Steady As She Goes

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Title: Steady As She Goes
Publisher: the copyright info reads "Copyright by Kay Doty, 1992" and then in smaller type below the copyright it reads "Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe, Footrot Flats"
Editor(s): Kay Doty
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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cover by Zaquia Tarhuntassa
flyer from Bill Hupe's catalog

Steady As She Goes is a gen 154-page anthology of fiction all by Kay Doty. Art by Zaquia Tarhuntassa.


Summary from Bill Hupe's catalog: "Riker must negotiate a treaty between two warring planets; Geordi follows a mysterious trail in search of a missing probe; O'Brien rescues a frightened girl; the Enterprise is ordered to evacuate the residents of a planet."


  • The Gambler ("Drama. Riker must mediate a peace treaty between two warring worlds. When it becomes apparent the delegates are not sincere in their quest for peace, Riker calls upon a very unusual "wildcard."")
  • Geordi's Adventure ("Comedy/drama. Geordi follows a mysterious trail in search of answers about a missing probe, and finds more than he bargained for in the form of a pretty young lady.")
  • Beverly Goes Shopping ("Comedy. Beverly returns from a visit to a planet that caters to Human tastes, bringing with her a strange purchase — one that intrigues her fellow Enterprise officers — except for Captain Picard.")
  • O'Brien and the Lady ("Drama-A bittersweet love story. The transporter chief "rescues" a frightened girl and unknowingly creates a problem for both the Enterprise and the Federation. This story occurs before his marriage to Keiko.)")
  • A Matter of Adjustment ("The Enterprise is ordered to Eridana V to evacuate the residents from their endangered world. A small group, who didn't wish to leave, try to commandeer the Enterprise to return home. At the same time the ship's officers must help a man from a different time, cope with his situation.")