Fan Fund charity auction which has expanded greatly from its beginnings. The ‘Zine Room was Jan Gosnell’s pride & joy and we are glad it is continuing!"

Art Show

Art Show Awards by popular vote:

  • Best in Show: Chris by Karen River
  • Best in Con Theme: Princess by Karen River
  • Best in SF: Rocket & Groot by Mike Cole
  • Best in Fantasy: Amber Dragon by Theresa Mather
  • Best in Humor/Cartoon: (TIE)
  • They Had Cookies by Mike Cole
  • Deadpooh by Mike Cole
  • Best Portrait: Chris by Karen River
  • Best in 3-D/Jewelry/Glass/Ceramic: (TIE)
  • Tiger Bride by Sophia Kelly Schultz
  • Covering All the Bases by 3D Bud
  • Best in Fabric/Needlework: Cap & Bucky Apron by Ann Waltham
  • Best Critter: (TIE)
  • Mystery by Karen River
  • Spirit Guide -- Mouse by Karen River
  • Best in Cop/Investigator/Spy: Baker Street by Karen River
  • Best in Horror: Alien by Mike Cole
  • Best in Animated: TV Night by Babs Wolf
  • 2 Cute 2 Live: Rocket & Groot by Mike Cole
  • Best Other (Doesn't fit above categories): Tiger Bride by Sophia Kelly Schultz
  • Personal Favorite: Chris by Karen River


Judges: Mark Cogan, Sophia Kelly Shultz , Seth Bonder.

  • Best In Show: On The Homefront -- Becky Wurm Clark
  • Best Original Arrangement by a Costumer: Galadriel's Cape of Lament – Brenda Gasahl
  • The Lorax Award: The Coral Reef – Malaya Armstrong-Bruce
  • The Most Earnest Attempt to Sing Award: Plagerism [sic] – Bob Dawe
  • The Dancing Badger Award: Sorted This Way – Margie Martinson
  • The Drop Back and Punt Award: Cheeto Wolfote – Babs Wolf
  • The Unexpected Camouflage Award: Ex's and Oh's – Roxy Raccoon
  • The Edna Mode Award for Best Use of a Cape: The Real Reason Why Director Krennic Wore That Cape – Courtney Kraft
  • Best Newscast by a Woodland Creature Award: Foxy Paw'l Harvey News & Comment – Rocket T. Coyote

Con Skit

  • Ye Olde Star Wars Parody, "a puppet spectacular" by Gordon

Party Suite

  • Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Death Star: Star Wars
  • Musical Sing-Along (Scott Clark)
  • SF, Fantasy and More Bingo (Dawn)
  • Professionals Party (Professionals) (Kat)
  • Pinkie Peter Pony Party Posse (Babs Wolf)
  • Coloring Book Conclave (Jynjyr)
  • Brunch with the Strachey-Callahans (Donald Strachey Mysteries) (for mature audiences) (Candy A)
  • Tea with Houdini & Doyle (Houdini & Doyle) (Storyfan)
  • Tribute to Paulle Alexander (Amy)
  • The Last Party of MediaWest*Con Plays (TL Bogolub & J Turner, et al)
  • Shiva for Peter Cooper



  • 12 Monkeys (SyFy): general discussion of this scifi series
  • Arrow (CW) general discussion of this scifi series
  • Big Bang Theory (CBS): Still Going Strong After All These Years. What keeps it a must watch show?
  • Blindspot (NBC): general discussion of this spy drama
  • Bob’s Burgers (Fox): Come discuss this fun animated series
  • Bones (Fox): Discuss the last season
  • Bull (CBS): general discussion of the new crime series starring Michael Weatherly
  • Class (BBCA): The Doctor Who goes back to school series. What works, what doesn’t,
  • Delta Central Colony (USA): What we learned this year?
  • Commercials: Everyone knows that commercials can be quite a nuisance while watching your favorite shows, but every once in a while, there is one that we really like. Even vintage commercials from years past are always entertaining. Discuss your favourite commercials, old and new, and relive some of advertising's great past!
  • Criminal Minds (CBS): general discussion of this long-running crime series
  • CW'S “Arrowverse" (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow) - 2016-2017 overview
  • Dark Matter (SyFy): general discussion of this scifi drama
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW): general discussion of this scifi series
  • Designated Survivor (ABC): Revamping the US government. Come discuss (no real politics, please)
  • Doctor Who (BBCA) – Who do you want to see as the next Doctor now that Peter Capaldi is leaving?
  • Doctor Who (BBCA): Who was your favorite doctor? Your least favorite?
  • Doctor Who-The final Capaldi Season (BBCA): What do you think about Peter Capaldi leaving DW in the 2017 Christmas episode? Too long a run? Too short? How are his final season’s episodes coming along?
  • Donald Strachey Mysteries (HereTV): Discussion of the movies and books
  • Donald Strachey Mysteries (HereTV): The movies were released between 2005-2009 – how would they be different if they were being made today?
  • Elementary (CBS): General discussion. Is this the final season?
  • Game of Thrones (HBO): The thunderous end of Season Six
  • Grimm – The Finale (NBC): The 2017 season of Grimm is its last. Did the ending satisfy you?
  • Grimm (NBC): general discussion of end of this supernatural drama
  • Hawaii Five-O (CBS) – A general discussion of the current TV series
  • Hawaii Five-O (CBS): Seven seasons of McDanno: Where have we been and where are we going? (/)
  • Houdini & Doyle (Fox): A discussion of the short-lived TV series, both gen and slash perspectives welcome
  • iZombie (CW)): general discussion of this horror series.
  • Law & Order SVU (NBC) general discussion of this long-running crime drama
  • Lethal Weapon (Fox): A good cop, buddy series again
  • Lethal Weapon (Fox): Better than the Movies? Yes! This Murtough and Riggs have great depth and chemistry AND a most fabulous back up system. All the characters are interesting. Let's talk
  • Librarians (TNT): General discussion
  • Local TV Memories: Long before the days when cable and satellite channels took over the airwaves, many local TV stations would bring their own brand of entertainment alongside network shows and syndicated favourites as well as news. From Saturday Morning TV to the late night movie, discuss some of your favourite local TV memories
  • Lucifer (Fox): Chloe is “heaven sent”, but is Trixie the true path to redemption?
  • Lucifer (Fox): Evil never looked so good
  • Lucifer (Fox): Ships galore. And some of the best female characters on TV
  • MacGyver (ABC): Why not discuss why the original series with Richard Dean Anderson was so much fun
  • MacGyver (CBS): Is the reimagined MacGyver good?
  • Marvel’s Agents of Shield (ABC) – General discussion
  • Memorial Commercials
  • My Little Pony (Discovery Family) - Overview of the MLP fandom, and how it's moving forward (We're up to Season 7, William Shatner is voicing a character, and there's a movie coming out this year!)
  • NCIS – New Agents (CBS): With DiNozzo gone, are the new agents filling his shoes properly?
  • NCIS (CBS): How has the series changed with the cast changes?
  • Once Upon a Time (ABC): general discussion of this fantasy series
  • Orphan Black (BBCA): general discussion of this scifi series
  • Prison Break (Fox): general discussion of this revived drama series
  • Public Service Announcements: Do They Really Work?
  • Quantico (ABC): general discussion of this drama series
  • Real Ghostbusters ( Discussion panel about favorite episodes and characters
  • Saturday Morning TV - Memories: Did you ever wish you were a child again still dressed in your jammies, munching on your favorite sugary cereal and watching all of your cartoon heroes presented by a “host” who you also known as the weather man on the news? What were some of your favorite Saturday morning shows?
  • Scorpion (CBS): nerds rescuing people, getting married – discuss the last season
  • Sentinel: Twenty years of slash, spirit animals and dissertations: what keeps the fandom alive? (/)
  • Sherlock (BBCA) - The Final Problem - season ender or series ender? Do we *want* TPTB to give us more, or are we happy for the fandom to take it from here, Thank You Very Much?
  • Sleepy Hollow (Fox): Time to dissect what was good and what went wrong with the final season
  • Stargate (SyFy): Miss the old days? Why not talk about what you think the gang are up [to] (SG1, SGA, etc.)
  • Starsky & Hutch (ABC): Anything goes slash panel. (/)
  • Starsky & Hutch (ABC): Where do you see the boys after Sweet Revenge?
  • Supergirl (CW): how has this scifi series translated from CBS to a new network?
  • The 100 (CW): Discuss the last season of this scifi series,
  • The Flash (CW): Spoiler discussion for this past season
  • The Last Ship (TNT) general discussion of this post-apocalypse drama; is a new virus on the rise?
  • The Magicians (SyFy): general discussion of this scifi series
  • Time to Say Goodbye: Discuss one departing time travel series, Time After Time and Timeless, which was cancelled and then renewed!
  • TV Ratings Then And Now: Are We Shielding Our Children Too Much?
  • TV Themes – Hodgepodge (Contributions Welcome)
  • TV Tropes: Contributor or Reader? General Discussion
  • Your favorite Netflix series. Come and share


  • Animated Movies: What were the animated films that drew you to the theater?
  • Captain America: Where does the storyline go from "Civil War"?
  • Dr. Strange: Good cast?
  • Dr. Strange: The Ancient is a woman. Many freaked out about this but why?
  • Fantastic Beasts & Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: What did fans think of this Harry Potter spin-off movie? How about the sequel play? What is the future of the Potterverse?
  • Ghostbusters fandom: From the original movies, Peter Venkman from Real Ghostbusters fame, to the new 2016 movie; we discuss Ghostbusters and how it’s evolved as a pop culture phenomenon and a fandom
  • Godzilla: Come and discuss all the various incarnations of this rampaging reptile, from the clumsy man-in-suit to the wickedly evil Shin Godzilla
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2: The first one was fantastic; discuss what you know about this upcoming sequel
  • Let’s discuss Dr. Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch. What crossovers would work best? Who could he be paired with? Gen and (/),
  • Logan: OMG, another Wolverine film. Why? Where are the X-MEN stories?
  • Star Trek Beyond: This movie changed the Spock/McCoy relationship. Come and discuss how their relationship changes and how it is different from TOS
  • Star Trek Beyond: This was hurt comfort at its best. Come discuss this great movie and the potential for fanfic fodder
  • Star Wars Rogue One – A Star Wars Story: Did this film actually add anything worthwhile to the Star Wars mythology?,
  • Star Wars Rogue One: Liked or not?
  • The Avengers: What’s up on the movie franchise with this Marvel group?


  • Close Encounters: Share Your Own Experience Of Meeting A Pro
  • In Memoriam: A look back at the actors, directors, writers, and other genre/industry note worthies we’ve lost since last year’s MW*C. It’s been a really tough year, filled with major losses...let’s talk about them!
  • Let's discuss the wonder that is Chris Pratt and all his roles


  • Historical Mysteries: Crime through time
  • Horses: Walter Farley, Logan Forster, etc. Fictional horses and their humans
  • Cozy Mysteries: A little tea with that murder?
  • Pern and Talent Universe: What works or conflicts within these series?


  • Crazy Crossovers: What works, what doesn’t
  • Do you have too many fanzines, toys, photos, etc. and now have to downsize? Come and discuss the options including online selling (ebay or private sales), donations to libraries, gifts to friends. Don’t wait and let your precious collections be thrown away (Dr. Beth)
  • Fan Fiction: Do the views/rants of mundane and/or pro authors affect your enjoyment of writing fan fiction?
  • Fandom: It's all in the chemistry: how actor chemistry and acting choices set the stage for a slash following. (/)
  • Fandom: Viewers vs. Fans: What is it about a show that makes it one of your "fan" shows vs. just a show you enjoy watching? (Slash and gen-friendly)
  • Find your favorite fanfic passages (fanzine and online) and bring them to read aloud. (/)
  • Find your favorite fanfic passages (fanzine and online) and bring them to read aloud
  • Furry Subculture: New to furry? Find out more about it. Already a furry? Come celebrate why we're so awesome! Topics include an overview of our community, and how anthropomorphics are becoming more mainstream in recent media (Zootopia, Sing, etc)
  • Minstrels of Fandom - The Art of Filking: Many songs have been written about our favourite movies, TV shows and books. Some are original compositions while others are set to popular tunes. Some are canon while others are pure fan fiction. Discuss how filking has impacted fandom culture as well as some of your favourite filk songs
  • Podfic: Come discuss your favorite podfics and where to find them
  • Professionals: Best Screen Moments (/) Some episodes are gems, some you fast-forward through most - What scenes make you believe that they are best mates and which make you think they are shagging relentlessly?
  • Professionals: How Much Is Too Much? When an author puts a character into an unfamiliar setting, what triggers your sense that the Lads are OOC? (/)
  • Professionals: Injury Out! -The unthinkable happens and one of the lads is injured and off the A and/or B squad. Does he stay or leave? Do they both leave? What would be their options both in and out of CI5? (/)
  • Professionals: It’s a Holiday; Giving the Lads a break from the routine is a common story trope. Whether it’s the holidays or on holiday, which seem to work best for fic, and why? (/)
  • Professionals: Painfully Yours (/) Inflicting injuries on the Lads is a tried and true method to start a H/C fic. Best and worst examples discussed. (/)
  • Slash Classic Moments vs “queerbaiting”: Have we lost the ability to enjoy slash as an alternative to canon (/)
  • The Internet Movie Database: Were the discussion boards really so nasty, or was there another reason for the site to discontinue them? Is there any replacement out there for discussing that obscure film from the ‘40s?
  • Vintage TV Slash: Wild Wild West, Emergency!, MASH, Riptide, and more! Let’s talk about our favorites. (/)
  • With the passing of Barbara Hale, a discussion of the great Perry Mason is in order. Slash and gen friendly, TV series, movies and books

Convention Reports