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Name: MediaWest*Con 2002
Dates: May 24-27, 2002.
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Focus: multi-fandom
Founding Date:
URL: 2002 History page[1]
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Some Facts About the 2002 Convention

cover of the 2002 Program Guide
  • The post-con report for this year was combined with the first progress report for 2003.
  • The theme that year addressed the events of 9/11: "On September 11, 2001 the world changed. Like most people, we tried to comprehend the incomprehensible destruction and loss of life. And, like many, we were forced to reexamine our priorities. We know that putting on a convention isn't finding a cure for cancer, or solving world hunger, or anything seemingly important in the overall scheme of things. But over the years we have heard from many of you that MediaWest*Con has played a significant role, as a safe haven in troubled times, as a vacation destination, as a welcome respite from the work-a-day world. We have tried to create an atmosphere where SF/media fen can spend a weekend immersed in a wide variety of fannish activities, a place where diversity is the order of the day. If anything is to be learned from 9/11 it is that we need to celebrate the philosophy of IDIC, now more than ever. In that spirit, we dedicate MW*C 22 to the continuing story, the sequel, the episodic, the multi-part story arc — in other words, To Be Continued..."
  • From the post-con report: "Please respect the wishes of door decorators. A member had unwanted Slash messages left on her Gen door."
  • Changes to the Vid Show Video Classification: "The "Mature" rating is being extended to include videos of all orientations that are of an adult nature. This would include such "steamy" examples as the Bunnies from Hell "Addicted to Love" Wiseguy video of a dozen years ago (It certainly raised the ambient room temperature back at the old Waverly Room....) Also included would be songs with questionable lyrics such as last year's "Big Balls" from KOBA-TV - which was ostensibly about large spheres, but was clearly intended to be a double entendre re, ahem, manly endowments."
  • Approximately 85 dealers attended.
  • Approximately 156 fanzines premiered at the convention.
  • A copy of the final programming grid can be found archived at MediaWest*Con, Archived version.
  • Additional information about the convention can be found archived at MediaWest*Con 2002, Archived version.

Fan Q Awards

For specifics, see 2002 Fan Q Awards.


Saturday night presentations included the musical Potter! by Mark and Marcy Kobrak and Bev Grant. There was also a MST3K style presentation of Smallville in the Fannish Video Room.

Another skit was "Hobbit Whore and Companion."

Fan Fund

From the post-con report:
FAN FUND: Maryann Walther Keisel was the winner of the 2002 SF/Media Fan Fund. She attended MW*C 22. It was the second time she won the Fan Fund. Thank you to everyone who donated items to the Fan Fund auction this year (many of their names were listed in PR 3) and to everyone who bid/bought items. And thanks to Joyce Muskat who sent in over 40 varied and very nice items by mail, and Janet Mc Lauchlan who sent over 60 'zines. Thanks also to the GoFers who helped me get all the bid sheets done on the Friday. It kept 3 of us busy. Due to everyone's generosity the Fan Fund had it's biggest auction/sale ever. Almost 300 items were donated, but because of lack of space and time, 165 items were put into the auction with 88 of them selling. The rest, all 'zines, were with their donor's permission put either in the permanent loan collection of the Fanzine Reading Room or donated to the Fannish Archives. There was also a box of 'zines put out on Monday morning at the 'Zine Room at &1 each. During the con, more donated items came in which will be held over to next year. There's already some interesting stuff.

Party Suite and Other Gatherings

Some Special Celebrity Guests

MediaWest*Con was a con that touted its lack of guests of honor. However, the 2002 con had two special attendees.

Thanks also to the Crossed Swords, Chris Demetral, and Mark Allan Shepherd for coming to MW*C22.

Chris Demetral will be known to most attendees as Jules Verne on the syndicated SF/fantasy series The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, which also stars Michael Praed, Michel Courtemanche, and Francesa Hunt. He's appeared recently on CSI, has done voice work for Batman Beyond, will be familiar to Lois & Clark fans for his multiple appearances as 'Jack' and to ST:TNG fans for his role as 'Jean Luc Riker' from the 'Future Imperfect.' Chris will attend the SAJV panels and an informal tea/lunch party in the Party Suite to give him a chance to meet and hang out with fans of the series.

Mark Allen Shepherd played Morn, a humanoid alien of mysterious origin that frequents the space station at Deep Space Nine and found to be quite the regular at Quark's bar. Morn might just be the most famous non speaking role in Star Trek history. An accomplished artist, Mark has numerous works of his abstract impressionist paintings, mixed media and photomosaics used on the sets of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as well as other television, films and commercials. Plural Dolt, an absurd music theater group Mark performs with now in its fifteenth year has just finished its latest recording "HunTonFunOnc." It'slike Frank Zappa meets Spike Jones on Forbidden Planet. Cartoony, Wild and Zainey. Plural Dolt plays in and around the Los Angeles area and plans on going on tour soon.

A diverse background in science as well as the fine arts, Mark has a Bachelor of Science degree from Roger Williams College and for four Years at California Institute of tlie arts studied Music, Film, Theater, Performance and interdisciplinary arts. Much of Mark's work explores such abstract concepts as energy, consciousness, perception, multi-dimensionality, the transformation and mythologization of the environment through a variety of media.

Fanzine Reading Room News

From the post-con report:

FANZINE READING ROOM: MW*C 22 was the 20th anniversary of the Fanzine Reading Room and looked like it was going to be the last year for it. This was due to virtually no response, yay or nay, to the question published in PR2 as to whether or not the con membership wanted it to continue. There were also no loans of'zines and very few readers. However, after several conversations with members and 'zine dealers/publishers at the con, most of whom said that they didn't know of the Room's existence or the array of stuff/services it offered, I'm going to give it one more try. So. the permanent loan collection has been revamped again and there are commitments from 10 (so far) "zine dealers to lend 'zines including their newest ones to the 'Zine Room for MW*C 23. I'll be talking to more 'zine dealers about loans before next con. But, you don't have to be a 'zine/publisher to loan 'zines. Do you have a favourite "zine. old or new, that you'd like to share with the con at large? Then, please bring it (or send it) to the con. Check future PRs for info. — Jan Gosnell

Masquerade Awards

A complete list of winners, with photos can be seen here.[2]

Judges Leslie D and Chris Demetral.

  • Best In Show: Emancipation Rebvisited -- Valene Kessler
  • Crouching Humans, Hidden Puppy: Scooby Gang, Under Cover -- Kelly Lowry, Samantha & Max Powell
  • Andre, You've Met Your Match: Mugsy the Magnificent -- Peter Cooper
  • Best Use of a Natural Resource: One of the Family -- Sian Slade
  • Best Use of a Commercial Break: Xena, All Propped Up -- Beth Singer
  • Hooker, Line & Sinker: Hobbit Hooker & Companion -- Erika Frensley & Mistoffelees
  • Separated at Birth: Nick Knight, Forever Knight -- Jim Plotner
  • Best Use of a Penguin: Gran Longbottom -- Cicatrice du Veritas
  • Best Scene Re-enactment: Destiny's Choice -- June Edwards & Angela Veresano
  • Best Workmanship/Original Creation: Wings -- Mart Allard
  • Best Use of a Fake Entrance: Looking for Mr. Windu -- Kelly Dwyer, Moe & Curly

Door Decoration Awards

A complete list of winners, with photos can be seen here.[3] A few sample doors are included below.

  • Best In Show: The Burrow - The Weasley Family Fireplace (Jennifer Bills & Bonnie Bills)
  • Funniest Door: Mon Marthma Stewart (Deborah Kittle)
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
    • First Prize: The Burrow (Jennifer Bills & Bonnie Bills)
    • Second Prize: Receipt Wars (Linda K. James)
    • Third Prize: Mon Marthma Stewart (Deborah Kittle)
  • Non-Science Fiction
    • First Prize: Steele Crazy After All These Years (Christina Getrost)
    • Second Prize: Guess the Caption (Nickovetch)
    • Third Prize: Dead at 13 (Leslie R., Ruth Bolton, Sarah Mathews)
  • Media Personality/Other
    • First Prize: The Game of Triumphs and Tragedies -- A Fannish Tarot (Shehulk, Hayes)
    • Second Prize: Fanopoly (Janice Bilby, Ziggy)
    • Third Prize: Catch of the Day (Catherfinn, Elspeth, Marigold, Walks With Cellphone)

Door Decoration Gallery

Art Show Awards

example of LOTR cross-stitch art by Sapphire sold at the 2002 MediaWest*Con art show. The artist writes: "This Aragorn is from the Fellowship. He was my first LotR design and version B, together with his brother picture, Boromir, sold very nicely at MediaWest Con 22. In this version (A) I'm not happy at all about the hair. And, yes, I know, he has gray eyes. I didn't know better back then ..."

Winners are selected by popular vote.

  • Best in Show: Mysterious Stranger by Jesse McClain
  • Science Fiction: Exodus by Lucy Seaman
  • Fantasy: Mysterious Stranger by Jesse McClain
  • Detective: Complex Mind by Jesse McCLain
  • Secret Agent: UNCLE by the late Warren Oddson
  • Animation: MIIB by Mike Cole
  • Humor: Porthos! by Mike Cole
  • 3-D: Flying Machine by Butch & Susan Honeck
  • Fabric: Aragorn by Petra Berghof (Sapphire)
  • Western: Trail to Tascosa by Lucy Seaman
  • Horror: Akasha, Mother of All by Jesse McClain
  • Portrait: Mysterious Stranger by Jesse McClain
  • Critter: Spirit Guide: Lion by Karen River
  • Too Cute To Live: Got Oreos? by Jesse McCLain

Source: 2002 Art Show Winners.[4]

Vid Show Submissions and Awards

The convention lost the list of winning vids. From the post-con report: "The Fannish Video Competition winners list may have been lost to a computer virus. If the data is recovered, we will post the winners on the MW*C website."

However, approximately 90 gen and slash vids from over 16 vidders were submitted. For a complete list of submissions go here. -



  • Lord of the Rings and Star Wars: Parallels and Contrasts between Middle-earth and the Galaxy Far, Far Away (/) (C13) Gloriana, Eliz-mar Von
  • Due South: The women of Due South (/) (A29) cmshaw, Jeannie Marie
  • Things with Wings: Fans and their feathered friends. (F13) R Schindler, S Schreiber, K Agel
  • Horny About Hornblower, Passionate About Pellew, Kinetic About Kennedy, and Bubbly About Bush: Why We Admire Our Heroes in the *Horatio Hornblower TV and Book Series So Much (A46) H Commodore, S Mayer
  • Jeremiah. General discussion of J. Michael Straczynski's new apocalyptic Showtime series. (A5) C Rocke
  • Stargate SG-1: What has happened to the team spirit over the years? (A138) Archer, M Brin
  • Magnificent 7: Everybody loves Ezra! (/) (A63) V Byers, Greenwoman
  • Farscape: Does the wacky schedule of new episodes and reruns hurt the series and viewer- ship? (A35) Red Jack, S Clark
  • Starsky & Hutch: The S&H Slash Virtual Season: A discussion (/) (A153) Blue Starsky, Candy Apple, L Doty
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World: General discussion of this syndicated series. (A118) J Gold*, D Wilson
  • Hetfic and Slash: Do they have more in common than we thought? (/) (I30) J Lindner, L McDowell
  • West Wing: Are slashers even treading water in this net-filled fandom? (/) (A161) Marigold, Waldo, Jae Gecko
  • Swordfight Demo &Q&A: For TV buffs & writers: secrets revealed, tips given (no videotaping, please) The Crossed Swords (N Harsch & M Sakuta)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Odo/Kira relationship - What's the appeal for fanfic writers? (A127) C Bichler, Greenwoman, L Wexler
  • Films: Can a movie betoo faithful tothesource? - Harry Potter. Lord oftheRinas etc.? (B3) S Ballasch, T Bogolub, E Frensley, R Stuemke*
  • Law &Order Franchise. Are three shows on at the same time too many? (A55) G Blog
  • Slash: Gay literature, porn or just good dirty fun? (/) (I52) L Wexler, L McDowell
  • Fanfic Story Warnings: Who has the responsibility for choosing and not choosing what people read? (116) Candy Apple, Isabeau
  • Crying in Fanfic: Can you ever say never? (/) (18) Waldo
  • Workshop: Medical Workshop #1: Treatment ofburns and lacerations (J8) S Rieling
  • Real Ghostbusters: Is this show heaven for the smarm addict? (A86) Penfold, S Paulson
  • Websites: Share your favorite web sites. (H14) T O'Brien, Vicciv
  • The Elders Speak: What writing and fandom was like in the Good Old Days before the 'net, before desktop publishing, even before (gasp) VCRs. (G8) D Beetem, BethB, Cicatrice, J Lorrah, R Stuemke
  • Rat Patrol: Dietrich - Agood German in a Bad Man's Army. (A80) K Agel, J Coleman
  • Highlander: Is this immortal franchise still alive? (A40) G Blog, J Linthicum
  • Richard Burgi: Character actor or star? Alook at his work. (D6) L Hutcheson, Serena
  • Crossovers: How to make a believable one, and what not to cross. (C5) D Beetem, M Brin, Cicatrice, E Frensley, DHicks
  • Beta Readers: What is really expected of them - honest critics or full editors? How do you find a good one? (13) D Wilson
  • Secret Adventures of Jules Verne: Why does Jules keep going down those dark alleys alone when he KNOWS he's going to get clobbered? (A99) G McHerty, H Nachman, SaVaGe, C Schlein, Yuri
  • Sheena: A guilty pleasure. (A115) S Ballasch
  • Lex Appeal: Gene Hackman, John Shea and Michael Rosenbaum. A comparison of the three different Lex Luthors. (C12) H Commodore, J Lorrah
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Has its legacy been abandoned by Paramount and the Trek franchise? (A125) D Gold, L McDowell
  • Lord of the Rings: Are fans willing to read fanfiction from a movie based on a set of books? (B9) Eliz-mar Von, E Frensley, H Nachman
  • MediaWest*Con Newcomers Guide: A fan's primer on getting around the convention. (G28) P Poole
  • Anita Blake Series: Better than ever, or really, really ruined? (E3) T O'Brien, P Poole, S Price, Red Jack Canon v. Fanon: What is it, how to deal with it. (G4) M Brin, D Hicks, Isabeau
  • Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. From the book to the big screen, how well did they make the jump? (B4) Archer, G Blog, T Bobolug, Red Jack, L Shadle
  • Whose Line is it Anyway?: Fans try their hand at this comedy improv game (I58) E Dickenson, J Lindner, Marigold, Penfold*, Waldo
  • Smallville: Clark As Hero, Clark As Deceiver - How similar is ClarR to the krypto- villains of the week, and what makes him different? (A121) cmshaw
  • Fandom: Belonging to Actor Fan Clubs: How does it help or hurt the fanfic-writing impulse? (D5) C Bichler
  • Being Gay in Media Fandom: Safe, scary, or no big deal? (G3) P Cooper, R Schindler,
  • Horatio Hornblower: Historical British naval heroes and events which inspired C. S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower (C9) T Beck, J Linder, S Mayer
  • X-Men: Ultimate, Evolution, and beyond. (B31) T Blaes, T O'Brien
  • Harry Potter: Severus Snape - Slytherin Sex God? (/) (B7) Gloriana
  • The Delaying Game: Are networks sinking their own shows by postponing new episodes? Is this a coming trend or a quirk of current events? (C7) S Hovde
  • Man from UNCLE: Using real historical events and settings in UNCLE fanfic. (/) (138) KDrummond, LWhite, P Zvejniks
  • Queer as Folk: Brian & Justin - together forever? (/) (A78) Archer, Eliz-mar Von, JensenRick, Waldo, LWexler Beyond Monopoloy: Board games for every occasion (F1) RDeike
  • 10th Kingdom: General discussion of this telemovie. (A1) N. Dodson, M. Savage
  • Television: Why do the networks target male demographics when so many money-spending fans are women? (C25) S Ballasch, T Beck, S Hovde * Andromeda: The engima that is Tyr Anasazi. (A5) T O'Brien, SaVaGe
  • Space Program: General discussion of the space program, NASA and its past and future. (F10) J Hillman, PF Richards
  • Leaving the Fandom: What makes you do it - is it a reaction or are you lured by something new? (G21) T Bogolub
  • Writing: For newbies - A primer/discussion on how to write fanfic. (I64) J Kraft, D Hicks
  • Six Feet Under: Quirky and wonderful; let us count the ways! (A119) L Wexler
  • Sentinel: Jim Ellison: Panther or pussycat? (/) (A104) Candy Apple
  • 24: One episode equaled one hour of real time. Did the idea work? (A2) G Blog, L Wexler
  • Chris Potter: What's our favorite Kung Fu actor up to these days? (D3) J Kraft, D McLevy
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Why it's getting better with age while other shows just get older. (A19) Archer, Red Jack
  • Chris Demetral: The actor who portrays Jules Verne... (D2) Chris Demetral*, G McHerty, SaVaGe
  • Workshop: Writing as A Performance Art: 12 writers, by sign-up, first-come first- served. (PG gen material only) (2 hr) (J10) P Poole
  • Lesbian Slash: State of the sub-genre. (/) (G22) Cicatrice, MMastoris, Red Jack
  • Mutant X: Hot mutants in black leather. (A71) P Cooper, T O'Brien
  • Sex Scenes 101 (/) (G37) Gloriana, The Emu
  • Wrestling Slash: Giving new meaning to the term body slam (/) (G28) M Mastoris
  • Shakespeare Panel: What's new in WillyWorld since last year - movies, Videos, notable stage productions, books, etc. (E19) L Wexler, J DeVore*. S Hovde Comic Books: General discussion. (F2) J Hillman, D McLevy
  • Enterprise: Wow! The writers finally got male camaraderie right! A general discussion of crew dynamics. (A34) M SchmidT
  • Workshop: Writing as A Performance Art: (Continued from 8:00 p.m.) (J10) P Poole
  • Costuming: For fans who couldn't sew if their life depended on it. (16) P Cooper, Cicatrice Extraterrestrials: Where are they are? (F3) J Chadwell, PF Richards
  • Starsky & Hutch: Is the depth of their friendship lessened when it becomes sexual or is there an implied sense that their love for one another as friends is not complete or not at its apex until it becomes also physical? (/) (G40) Candy, Blue Starsky
  • Rat Patrol: Rat Patrol fiction and historical accuracy. (A82) L Garek
  • Tarot Cards: Discussion of how to read them and what they can tell you (I55) K Hamilton
  • Mars Update: What exploration is planned for this decade? (F7) PF Richards, J Hillman
  • Introduction to Hypnosis 101: An educational panel on hypnosis. (I33) N Hillman


  • M/M [or F/F] couples committing to one another: Rings, weddings, Children, how accepting are readers, how prevalent are these stories? (/) (G24) P Cooper
  • Vin Diesel: Characters Ripe for Fanfiction. (D12) B Keeney
  • Juvenile Series: The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew - general discussion ofthese popular series. (E14) D McLevy
  • So you want to start a web page: Tips and discussion of this popular pastime. (H10) K Beranger, Fries, Vicciv
  • Alternate Universe Stories: Bane or boon to the fandom? (C2) T Bogolug, Red Jack, Graculus
  • Fan Wars: How they start and how to short circuit them. (G10) N. Dodson
  • Babylon5: Legend ofthe Rangers: What direction should the (possible) series take? (A9) S Ballasch, T O'Brien, C Rocke, Waldo
  • Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. A discussion of the just-released film. (B28) G Blog, Eliz-mar Von, K Keisel*
  • Alias: Is it giving us our Nikita fix? (A3) SaV aGe, C Schlein, L Wexler*
  • Fandom Migration: What causes a writer to leave a fandom and venture into another? (G11) E Frensley
  • Academics and Fandom: Some fans are academics. Some academics are fans. Some academics merely wish to study fans. A discussion of the coming together of two cultures. (G1) S Adsit, K Beranger, C Bichler, J Lorrah, CW Walker
  • Magnificent 7: General discussion ofFanfiction for this western. (A65) V Byers, Greenwoman, D Hicks
  • Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan: Why this pairing will survive future SW movies (/) (B33) Gloriana*, Sithdragon, The Emu, Eliz-mar Von
  • Starsky & Hutch: Hearts and flowers or dark and edgy: How do you see the S/H romance? (/) (A144) Candy Apple, Lasha, K Moonshine
  • Man from UNCLE: UNCLE and the Cold War - Did lllya Kuryakin make things warmer for his real life countrymen? (A70) C Rasmussen, D Karge*, CW Walker
  • Kung Fu The Legend Continues: General discussion of this martial arts/law series. (A54) S Ballasch, J Kraft, D McLevy, L Wexler
  • Super Hero Films: Superman, Batman, The X-Men and Spiderman - a discussion of movie based on comic book heroes. (C24) T Blaes, E * Frensley, M Womack, D Gold*
  • Stargate SG-1: Howwill team dynamics change with the departure of Daniel Jackson? (A133) Penfold, Waldo, E Dickenson
  • Remember WENN: General discussion of this witty radio show. (A90) M Savage, J Linthicum
  • Wild Wild West: Jim 'n Artie - different as night and day, yet closer than hand in glove. (/) (A163) Chevron, Jeannie Marie
  • Buckaroo Banzai: Whatever happened to the fandom? General discussion of this topic and the series. (B2) Greenwoman, Red Jack
  • Workshop: How To Write a Better Story (J6) J Kraft, CWWalker
  • Young People on Mailing Lists: The problems this can pose and how to deal with it. (H16) Ellie
  • Demon Under Glass: The new film with Garett Maggart (the Sentinel) and Jason Carter (Babylon 5). What's it like to work with them? How much do they know about their fandoms, including fanfic? (D1) DL Warner, L Doty, Kim Berglund
  • Old and New Slash Fans: Is there a "generation gap" between seasoned slash readers/writers and newbies? If so, why? Or is it just part of embracing the diversity of fandom?(/)(G32) Jae Gecko, D Hicks
  • JAG: A popular show- so where'sthe fandom? (A50) KAgel
  • UFOs and Strange Phenomena: discussion of all aspects of this topic. (F14) T Blaes, J Chadwell, J Hillman, PF Richards
  • Fanfic: When adult fanfic (non-slash) turns into Mary Sue. (I28) S Adsit, D Beetem
  • WW2 Era Fandoms: General discussion (G50) M Mastoris
  • Balloonatics-Animal and Fashion Balloons for Kids and Their Adults
  • Andre Norton: An overview of the grand master. (E2) LShadle, S Adsit, DMcLevy
  • Stargate SG-1: Off-world adventures vs. alien conspiracies back home (A135) M Brin*. Penfold, Waldo
  • Poetry: More than just filler (I44) BethB, M Mastoris
  • Researching On The Net - How do you know the information you're getting is correct, and how do you know what sites are helpful? (H9)

D Hicks, M Lellouche, Thermidor

  • OZ: How do you live (aside from fanfic) with a show that only does eight episodes a season? (A73) MWomack, LWexler
  • Highlander the Series: In which episode do you see Duncan and Methos' relationship changing from friendship to something more? In the movie and the series. (/) (A39) Lasha, K Moonshine
  • Never Judge a Book by its Movie: Will they ever make a movie exactly like the book? Is it even possible? (B21) S Ballasch, T Beck, T Bogolub, HCommodore, RStuemke*
  • Medical Reality: Research - just how many times can the hero be stabbed and still survive? (I40) VByers*, LDoty, BPhillips, S Reiling
  • Xena - general discussion (A167) Red Jack, SaVaGe, V Sheffield
  • West Wing. Does the Bartlett Administration deserve to be re-elected? (A160) G Blog, J Gecko, J Lorrah, P Poole, Waldo
  • Starsky & Hutch: Childlike Starsky, Intellectual Hutch: Dosuch stereotypes hurt the quality of fan fic and reduce the characters to one dimension? (A142) Candy Apple, Lasha, M Volpe
  • Workshop: Estate planning - Don't let your valuable fandom items disappear after you are gone. Plan ahead. (J14) M Peplinski
  • X-Files: The series finale. Did it answer the questions we hoped it would satisfactorily? Where would we like the next feature filmto go from here? (A166) S Ballasch, Cicatrice, H Commodore, M Lellouche
  • Real Ghostbusting in the New Millennium: Why is this 'toon still so popular more than a decade after it left the airwaves? (A89) S Paulson, R Schindler
  • Website Design and Maintenance: Advice from the experts. (H13) Fries, Sally Mayer, T O'Brien*, Vicciv
  • Stargate SG-1: "Red Sky", "Beast of Burden" and other moral issues. (A129) M Brin*, Penfold
  • Lord of the Rings: General discussion of the film. (B11) K Kiesel*. L Shadle, Vikster, SL Williams, M Womack Writing: Fanfic for westerns. (I62) D Hicks, C Schlein, R Stuemke*
  • Scott Bakula: Has the switch to Enterprise worked? (D9) D McLevy, P Poole
  • Support group for Alzheimer's caregivers. (G45) T Blaes
  • Sentinel: The Loft - Was the fact the guys lived together a part of why we liked the show? What would be different if they lived apart? (A108) Serena, Vikster, SL Williams
  • I'm Not a Writer (but I have nimble fingers): Quick &easy fandom gift ideas in a variety of media (needlework, calligraphy, etc.). Bring your patterns, samples and ideas to share. (F6) S Adsit, Archer, Cicatrice, J DeVore, J Linthicum Scott Cohen: Discussing the actor and his various roles (D10) N Dodson
  • Secret Adventures of Jules Verne: An introduction to a series about a French writer with an American accent (A93) C Demetral, S Garrett*, G McHerty, SaV aGe, VicciV
  • Medical Reality: Gunshot & knife wounds: Fact and fiction (I39) L Doty, B Phillips, S Reiling
  • Pern: Now that they've "discovered" technology, has the world of Pern lost its charm? (E16) T Bogolub, D McLevy, L Shadle
  • Sentinel & Stargate SG-1: Why do we need to make Blair & Daniel childlike? (C20) C Rasmussen, Serena, Waldo
  • Hogan's Heroes: A general discussion of this old comedy series. (A41) Candy Apple, M Mastoris
  • Harry Potter: Predictions for Potter. A discussion about what we think might happen in the next three books. (B6) G Blog, Cicatrice
  • Writing - Mixed Messages: How do you reconcile fans who have been in the fandom a long time, and who have seen it all (fanfic-wise). * Is this discouraging or encouraging for newwriters? (G49) T Bogolub
  • Due South: Do Clothes Make the Man? - Uniforms, plainclothes & other costuming cmshaw, Jeanne Marie, Thermidor
  • Queer as Folk: Is it Slash if it's Canon? And there's finally canon! (/) (G36) LWexler, Waldo
  • Combating ATG ("Any Two Guys"): How - in and out of the bedroom - do you remind the reader that she's reading about these two people, how do they show their personalities during different situations? (/) (14) L Wexler, D Hicks
  • Workshop: Medical Workshop #2: Treatment of traumatic injuries, gunshots, stabbings and falls. Volunteer participants should wear comfortable clothing. (2hr) (J9) S Rieling
  • Workshop: Introduction to Digital Video Editing: (part 1) Introduction to digital video editing techniques, terminology, hardware and software. (2 hr) (J1) J Hawks
  • Workshop: Beading: I could do that! Learn the basics and make a bracelet, necklace or earrings (2 hr). (J4) J DeVore*, J Kraft
  • Workshop: Medical Workshop #2: (Continued) (J9) What Shows do you want to see on DVD? (C27) Waldo, SaVaGe
  • Justice League: Not just your average super friends. (A53) E Frensley, D Gold*, T O'Brien
  • Workshop: Introductory Film-Making (part 2): Techniques of good video production, including an interactive in-Workshop project (2 hr) (J2) J Hawks
  • Copyright: Where's the bright line? (15) M Lellouche, T O'Brien
  • Walter Farley: Discussion of the Black Stallion/Island Stallion series. (E24) S Adsit, D McLevy
  • Magnificent 7: General discussion of this series (/) (A66) D Hicks Jensen Rick


  • Actor Crossovers: Do we follow the actors? And do we like them as new characters? (C1) Yuri, LWexler
  • Daytime Soap Operas: Love or drama in the afternoon: which do we want to see? (A25) G Blog
  • Fanfic: How many changes can a writer make to characters without alienating the audience that wants to see what they already like? (I23) T Bogolub
  • Sentinel: The Blame Game - Sentinel, Too and TS by BS (A107) Candy Apple
  • Where do you keep your zines and other fandom memorabilia: Out in the open or tucked away; how 'out' are you and how do you deal with people in your non-fandom life who don't understand it? (G48) S Ballash, C Rasmussen
  • A.I. (Artificial Intelligence): Is its premise believable? (B1) K Kiesel
  • Man of Science & Man of Action: An examination of this popular partnering motif, using examples from the Wild Wild West, Total Recall 2070, Stargate SG-1 and other fandoms. (/) (B15) Chevron, Graculus
  • Magnificent 7: Are multiple alternate universes good or evil? (A59) Archer
  • Smallville: Breakout hit or just another rip-off of the 'Dawson Creek Syndrome"? Univ 2: (A120) Archer*, D Beetem
  • Enterprise: Does the lack of the Prime Directive limit the show - or provide more opportunities? (A31) D Gold, D McLevy
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Fanfic futures for the series - what would you like to read/write? (A124) C Bichler, Greenwoman, L McDowell
  • Stargate SG-1: 5thSeason Retrospective (no6thseason spoilers) (A131) M Brin, Waldo
  • Writing: Merging reality with the unreality in the series itself. (I67) T Bogolub, E Frensley, R Stuemke
  • Chicks in Chainmail: Humor and female characters is SF&F. (E7) Cicatrice, E Frensley, AM Hall
  • PDAs: I think my Pocket PC is great, but all my fan friends swear by the Palm, general discussion of PDAs. (F9) N Dodson, fries, J Linthicum, Penfold, K Yost
  • OT (Off-Topic) on mailing lists: Do you want a limit to it or do you think you shouldn't even have to put "OT" in the subject line? (H1) Candy Apple
  • Sentinel: The Sentinel Guide bond vs. the Jim and Blair bond: What binds these men together? (/)(A110) Candy Apple, Serena
  • Objects of Torture: Why are torture stories so popular, and so many fans seem to want to torture their favorites, is torture a substitute for sex? (141) L van Hoek Energy Workshop (J5) J Lindner
  • Anime Music Videos: Discussion the difference between TV vids and anime vids. Ellie
  • Lord of the Rings: How closely does the first movie fit your mental images from the book? (B12) T Bogolub, T Hemenover, J Edwards, H Nachman, L Wexler Workshop: Advanced Writers' Workshop 2/2 (J3) CW Walker
  • Mailing Lists: Are there too many lists for the same thing? Or are multiple lists killing fandoms? (H6) K Beranger, D Wilson
  • State Quarter Swap Meet: Trade your P's for D's or Maryland for New York (US & Canadian) (F11)S Adsit
  • Farscape: How is the series progressing? A general overview of the seasons. (A36) S Budd, S Clark
  • Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher: A fan out writes Laurell K. Hamilton? (E13) S Price
  • Tamora Pierce: Too good for young adults! Discussion of Ms. Pierce's various series. (E22) AM Hall, T O'Brien
  • Lord of the Rings: What are you looking for in the 2nd and 3rd movies?(B19) T Bogolub, T Hemenover, H Nachman, Vikster
  • Star Trek: DS9 and Quark's Bar According to Mom (A168) Mark Shepherd (aka Morn)
  • FanFic in the Palm of Your Hand: Preparing fanfic for, and reading fanfic on a handheld computer (Palm, eBookMan, HieBook, Rocket, etc) (113) Fries, J Linthicum
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike &B uffy - what's up with this relationship? (A17) J Lorrah, L Wexler
  • Trading Spaces: The addictive TLC reality show. Would you let these people redo your house? (A158) M Lellouche, MV olpe
  • Iron Chef:What'sthe allure? Isthisa cooking show, a sporting eventorsomething totally different? (A49) G Blog, Eliz-mar Von
  • Labeling: Stories - characters as gay or bi, slash &gen. (/) (I35) Jae Gecko, L McDowell
  • Fan Writing: Finely honed craft or fun, effortless activity? (I11) R Stuemke
  • Writing: How important is accuracy (historical, political, medical etc.) in fan fiction? (I66) S Adsit, M Brin, D Hicks, L Hutcheson*. C Schlein
  • Stargate SG-1 Trivial Pursuit Game: Just like what itsounds like. (I53) Marigold, Waldo
  • Fragmenting of Fandom: A general discussion of this prevalent problem (mailing lists are discussed as well). (G14) K Beranger, T Bogolub, D Wilson
  • Ham Radio: What is it and how do you get to play? (F5) N Hillman, J Hillman
  • X-Files Without David Duchovny: Did it work? (A164) Lasha, M Lellouche
  • We Can't Smile Without Barry: Barry Manilow - the man and his music. (D13) T Hemenover, M Mastori, L Shadle
  • Amelia Peabody: The thinking woman's detective series. (E1) L Wexler, S Ballasch
  • Horatio Hornblower: 50 Ways to Save your Crumpet - The alternatives to A&E's "Retribution" (A2) J Lindner, N D'Annais
  • Secret Adventures of Jules Verne: General discussion of this series. (A96) C Demetral, S Garrett*, SaVaGe , C Schlein, Yuri
  • Workshop: Holy Mother Grammatica Explains It All to You (J5) S Williams, V Shaw, S Palmatier, M Kitay, J Leavell
  • Sports Night: A buddy show but not a cop show. What's the attraction? (/) (A123) Thermidor, Waldo
  • Beta Readers: How do you beta read? How much honesty is too much between reader and writer? (12) Cicatrice, D Wilson
  • Cats in fandom/literature/comics. (E6) S Adsit, K Keisel*. S Price, L Shadle, R Stuemke*
  • Fan Fiction Archive: General discussion and Q&A for this repository of fanzines of all sorts. (G51) C Rasmussen, M Wathne*
  • Pro Writers of UNCLE: A discussion of the major writers of the MFU series and how their individual contributions influenced the development of the characters and the show. (I48) CWWalker, W Koenig
  • Internet: Driving people apart, or bringing them together? A defense of sitting at home and talking to "invisible friends." (H4) E * Dickenson, N Dodson, Isabeau, J Linthicum, Yuri
  • Stargate SG-1 Crossovers: Jack O'Neill meets Sherlock Holmes? What are the potentials for crossing over this sci-fi series with other shows and movies? (C23) K Agel, T Blaes, M Brin, E Frensley, S Paulson
  • Universe of Kevin Smith: featuring those popular "hetero life partners" (or are they?) Silent Bob and Jay! (D11) S Hovde, L McDowell, R Schindler
  • Starsky & Hutch: Is the fandom restrictive ("vanilla") in what the readers will and will not accept in stories, or is that a cop-out and some writers need to get to know the characters they're writing about better, or both? (/) (G41) Blue Starsky, Candy Apple, K Moonshine
  • Book vs. film: What was 'write' and wrong about Harry Potter and Fellowship of the Ring? (E5) Archer, S Ballasch, T Bogolub
  • Star Wars: Beyond Joseph Campbell: Exploring the unknown mythological dimensions (/) K van Hoek
  • Stargate SG-1: Sam &Jack - or is being a rival for Sam's affections like being a Cartwright wife? (A137) K Agel, M Brin
  • Workshop: Writing: Building a Better Villain or Why You Need a Strong Villain. (J11) J Kraft
  • CSI Crime Scene Investigation: Forensic fact or fiction? (A23) E Dickenson*, H Nachman, S Price
  • Man from UNCLE - Play the "Gone to the Dogs Game": a multiplayer board game that crosses our agents with THRUSH villains in canine incarnation. (137) DKarge, L White
  • Real Ghostbusters: 'Real' people - orjust cartoon characters? (A88)S Paulson, R Schindler
  • Quantum Leap: Whatever happened to the fandom? General discussion of this topic and the series. (A77) Cicatrice, D McLevy, M Schmidt*
  • West Wing: The Great Season Three Debate - Has this wonderful show 'jumped the shark', or just changed in eminently reasonable ways? (A162) J Gaecko, S Hovde, Waldo, L Wexler
  • Internet Fanfiction vs. Published Fanfiction: Can the two co-exist? (G20) N Dodson, C Rasmussen
  • Star Wars: Attack of the Clones - Obi-Wan and Anakin - Will there be slash? (/) (B25) Eliz-mar Von
  • Stargate SG-1: 6th Season: Will the show continue to hold your interest? (A132) M Brin, E Dickenson
  • V: Whatever happened to the fandom? General discussion of this topic and the series. (A159) SaVaGe, S Garrett
  • Silk Stalkings: It's five years after the show ended. Where would the characters be? (A117) S Ballasch, J Kraft, D McLevy
  • Future of Fandom: What will publicity in the mainstream media mean for the future. (G16) T Beck
  • Sex and the Single Teen: Dealing with age in fandoms such as Smallville, Buffy, Phantom Menace, Harry Potter (I) (C21) cmshaw, Gloriana, The Emu
  • Magnificent 7: The Alternate Universes ofthe Magnificent 7. It's not just about Cowboys any more. - What makes this series so particularly suited to AUs? (A68) Archer*, V Byers, Lady Chris
  • Horatio Hornblower: Adiscussion ofthe series DVDs and music videos (A43) S Mayer, MSchmidt*, Yuri
  • X-Men: Where might they begoing with thewhole Wolverine/Rogue vibe in the sequel? (B32) Red Jack
  • Homoerotic Subtext: Did you see it in the show? Does it matter? (/) (G18) Cicatrice
  • Remembering Douglas Adams: "So long and thanks for all the fish." (E18) T Beck, PF Richards
  • Amazing Race: The team concept. (A4) S Adsit, M Lellouche
  • Purchasing Power? When a transaction goes bad: zine editors who cash checks but don't send zines, etc. Are we in business disregarding tales of personal woe for extreme lateness or is this all a big group of friends who don't really mind? (G35) L Hutcheson
  • Writing: Writing the less popular pairing in your fandom. (/) (I69) Graculus
  • Details and Dialogue: Tips and tricks formaking yourstories better. (19) Lellouche, D Hicks
  • Future of NASA: What direction will ittake withthe new administration? (F4) J Hillman, PF Richards
  • Show us your Mary Sues!: Discussion on self-projecting in our early (or not so early) fannish works. (I50) S Adsit, R Schindler
  • Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Censorship: General discussion of the rewriting of these classic series. (E12) Cicatrice, D McLevy
  • Forget Angel, Wesley is the show's real Tortured Hero! (A7) Enterprise: Is this the best Star Trek series since the original Star Trek? (A33) D Beetem
  • In Memoriam. Remembering those pros and fans who have left us in the past year. (G19) J Chadwell
  • Horatio Hornblower: Men of Oak and Ships of the Line: Sea Chanties That Hornblower's Contemporaries Would Have Sung (A45)


  • Angel: Should we see more of the Host (Lome)? (A8) Cicatrice, L Garek, Red Jack
  • Beat The Geeks. The ultimate fannish game show? (A10) G. Blog*
  • Fanfic: Alternate Universes: Why do they work in some fandoms and not in others? (I20) Isabeau
  • Crossing Over: General discussion of this syndicated series. (A21) J Chadwell, D McLevy
  • Sentinel: Is there anything else to say? How is the state of its fandom? (A103) Serena
  • Slash Without Sex: Is it the emotional ties or the sexual ones that make it slash? (CO 051) Isabeau, Waldo
  • Titanic: Still captivating us after 90 years. (B30) J Chadwell


From the program book:
Co-Chairs (and your hosts) Lori Chapek-Carleton mid Gordon Carleton would like to thank the following staffers and assistants for tlieir hard work: Elyse Dickenson and Dawn McLevy (Programming/Party Suite/Flyers), Jeanne Sullivan (GoFers, Con Suite), Keith Grunenwald and Seth Cutts (Security), Jan Gosnell (Fanzine Reading Room, Fan Fund auction), Karen M. Klinck, Jesse McClain, Vivian Sheffield and Roberta Stuemke (Art Show & Auction), Jan Keeler (Fan Quality Awards), Andre Lieven (Masquerade),Liz Vogel & Caroline Nasal (Dealers), Robyn Deike (Main Video Room), Sheryl Adsit (Fannish Videos), Kim Dyer (Blood Drive), Margaret Basta (Orphan 'Zines), the Art Show auctioneers, runners, and auction staff, and all the GoFers without whom there could be no convention.

Thank you all for your time and effort, especially to those who work notjust during this weekend, but throughout the year!

Thanks to Columbia Games Inc. ( and Galaxy DVD ( for donating items for prizes, and to Jeff Walker for studio freebies and movie trailers!

Convention Reports

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