Fire and Ice (Star Trek: TNG)

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Title: Fire and Ice
Publisher: Orion Press
Editor(s): Gwyn Allman
Date(s): 1998-1999
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Fire and Ice is a gen digest-sized anthology of Star Trek: TNG fiction focusing on Beverly Crusher.

A fan writes: "I recomend Fire and Ice I (a totally kick ass Beverly Crusher zine. Good Job, Gwyn)." [1]

Issue 1

Fire and Ice 1 was published in 1998 and contains 228 pages. It contains a portrait of Crusher by Kate Maschmeyer.

cover of issue #1, Kate Maschmeyer
  • And She Pondered Them in Her Heart by TrexPhile--Jack is dead, and Beverly's life must go on...
  • First Night by Lisa Ann Richardson--On the first night after Jack's funeral, Beverly faces being alone... again.
  • Return to the Dance by Nan--After Jack's death, Beverly fears she will never dance again.
  • Two Trekkers in Camelot by Susan Zoccola--It starts with Beverly researching a play and ends with sword play...
  • Arvada Three by Emilie D'Andrilli--Beverly is called home, but what surprises from her past await her?
  • Nightmare by Anna Wilkins--It's just a nightmare, or is it?
  • The Hairbow Chronicles by Astra, illustrated by AdmiralTAG--Why did Beverly leave the Enterprise D and why did she return. And whatever happened to that bolt of cloth from Farpoint Station?
  • Relative Decisions by Louise Ellis--When her niece asks for help, Beverly responds, though she must face her hostile relations.
  • Reclamation by Robin Lyster--The Borg are gone, but the Enterprise E is back in its own time, and Beverly faces a time of reclamation.
  • Charivari by AdmiralTAG, illustrated by Janet D'Airo--What was supposed to be a nice, quiet wedding turns into a very long night that Beverly, Jean-Luc, and the rest of the galaxy won't soon forget.
  • Paracelsus by Shelby--Beverly gets a job offer, but how might her acceptance change the history of the Federation?

Issue 2

Fire and Ice 2 was published in June 1999 and contains 188-pages.

cover of issue #2 by Anna Jassen
  • From the Editor (2)
  • A Change of Command by Louise Ellis--Starfleet makes Beverly an offer she can't refuse (3)
  • Girl's Night Out by Susan Zoccola--Beverly, Deanna and a group of friends attend a concert. (26)
  • A Good Day by Trexphile--Beverly Crusher's future as she nurses a failing Jean-Luc Picard. (46)
  • And If I Never Loved You by Admiral Tag--After leaving the Enterprise, and their times together far behind, Beverly and Jean-Luc ponder. (56)
  • Goodbye by JJM--Beverly faces another long night alone saying, "Goodbye" to Jack.
  • A Summer Night in San Francisco by Terry S. Bowers--Missing scene from "Time's Arrow". The captain and Beverly discuss "A Midsummer Night's Dream". (66)
  • Flashbacks by Louise Ellis--Beverly and Jean-Luc visit the graves of Walker Keel and Jack Crusher. (69)
  • Circle Unbroken by Anna Wilkins--The captain and doctor come together at last in one possible future for the couple. (79)
  • The Touch of a Human by Terry S. Bowers--Locutus is Jean-Luc Picard once more, but it takes Beverly Crusher to help him feel like a person once more. (110)
  • A Year Away by Neidt--When life on the Enterprise takes an unexpected turn, it takes a year as the head of Starfleet Medical to help Beverly decide what she wants for her future. Cindy Neidt explores Beverly's triumphs and traumas at Starfleet Medical in this novella. (121)
  • The Temperate Zone (188)
  • cover and artwork by Anna Jassen


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