Annie Hamilton

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Name: Annie Hamilton
Type: zine ed, fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Space: Above and Beyond, Star Trek: TNG
Communities: Isle of Gramarye Press
URL: Fanfiction info at
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Annie Hamilton is an Australian multifandom fan writer, fan artist, and zine editor.

She is the contact for Isle of Gramarye Press and was an editor of the zines Enarraré (multifandom, 1986–2000) and Quisine (Star Trek: TNG, early 1990s).


Annie has written fiction, poetry, and essays. A listing of her fiction can be found at Examples of Annie's writing include:


Annie's fanart has appeared in the Blake's 7 zines Gambit (1989), Input (1989–1990), Avon the Terrible (1990), and Dark Between the Stars 1991-1992), as well as in the Star Trek: TNG zine The Sunbeam Strike (1995 or before).


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