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From the first 1989 MediaWest*Con progress report:

Apocryphal members are inanimate objects (such as teddy bears, Hokas, fire lizards, etc.) or living pets who are given name badges to wear at the convention. The Hilton allows pets, but please use common sense. All pets must be confined in an escape-proof container when left unattended in the hotel, and must be leashed when out and about. All animals must be current on applicable vaccinations, free from parasites, and clean. Animals not well-socialized who will not do well under convention circumstances among hundreds of people and a variety of other animals should not be in attendance. LIVING ANIMALS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE ART SHOW, DEALERS' ROOMS, OR BANQUETS, except for guide dogs. Dealers may have their pets BEHIND their tables. Pets will be restricted to the back rows on the right-hand side of the rooms at seated programming events. We will schedule at least one Meet-The-Apocryphals gathering sometime during the convention. MediaWest*Con does not assume liability for apocryphal-inflicted damage; the owner will be liable. Most important of all, especially where dogs are concerned—clean up after your pets!

To give one an idea of the number of apocryphal members at at least one con: the first 1991 MediaWest*Con report listed attendees by first name, last name, area of residence, and each member had a number: "Memberships between 1-99 constitute Staff, 100-299 are Apocryphal, 300-499 are Supporting, 500-699 are Gofer, 700-999 are Other, 1000 & Up are Attendees." Some of the apocryphal members in 1991 were: Pooky, Anakin Bear, Snow, Katia, Nikki Canine, Spike, Ebony, Skyladd, Gossamer, Bigg Darklighter Mergenha, Gizmo...

An apocryphal membership at MediaWest*Con in 1991 cost $1.