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Name: Flight Rising
Creator: Stormlight Workshop, LLC
Date(s): -
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: http://flightrising.com/ Flight Rising Logo.jpg
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Flight Rising is an online multiplayer dragon-breeding game, in which players have lairs of dragons they can breed, dress, and battle against monster enemies to gain treasure and other loot. It has a rich in-game economy of players selling and trading items and dragons, and forums where people discuss game mechanics, look for trades, and have role-playing threads involving the dragons or the world lore.


This is the main site-wide competition available, and each of the 11 elemental "flights" (Earth, Fire, Lightning, Shadow, etc.) has its own forum area to discuss strategies, offer each other rewards for participation, and coordinate buying, selling, training and exalting dragons. Fan-run raffles with donated (in-game) prizes are common; sometimes, fanart or other fanworks are prizes.

Every week, one flight will gain "dominance," and two others get second and third place. All members of those flights get bonuses - extra gathering for supplies, extra treasure, and so on. Gaining dominance is a matter of "exalting" dragons, removing them from play completely. (The devs are very emphatic that this is not the same as "death." The players are less sure about that.) In order to get dominance, a flight needs to exalt more levels of dragons in a week than any other flight, with the numbers adjusted based on activity levels. (So: small flights get counted as more points; large flights get fewer points per exalted dragon.)

There are contests and raffles related to dominance, and it has become tradition for each flight to take dominance for its annual festival. This is so solidly established that many players are surprised to discover it's not automatic. Rather, it's a player-devised tradition; all of the flight communities have tacitly agreed never to fight very hard against the flight that's about to have its festival.

First Gens

Dragons hatched from eggs in the hoard, as opposed to by breeding, are "first gens" - first generation dragons with no parents. They are considered much, much more valuable than other dragons, and there is an incredible amount of both economic activity and drama attached to them.

Dragon Naming

So. Much. Drama.

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Common flight-specific names, banned names, hostile naming, exalting unnamed.


In addition to the fanfic and fanart that are common to many fandoms, Flight Rising has "dragon lore," which includes details about the dragons that may not connect at all to gameplay, which is often recorded in a dragon's profile page. Some fans develop "lore templates" that are designed to fit with the site's layout and formatting options. There are also "fandragons," dragon-versions of people's OCs or favorite fandom characters, based on the colors of the dragons, the official lore (e.g. Pearlcatcher dragons are haughty; Spiral dragons are flighty), and available apparel and other decorative options.


Art includes player-drawn pictures of individual dragons, various characters (original or not) re-imagined as Flight Rising dragons, and small pictures designed to fit in the signature field in the forums, often consisting of stylized cartoonish versions of a player's favorite dragon(s). The latter category has gotten popular enough that it has its own subforum, Adoptables.


Fanfic takes two main forms: Stories about players' individual dragons, and stories about the 11 elemental dragon deities and other NPCs on the site. RP stories in the forum threads are commonly about players' dragons. There is also, rarely, crossover fic of various types.




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