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This is a list of fanzines that have Quantum Leap content. This list is out of date, see Category:Quantum Leap Zines for a much more accurate one.

Gen, QL only

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Accelerator Accidents Monte Cristo - Amethyst Press 1991
As Time Goes Bye #1-3 Featherpaw Press 1992-1993
Beyond the Mirror - Gail J. C. 1995
Chain Reactions 1993
Choices: The Devil His Due
Dare to Dance the Tide Squiggle Press 1993
A Dozen Points in Time #1-6 1993-1995
Fate's Wide Wheel #1-3 1994-1995
A Fork in the Road 1993
Green Eggs and Ham #1-10 New Leaf Press 1991-1996
Green and Heroes
Heart Leaps
I've Leaped and I Can't Get Up! #1-2 Fields of Fortune Press/It's My Press 1993-1994
Leaping In With a Net #1-3 CJR Press 1993-1995
Leaping to Conclusions Roundtable Press/Polaris Press 1992
Leaps and Boundaries unclear if this is gen, het, or slash 1998
Leaps and Fishes C-Leapers Club 1996
Leaps Unbound Pink Roses Press 1994)
A Leap to Far
A Leap to Late - Sharon Reynolds
Look Before You Leap #1-6 Ruff and Ready Press 1991-1996
Mark's Leaps
A Matter of Time #1-5 1991-1994
More Misadventures #1-2 1992-1995
Oh Boy #1-5 Oh Boy Press 1991-1997
Out of the Blue Penreddy Publication 1990
Out of the Frying Pan Ecto Press 1991
Past Imperfect AAA Press 1994
Play It Again #1-5 1991-1996
Present Tense AAA Press 1995
Quantum Chain collection of chain stories Threadneedle Press
The Quantum Leap Special Gen Collection Neon Rainbow Press
Quantum Mechanics - Jessica Farrow Datazine Publications 1990
Quantum Mechanics - Peg Kennedy 1992
A Question of Charity novel AAA Press 1994
The Return novel 1995
Sands of Time novel Dapplewood Press
Shattered novel Freedom of the Press 1991
Snap! Crackle! Leap! 1997
Standing on the Edge of Time Intertwined Press 1993-1994
Star Leap Dapplewood Press 1992
Temporary Difficulties Beyond Our Control... Please Stand By 1991
Through the Imaging Chamber novel
Time and Space Can Be a Bitch charity zine
Time Knight mix of crossover and original stories
Welcome to the Next Level

Gen, QL crossovers

Zine Title Details Publisher Year of Publication
Brothers in Limbo crossover with The Sentinel and The Real Ghostbusters Agent With Style 1994
Different Drummer crossover anthology MacWombat Press|1993
Faces of Clay crossover with Twin Peaks and Crime Story 1991
Friends in Time
Impossible Dreams crossover anthology MacWombat Press
In Another Life crossover with Beauty and the Beast 1991
The Janus Factor crossover with The Real Ghostbusters 1995
Junk crossover with The Professionals
Leap of the Worlds crossovers with War of the Worlds Neon Rainbow Press 2007
LeapTrek crossovers with Star Trek: TNG Buffalo Chip Press 1996
Outatime crossover with Back to the Future Alvyren Press 1991
Paradox crossover with Doctor Who Disclaimer Press
Quantum Beast crossover with Beauty and the Beast 1990
QL+(S)+(MV)+(ROS)+(S+H)+(ST) ad infinitum= ....Oh Boy! crossover anthology Almost Foolproof Press/Starlite Press 1991
Quantum Jones crossover with Indiana Jones Dapplewood Press 1990
Sam's Run crossover with Logan's Run Almost Foolproof Press/Starlite Press 1991
The Scrying Glass crossover with The Real Ghostbusters Ecto Press 1997
Starcrossed (Quantum Leap/Starman zine) 1, 2 crossover with Starman Star Island Press/Driftwood Press 1994-1996
The String Theory Affair crossover with Man From UNCLE NorthCoast Press 1998
The Ultimate Quantum Leap Crossover Zine crossover anthology

Gen, multimedia zines with some QL


Slash, QL only

Slash, QL crossovers

Slash, multimedia zines with some QL