Patrick Stewart Credit List

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Title: Patrick Stewart Credit List
Publisher: Patrick Stewart Research Library
Editor(s): Joan Rumerman
Type: credit zine
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Patrick Stewart, Star Trek:TNG
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The Patrick Stewart Credit List was compiled by Joan Rumerman and contains 15 pages. It is a publication of the official fan club.

(1) Computer Software

(2) Audios

(3) Videos

(4) Television Appearances, Interviews, Clips, Etc.

(5) Television

(6) Radio Interviews

(7) Radio Performances

(8) Commercials

(9) Film

(10) Theater

(11) Old Vic Tour

(12) Dates and Locations Of The Vic Tour

(13) Manchester Library Theater Performances

(14) Liverpool, The Playhouse Theater Performances

(15) Additional Theater

(16) Alliance For Creative Theater, Education and Research Performances

(17) Awards and Nominations