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Title: Generation Gap
Publisher: Page's Press
Editor(s): Page Lewis
Date(s): 1988-1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & Star Trek: TNG with a small amount of other Trek and other fandoms
Language: English
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Generation Gap is a gen Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek:TNG anthology with a small amount of Star Trek: VOY, Star Trek: DS9 and other fandoms. It has nine issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Generation Gap 1 was published in 1988 and has 83 pages.

  • Intro Letter
  • The New Generation (poem) by Julie A. Dickson (2)
  • Generation Gap by Roberta Rogow (3)
  • Riker (poem) by Julie A. Dickson (19)
  • Mountain Weekend by Shirley Kemarly (20)
  • To the Know the Darkness by Sylvia Liske (26)
  • Deanna (poem) by Julie A. Dickson (29)
  • Scotty's New Lieutenant by Shirley Kemarly (30)
  • Yar (poem) by Julie A. Dickson (38)
  • Hunting Snipes by Shirley Kemarly (39)
  • The Brother Lost (poem) by Julie A. Dickson (43)
  • Sulu's Decision by Page (45)
  • A Dream of Reality by Shirley Kemarly (54)
  • Riker's Vision by Julie A. Dickson (57)
  • Rescue at Sabik by Paul B. Walker (58)
  • Angel's Men by Julie A. Dickson (69)
  • Return to Onarga by Shirley Kemarly (70)
  • My Hero (poem) by Charmain Wood (83)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Generation Gap 2 was published in 1989.

  • Amuck Time by Kathleen Englebrect (3)
  • The Android, poem by Julie A. Dickson (9)
  • Beauty and the Beast by Shirley J. Kemarly (10
  • What is this Q? (poem) by Julie A. Dickson (14)
  • A Matter of Conscience by Julie A. Dickson (15)
  • Not Youth But Tears (poem) by Julie A. Dickson (17)
  • Feline Planet by Georgia Harelick (19)
  • The Command, poem by Marcia Pecor (27)
  • Worf's Rescue by Shirley J. Kemarly (29)
  • Enterprise, poem by Derek K. Wilson (36)
  • Training Exercize (sic) by Paul Walker (37)
  • Message from Talos, poem by Julie A. Dickson (47)
  • An Indian Princess by Shirley J. Kemarly (48)
  • No Second Chance for M 113, poem by Julie A. Dickson (53)
  • Only a Brief Encounter by Julie A. Dickson (53)
  • Her Only Regret, poem by Julie A. Dickson (55)
  • Music Soothes the Savage Beast by Shirley J. Kemarly (56)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

I like this issue very much as I did with the first zine. Both original Trek and Generation combined in the zine. It's good reading for a true Trek fan. Written by first timers as with Julie A. Dickson and Shirley J. Kemarly. Both are wonderful in their own world of writing Trek stories. Among the stories: "Memories," "Trelane's Return," "A Father's Gift," and others. [1]

Issue 3

Generation Gap 3 was published in 1990.

cover of issue #3, Paul Richardson
  • The Challenge by Jim Freeberger (3)
  • Data's Dream by Julie A. Dickson (32)
  • Impossibilities by Mary Vogt (46)
  • A Dream by Any Other Name by Pamela J. Corsa (56)
  • The Deadly Conspiracy, part 2 by Kevin Gates (74)
  • Telepathic Trickery by Julie A. Dickson (91)
  • Warm Welcomes, Fond Farewells by Edward Hines (96)
  • Snakebite by Pamela J. Corsa (120)
  • A Whale by any Other Name by Louise James (137)
  • poetry by Betty Ragan, Sherri Rabinowitz, and Julie A. Dickson
  • art by Anja Gruber, Jim Freeberter, S.L. Wickham, Paul Richardson (front cover), James Pogulist and Shellie Whild

Issue 4

Generation Gap 4 was published in 1991 and contains 93 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before by Landon Taylor (26 pages) (Star Trek: TOS)
  • Fools Bane by W. Jean Rohrer(16 pages) (Star Trek: TOS)
  • The Smooth Stone by Julie A. Dickson (3 pages) (Star Trek: TNG)
  • The Touch of Life by Julie A. Dickson (9 pages) (Star Trek: TNG)
  • Nightmare (7 pages) (Star Trek: TNG)
  • Prejudices by Laura Konrad (16 pages) (Star Trek: TNG)
  • a lot of poetry

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Paul Richardson

Generation Gap 5 was published in 1992.

  • Dedication to Gene Roddenberry
  • Introduction Letter (4)
  • Generation Gap IV flyer (5)
  • Regaining Ground by by Julie A. Dickson (6) (TNG)
  • Into the Malestrom (sic) by Jim Freeberger (12) (TOS)
  • Geordi's Love by Joe Kutniewski, III (46) (TNG)
  • The Society of Twelve by Julie A. Dickson (49) (TNG)
  • Forbidden Fruit by Laura Konrad (49) (TNG)
  • poetry by Julie A. Dickson (TOS and TNG)
  • art by Paul Richardson (cover) and Jim Freeberger

Issue 6

front cover of issue #6

Generation Gap 6 was published in June 1993 and contains 178 pages.

The art is by Anja Gruber, Sylvia Liske, Beverly Chick, and Christopher Johnson.

From the editor:

This issue is dedicated to Gene Roddenberry, (miss youl). I tried not to change much of the wording of the stories, so if they are wrong it is because the writers themselves wrote the story that way. Special thanks go to Linda McCauley for proof reading the BSG story. I hope that this will bring you many happy hours of reading, and we will look forward to another Generation Gap next year.

P.S, Ignore page numbers
  • Creative Genius: A Tribute in Memoriam to Gene Roddenberry, The Great Bird of the Galaxy! by Marguerite K.A. Petersen (unnumbered page)
  • Helmsman Hikaru, poem by Marguerite K.A. Petersen (unnumbered page)
  • Forever by Christoper L. Johnson (Star Trek: TNG) (8)
  • Commander Scott, poem by Marguerite K.A. Petersen (34)
  • A Game of Chess by Edward J. McFadden (Star Trek: TNG/Star Trek: DS9) (36)
  • Regrets by Rebecca Boyer Bishop (Star Trek: TNG) (43)
  • James T. Kirk, Capt., poem by Marguerite K.A. Petersen (49)
  • Kirk's Song, poem by Marguerite K.A. Petersen (51)
  • Dr. Leonard McCoy , poem by Marguerite K.A. Petersen (52)
  • The Borg: A Three Part Episode by R.B. Knight (54)
  • Little Orphan Annie by Roberta Rogow (Star Trek: DS9) (82)
  • Nurse Chapel, poem by Marguerite K.A. Petersen (93)
  • Meld by W. Jena Rohrer (Star Trek: TOS) (95)
  • Navigator Pavel , poem by Marguerite K.A. Petersen (105)
  • Enemy of My Enemy by Christopher L. Johnson (Star Trek: TNG/Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (107)

Issue 7

Generation Gap 7 was published in 1994.

cover of issue #7

Issue 8

front cover of issue #8, Ellen Siders
back cover of issue #8, Anja Gruber

Generation Gap 8 was published in July 1995 and contains 37 pages.

From the editorial:

Welcome to Generation Gap #8. We are sorry that we do not have more stories herein.

It seems to me that writer-ship has dropped immensely. We cannot figure out why. And, we hope that in the next Generation Gap we will have more stories for you. We were very disappointed and did not want to delay our deadline any further.

We would also like to take time to thank our many proof readers over the years.

Even though this issue is small we know you will enjoy the stories.

The deadline date for Generation Gap #9 is June 1, 1996. Thanks for your supportI

Happy Reading. Love Live and Prosper, Page

The front cover is by Ellen Siders, the back cover by Anja Gruber. The interior illos are by Siders and Gruber.

  • Introduction Letter by Page (3)
  • Colors by Kathy Lavsky (5) (TNG)
  • Neelix Soup Surprise, filk by Roberta Rogow (14) (Voyager)
  • The Latapha Syndrome by Steven Reitz (16) (TNG)
  • Mission to Planet Yuch! by Andrew David Oxford (26) (TOS)

Issue 9

Generation Gap 9 was published in 1996 and contains 106 pages.

cover of issue #9
  • A Mother's Dream by David D. Palmquist (Star Trek Voyager)
  • Q to Oz by P. E. Lewis (Star Trek DS9)
  • The Plague by Patti Papineau & Jody Wagner (ST)
  • The Agonizer by David D. Palmquist (Voyager)
  • Colors by Kathy Lavsky (STTNG)
  • The X by J.E. Lyons (DS9)
  • art and filksongs

Issue 10

Generation Gap 10 was published in 1997 and contains 40 pages.

cover of issue #10
  • We Gather Together by Helen Cripe (STTNG)
  • Reassignment by N. W. Pelliegrini (STTNG)
  • Rebel Union by David Palmquist (DS9)


  1. from Treklink #19