We're Sleeping Where?

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Title: We're Sleeping Where?
Publisher: Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy
Author(s): Lynn C. Lorton
Cover Artist(s): Teegar
Illustrator(s): no interior illos
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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We're Sleeping Where? is a 90-page gen Star Trek: TNG novel by Lynn C. Lorton.

front cover by Teegar

It was edited by Janna Stockinger.


From Bill Hupe's catalog: "A Picard/Crusher romance novel. Life on the Enterprise will never be the same after Beverly Crusher informs Jean-Luc that they are expecting."

Another ad: "Many Starfleet officers combine their duties with family life ... but Jean-Luc Picard? Thus continues his introduction to the charming world of upcoming parenthood ... and the ups and downs of Beverly's hormonal charged pregnancy. Hormones may become normal sometime after the birth of a child, but then ... Ah, life with a child is filled with great joy ... and other less, shall we say, tidy moments? Our good captain is prepared for all... but this auburn-haired beauty? Life may never be quite so ... calm and controlled."