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Title: Quisine (also referred to as "Quizine"[1])
Publisher: Q Appreciation Society (QAS) out of Australia
Editor(s): Annie Hamilton
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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Quisine is a Star Trek: The Next Generation digest-sized anthology edited by Annie Hamilton of the Australian based Q Appreciation Society."[1] There are four issues.

From a flyer for issue #4: "Why risk spontaneous combustion? Buy a Quisine today and minimize your chances of offending a capricious entity!"

Summaries below from The New Q Reviews: Biblio-Q

Issue 1

Quisine 1 contains 36 pages. It is digest-sized.

  • More Maligned than Malignant pt. 1 by Annie Hamilton. A reasoned debate, using the episode "Encounter at Farpoint", as to why Q is more a good guy than a villain.
  • Q-rio by Catherine Stewart: A conflict between Geordi and a team of engineers is deemed by Guinan to be the work of Q.
  • Q Sera Sera by Douglas Cummings: Written in iambic pentameter, this is a parody in which Q casts Picard as the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Issue 2

Quisine 2 contains was published in 1992 and contains 100 pages. It is digest-sized.

cover of issue #2, damaged
  • Over To Q by Catherine Stewart. A strange tale told by Picard's fish, Livingston. (4 pages)
  • Nothing Compares 2Q by Rosanna Mully. Two Q interview Picard, trying to dig up dirt to prevent Q from getting a position within the leadership of the Continuum. But Picard finds that what the Q consider to be "dirt" is very different from the human notion... (9 pages)
  • Q-Beard by Catherine Stewart. Pirates take over the Enterprise with Q's help. (43 pages)
  • More Maligned than Malignant pt. 2 by Annie Hamilton. A reasoned debate, using the episode "Hide and Q", as to why Q is more a good guy than a villain.

Issue 3

Quisine 3 contains over 100 pages and is full-sized.

  • Question and Answer with John de Lancie: An interview at a con in Australia.
  • Q and Cry by Rosanna Mully. Riker's new girlfriend is not what she seems, as Q seems to be trying to tell Picard...
  • Equality Part I by Max Query. A Red Dwarf crossover. Picard finds that he has taken Rimmer's place. Humor.

Issue 4

Quisine 4 contains 138 pages. It contains 10 stories.

cover of issue #4
a flyer featuring issue #4
  • DraQla by Cathy Stewart and Douglas Cummings. When Guinan is attacked by a vampire, Q shows up as Van Q to do some vampire hunting. But things are more serious than they seem.
  • Over To Q, Too by Cathy Stewart. The saga of Livingston the fish continues.
  • Witness for the Prose-Q-Tion by Marie Logan. Yet another speculation on the origin of Guinan's relationship with Q, this one darker than most.
  • Un-Q-Lar Maneuvers by Cathy Stewart. Q asks Picard to pretend to be the uncle of a small boy that the Continuum has targeted for destruction.
  • The Apprentice's Sorceror by Marie Logan. When a race puts Picard on trial for the death of the Crystalline Entity, Q shows up and tells outrageous lies to get him off the hook... at least, Picard *hopes* they're lies.
  • Equality Pt. II by Max Query. A senile and quite mad Q is destroying the universe, and Picard and the crew of the Red Dwarf are the only ones who can stop him. Crossover with Red Dwarf.
  • More Maligned than Malignant pt. III by Annie Hamilton continues the debate, putting forth the notion that Q is a teacher by using "Q Who."


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