List of Star Trek: The Next Generation Fanzines

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Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
The Bexarfax #1-35 club newsletter ?-1995
Brent Spiner - Schauspieler Brent Spiner-centric zine in German
Data Entries #1-29 newsletter
The Disruptor! #1-24 Klingon-centric clubzine KAG 199?s-2000
Electronic Male #1-10 Data/ Brent Spiner newsletter
Ferengi Language Manual
Galaxy Class #1-8 gen newsletter Mindset Press Publication 1988-1990
Imzadi (Star Trek: TNG newsletter) #1-5
Jean-Luc Picard Trivia Booklet
Next Generation Chronicles concordance
Patrick Stewart Coloring Book
Patrick Stewart Credit List 1995
Simonov Says newsletter
Spinerisms 1990
Stage 8 British newsletter
Stargazer #1-24 Patrick Stewart newsletter IAAPS -1994
Star Trek: The Next Generation Writer/Director's Guide Lincoln Enterprises
STNG: Compleat Encyclopedia


Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Airwaves: Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation Special reprinted from previous issues of Airwaves Bill Hupe 1993
Android's Owner's Manual Data
Androidz (Kiron III #4) Australian anthology, and AI Orange Eye Press 1992
The Arawn Gambit Novel, Riker Orion Press 1995
Asbestos Envelope #1-4 Anthology, Picard/Crusher
Attached Meant Novel, Picard/Crusher Star Borne Press
Azrael Black novel
Back to Square One Gen novel 1991
The Bawdy Electric Data-centric, explicit het anthology
Bedside Manners Het, Picard/Crusher 1994
Beneath an Angry Star Gen Novel Datazine Publications 1990
The Best Laid Plans Gen novel Star Borne Press
Betazine Gen anthology Tytanima Press
Better Late Than Never - Mary Elizabeth S. Novel, Het, Riker/Troi 1989
The Beverly File Anthology, Beverly Crusher Peg Kennedy & Bill Hupe
Beyond Farpoint #1-6
Beyond the Farthest Star TOS and TNG, gen and het Gypsy Moth Press
The Body Electric Anthology, Data 1992
Bonds of the Matriarch - Taerie Bryant Het novel, Riker&Troi
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: An Unauthorized Biography Picard
Captain Picard's Guide to Celestial Mythology
Chance Encounter - Sue Love Novel, Picard/OFC Oddsbalz & Mayhem
Choices (Star Trek: TNG zine) Novel, Riker/OFC
Continuing Voyages Gen anthology
Continuum Gen anthology 1989
Cordrazine Hallucinations also TOS USS Challenger (fanclub) early 1990s
Cygnet anthology, Data LOW Enterprises
Dancing Till Dawn novel, Data/OFC Orion Press 1994
Dinner at Ten Forward - Anne D. novella Orion Press 1994
A Dish Served Cold (Highlander/Star Trek: TNG zine) xover with Highlander
Echoes of the Past novel
Enigma and Other Stories TNG and TOS anthology
Eridani #1-30 mostly anthologies, some novellas Orion Press 1988 - 1999
The Farthest Frontier gen anthology, various Trek incarnations Criterion Press 1992-1997
Federation and Empire #1-4 series of novels, also TOS
Federation Standard Anthology 1991 -
Fields of the Heart novella Orion Press 1993
A Fine Line novella, Picard&Riker Orion Press 1993
Fire and Ice #1-2 anthology, Beverly Crusher Orion Press 1998 - 1999
First Light en Masse #1-3 gen anthology First Light Productions
The Forgotten novel Orion Press 1998
Four Lights #1-3 anthology Orion Press 1997 - 2000
Frighted Peace novel, Picard/Crusher Orion Press 1991
From One Generation to the Next - Judith A. Wesley Crusher 1989
The Games of Magellan - Rod S. Gen 1991
Generation D Gen anthology  ? ?
Generation Gap Anthology  ? ?
Gigawatts #1-7 Anthology 1990-?
Hailing Frequencies anthology edited by Doug Giffin ? ?-1993
Hailing Frequencies #1-2 anthology edited by Natasha Mohr It Never Happened Press, 1990-1991
Haven gen anthology 1992
The Height of Hubris novel by Linda Knights, Riker
Hell's Forge gen novel Entropy Press  ?
The Hive sequel to Hostages to Fortune Roberta D. ?
Holodeck various Trek series 1994
Hostages to Fortune Riker/OFC 1992
Hunger Pains novel, Troi Orion Press 1997
Idylls #1-19 some issues are TOS Orion Press 1984 - 1999
Imzadi anthology, Riker/Troi Orion Press 1999
The Inheritor novel, Data Orion Press 1994
In Need of Repair gen novel, Wesley Crusher
Involution #1-12 anthology Orion Press 1991 - 1998
If We're Always Going Where No One Has Gone Before Why Do We Always Meet Somebody When We Get There? see: Tales from the Holodeck cartoons Anne Davenport  ?
Inside a Broken Dream multimedia, 65 pages  ? 1998
Integrity multimedia  ?  ?
Intrepidation also TOS 1988
I, Q novel, Q Bristol Starfleet Registry 1991
A Joy Proposed Gen novel
The Kearsarge Chronicles anthology Orion Press 1996
King of Infinite Space novel
Kiron III #1-4 Australian anthology Orange Eye Press 1989-1992
Leftovers multimedia 1993 - ?
The Legacy of Kirk novel by Paul Gadzikowski
Lessons Learned novel  ?
Levariations anthology
LoneStar Trek #1-7 mostly TOS, only the first four contain TNG 1989 -1994
A Long Way Home novel Orion Press 1993
Lore also contains TOS Astrex 1989
Make It So #1-26 ScoTpress 1989-1996
Matter of Honor #1-3 Gypsy Moth Productions 1992-1996
A Million Suns at Midnight - Jessica Farrows novel Datazine Publications 1991
Mind Meld Eridani 40 gen anthology 1993
Mirror Image novel Orion Press 1992
Moments in Time gen
Mon Cher Jean-Luc het
My Brother's Keeper novel
The Next Generation
The Naked Now #1-3 het anthology
NCC-1701-D #1-4 het Star-Borne Press
No Higher Ground novel Orion Press 1991
Noises in the Attic gen novel 1990
Number One #1-6 Orion Press 1993 - 1999
One Among You gen novel ScoTpress 1985
Out of Touch - Jackie P. and Toni Lichtenstein B. novel Orion Press 1993
Parallax Ring gen anthology Empyrean Publications 1984
Parallel Heroes crossover with Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Perchance to Dream ?
The Picard Maneuver #12 anthology Orion Press 1992
The Pirates of Avalon het novel
Pit of Acheron - Zaquia T. 1988
Poems, Prayers and Promises het
Portraits (Star Trek: TNG zine) fanart portfolio David L. 1991
Psst cartoons
Pulse of the Machine - Jean Kluge Data/Tasha, many full-page illustrations  ? 1991
Purities also DS9 Cat Toy Productions
Realms of Deception 168p. novel by Karen W. Orion Press 1996
Reassembly novel Orion Press 1997
Relative Reflections novel
Qubed #1-4 ?
Quisine ?
Ready and Willing #1-11 ?-1993
Resurrection gen novel Bill Hupe
Saratoga #1-3 fancomic
The Scent of Home novel Orion Press 1999
Second Generation Dagger and Griffin Press 1993
Second Voyages
Shadow Keeper novel Orion Press 1995
Ship's Log Supplemental
Side-Trekked #1-2 various crossovers Skylarking Digest Press 1994
Snake in the Grass - Mike Wells novel in two volumes BSFR 1993
The Snow Quartet novel Cat Toy Productions
Sounds of a Distant World novel Orion Press 1992
Star Tooning cartoons
Steady As She Goes Kay D. 1992
Still Boldly Going jokes and cartoons
STNG - Explorer gen anthology
Stolen Lives sequel to The Healing Time
Sun and...Fun? novel Orion Press 1999
The Sunbeam Strike gen novel Entropy Press
Survival novel Orion Press 1991
Tales from Ten-Forward Margo K. 1991
Tantalus #1-8 even numbered issues are TOS Orion Press 1990 - 1995
T'Cai novel and sequel, in German Star Trek Forum 1996
Thunder's Wrath - J. Richard L. 1993
Time and Time Again - Michael R. crossover with TOS 1990
Time Will Tell  ? 1993
Time's Passage - S. Lee Story 1991
That Which Steals the Soul gen novel
This is It! published before broadcast 1987
To Then and Back Again gen crossover novel USS Indiana 2005
Transitions - Randall T. White, Jr. Orion Press 1994
Transwarp (German) for all Star Trek UFSTF 1987 - 2002
Transwarp (U.S.) 1988 -
Treasures gen novel Cat Toy Productions
Trichord gen anthology Orion Press 1994
Vintage Unicorn Press
Visions (Star Trek: TNG) anthology Catherine T. 1993 -
Volumes of Forgotten Lore novel
Vonegran's Veil anthology 1991
Warriors and Orphans novel
We're Sleeping Where? gen novel
What You Fancy multimedia
When the Hurting Stops novel 1994
Where None Have Gone Before #1-32 ?-1991
The Widow Tree gen novel 1995
The Winds of Limbo gen anthology Orion Press 2000
The Woman of Barzan - D.V. Warren xover with Dune
X-Gen adult het anthology 1991
The Yomin content unknown