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Fursuits are a form of costume and fursuiting is one of the most well-known activities in the furry fandom. Fursuits usually are made to represent the wearer's fursona, but not always. Furries may make their own or commission one- this usually costs thousands of dollars due to time and materials.

Tosca, a Meerkat Manor fursuit by joecifur, is a typical, somewhat toony fullsuit.
Wolf Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess quadsuit by Beastcub
Werewolf fursuit by Magpieb0nes, known for her realistic-style suits where the wearer's actual eyes are visible.

Fursuits come in a variety of styles, from hyper-realistic to toony. Heads may be carved from foam, 3d-printed or made in other ways.


Styles and Types

A typical fursuit, the fullsuit, covers the entire body. Partials cover the head, arms/hands, legs/feet and may have a tail- these are worn over human clothing. If skin shows, this is known as poodling.

Stylistically, most fursuits are generally described on a scale of realistic to toony. Realistic suits are meant to make the wearer look like a real animal while toony suits make the wearer look like a cartoon animal. Recently, kemono-style suits which have an anime influence have also become popular in western furry fandom. There are also plush suits, meant to make the wearer look like a soft toy. Quadsuits are four-legged suits for feral characters.

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