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Title: Mindset
Publisher: Ankh Press
Author(s): Roberta Tennant/Roberta Debono
Cover Artist(s): Ken Hooper
Illustrator(s): Thea MacArthur
Date(s): 1989
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Mindset is a het 54-page novel by Roberta Tennant featuring Deanna Troi and an OMC.

The blurb from the publisher's website: "Deanna Troi meets Rowan, the handsome young king of Zorel, a planet which combines 24th Century technology with a barbaric culture. Educated in Federation schools, Rowan is reluctantly going home to face his duties as King of a warlike people, when he falls in love with Deanna. The evil Goros forces Rowan to abduct Deanna and bring her to Zorel, where she will be compelled to use her empathic powers to help crush a rebellion against tyranny."

An ad in Datazine #55 adds this to the blurb above: "...the lovely Counselor of the Enterprise finds herself the captive of the young King, who is her only protection against treachery and murder, and whose passionate desire may keep her a prisoner on his world forever."

Reactions and Reviews

A new zine just out by Ankh Press [MINDSET], is a good Trek writing for over the age of 18. The story is about Deanna Troi finding her true love, after being kidnapped by Rowan, the future king of Zorel (name of planet), and eventually marrying him at the end of the story. The writer does not plan a sequel. [1]
Roberta's writing in THE HIVE and MINDSET bring new depth and breadth to the expressions, sophomoric and juvenile.MINDSET is a NG Harlequin Romance that the Harlequin publishers might reject as too putrid for modern women. It is a Troi novel in which a prince kidnaps her for marriage because he fell in love at first sight. She stays with him and gets pregnant. The plot is thin enough to use as a veil and Debono goes modern, throwing in sex scenes syrupy enough to have come straight from the most nauseating of romance novels. Gosh, this story adds so much to the character of Troi. As if she didn't have enough trouble getting decent script lines from the TV series writers, a fan writer is now abusing her.[2]


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