The Blacklist

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Name: The Blacklist
Abbreviation(s): TBL
Creator: Jon Bokenkamp
Date(s): September 23, 2013 – present
Medium: television show
Country of Origin: United States
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The Blacklist is a NBC drama live-action television series.


The show is focused around one of FBI's most wanted [fictional] fugitives, Raymond "Red" Reddington whom surrenders at the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. However he will not talk to any of the agents except for Elizabeth Keen, a rookie FBI profiler. After capturing the first terrorist, Reddington tells them about a list of criminals and terrorists he calls "The Blacklist". Each episode is focused on capturing those listed in the Blacklist, and Keen trying to figure out why Red had chosen her in particular.

Other characters include Donald Ressler - a FBI special agent that had been chasing Reddington for over five years, Harold Cooper - Assistant Director of the FBI Counterterrorism Division, Meera Malik - a CIA field agent assigned to Reddington's security detail, and lastly Tom Keen - Liz's husband who's a schoolteacher however it's been revealed that it was all a ploy.

In Season 2, Aram Mojtabai - a Computer specialist in the FBI - became a main character and Dembe Zuma, Red's bodyguard, reoccurring character in Season 1-2 became a main character in Season 3. Samar Navabi, a Mossad agent, joins the cast in Season 2.


The fandom is relatively small but possibly growing. In early October 2013 there were only two fics on AO3, but by early January 2014 there were 113 to January 2016 with 1,224 works. There's also an increasing number of works on FFN. Besides that, the fandom is mainly focused on Tumblr and the fandom is mainly focusing on the characters Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington so far. Other characters such as Donald Ressler, Tom Keen and Meera Malik are fairly popular. The characters Samar Navabi and Aram Mojtabai have gained a following.

The dominant pairing in the fandom is Elizabeth Keen/Raymond Reddington. A sizeable minority of fanworks have Elizabeth Keen/Donald Ressler and Elizabeth Keen/Tom Keen as the primary pairings. Rare pairs include the slash pairings of Raymond Reddington/Donald Ressler, Tom Keen/Donald Ressler, Harold Cooper/Donald Ressler, Raymond Reddington/Dembe Zuma and the het pairings of Meera Malik/Donald Ressler, Samar Navabi/Raymond Reddington, and Aram Mojtabai/Samar Navabi. There is currently very little femslash in the fandom: Elizabeth Keen/Samar Navabi.


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