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You may be looking for the X-Files story Cubed.

Title: Qubed
Publisher: Gypsy Moth Productions
Date(s): September 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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front cover by Marie Williams
back cover by J.M. McClure
flyer from Bill Hupe's catalog

Qubed is a 160-page gen Star Trek: TNG anthology edited by Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe. [1] It features fiction, poetry, and art that contains Q as either the primary character, or as a main character. Includes a novel by Janna Stockinger and a full color cover by Marie Williams.

Its subtitle is "the Quintesance of Quipps and Quirks."

This special collection of stories of Q debuted at the 1992 Michigan Star Trek Festival in East Lansing where John de Lancie was a guest star.


Summaries from The New Q Reviews: Biblio-Q

  • Who is Q? by Vonne Shepart (i)
  • Introduction by Q (ii)
  • I, Q by Ann Goetz. (While the Enterprise is on a mission to Organia, Q chooses to settle an old score with Guinan. The Organians strip him of his powers and lock him in a room with Troi to be counseled.) (1)
  • Quintessential Showman by Vonne Shepard (34)
  • Q'Rious by Arianwen P. F. Everett. (A brief vignette on Q's relationship with Guinan. "Q reflects on past lives and past companions, especially Guinan, while Vash takes a nap.") (36)
  • Through the Eyes of a Child by Janna P. Stockinger. (The Enterprise has taken aboard a group of children who are not what they seem, and Q is not happy at all.) (37)
  • Injured Party by CarolMel Ambassador (102)
  • The Burdens of Command by Jackie Cordova. (Riker, Data, Geordi and Worf come back from an away mission acting goofy, and Q has something to do with it. "Picard is almost driven to madness when his landing party begins to act quite bizarre, and somehow Q's involved...") (104)
  • Equal Status by CarolMel Ambassador (109)
  • Que Hue by David Marks. (Q offers to save humanity from the Borg if the Enterprise crew can pass his tests... "An error has been made. The original prediction of the arrival of the Borg fleet was overestimated, and the hoard will soon be upon the Federation. Q whisks away individuals of the bridge crew and puts each to the test to see whether or not the Federation is worthy to survive the invasion... with help.") (110)
  • Lions and Tigers and Q's, Oh My! by April Lee Murray. (A Labyrinth crossover in which Jareth, King of the Goblins, comes aboard and he and Q harass each other. "Data's been in the holodeck, playing a new game, and summons the Goblin King on accident. Q believes the newcomer is a trouble-maker taking commands from Guinan. But as the Goblin King states: "The Game must be finished." Can Q survive as well as his pride?") (127)
  • Teacher by CarolMel Ambassador (139)
  • Poor Mislead Q by A. Margaret Goetz (140)
  • Bargaining Point by Todd Parrish. (Vash bargains to be Q's companion for a year in exchange for an irresistible lure.) (141)
  • Testy Over Q by A. Margaret Goetz (inside back cover)
  • art by Pam Auditore, Baravan, Ann Goetz, Robert Jan, J.M. McClure, Todd Parrish, Bev Sinclair, Zaquia Tarhuntassa, Kirk Taskila, Teegar, Marie Williams, Patricia Young

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