List of Video Game Fandoms

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There are many categories of video games, and a fair amount of overlap and confusion occurs. The following fandoms are generally considered video game fandoms by their fans.

Let's Play series on Youtube are also popular as a form of transformative work. As a result, there is also Let's Play RPF.

Console Games

Games released originally, primarily or solely for a gaming console. Some may have PC ports made after the fact. (For simplicity's sake, games released simultaneously for consoles and for PCs will be included in this category.)

Eastern Console Games

Western Console Games

Computer Games

Games released originally, primarily or solely for PCs.

First-Person Shooter Games (FPS)

Games played from the point of view of a character, usually with guns

Dating Simulators & Visual Novels

Browser-Based Games

Often played entirely in one's browser, sometimes using a pool of limited actions.

Mobile Games

Games released primarily as tablet or smartphone applications.

Arcade Games