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Name: Chris & Christina
Members: Chris, Christina, and Angela
Date(s): 1997-2008
Focus: Vidding, Vid collections
External Links: vidding website
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Chris & Christina are members of a vidding collective. They both bother together under the name "Chris & Christina" and, on occasion, under their own names, Chris, Christina, and Angela. They frequently attended MediaWest where they submitted their vids to the vidding contest and won several awards. They are also among the group of vidders who made the transition from analog VCR vidding) to digital vidding.

Chris writes on their vidding history page: "While at Media-West Con in 1996, I stumbled upon the fannish video room one evening, and was instantly hooked! Of course, I took it up as a creative challenge to become a producer myself, with the help of some friends. Christina and I gave our first presentation at Media-West in 1997. Angela joined us in 1999 under the name of Elf Press Video. She had previously done the old VCR to VCR thing. Fortunately, all our vids have been done on the computer, which I find alot easier to work with."

In 2002, Chris attended Vividcon where he moderated the panel "Intro to Digital Video Editing" and the panel "Technical: Intro to Vidding" in 2003.

In 2008, Chris was joined by Ryan and the group changed their name to "RC Videos."

Chris & Christina Video Listing

1997 (first year videos)

"Never Let Me Down" Toy Story Buddies never let each other down
"You Got It" Lois and Clark Clark proves his love
"Under the Milky Way" Babylon 5 Everyone found something in the B5 galaxy
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" The Flash He's too fast to fight him

1998 Earth and Beyond

"Great Balls of Fire" 5th Element 1200 mile evil fireball threatens the world
"When I Kissed the Teacher" (multi) The schoolgirl crush
Intel Inside Earth: Final Conflict They're implanting children!
"Don't Give Up" ST: Voyager The crew struggle to find their way home
"Where I Want to Be" Babylon 5 Londo's self reflection on a frustrating life
"Nobody" Mars Attacks Fun with Pierce
"Do You Love Me" (multi) Dancing into your heart

1999 Bridges to Fun

"Nadine" Remington Steele The queen of disguise
Lean Bean Fighting Machine Mr. Bean Showtime Boxing Exclusive
"We Really Shouldn't be Doing This" X-Files Mulder and Scully keep it professional
"One Thing Leads to Another" Earth: Final Conflict The Taelon's lies get deeper and deeper
"What's on Your Mind" VR-5 Using virtual reality to explore the mind
"Space Hero" Starship Troopers Several reasons NOT to join the Space Marines
"Viva Las Vegas" (multi) Singing of the city of sin
"You Might Think" (multi) All I want is you

2000 Doorstep of the New Millennium

"This Kiss" (multi) An expression of love
"Break on Through" Stargate SG-1 SG-1 cross more thresholds than just the Stargate
"Rocket Man" Farscape Crichton finds he's not as alone as he though
"That's What I Get" Edward Scissorhands The "other guy" pushes Edward too far
"Fooling Yourself" The Matrix Neo as the angry young man
"I Won't Grow Up" Star Wars: Phantom Menace An amusing look at innocent young Anakin

2001 FVTV: All Fannish Video, All the Time

"Fight for Your Right" Jackie Chan This guy gets around, doesn't get pushed around
"Bob the Builder" Junkyard Wars Yes he can!
"Major Tom" 2001 A voyage to Jupiter, and through the mind
"I Knew I Loved You" Remington Steele The relationship is more than professional
News Update Stargate SG-1 The latest government spin to cover up Stargate activity
"Rishathra" Galaxy Quest Prime Directive Shmime Directive
Fine Four Fendered Friend Junkyard Wars Wonderful machines built on last minute soldering and duct tape

2002 VCR Wars

"Dear God" Jeremiah Jeremiah questions God after the big death
"She's So High" Smallville / Lois and Clark Clark may never get close to Lana, but he does find someone
"One Last Breath" Babylon 5 An expression of Sheridan's love to Delenn before the end
Can You Hear Me Now? (multi) Humorous look at communication
"Me and My Llama" The Emperor's New Groove It took being a Llama for the Emperor to make a friend
"Love Potion #9" Farscape Crichton gets relationship help from Granny

2003 What is Reality?

"Cheap Sunglasses" They Live Forget UV, they need protection from hidden aliens
"Harrison Ford" (multi) A fannish obsession of Christina's
"Land of Confusion" Mystery Men Misfit heros try to shape a better world
"Kinda I Want To" Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Exploration of Anakin's obsession with Padme
"King of Spain" Farscape Rygel contrasts his past with the present
The Day Before the Con 24 It's tough getting the vids done with so much else to do

2004 Wholesome Entertainment

"San Jacinto" Babylon 5 Sinclair reflects on Battle of the Line
"Get the Facts" Smallville Chloe does some hero work of her own

2005 Great Adventures

Bubo's Theme Clash of the Titans Bubo the owl is the real hero of this tale
"Sailing for Adventure" Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates... with a twist
"U.S. Male" Farscape Crichton fends off the Scarran Emperor

2006 with Diana & Dianah. C2-D2

"Return of the King" Lord of the Rings uhhh-huhhh! (Was Elvis Elvish by any chance?)
"The Other Side" (multi) Honoring those characters who are no longer with us.
"People are Strange" Monk Strange is as strange does.
Sportscenter Goldie the cat A review of the day's sports activities.
"London" Blake's 7 Memories of fandom past.

2007 Rise to the Occasion

Gimmie Dat Ding Futurama Featuring everyone's favorite crustacean, Dr. Zoidberg
"I Love This Bar" (multi) Good times and good company
Blinded By Science NCIS McGee obsesses over Abby
"Rock This Town"] Dr. Who ...rock it inside out!

2008 Videos by Ryan and Chris

“I Can't Drive 55” Top Gear Automobile enthusiasts drive fast and have fun
“Fear” Dr. Who The Doctor's reflections on what Rose means to him
"Shoe Box of Lies" Psych Shawn has many things to hide, in such an amusing way
“They Can't Take That Away From Me” (multi) You know you want to click it!