Meera Malik/Donald Ressler

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Pairing: Meera Malik/Donald Ressler
Alternative name(s): Resslik, Messler, Meera/Donald, Meera/Ressler
Gender category: Het
Fandom: The Blacklist
Canonical?: Non-canon
Prevalence: rare
Archives: AO3, FFNET
Other: badcopandworsecop
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Meera Malik/Donald Ressler is a rare het pairing of Meera Malik and Donald Ressler from The Blacklist fandom.


In the series, Meera Malik and Donald Ressler work are officers of the Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Breau of Investigation. Early on in the first season, Meera and Ressler were frequently paired as partners during interrogation sessions of Blacklist criminals (notably the Freelancer and the Courier). However, as the show progressed, the two are rarely seen together outside the FBI blacksite, as Ressler begins to go out on assignment with Elizabeth Keen more frequently.


The Meera Malik/Donald Ressler pairing gained prominence on Tumblr after the premiere of the series fifth episode, "The Courier".[1][2][3] On the matter of its pairing name, the most commonly portmanteau used is Resslik and rarely, Messler.[1]

Fanworks for the Meera Malik/Donald Ressler pairing is sparse given its rarity within the The Blacklist fandom. A majority of the fanworks for the pairing are contributed by the AO3 authors, Knightqueen and rubirosas. On October 26, 2013, the first post for the ship community, badcopandworsecop was made[4], promoting the community. badcopandworsecop purports to support the character, Meera Malik chiefly, and the Meera Malik/Donald Ressler pairing second.





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Archives and Communities

Resslik Communities

  • Badcopandworsecop a tumblr community dedicated to Meera Malik and Meera Malik/Donald Ressler pairing


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