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Name: MediaWest*Con 1998
Dates: May 22-25, 1998
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
URL: 1998 History page[1]
1998 Convention theme, a takeoff of Xena
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covers of the 1998 program book

Some Facts About the 1998 Convention

  • 137 zines premiered.
  • There were 83 dealers tables.
  • The theme that year was: "A Long Time a galaxy far, far away, there was an age undreamed of, a time of myth & legend, a time of ancient gods, warlords, & kings, from the dawn of time -- well, you wizards, satyrs, centaurs, demi-gods, barbarians, warrior princesses, mortals, and immortals get the idea. 20 years after we first held T'Con in 1978, MediaWest*Con 18 salutes all our yesterdays, real or imagined."
  • A complaint was raised by an attendee about the amount of slash programming. The MediaWest*Con Progress Report addressed this issue: "One complaint [the Programming Committee] would like to address was from someone who felt that slash and sex panels made up half the programming. In reviewing the schedule, they found that out of 181 events on the list, only 11 were slash and 5 adult, which combined only comprised 9% of the overall schedule. They would like to remind everyone that MediaWest*Con programming is made up entirely from member input. If you would like to see different events on the schedule, send them in!" The fact that fans were still complaining about slash programming 17 years after the first convention only underscored the ongoing marginalization that some slash fans felt at MediaWest*Con. One fan wondered that if a single slash fan had complained about the overwhelming gen programming would the convention organizers have even bothered to figure out the percentages, let alone address the complaint in the progress report? Other fans pointed out that a more productive response would be to send *more* slash programming suggestions as, after all, " MediaWest*Con programming is made up entirely from member input." Or as one slash fan exclaimed: "MediaWest only has 9% slash/adult programming? That's not nearly enough!!!! What's wrong with 40 - 50 - 60% programming?" Others pointed out that they did not feel marginalized and that the MediaWest panel programming was run by two slash fans, that slash zines were allowed to be sold openly (and not forced under the table like at some conventions), that slash art and non-explicit slash door decorations were on display and that slash videos could be shown after midnight.[2]
  • The Blood Drive Stats: There were 63 blood donors, 58 pints collected, and 2 first time donors.
  • Three or four pieces of Suzan Lovett's All The Queens Men were in the artshow, plus a few of pieces of her original Sentinel art.
  • MediaWest*Con online: "If time permits, we will post reports on the MediaWest*Con web site during MediaWest*Con 18. We welcome submissions; please label photos as to who took them, and what they are of, who's in them, etc., and if you want them back. If we are unable to use them during the con, we will still do a post-con posting; photos may also be used in the post-con Progress Report. The URL for the MediaWest*Con web site is Our e-mail address is MediaWest*Con info is accessible throughout the year. Try America Online for free and help us maintain the Mediawest*Con web site! We can have AOL send you access software for a free one month trial; shipping takes about 2 weeks. If you stay with AOL after your free trial period, you will earn us the cost of a month's service. We need your name, phone number, and what system you have: Mac (requires hard drive, Hayes or compatible modem), or Windows (requires hard drive, Hayes or compatible modem) or Windows requires 386 or better processor, hard drive 4 Meg RAM, VG/256 colors, mouse). DOS disks are no longer available. If you stay with AOL past the trial period, please let us know so we can make sure we get the proper credit. Thanks again to those who have helped us keep informed of rumors circulating via electronic bulletin boards, online services, e-mail lists, etc. We appreciate seeing anything relating to MediaWest*Con, and the opportunity to "set the record straight" on a timely basis if need be."

Fan Q Awards

For specifics, see 1998 Fan Q Awards.


There were two plays: "Due South Park" and "A Warrior Princess, A Magic Lamp, & A Certain Starship Captain." A few photos of the plays are archived here.

Another fan refers to the plays as: "Due South Park," and "The Ultimate Woman versus the Ultimate Man", or "Xena meets James T. Kirk". [4]

Fan Fund

The 1998 Fan Fund winner was Shirley Maiewski. She attended MW*C 18.

Party Suite and Other Gatherings

Party Suite:

  • Engagement party for Kris Brown and David Smelser
  • Saturday, 1 pm-3 pm: Blake's 7 Tea for Tenant
  • Saturday, 9-11 pm: Channel D UNCLE list party
  • Saturday, 11 pm-1 am: Channel L UNCLE slash list party
  • Sunday, 1-3 pm: Vidder's Party, sponsored by the Vidder's Listserv
  • Sunday, 3 pm-5 pm: The Damp Hankie Awards

Room Parties:

  • Saturday: Master Yoda requests your presence on Dagobah on Saturday evening. May the Force be with you!
  • Sunday: Babylon5 CCG Party on Sunday night. Bring your decks or learn to play with decks provided.

Masquerade Awards/Costuming

A complete list of winners, with photos, can be seen here[5]

Young Fans Categories

  • Too Cute To Live: Little Gabby and her Big Stick -- Kelly Jeanette Aurora Lowrey
  • Best Wings: Baby Bliss, Child of Cupid -- Samantha Powell

Youngest Fans: Baby in Black with Alien -- Samantha Powell, Kelly Jeanette Aurora Lowrey

Adult Categories

  • Best in Show, Best Overall Workmanship (Beading):
  • The Black Flame -- Christine Bonder
  • Best Cheap, Workmanship (for Storm Trooper Armor and Delenn Robes): Scum of the Universe -- Bev Grant, Martyn, Bill Dyer, Jan Gosnell, Joel Burdick
  • Best Recreation: 7 of 9 -- Betty Ann
  • Best Presentation: Double Your Slayer -- Lizbet Lewis, Dawn Steele, Perri Smith, Abby Albrecht, Valerie Meachum, & Tina Cooling
  • Most Humorous: Sir Poptopalot -- Christina Getrost

Some fans in Rat Patrol costumes can be seen here.

Door Decoration Awards

There is no mention of the door decoration contest or awards of the 1998 archived website.

Art Show Awards

Winners are selected by popular vote.

  • Science Fiction: The Year We Took Back What Was Ours by Wappel
  • Fantasy: Owl Stretching Time by Liltz
  • Detective: Me and Thee by Liltz
  • Secret Agent: 007 Will Steele Your Heart by McClain
  • Animation: Mice In Black by Mike Cole
  • Humor: Beatings, Brother by Leah Rosenthal (a Xena/Highlander crossover)[6]
  • 3-D: Spirit Drum by McClain
  • Fabric: Highlander Tapestry by Sherlock
  • Western: Sunset Seven by Seaman
  • Horror: Aristocracy by Liltz
  • Portrait: The Eternal Star by McClain
  • Critter: Bon Appetit by Sandman
  • Best In Show: The Eternal Star by McClain
  • Too Cute to Live: Two Cute by Barbara Fister-Liltz


  • Dragon Fountain by Honeck
  • Highlander Tapestry by Sherlock

Source: 1998 Art Show Winners.

Vid Show Awards

To read about fan conflicts and tensions regarding slash and gen vid programing at this con, see Media West, Fan Q's and slash fans by Flamingo.



  • FIRST PLACE: Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance) -- Chris & Christina
  • SECOND PLACE: A Little Less Talk & a Lot More Action -- Pony Girls
  • THIRD PLACE: It's In His Kiss -- California Crew


  • FIRST PLACE: It's Raining Men -- California Crew (Multi)
  • SECOND PLACE: Wide World of Sports -- Chevron & Jon (Blake's 7)
  • THIRD PLACE: The Carioca -- Barbara's Living Room (Multi)


  • FIRST PLACE: California Crew
  • SECOND PLACE: Chris & Christina
  • THIRD PLACE: Barbara's Living Room


  • Vanity Card -- California Crew


  • California Crew


The asterisk denotes the panel moderator/leader.


  • Babylon 5: What makes it so unique. TM Cason, A Lieven*, Martynn, N Pellegrini
  • Writing: Details: How everyday details can make a story better. TL Bogolub, D Hicks, R Ractliffe, J Yasner
  • Ally McBeal
  • The Simpsons.
  • Bad show, great fanfic!
  • StarTrek: Deep Space 9: Kira Nerys, Tough Gal: Is she DS9's equivalent to...James T. Kirk? C Bichler*, FyrDrakken, L Wexler, J Yasner
  • Due South
  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: What the reunion movie should be like. J Kraft*, J Lindner, D McLevy.
  • Internet savvy.
  • Star Wars fanzines.
  • Man From UNCLE: A general slash discussion. S Fox, D Rojano, J Toth, L White*
  • For Better or Worse: When famous literary and series characters marry, is it a boom or a bust? S Ballasch, H Commodore, L Thomas*
  • Chicago Hope.
  • Babylon 5: Londo and G'Kar: What makes this fascinating relationship tick, and where will Mr. Staczynski take these characters next? S Ballasch, G Barker, A Lieven, L Mangan*, L Wexler
  • Writing: Historical research: Why you should bother and how to do it. TL Bogolub, C duVeritas, D Hicks, R Stuemke*
  • Women in media: Those we love and those we hate. M Brin*, M Lellouche, V Meachum
  • Real Ghostbusters.
  • Mass culture and media fandom: Three academic perspectives. (2 hours) C Gillilan, J Moleski, AC Smith*, S Smith, C Walker
  • Homicide: Life onthe Street: Best season ever or circling the drain? G Blog, B Franjevik, M Womack*
  • Quantum Leap: Is the fandom dying out? T Librande, P Poole, J Toth*
  • Super sleuthing: Finding fanzines/fanfic in an orphan fandom.
  • Sentinel: Friends, Brothers, Lovers & the Sentinel-Guide Thing C. Apple, S. Fox, K. Smith, K Yost*
  • Writing Superman vs... Goofy?? Why you need a strong villain. M Brin*, T O'Brien, R Stuemke, M Womack
  • Introduction to the Fanzine Archives. M. Wathne
  • Deep Impact.
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Giles: Whoever thought a Librarian could be sexy? TM Cason, ElaineMc, S Hovde, K Nuernberg*
  • Shadow Chasers.
  • Modesty Blaise.
  • X-Files: Should Mulder and Scully get together? A Bauer, J Hughes*, A Schnaars
  • Writing: Measure for measure: The pros and cons of using song lyrics in fan fiction. C Apple, TL Bogolub, ElaineMc, R Ractliffe, N Tanck*
  • World War II series: Their continuing appeal. D Hicks, M Mastoris, L Wells*
  • Tom Clancy: His novels. T Beck, D Conley, K Korossy, A Lieven*
  • Star Wars prequels.
  • New fall TV line-up. Introduction to clinical hypnosis. N Hillman PhD
  • Ghost & Mrs. Muir.
  • Stargate SG-1: General discussion. V DeVries, K Miller, D Pleasants, J Strohm*, G Young-Christian
  • Writing: Parodies: Why do we always make fun of the ones we love, the ones we shouldn't make fun of at all? [April Valentine]*, D Conley, J Lindner, R Stuemke
  • Hogan's Heroes.
  • Early Edition
  • Lost In Space, the movie.
  • The Old Guard: I remember when fandom was...
  • Paul Gross.
  • TV westerns.
  • Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter: A Bauer, K Miller, J Skelly, K VanderLaan*, M VanDyke
  • Speculation on the future for these characters.
  • Men In Black, the movie and the animated series.
  • Rat Patrol
  • Cable TV guilty pleasures: The allure of The Weather Channel, Food TV, etc.
  • TV vs. movie remakes: Which is better?
  • Rock V Roll Starship: An introduction.
  • Knightly art of chainmail making: A live demonstration. (2 hours). S Mayer
  • seaQuest and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Are fen attracted by the actors, premise or both? S Ballasch, Dyevka, J Kraft*
  • Hercules.
  • Godzilla.
  • M*A*S*H.
  • Filking: Is it becoming a lost art?
  • NASA
  • Chi kung ki energy workshop and idea exchange. L Lindner
  • Due South slash.
  • Xena.
  • Silence of the Lambs.
  • JAG
  • Drop-in filking. Open to all. (4 hours)
  • Alien invasion.
  • Andre Norton.
  • King of the Hill.
  • Bonkers for honkers: Men with big noses and the women who love them.
  • Poltergeist, the Legacy.
  • She Wolf of London
  • Vampires.


  • Meet the apocryphals.
  • MediaWest*Con XVIII Blood Drive.(5 hours)
  • Babylon 5: Who, what and why? The basics. G Barker*, TM Cason, A Lieven, J Moleski, T O'Brien
  • Serials: Writing all your stories in a fandom in a single universe or timeline. [April Valentine], B Koenig, K Korossy, K Nuernberg*, N Tanck
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9: As the Station Turns: How DS9 takes supposedly "soap operatic" conventions and uses them to create a new Star Trek mythos. C Bichlcr*, I Hark, A Reeve
  • Generational differences: Young fen like the 'Net, while older fen prefer print. Is there a way to bring them together? D Langsam*, V Meachum, N Pellegrini
  • High Incident: The best show nobody ever watched. B Franjevik*, S Hovde, J Mergenhagen
  • Starsky & Hutch.
  • Titanic: A legend revisited. K Agel, J Chadwcll, J Edwards, J Gold, A Varesano*. L Wexler
  • Writing: Details: How everyday details can make a story better. M Brin, M Lellouche, M Schmidt, N Tanck*
  • Computing 101: Which software programs work best for zine layout. L Hutcheson, D Laymon, E Tanck* Jewelry making for fun and profit. S Mayer*, CA Rasmussen
  • Sentinel: Naomi Sandburg: What kind of mom was she? C Apple*, S Fox, E Hlabse
  • Alien Nation: From film to TV series to TV movies: How has it changed? TM Cason, J Lorrah, Martynn*
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader: How does the fans' version differ from Lucas'? ZP Florian, M Wathne, J Yasner*
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Giles: Whoever thought a Librarian could be sexy? J Gold, P Poole, D Rojano*, K VanderLaan
  • How to write a better story. (2 hours) C Walker
  • Brooklyn South.
  • Portrayal of gays and lesbians in film and television. P Cooper*, S Garinger, A Reeve
  • A-Team.
  • Stargate: SG-1: Better or worse than the movie Stargate? J Mergenhagen, K Miller, T'tal*
  • Babylon 5: Life on a space station. G Barker, TL Bogolub, A Lieven, L Mangan*, R Rogow
  • The Frugal Publisher: How to put a zine out on a shoestring budget. D Langsam, R Ractliffe, E Tanck*
  • Sentinel: The perfect couple or poster boys of slash personification? S Garinger*, D Hicks, K Smith
  • Pinky & the Brain.
  • Rock V Roll Starship: An introduction.
  • Writing: What to expect from a publisher and what they expect from you. D Drake, J Kraft, D Pleasants*, L Wells
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9: Odo & Kira: Problems unique to writing this pair. C Bichler*, C Fulton, FyrDrakken
  • Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.
  • Erotica: What makes you feel good? A Bauer, D Rojano, L Thomas*
  • Starsky/Hutch: What do you consider to be the slashiest episode? C Apple, T Librande, L Magee*
  • Sentinel Fanfic: Online Guilty Pleasures, or fanfic that pushes our buttons. C Apple, B Galyean, E Hlabse, K Smith*, K Yost
  • Going "Pro": Turning your writing hobby into a money-making endeavor. J Davidsmeyer, S Garrett, J Lindner, K Miller, R Rogow*
  • Star Trek: Voyager: 7of9: Strong character, or Mary Sue? S Ballasch, M Brin*, FyrDrakken
  • Getting Started on the Internet: Tips for Mac and Wintel users. S Meyer*, T O'Brien, M Womack
  • Writing poetry.
  • Beauty & the Beast.
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Watcher and The Slayer. TM Cason, ElaineMc, S Hovde, K Nuernberg*, K VanderLaan
  • Writing: Superman vs. ...Goofy??: Why you need a strong villain. H Commodore, J Kraft*, D Langsam, D Laymon
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Emergency!
  • Lord Peter Wimsey: "Thrones, Dominations": Do the fans like it or hate it? T Beck, CA Rasmussen, AC Smith, S Smith*, L Thomas .
  • Sitcoms.
  • Chicago Hope.
  • La Femme Nikita: Suspense, Secrets and Sex: Is this the UNCLE of the 90's? M Brin, H Commodore, D Laymon, L Wexler*, M Womack
  • Writing: Show and Tell: Learning the difference—a workshop. J Kraft*, J Lorrah, K Miller
  • Star Trek: The "outsider" characters (Spock, Data, Odo, Holodoc, 7). FyrDrakken, I Hark, S Meyer*
  • Sliders.
  • How to market your 'zine.
  • Antonio Banderas.
  • X-Files: Krycek: The Rat in all his glory. Susan Hall, L Mangan*, M Womack
  • Writing Alien Sex: The joys and frustrations of writing love scenes for interspecies couples. C Bidder, TL Bogolub, C Fulton*
  • Daytime "soaps".
  • Net fic vs. published fic: The pros and cons. D Hicks, K Korossy, N Pellegrini, R Stuemke, M Wathne*
  • Wiseguy.
  • Twilight Zone.
  • Hawaii 5-0.
  • MediaWest*Con XVIII Plays (Approximately 2 hours). "South Jurassic Park" by Ken Keisel, "A Warrior Princess, A Magic Lamp,& A Certain Starship Captain" by Rob Butler & performed by the Monday Night Group that meets on Sunday Afternoon
  • Online Protocol: Are there any rules for behavior on fannish lists? TL Bogolub, ElaineMc, R Stuemke*
  • Millennium.
  • Outer Limits.
  • Drew Carey.
  • Merlin.
  • S&M and B&D: The ABC's of writing kinky sex.
  • Drop-in filking. Open to all. (4 hours)
  • MediaWest*Con XVIII Masquerade.


  • Sentinel: Super Senses, Super Sex?: Would heightened senses be a blessing or a curse during sex? S Garinger, E Hlabse, K Smith*
  • Writing: Getting started: Tips and tricks for Newbie writers. J Kraft*, K Miller, R Stuemke
  • Lesbian slash.
  • Avoiding "no sale" art shows. S Mayer
  • Rock & Roll Starship: An introduction.
  • Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter: Speculation on the future for these characters. M Brin, TM Cason, Sandy Hall, T O'Brien*
  • Sherlock Holmes: "Real" vs. "Pastiche". H Commodore, J Lindner, R Rogow, L Thomas*
  • Airwolf.
  • Stargate: SG-1: Better or worse than the movie Stargate? V DeVries, J Strohm*, G Young-Christian
  • Sentinel: Character analysis. C Apple, S Fox, L Hutcheson*
  • Quantum Leap: Is Sam still out there? Is Al still married to Beth? T Librande, K Nuernberg*, P Poole, CA Rasmussen, M Schmidt
  • Homicide: Life on the Street: Still the best series on TV? G Blog, M Lellouche, M Womack*
  • Love and War: Slash possibilities in war series. (Garrison's Gorillas, Rat Patrol, etc.) K Agel, D Hicks*, M Mastoris, AC Smith, K Winter
  • Babylon 5: How does season 5 stand up to 1-4? Has the move to TNT changed the show? G Barker*, TL Bogolub, Martynn, J Moleski, N Pellegrini
  • Vicki Nelson: Paranormal Investigator: Where can this series go after "Blood Debt"? A Bauer, C duVeritas, J Skelly, K VanderLaan*, M VanDyke
  • Don Johnson: A look at the quality and progression of this actor's work. D Gardner-Bonneau, C Sanders, N Tanck*
  • UFO phenomena. J Chadwell, J Edwards, A Varesano*
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy/Giles: Possible or Impossible? Sandy Hall, S Hovde, D Rojano*, A Schnaars, L Wexler
  • Advanced writers' seminar. (2 hours) C Walker
  • Forever Knight: Introductory, what's up panel. TM Cason, S Garrett*, J Mergenhagen, K VanderLaan
  • Highlander: Methos: The ultimate bad guy or the ultimate guy? S Fox, Susan Hall, E Hlabse, CA Rasmussen, J Skelly*
  • Starsky/Hutch: Reading Between the Lines: When did their relationship begin? C Apple, T Librande, L Magee*
  • The history of fanzines.
  • Fannish vids.
  • The 6th Annual Slash Talent In Fandom (STIFfie) Awards. (2 hours)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9: Odo and Kira: The Quintessential SF Romance? C Bichler*, C Fulton, FyrDrakken, A Reeve
  • I Love a Mystery: Why is this genre always in style? D Langsam, K Miller*, S Smith
  • Dr. Who: Two years after the movie, where are we now? T Beck*, G Blog, L Truant
  • Earth: Final Conflict vs. V: Do the Taelons just have better PR? J Gold, D McLevy, J Mergenhagen, T O'Brien*, L Wexler
  • Fandom and the Internet: Making this new influence add to fandom instead of undermining it. S Ballasch, V Meachum, M Wathne*, M Womack Eric McCormack.
  • Writing: Historical research: Why you should bother and how to do it. D Langsam, R Rogow, N Tanck, L Wells*
  • Pencil vs. cursor: The differences between writing online fiction and writing for zines. D Hicks*, J Kraft, D Laymon
  • Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
  • Babylon 5: Londo and G'Kar: What makes this fascinating relationship tick, and where will Mr. Staczynski take these characters next? TM Cason, S Kaminsky, Martynn, J Yasner*
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Watcher and The Slayer. J Gold, T O'Brien, D Rojano*, A Schnaars, L Stoops
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Armchair director: How does the series compare to its earlier seasons? What future plot developments would you like to see? S Ballasch, M Brin*, N Hillman
  • Eureka! I've found it!: What do you do when you've just "discovered" a new fandom that is years old? T Librande, J Lorrah, D McLevy, D Pleasants*, AC Smith
  • Sentinel: Friends, Brothers, Lovers & the Sentinel-Guide Thing. B Galyean, S Garinger*, D Hicks, E Hlabse
  • Writing: Details: How everyday details can make a story better. D Laymon, J Lorrah*, K Miller
  • Murder, we wrote: Is it ever acceptable to kill established characters in fanfic? T Librande, R Stuemke*, N Tanck
  • Historical accuracy in films and TV: Does it matter to us if it's true? M Brin, M Lellouche, A Lieven*, R Ractliffe
  • Computers and the Internet: Is fandom being divided into the "haves" and "have nots"? L Mangan, S Meyer, J Toth* X-Files, the movie.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9: Odo: Why We Love Him. C Bichler*, FyrDrakken, I Hark
  • AIDS and safe sex: What's its place in today's slash? [April Valentine]*, P Cooper, AM Flowers
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9and Voyager: Both Trek, but what a difference! Comparing and contrasting the two series. G Blog, C Fulton*, L Wexler
  • Serials: Writing all your stories in a fandom in a single universe or timeline. TL Bogolub, AM Flowers, M Schmidt, C Walker*, L Wells
  • Academic Lurkers: Is anyone else getting tired of having to curb their tongue for fear of what these researchers are going to write about us? S Ballasch, C Bichler*, D Gardner-Bonneau, I Hark, S Smith
  • X-Files: The Kiss. D Conley, Sandy Hall, L Mangan*, M Mastoris
  • Star Wars slash.
  • Slash reference materials: Where to find them.
  • Blake's 7.
  • NYPD Blue.
  • Production staff on the Internet.
  • Buddy shows.
  • ER.
  • Xena.
  • Pretender.
  • Creature.
  • Brother Cadfael.
  • Hercules.
  • MediaWest*Con XVIII Art Auctions (5 hours)
  • Profiler.
  • Star Trek: Kirk/Spock.
  • Shakespeare.
  • Drumming circle. P Neier, C Ford-Tillman
  • The Appeal of Scary Movies.
  • Fannish "vacations": Trek cruises, series' locations and other ways we try to connect with our favorite actors/characters.
  • Drop-in filking. Open to all. (4 hours)


  • Disaster movies.
  • Star Trek: All generations.
  • Cast changes.
  • MediaWest*Con XVIII "Dead Dog" Panel. (2 hours)
  • Animation.
  • British science fiction series.
  • Ensemble shows.
  • Ancient times.
  • Season cliffhangers.
  • Action series and movies.


From the program book:
Co-Chainnen (and your hosts) Lori Chapek-Carleton and Gordon Carleton would like to thank the following staffers and assistants for their hard work: [Darlene F] & Ann Teitelbaum (Programming/Party Suite/flyers), Jeanne Sullivan (GoFers, Con Suite), Deborah Laymon (Fan Fund), Keith Grunenwad and Seth Cutis (Security), Jan Gosnell (Fanzine Reading Room), Karen M. Klinck, Jesse McClain, Vivian Sheffield and Roberta Stuemke (Art Show & Auction), Jan Keeler (Fan Quality Awards), Andre Lieven (Masquerade), Carol Reed (Dealers) Sheryl Adsit (Fannish Videos), Kim Dyer (Blood Drive), Margaret Basta (Orphan Zines) the Art Show auctioneers, runners, and auction staff, year-round gluttons for punishment Liz Vogel, Caroline Nasal and all the GoFers without whom there could be no convention. Thank you all for your time and effort, especially to those who work not just during this weekend, but throughout the year!

Dar and Ann are unable to attend the con, but have designated Sharon Garinger to be in charge of flyers and postings See Lori and Gordon about program schedule openings and Party Suite openings.

Once again Ring of Steel will be doing swordfighting displays and workshops in the main courtyard.

Thanks also to Jeff Walker and various studios for promotional trailers and items for distribution to MediaWest*Con 18 members from such films as Godzilla, Blade, Virus, Mulan, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Lethal Weapon 4, Disturbing Behavior, and The Mask of Zorro.

Convention Reports

MediaWest is my favorite con... the structure and content of MediaWest are just what I want and need. Off first importance, of course, is the companionship of like-minded folks... It allows me to meet with other fans and discuss as many different fandoms as I want for a glorious few days. I know that for many, the panels are secondary, but for me, they are a major reason for going. I go to panels for shows I foloow (X-Files, Babylon 5, Blake's 7, Star Trek, Profiler, etc.), and I go to panels for topics I'm interested in (writing and editing fanzines, the impact of the Internet on fandom, copyright issues in fandom)... I LIKE to talk and I like to listen to others talk about shows and topics that interest them. Part of the entertainment of this con is the breadth of interests that show up up on panels. At MediaWest, I have met -- in the flesh-- folks that I have only known through email or discussion groups. There is nothing like finally knowing what someone you have shared tapes and discussions really looks like. Second is fanzines. I'm a fanzine addict... and MediaWest offers me the chance to look at zines. Many times I end up leaving not only with zines that cover one of my many fandoms, but a bunch of genzines that may have stories that will start me on a new fandom. A great many zine publishers aim for MediaWest for the new issues of their zines. It is the discussion around the dealer's tables and the panels that let you know what shows have that certain something that makes for a fanzine fandom, and if you are like me, makes you wonder why two shows you love (Profiler and Nash Bridges) don't seem to bring out the fanfic bug even though similar shows do. Another aspect of the con is that the timing is over Memorial Day. The current schedules of most television networks make this a perfect venue for support of new fandoms and sympathy for those seeking support for a dead or dying show. 'Show' is the operative word here, not necessarily fandom -- fandoms' lives frequently have very little to do with the source material... Finally, there is an opportunity to follow a fandom over time and see how it moves and changes or stagnates and dies. Some fandoms are there year after year (Star Trek and all its varieties, and Star Wars), some are up on one year and down another (Blake's 7) and others follow the up and down progression of X-Files... I'm not a big fan of the art show and the masquerade so you will have to go elsewhere for a report on them. [7]
Well, after 3 years, [we] finally made it back to MediaWest. What a wonderful experience! Without even a membership, we drove up on Friday and crashed at the Day's Inn. The next morning, while [he] worked on his Stormtrooper costume, I ventured into the dear old Holiday Inn South. Shyly, I sidled up to the registration booth and peeked at a schedule ... Holy Shit!!! There was a Vader discussion group at 12:00, and here it was 12: 10 already!!! Now, I knew where those University 1-2-3-4 rooms were, but how do I get there? Around and around the atrium I raced, trying to remember the layout ... finally found that little corridor ... and opened the door. And there they were: Ming, Z. P., and Joyce holding court over a motley array of SWarsies ... (sigh) Was it good to be back??? Had I ever been away??? Later that evening, the Blue Jawa and Storm trooper 9302 made their entrances, and when the Emperor him/herself embraced me, I knew I was back in the fold. Even though there seemed to be less SW on the agenda than in the past, I found no lack of Imps & VaderLusters to hobnob with. The Blaster Battle was a hoot: Beejay stayed busy protecting Vader and found a new friend amongst the Imperial grunts. Stormtrooper 9302 had sore thigh muscles the next morning from running up and down those stairwells all night ... but wasn't the hot tub delightful? Got to spend some quality time with Cheree, Randy, and Katy (quite the young lady now!) at Ponderosa. Came away with my SW juices refurbished, my Vader molecules reignited, and who knows what else. [8]
The panels (one of my favorite things!) were, at least from where I was sitting, a little calmer and quieter...and duller -- than in previous years. I found no great controversy, no great split or argument; even the Babylon 5 folks were not at the fever pitch of last year... But I sincerely enjoyed the panels I was on and the panels I attended -- there was plenty of intelligent discourse and informed opinion. The plays were funny. South Park is one of the two or three hot new shows among fans and 'Due South Park' was marvelous parody. The second play, a radio 'advice to the lovelorn' call-in show featuring calls from Fox Mulder, Jim Kirk and others had its moments, but 'Due South Park' was definitely the hit of the evening. The dealer's room was pretty standard -- lots of zines, some shirts, pins, bumper stickers, jewelry -- and it was very quiet this year. Everyone I know who was selling zines, new or old, reported a very poor year... There were the usual wonderful reunions with friends only emailed during the year and seen only for this weekend, and the fun of enjoying 24 hours a day... I didn't get to talk story as Enterprising Women called it nearly enough. Maybe next year."[9]
MediaWest is quickly becoming SlashCon. I've always maintained that I am anti-slash because it places established characters in out-of-character situations. If someone wants to write about gay characters, create them. But don't write characters out-of-character just because you want them to be that way. My apologies to any Slash fans out there, but that's my opinion. The only fandom I can accept slash material in, and that's only because of many scenes in the show which hint toward this, would be Xena. [10]
For the last couple of years, I have been coming to MW*C costumed as Moffitt from the Rat Patrol. It's not an outlandish costume--desert-tan military style clothes with a black beret--but I was always the only one! Linda Sparr, another Ratty fan, supported me by wearing Desert Storm cammies. This year, I was joined by R. K. MacBride as Troy, Catriona MacKirnan as Dietrich, and Gail Barton as Tully--and they brought along a Hitch hat for Linda Sparr, so we had the whole crew! Ann Elaine McKannan, an old friend of mine from Texas, joined us this year for her first MW*C. She loved costuming, and wore a beautiful blue and gold embroidered gown from the Middle East. It fit right in with the Rat Patrol theme: we introduced her as "The Arab Girlfriend!" [11]
Back from MediaWest, partly caught up on sleep, partly caught up on email, shelf-feet behind in reading (and *liking* it that way! Happiness is a to-be-read stack higher than your knees)...

The con was -- okay. I only spent about ten minutes with the person I had been most looking forward to seeing, but on the other hand I went out to dinner with someone I hadn't expected to spend much time with and had a really good conversation, both serious and fun, the kind that reminds me why I find so many good friends in fandom.

As usual for me at MediaWest, I went to only one program event: Cindy Walker's writers' workshop. It was as interesting as always, although I'm always a little taken aback by her frequently talking in terms of screenplays rather than short stories and novels. And of course I was one of the auctioneers. The art auction began a little after seven pm and ended just before midnight, which is par for the MediaWest course; someday Gordon will listen to the people telling him that two bids to auction is too few for a con the size of MediaWest, but he doesn't work the auction, so what does he care how long it lasts? Five-hour auctions are the MediaWest Way.

Anyway, we all had a good time on stage, and the audience seemed to have a pretty good time too. Prices were low, though; only one piece broke $400, as I recall. (I heard some dealers saying that sales were low, as well.) Other than that, I cruised through the dealer's room (and the dealers' rooms), doing my bit to keep the fannish economy circulating: I bought more zines at Media than at the previous two or three cons combined. I'll try to review some of them when I've read them, and when I've had a little more sleep. I also got several requests for Chains of Being and for Paper Cut, and promised that as soon as I get the masters from the late lamented Manacles Press, the zines will be back in print from me, the Zine Agent Provocateur.


Yes, [the room party was a very good party, lots of sitting around talking madly. We reminisced about the weight thread and the reviewing thread and watched vids and filled out a survey (ghost of virgule past! Remember when posting statistics used to be more-or-less-regularly posted?) and enthused about Buffy and angsted about the Season of Death -- characters dying across the board -- and generally schmoozed. The Chicago Loop songvids were just wonderful. I had seen them earlier and was one of the people rooting to have them shown at the party, 'cause I knew the tape wouldn't be available for a while yet and I *loved* them. Only two were shown at the party, and they're the ones that stick in my mind, of course; I remember the others less well and won't try to describe them here (except to say that the Nothing Sacred vid was lovely, sweet and touching and with a certain sharpness as well). One of the two was a Buffy vid by Jessica (bingo) that did truly startling things with blackscreen and pacing; she said that the first few clips, which total maybe ten seconds, took her forty-five minutes to lay down, and I believe it. But if they weren't so sharply on the beat, so clean and crisp, they would lose their effect; as it is, they're marvelous. She highlights three different styles and speeds of music with three different kinds of visuals in those ten seconds, gutpunching the viewer with the emotional impact of the Buffy/Angel relationship. Watching the vid and thinking about the work she did on it made me think of writing and editing (especially self-editing, aka revising and rewriting); if something's worth doing, I believe, it's worth doing well. Bingo could have finished the vid with a heckuva lot less work, and it would have been passable -- but it would have made me ache for what it *could* have been. Indeed, there is one cut that still makes me want to reach for the vidding equivalent of a red pencil (an erase head?), and I think she's considering redoing it. The vid is to a song called "The Story Ends" and it's a harsh look at Buffy's shock, despair, and rage over Angel. It includes clips from Becoming 1 but not Becoming 2 (which I was glad of; I was having "Buffy stood over Angel's body, sword smoking in her hand" mental images as I saw it for the first time, and was glad that bingo didn't use that clip. The one she did use is -- er -- painfully effective. Heh). The other one was by bingo's friend Melissa (I hope I've remembered her name correctly); it's an XF vid to "True Believer (X-Files vid)." Now, understand that I am an ardent fan of the Avon/Vila vid to that song, by Nicole of the Media Cannibals. I spent the first minute or so of the XF vid thinking to myself, "It's a really good vid, so it's a shame that it will always be overshadowed in my mind by the A/V vid, which is the definitive use of this song." After the first minute I wasn't thinking that any more. After about another thirty seconds I was saying to bingo, "You have to introduce me to Melissa, because I'm gonna kiss her. Then I'm gonna *kill* her." The vid is about Scully's thoughts about Mulder: admiration, yes, but also resentment at his singlemindedness and the disasters he drags her into -- into which she finds herself going willingly, for him. The clip Melissa uses against the first "I will get whatever I deserve" line is *brutal*. And brilliant. It's a stunning vid. I still love Nicole's A/V one, but the song now has *two* definitive uses for me. (I apologize to bingo and Melissa if I've misremembered anything about their vids, by the way; my memory isn't always the greatest for con events! If this were a real review, I'd have rewatched them several times before describing them, but I don't own them -- yet! -- so I can't -- yet...)


All in all, a good con. And I'm looking forward to Mountain Media -- when do we start the roll call for that one? :-) [12]
[from Dee Beetem ]: It’s true—after you go to the same con ten years in a row or so, they all begin to blur together for you. Fact is, for a con like Media West, what you get out of it depends largely on what you look for.

As usual, Thursday night I raced through the room dealers trying to find those precious cheap used zines—or extremely expensive zines that I just don’t think I can do without. I attended panels on Stargate, Buffy, Forever Knight—heard some cast anecdotes and a few pieces of ‘what’s happening now’ but nothing really remarkable. Bumped into old friends all through the con but didn’t spend anywhere near enough time with them. (Guilt, guilt.)

A little more furor than usual about ‘shows in peril’ due to the distressing quantity of doom-flavored cliffhangers. Most fans can get a life, but not at Media. Sign on room door: "Oh No! Those Bastards! They Killed Blair!"

Really cute pre-masquerade skit this year—Due South Park. ‘Oh no, we’re turning into Canadians, eh!"

Finally had to acknowledge that I was turning into a Sentinel fan—who knows why. (A hotbed of $20 zines—and a lot of them came out first on the ‘Net… next year I’ll have more sales resistance.)

Erika and I had only one day free for Ontario—just enough time to buy Canadian chocolate eggs and visit Jackson Park in downtown Windsor. El Nino came through for us in spades. Most years the Ontario rose beds are nothing but stubs on Memorial Day—there were actually roses blooming this year.

We discovered that there was a pulp-and-paperback dealer’s con on Sunday at the nearby Day’s Inn and tooled over to blow yet more money. Erika, of course, has a serious pulp addiction—I contented myself with a few paperbacks and a copy of Spicy Zeppelin Stories.

Finally, we stopped off in Okemos, Michigan on the way back to the airport to see if they really had a Tuba Museum. (Request from a work acquaintance.) They did, but it was closed for Memorial Day.

And, managed to transport all my zines back home without killing a suitcase!

[from Erika Frensley]: For a change, I attended about 3-4 panels this year. As a result, darned if I know what everyone thought about Stargate, Sentinel, the old standard fandoms, B5, etc.

On the other hand, I did attend the plays, which included the aforementioned Due South Park, and "The Ultimate Woman versus the Ultimate Man", or "Xena meets James T. Kirk".

A favorite in the Art Show was the cartoon, "Welcome to Starfleet Security, Ensign Kenny". Need I describe it? Another favorite was "The Shadows. They killed Kosh. Those Bastards!"

The costume contest included a very good Seven of Nine costume, and Sir Popsalot, the Knight who says KneeHi! His armor, based on Monty Python, was created totally out of poptabs. The costume contest ended with a skit of the first season of Buffy meets the second season of Buffy, loaded with injokes galore. If you don’t watch Buffy, unfortunately you wouldn’t have gotten the jokes. [13]
Although I/we barely knew Elaine, having only met her at MediaWest*Con, I was really looking forward to seeing her again next year, and how much fun she was to be around. She was having such a good time with costuming and impromptu role-playing that it really made the weekend a lot of fun. Her enthusiasm actually helped me quite a bit, as I was feeling very shy around all of you whom I didn't know...I was glad to know her, even just for the one weekend. [...]I was happy that we got the chance at MWC to take Elaine for a spin in "Brunnhilde" (Catriona's ersatz Kuebelwagen)...she enjoyed it so much, piling into the back seat with Anne and just having a grand time with the whole thing, even though she was not really feeling well at the time. She liked it, and it was fun to spend that time with her. [14]

Welcome to my report on MEDIA*WEST XVIII. I intend to give this report a slashy twist, so let's get started!

Friday, May 22, 1998

Well, this was the day for the only two DUE SOUTH panels scheduled for the con. Only two, you say? Yep. In 1996, there were *four* DUE SOUTH panels, and one of them was slash. This time around, one was gen and one was slash.

The gen panel suffered from the same malady as the 1997 version: lack of enthusiasm. While in 1996 the gen panel had been a packed house, in 1997 there had been a half-empty room, and this year, barely a dozen people attended. Ironically, the 1996 panel had taken place right after the news spread about the show being cancelled. 1997 had suffered from Season 3/4 uncertainty. 1998 suffered from the "COTW" finale, methinks.

Anyway, the slash panel was sparsely-attended as well, a huge difference from 1996 in which the room was nearly full. We did have some interesting discussion, but it lacked the fire of the '96 one. Unfortunately, a lot of passionate people were lost when news of David's departure made the rounds. I truly think Alliance shot themselves in the foot with this decision, but as long as they make money, they don't care about artistic integrity.

There was a controversy last year about slash videos being shown. Apparently there had been some complaints, and so the organizers decided to segregate gen and slash videos. Unfortunately, people misunderstood this and thought that slash videos were no longer allowed, so very few were submitted. They knew better this year, but I still didn't see any for the entire con. When they post schedules, they never really specify whether they're gen or slash, and I really wanted to see some slash ones. I must have kept missing them!

Ah, there's nothing like sunning oneself in the courtyard, the fountains splashing beside you, a good slash zine in your hand. I picked up my 'trib copy of NO HOLDS BARRED, which contained my DS story, "THE RIVALRY", and a copy of GENTLEMEN NEVER TELL, a WILD WILD WEST slash zine. Thursday had been a travel day and I had sunned myself in this courtyard all afternoon, and so I continued the tradition on Friday.

Benny the Mountie Bear was eager to see and do all. I had gotten him at last year's RCW 139, and now he was all brand-spanking new in his dress reds. He had been excited to attend the DS panels, and he had already sniffed out the following goodies in the Dealers' Room: two keychains, one picture showing Benny coming up *very* close behind Ray, and the other of them dancing on railroad tracks and looking happy. Also, there was a gorgeous framed photo of Paul, and another framed one of Paul and David on the set in happier days, smiling and laughing. I think it might have been from "THE EYE FOR AN EYE" episode.

On Thursday night Melissa and I had decorated our door with pictures that suggested the theme, "SOME LIKE IT RED", interspersing red paper cut-outs of hearts with pictures of the guys dancing in "SLIR" and other shots from that episode, and any other slashy pic I could find. One was what I call the ADVOCATE photo of David and Paul in Holland, David looking sweet and sexy in his plaid jacket, one knee bent as he rests it on a bench, and Paul wearing his black jacket, jeans and sunglasses. They look so relaxed together, just backpackin' across Europe! :)

So Benny was happy, and he propped himself up inside the room to stand guard while Melissa and I fell asleep dreaming of Mounties and sexy Italian cops.

Saturday, May 23, 1998 Well, the door seemed to generate quite a lot of comments! When people would stop at the door and talk, I could hear the murmur of voices inside the room. It was sort of like Halloween with the eager trick-or-treaters whispering outside the door. :)

At some point during the day I returned to the room to see an enterprising fan taking a picture of the door. Ah, to be appreciated!

During the morning I switched back and forth between panels on erotica and STARSKY AND HUTCH slash. So it was keeping it all in the family, at least! It was very convenient to have the panels side-by-side. Since I do better in the small discussion groups, I mostly listened to the comments. I am rather a shy girl. Hey, whaddaya mean you don't believe me?!

I met up with Vicki, an old friend, who is deeply into THE SENTINEL now but is still enamored of DUE SOUTH. She, Pam (friend of Vicki's), Benny, and myself went to dinner at the hotel restaurant and discussed the season-ender, "THE CALL OF THE WILD". Vicki was incensed by what had been done. Well, anyone who knows me will know that I agree, that it was a pretty awful ending for Benny/Ray fans. And from what I'd heard, THE SENTINEL's season-ender was even worse! What is Hollywood *thinking*?

I managed to catch some videos, but didn't really sit through many this year. I think it was due to the fact that I never knew when the slash videos would be showing, and I was pretty bored with all the het stuff they were showing. So I de-camped and went in search of old friends and new.

The Art Show was interesting, and I found a few pieces of DS art that were good: one of Benny in his dress reds, one of Benny and Ray, and one of Ray from "THE VAULT" when Elaine has just told him about his 'funeral'. Dontcha just *love* that wide green-eyed look? This one was a black-and-white drawing while the other two had been color. There was a small notebook with a DS theme, and a cute Canadian moose cartoon, also. There was also a cross-stitched Mountie Christmas ornament by Melissa that was unusual. I bid on the b&w; drawing and the color one of Benny and Ray.

Earlier that day I'd made a purchase of a cobalt-blue necklace and a blue bead hair ornament and matching peacock feather. Nothing long and elaborate for the feather, but its color contrasted well with my blond hair. I also bought a yellow bracelet and a XENA T-shirt with both Xena and Gabrielle on it. So I felt very fannish when I wore any of these items.

The STARSKY AND HUTCH slash party was just right for slaking slash-deprivation. All S/H fans were welcome, and I'd attended the party last year. I don't personally know many of the people there, but they made me feel welcome both times. Last year we'd watched an episode, "THE FIX", and this year the hosts stuck more to song videos, including a hot one on, what else, smut! :) There was a birthday cake for three birthday girls and lots of drinks and munchies, and while last year featured a zebra doll in handcuffs, this year a dragon took the honors. Benny had a good time, and we were glad to see Jean, a fellow S/H and B/R fan whom I'd met at RCW last year. As for others from that group, I kept meeting Darlene in the halls, and would see the whole gang at the showing of "FLASHBACK" in the Con Suite the next night. I posted flyers after talking with Lori, who generously offered her copy of the ep for us to enjoy.

So I set Benny on guard again and dreamed dreams of "Benny, I could just kiss you!" all night. :)

Sunday, May 24, 1998 So here it was, the third day of the con.

It's always wonderful to walk around the halls and see the clever door ideas. Some are incredibly elaborate, and range from a STAR WARS Emporium to a Vampire Lair complete with pink-shrouded coffin. There are plenty of slash-themed doors, and doors are frequently open as people deal from their rooms or just feel like having get-togethers.

This morning I attended the LOVE AND WAR panel, which discussed the slash possibilities of war series. Melissa was on this panel. She faithfully mentioned HOGAN'S HEROES, a small but loyal fandom.

Ah, but one of the highlights of the day was the STIFFIES Awards. Mary Urhausen could not be present this year, so her fellow cohort did the honors.

The STIFFIE Award Winners for DUE SOUTH are as follows:

Best Poem/Filk: "SNOW, FALLING SOFTLY"--Jeannie Marie (TWOGETHER)
Best Short Story: "GOOD ENOUGH" --Mirielle (DARK FANTASIES #5)
Best Novella: "OFTEN ENDS IN LOVE"--Gillian Middleton (FIRE AND ICE)
Best Art: Anja Gruber, P. 119 (Cinderella And Prince Charming)--THE STAR OF PALERMO (VICTORIAN SECRETS PRESS)

The STIFFIES Awards are always great fun. And nobody is, um, stiff during *this* awards show! Bawdy and appreciative, this slash gathering is always a guaranteed good time. If you get a chance to attend MEDIA*WEST, never miss the STIFFIES!

Melissa and I picked up some new buttons in the Dealers' Room. We had them custom-made and so I added to my growing collection of DUE SOUTH buttons:

What I call my 'ADVOCATE' button: Paul and David on a publicity tour in Holland, both in jeans, David with a 'leg up', Paul in shades and leather jacket.
Shot of Benny and Ray from 1st season.
Shot of Paul from STAR magazine.
Shot of Paul in his white sweater.
Benny And *Ray* Forever!
Canada Sure DOES Know What To Export
Canadian/American Relations
Climb Every Mountie
Creamy Italian
Food For The Libido**I'll Take Italian
With A Side Order Of Canadian Bacon
I'm Looking For A Detective...Armani?
Italian-The Language Of Love
Maple Syrup Mountie**Sweet As Can Be
Mounted Police
A Mountie Always Gets His Man...And Is Ray Ever Glad!
Mountie Madness
Oh, Dear
Some Like It Red
Thank You Kindly
Yes, Ray, I'm On Fire!
You're So Sensitive!

Next I attended a STAR WARS slash panel, which was fun because SW slash has been underground for so many years (if it was written at all), it's wonderful to see it seeing the light of day.

The showing of "FLASHBACK" began in the Con Suite, and I saw Darlene, Jean and Vicki there (sort of a mini-RCW reunion). Anyway, some of the viewers had seen it already, like myself and the gang, and others had never seen it. It was great fun to watch it in a room full of Duesers. And the slash elements were so blatant, I had to laugh at each one. Slash Lives!

Benny was very excited to be there, and his heart went all pitter-patter when he saw Ray holding Benny's hand, complimenting him on his uniform, exclaiming that he could kiss him, and Benny talking about walrus pelts binding the Inuit wedding couple together. They both spoke of bonding. Better call it glue because I think these two are joined at the hip!

The Art Auction began, and I picked up my piece of Ray (The Wide Green-Eyed Look). When I was getting a cup of water out in the hall, a woman (her name was Gail) stopped to say how cute she thought Benny Bear was, and then we got to talking about DUE SOUTH. We wound up talking for most of the auction, and she's a big David fan. When she'd heard that he was going to attend RCW this year, she decided to go. That man should be given a prize for selling tickets! :)

Gail also asked, "What's the attraction of DS slash?" Oh, dear. She probably regretted that! Anyway, I told her about some of the slashy bits, and she said that she'd noticed some stuff on her own, particularly in "FLASHBACK". She came up with me to view the DS door and I hoped I'd made a convert this night. It was in to bed and early to rise the next day, because Monday was mostly a travel day and saying goodbye. :( But there's always next year! See you then! [15]


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